「美咲は何色?天然色?」 (Misaki wa Nan-iro? Tennenshoku?)
“What Color is Misaki? Natural Colored?”

Last episode had me a bit annoyed about Misaki and how she kept barking orders around, but this Little Sister Day at the maid cafe one made me falling in love with her all over again. Seriously, how can you not to a face like this, especially when she tries so hard to get into character despite how much she doesn’t want to. I mentioned before how I have a thing for tsunderes and this episode showcased exactly why that is. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of their appeal, it’s inevitably all about their reluctance and how it has to counterbalance their strong sense of pride, which paves way for the moments they open up to you (and preferably only you) with their soft side. Or at least, that’s what I love about them.

Take it from Takumi to show us the workings towards that result, as he easily gets under Misaki’s skin again by nonchalantly suggesting that her color for the next Battle Maids Day should be transparent. That’s right, not light purple or light blue, but sheer clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. Naturally this invokes cries of “hentai” from Misaki, but as the focus shifts back to her attempt to handle Little Sister Day properly, Takumi goes on to tell her it’ll never work if it’s forced and how he’d love to have her as his little sister the way she is now, setting things up for his final card — the tsundere little sister. You don’t need that “Onii-tan” bullshit when you have one that will blow a gasket because you insisted that she farted and pretended like she didn’t, only to show a face like this when you decide to walk out on her brash attitude. Can you say moeee!?!? Help me out here guys. Some of you must know what I’m talking about. Tsunderes, banzai!

Now what I also enjoyed alongside this coming out of sorts for Misaki was all the humor involved. This includes her fellow co-worker “Dark Honoka”, who can scare the daylights out of anyone once she starts talking very matter-of-factly with a smug look on her face. It’s fearsome to the point that you’d like think she’d stab you if you dared to talk back to her in any way, which leaves me in awe on how Asumi Kana is able to bring out this evil side of her when I know she’s the adorable Popura in WORKING. Anyway, on the overly cheery side of things, you then have Misaki’s 30 year-old manager Satsuki, who looks absolutely amazing for her age I might add, but is a bit air-headed and loves to fantasize. She’s not quite at Toyosaki Aki‘s Hirasawa Yui level of airheadedness, though she’s close. Finally, you have the sensible meganekko friend Kaga Shizuko (Kobayashi Yuu) opposite the extremely bubbly Hanazono Sakura (Hanazawa Kana), who was a lot of fun to watch when she joked about Shizuko’s siblings. On that note, I haven’t mentioned the support cast thus far, which also includes fellow maid co-workers Erika (Ise Mariya) and Subaru (Ueda Kana), but damn we have an awesome cast in this series.

This episode wasn’t all about tsundere personalities and quirky jokes however, as Takumi really showed he’ll take care of Misaki despite how hesitant she is about receiving his help. I mean, he even quickly brushed off another girl who had taken interest in him just so he can rush off to see her. As a result, it made for a really good moment when he bandaged the arm she injured while saving a bunch of idiots in the library, especially when Misaki said she’d protect anyone without concern over her own safety, including Takumi. Now if this isn’t a clear sign that he’s fallen for her, I don’t know what is. Love-struck or not, Takumi still says some surprisingly cheesy lines with a completely straight face, like how he eventually decided that Misaki’s color is white because she walks her own path and isn’t stained by anyone, plus how he plans to keep her that way. So yeah, a bit cheesy but it works for me because I love seeing girls in white, whether they’re wielding a huge sword and kicking ass or not!

Next time, a new “girl” joins the fray!




    1. Ok this is a jerk move because i am not really replying to espada, but i wanted divine to see this. Are you watching the anime RAW or are you watching it with subs when you post it. If you are watching with subs where are you getting it? down loading or some site that just lets you watch it. Hope fully you are just viewing it on a site with subs because then once i see that you have posted something then i know it is available with subs. Thanks and once again sorry Espada

  1. LMAO at Takumi being the first customer to receiver Misaki’s little sister act.

    Satsuki is probably Toyosaki’s “oldest” character to date, though she acts the role of a 30-year-old that refuses to grow up perfectly well. Never knew she has that in her.

    Another LOL goes to the antics of San-baka – Misaki’s biggest fans – especially Ikuto, the self-confessed “closet otaku” and his drawings of Misa-chan.

    Kinny Riddle
  2. Its true that they are not following the timeline or story perfectly but if they are really only making 12-13 episodes it would be way too short to cover everything. Especially since many of us are hoping we get to see the scene from ch 32 animated so unless their making a 26-50 episode series this pace is just fine. I am hoping that the animate the events in ch 4 though, that is just a priceless part and it deserves to be animated.

  3. This episode was all lampshading, which goes to show just how alienated someone who doesn’t have the background knowledge of moe of would feel watching it. Which is why I like it all the more. The sudden cut to her white uniform to cap everything off what absurd and hilarious.

  4. I think they skipped how Those Three Idiots became her fans. Funny, that wouldn’t have taken long to do in the first place. Oh well.

    I’m surprised we’re already at Aoi-chan, actually. Though I don’t remember what chapter that was.

  5. What the… Eclipse translated the scene in https://randomc.net/image/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!/Kaichou%20wa%20Maid-sama!%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2037.jpg
    in a ‘really’ bizarre way: “Oh, and another reason for my choice (white) is because I’d like to dye her with mine.”

    Maybe I’ve watched a bit too much hentai in my time, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thinking something really perverted based on the timing of that translation.


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