Chapter 399
I have long anticipated seeing more of Gin’s powers. Luckily for me, he released his bankai right off the bat, though I was slightly disappointed due to the fact it seems to be just a longer version of his shikai. Of course, there’s the possibility it has some hidden powers that will be revealed later on. There was also quite a bit of dialogue throughout the chapter; I wish Bleach characters wouldn’t spend so much time talking about their powers, but unfortunately even Gin (whom I always regarded as the creepy yet composed character) spent quite a few panels explaining his zanpakuto powers. Given Shinso’s purported 13km range, I seriously can’t think of a reason why Aizen didn’t just have Gin destroy the four pillars of Karakura Town rather than send sub-par underlings who couldn’t complete the task. From what we’ve seen so far, it would be a simple matter for Shinso to cut down all of the pillars with just a few swings. I’m starting to wonder if Aizen really is as strong as he portrays himself to be, since he often seems to waste time and resources for his Rube Golberg-esque plan. Hopefully future chapters will tie up loose ends.


Chapter 400
I was a bit irked at how Gin and Ichigo spent the first part of the chapter continuing to chat about Gin’s sword. From a tactical viewpoint, it is quite foolish to explain one’s abilities to the opponent before the fight; a quick attack combined with switching among one’s powers to surprise the opponent is far more effective. Seeing Gin’s rather arrogant attitude, I cannot help but think of the old superhero cartoons in which the villain enlightens the hero about his plan for taking over the world. I had hoped that Gin would be a break in the continuous chain of villains yapping about their abilities, but unfortunately this was not so.

Regarding Isshin and Aizen’s fight, it was surprising to see Aizen admit that he had reached the limit of what he could do as a shinigami. Keeping in mind what he said a while ago about mastering all three aspects of being a shinigami, this again confirms my previous suspicions that Aizen is not as strong as he seems. On the other hand, it could turn out to be that Isshin is also extremely powerful, which is supported by the fact that it seems he was able to exhaust Aizen without using any special abilities, possibly putting his power level above most of the captains. Of course, Aizen is far from being defeated, and with the cliffhanger at the end, we can look forward to seeing some new abilities and more action in the next chapter.

Note: The impressions above were written on chapters before reading the next one. Post on Chapter 401 coming soon.


  1. I’m trying to look past the matter of Gin’s bankai being so…meh, at this point, and to enjoy seeing him ‘finally’ doing something. I just hope this doesn’t lead to a flashback for him anytime soon. It’s great to see all the big players at the scene.

    PS: 401 = YES.

  2. >_<!!! beaten by 1 min !!! o well, things are starting to become more like inuyasha now, with aizen being like naraku and become almost a non-kill character with almost almighty power over the others

    1. I agree completely. Next thing you know, someone shoots the Hougyoku with an arrow (thats what the quincy were for….), and it breaks off into a million shards, resulting in an additional 500+ chapters to complete the jewel… i mean Hougyoku….

      IMHO, Bleach is getting kinda of dry. Many of the chapters end with a cliffhanger, namely Show Spoiler ▼

      While still decent, this arc has dragged on far too long, and hopefully reaches a conclusion soon

      As always, everything will be “Just as Planned…”

  3. No kidding, I was also wondering the same thing as to why Gin didn’t just use his sword to cut all of the pillars. I also can’t wait for what happens in the next chapter to see what Aizen does.

  4. I have to agree about how chatty Gin was with his zanpakuto’s abilities- it does seem silly to stop and explain everything in the middle of a fight (although I guess the readers have to learn about them somehow xp).

    Btw, it’s nice to see someone covering Bleach at Randomc again!

    1. Not as bad as Tosen explaining and talking to Kenpachi about his bankai… you know the bankai that makes your opponent completely deaf…

      Pacing is getting a bit annoying, I also didnt enjoy alot of the fights this arc either. Shame to see the vizards built up so much, yet in they end get defeated so easily.

    2. Gin wasn’t chatty about his weapon. He used the sword once and said “its the longest Zanpakto”. He shortened it too quickly and Ichigo went “holy crap… when did he do that?”. Gin never said anything until after he used it once and Ichigo already knew what it would do. Besides… he’s Gin, he’s that guy at work who is always sarcastic and talks to himself… no way you can figure out what goes on inside his head. Still want to know if they’ll give a reason to why he’s helping Aizen in the first place like they did Tousin.

  5. Show Spoiler ▼

  6. I wonder if there is a shonen where the characters don’t stop in the middle of a fight to explain they last trick.. (fma?)

    anyway good to see ishin doing something I wonder why hasn’t Aizen cast a genjuntsu on him yet.. or has?

  7. Hmm Ichimaru explaining his ability was a tactical choice to blind Ichigo of the fact that the major point in his final release is the speed and not the reach. A nice strategy actually, if you ask me. Though I concur that it always looks silly to stand there and talk about what you can do (or, for that matter, give any kind of lecture).

    The current arc ends in mid-June, which leaves about ten more chapters to go, unless Tite changes his plan. If it goes on for only ten more chapters, actually, it’d seem like a hurried ending though. Anyway, chapter 401 (Mangastream is really fast in terms of releasing Bleach… in high resolution. They released it on Wednesday itself) was kinda awesome. I seriously wonder what Aizen was implying at the end of his speech. (Hey, not spoiler, right?)

  8. I guess Kubo made Ichigo too stupid to figure out others’bankai, at the same time portraying Ichigo as a genius, being able to achieve bankai in three days. So they have the villains explain everything for us.

  9. Screw Gin, his power is stupid. In One Piece, you see Hawkeye sliced off a mountain without batting an eye. Also, pretty much a copy of Creed’s power from Black Cat, except Creed’s sword was even invisible! Thus, stupid bankai.

  10. Hahahaha Rube Goldberg-esque plan, it’s so true!! What I don’t understand is that all the characters in Bleach don’t seem to realise they can do other things other than use their swords powers. The only one that seems to fight properly is Byakuya. I think most bleach powers are boring on their own.

  11. I think Aiozen sent his underlings at the start to grind down the Shinigami forces. If Gin just went and trieed to cut down the pillars all the captains and VCs would have jumped all over him and tried to stop him (I’m still pissed at Kubo for the way he did Halibel in with no fanfair or backstory at least on her).


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