Ichigo comments on how talkative Ulquiorra is, and charges him. However, as in their previous fight, his Getsuga Tensho is unable to injure Ulquiorra, who manages to counter all of his attacks. Orihime backs off from the battle after saving Ichigo with Santen Kesshun, but is caught by Loly and Menoly again. Ulquiorra blocks Ichigo from saving her and Loly starts to abuse Orihime. Yammy shows up at the fight, but Ulquiorra refuses his help so he turns to Loly and Menoly instead, smashing the latter into a pillar. Yammy then approaches Inoue, but Loly attacks him, though to no avail, as she is quickly dispatched. Meanwhile, Chad and Renji are still bogged down fighting low level hollows. Luckily, Ishida shows up, and finishes off the hollows with a hail of arrows, and also saves Inoue (and Loly) just in time. Outside the tower, Rukia defeats more of the Exequias, but Rudobon’s Arbol spawns another batch of them.



Overall, this episode had no serious flaws. The fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra was interesting, as they are both formidable opponents. It was a smart tactic for Ichigo to increase his attack power by boosting Zangetsu with Getsuga Tensho. However, Ulquiorra still seems to have to upper hand, easily blocking his attacks, and even firing off a cero at the same time. I do wish they would just go all out right from the start though, to speed up the pacing.

Inoue got into trouble again, with Loly and Menoly’s arrival (seriously though, can’t they do anything better than ripping off her clothes?). She should have just used Tsubaki to fend them off, but with her lack of will to fight, I’m guessing it would be better off if she didn’t. I did feel rather sorry for Menoly, who was reluctant to participate in harassing Orihime, but was still caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a good reminder to be prudent in choosing your friends. Loly did seem to have a change of heart after Orihime healed her injures (again); unfortunately in the end, she was no better off against Yammy. Her resurreccion, Escolopendra, isn’t a bad power; it’s a shame she doesn’t have the strength or skill to make the most out of it. I suppose it wasn’t completely useless, as she bought enough time for Ishida to show up and save the day (for now anyways).

On a final note, we have more confirmation that Renji’s spirital control is very weak, as Chad, Ishida, and Rukia could all easily sense the current situation of their friends, while Renji was completely clueless.


  1. Me, I’d be REALLY hesitant to jump in the middle of a battle to try and torture someone I know has powers equal to God, and has already brought me back from the dead once. But hey…stupid bitches will be stupid bitches.

  2. How did my post get cut off? strange ^^”

    Here’s what I originally wrote:

    poor Orihime. i’m curious as to why she really didn’t use tsubaki though; she would be helping Ichigo worry about her less after all!

  3. I still dont like loli, the whole “she healed me so im gonna help her(even though I wanted to kill her)” scenario was really cheasy and boring but the omake gave me good laughs on her.

    the power levels really annoy me, even with ichigo using getsuga cant push ulqiurra more than a foot and I already know how ichigo beats him(cant rely on his own power for once).

      1. I was actually glad that the anime filled in the blanks that the manga (and Kubo) didn’t even bother with. In the manga, Loly is just bent on killing everyone who gets in her way…its just she’s not very good at it. In the anime, however, she actually gets an oppurtunity to see Inoue just wanted to help all along, becomes more sympathetic, tries to protect her, and can be seen as LESS FREAKING INSANE.

  4. I liked this episode overall. Loly was really creepy and very psycho-like with her facial expressions and the music added to that. I always disliked Loly for beating Orihime in the past for no good reason. I was very happy when Grimmjow came and kicked her ass.
    In my opinion Orihime is just too good for this world. She always heals opponents who hurt her (she didn’t want to heal Grimmjow at first, only after Ichigo asked it of her) and she’s very sympathetic towards them. Awww… many people think that it makes her stupid… but in my opinion that one of her strong points.
    Well… I laughed really hard at the end… with Loly hangin’ at that wall and bitching for somebody to help her. Yeah… very funny indeed. *ggg*

    Thanks for the review, prooof!

  5. finally a good episode.
    i thought the animation was really good this time partly because i have no more expectations for it being good.

    You just know the episode looks good when blood starts becoming shiny.

  6. loli is jealous with girls with big boobs xD

    oh well the overall this episode is dark… and the next next next episode will be much darker >;D


  7. i don’t understand why they added these Renji & Chad hollow battles. They take time away from the main storyline and unecessarily prolong the series. They shouldn’t feel the need to prolong the series, based on the current manga-anime gap.

    1. There isn’t really much of a gap, it just seems that way. Each chapter could be animated in the space of 4 minutes or less. Definitely less for the “resolve cliffhanger, clash swords, talk for a few seconds, new cliffhanger” 17-page chapters Kubo insisted on doing for a lot of the Karakura battles.

      Without the episode padding, the anime would catch up in a few months. The buffer from the filler arc only helps to decrease the damage from those tiny chapters a bit.

  8. haha renji… can’t sense the bond between friends?

    but the episode is good, though I could see more (like…), but well just didn’t know why Inoue’s gonna touch everyone’s hearts lidat. next would be even better when-

  9. You know, when I read this in the manga, I wondered if Ulquiorra was being such a chatterbox because he might have been a little scared deep inside because of Ichigo, given he’d wanted him to give up, yet he never did, and managed to defeat several strong enemies.


    1. You’ve got a good point there, DmonHiro. After all, we saw Ulquiorra get pissy when Ichigo said he was getting more human, and starting to see he was learning to be more human, which also means learning more about free will.


  10. Nah. Loly wanted to have Orihime really bad. She realized she couldn’t resist that cute face and huge boobs. Do you know the name of the chapter on the manga this attack happens? The greed >:D. See her change of behaviour? She traded punches for ripping off clothes :D. She was almost there and suddenly was interrupted :(. Damn Fat ass Yammy!

    1. …I’m pretty sure she was just insanely jealous that Inoue was getting attention from Aizen (if you’ll look at her interactions with Aizen earlier in the series). I’m guessing ripping her clothes off was a way of demeaning her…though I’m surprised she was so tame about it.

    1. Such a shame he’s so under used. And even when we do see him Kubo seems to have forgotten how his powers work. The sword/arrow was cool but I still can’t get over having to watch him run around when he’s supposed to be skilled at flash stepping.

  11. I was thoroughly unimpressed with this episode. I mean, maybe 5 or so minutes of the epi are really relevant. Between a wide-eyed Orihime unable to say anything except ‘Kurosaki-kun’ and Ichigo being totally useless, the only real interesting action was Loly.

  12. I was almost completely bored with this episode. I mean, maybe 5 or so minutes of the epi are really relevant. Between a wide-eyed Orihime unable to say anything except ‘Kurosaki-kun’ and Ichigo being totally useless, the only real interesting action was Loly.

  13. agreed.

    i thought this episode was so boring i almost gave up half-way through it. loli was seriously getting on my nerves. i was so glad to see her get killed by yammy, until the last scene where she’s dangling by ishida’s arrow.

    they really need to pump up the actions. if what is said is true, with the arc ending in june, i think they need to put us out of the agony. especially after 1yr of that stupid zanpakutou filler arc.

  14. I really have to disagree about this episode not having flaws. While the wallbangers were better than presented in the manga, three still stood out horribly.
    The first: why the hell doesn’t Ichigo use his mask? Ulquiorra is literally saying over and over again ‘if you want to save her you have to kill me’. So what does Ichigo do? Does he use his mask or come up with a plan or something actually intelligent? No. Every time something happens he shouts ‘Inoue’ and uses a technique that Ulquiorra’s already proven won’t work.
    Second: WTF Menoly and Loly. At least in this episode Menoly shows some reluctance, I don’t think that was in the manga. Still, they try to kill (by ripping her clothes) the girl who revived them.
    Third: Loly (a regular Arrancar) tries to fight Yammy (an Espada). Suicidal?
    On another note, both of them should be dead. The only place where Loly is shown hanging from a tower is in an omake and Yammy says she’s dead after he smashes her.

    1. Those aren’t serious episode flaws; the characters just don’t make all the best decisions.
      1) look at the preview :), and if you read, I said I wish they went all out too.
      2) mentioned that too
      3) look how she ended up
      We don’t know Menoly’s status; Loly hanging from the tower was also in the manga (I think).

      1. The first is the worst for me. If it was pacing that’s acceptable. If Ichigo was given some reason for why he’s hesitating to use the mask it’s acceptable. The problem is that even in the manga, they simply never explain why he keeps doing something that isn’t working, made more egregious by his willingness to use it in earlier fights.

  15. i though this worked out to be a pritty good ep… there where a few bit that made me make some little noises and a pritty loud one as Ulquiorra countered Ichigo. it seems most enjoyed loly’s return and willing to accept her personality re-write as she settles into the role of quickly forgotten side kick, but wheres the spin off henti where loly finishes the job and rapes Inoue?
    can you have rape in a post?

  16. I might be a bit sadistic here, feeling that Loly was cute as hell while being violated… I mean getting her ass kicked by Yammy, grabbed in one hand and being crushed with the shoulders in extremely sexy poses.

    Mmm. Ulquiorra: “Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t do this to save you.” A classic tsundere line!’U’

  17. Oh and Ulquiorra firing a cero to the side while blocking Ichigo’s Fang: total awesomeness condensed into one blast! Practically the only plus side about this episode (other than Loly’s sexiness today, though I don’t like girls and cloths like that).

  18. I hate the fact that Rukia’s role in this arc is getting smaller and smaller..Orihime has completely taken over the leading female role 😛 She gets loads of screen time even though she’s just standing there watching her knight in shining armor.


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