「大人たちの生き様」 (Otona-tachi no Ikizama)
“The Adults’ Way of Life”

It’s time for the kiddies to step aside and let the adults show them how it’s done. From the Armstrong siblings to Izumi and Sig’s arrival into the Central fray, homunculus or not, Sloth doesn’t stand a chance when he’s up against that much brute strength — particularly Izumi’s. After seeing Izumi shoulder throw Sloth with absolute ease, I didn’t really get a chance for that amazement to sink in when Sig followed up with a surprising display of his own muscle power. The best part of that had to be Alex and Sig teaming up to deal the finishing blow though, which just had to have the heroic theme going along with it. At this point, it seriously wouldn’t feel right to have a display of courage like that without it.

As for what was undoubtedly a showdown between the most powerful alchemists, Hohenheim versus Father turned out to be a rather effortless showing by both parties, since the former was more interested in talking than fighting. Still it showcased exactly how powerful they are, plus I got a good chuckle out of how Hohenheim conveniently made himself a door to escape Father’s attack. Plot-wise, it was interesting to hear Hohenheim question why Father rid himself of the seven deadly sins through his homunculi, with the response being that they’re unnecessary for becoming the perfect being. I say interesting, because one would think that without those sins in him right now, Father wouldn’t have the desire to use a nation-wide transmutation circle on Amestris. Instead, it turns out that he’s now some sort of emotionless, methodical existence that isn’t beaming in love and all those other feelings I figure would’ve remained. As such, I gather he was just a ball of evil in a flask before and is now pretty much the same thing in a calmer and more composed shell. In any case, Hohenheim evidently knows something he doesn’t about the usefulness of emotions, which he confidently made a point of when Father failed to find a philosopher stone inside him.

Based on the preview, it looks like we’ll learn more about that next time, along with the more pressing arrival of King Bradley onto the scene. Given how Bradley has been shown to be alive in the new opening sequence for the past month already, I don’t think anyone should be surprised that he’s still around and kicking. Even if the train explosion did happen to deal some considerable damage to him, his homunculus regenerative abilities probably would’ve prevented him from outright dying. With Central pretty much taken over by Briggs’ soldiers and many of the Central ones jumping ship under Olivier’s command as they continue to try and contain the mannequin soldiers, it sure made for a good cliffhanger when Bradley decided to come in from the front gate. The only epic fail was that they decided to show Ling/Greed in the preview fighting him, which completely ruined any surprised entrance he may have had. Whoever decided to put that together must seriously love playing spoiler or something. Hell, they may as well have called it an episode “spoiler” instead of a “preview”. Someone should really teach him or her how to use <spoiler></spoiler> tags when piecing together clips for previews… *cough*




  1. >>Even if the train explosion did happen to deal some considerable damage to him, his homunculus regenerative abilities probably would’ve prevented him from outright dying

    I lol’d to this.

  2. >>Even if the train explosion did happen to deal some considerable damage to him, his homunculus regenerative abilities probably would’ve prevented him from outright dying

    Won’t happen.
    As we learned but probably not completely realized before, Bradley’s philosophers stone only has one soul left from the day he was created.
    Which means no fancy regeneration and all that.
    Not that he needs it. There is a reason why he didn’t get so much as a scratch during the entire series so far. He’s just insanely skilled.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Concerning that Greed showing in the promo. If memory serves right, his appearance was the original cliffhanger in the manga. So I guess they can be forgiven to show im in the preview. Even more so once you consider that everything else might be even more spoiler-tastic…

      1. He said so himself when explaining how he was turned into a Homunculus. He said something along the lines of “Once the process was done, only one soul was left in this body. I don’t even know if the soul is from the stone or was mine to begin with.”

      2. I forget details have been aired and what hasn’t so I’ll just but the whole thing in spoiler tags.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. @chloesong92

        I never really took the scene that way for several reasons.
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    1. I think he said, only one soul was left in possession of the body or something. I don’t remember though. It’s true he died a bit easily for a Homunculus. I mean, given how the others survive ridiculous damages.

      1. Died easily? Are you kidding?

        Lust died “easily”.
        Gluttony was a pushover.

        But Wrath takes the cake as absolutely damn hardest to kill.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Huh no I was talking about the damage dealt. Lust and Envy survive being crisped to bones in a row for quite some time, Greed survives having half his head cracked, Sloth survives being impaled in the mouth twice, etc etc.

    2. Yeah, it should be clear by now that he has only one soul. It really doesn’t mean he can’t heal himself with his own soul energy, its just… the only one that did so in the past chapters was Ed, when healing himself after his impalement near Briggs. For that, he needed to “use” him as a Philosopher stone, so its obviously an alchemist-only alternative. As for other alternatives, God knows (so to speak XD).

  3. Damn Chromartie High… Now every mustache men reminds me of Freddie Mercury…

    Anyway still no RAWS up until now. Kinda slow compared to how fast they were in the past few weeks.

  4. Great episode. I love the part they added with Bradley walking by in the scene with Alphonse. And him arriving during the loud celebration is awesome, and next week’s episode will be even more awesome with the return of Greed. Lots of great scenes in this one.

    Does anyone find it weird that those homunculus zombies have green blood?

    1. Yeah I’ve been thinking that for the last few episodes. Mainly because in the manga it’s all black so I just imagined they had red blood. Nothing really wrong with it though. Just something I wasn’t expecting.

  5. >>Even if the train explosion did happen to deal some considerable damage to him, his homunculus regenerative abilities probably would’ve prevented him from outright dying

    Actually, because he became a homunculus by fighting against the stone, King Bradley is probably the only homunculus who can’t regenerate (or stop aging). I think the stone just gives him great speed and strength.

  6. The absolute baddest battle in Fullmetal Alchemist coming soon! Y’know, Greed is my favorite character. Or Greed/Ling Greeling. Whichever.

    (Not a spoiler right? The preview gave it away as Divine said anyway.)

    Oh I so need to watch this episode. But I was surprised to see Sloth die this soon. I thought the battle was much longer in the manga. Or so I remember, but maybe I was wrong.

  7. I missed this episode today. 🙁 I’ll have to watch it tomorrow. Looks great though. I’m hoping they spend a bit of time with Greed and King Bradley next episode. I felt a little let down with the Pride Vs Al fight, although I understand it was done to create a decent pace for Mustang Vs Envy. Looks like they will be slowing down on the pacing though in these next few weeks.

  8. I think Mjr General Armstrong’s facial expression when she saw the strength and skill of Izumi and her hubby was the icing on the cake for this episode =D

    You usually don’t see her have that kind of expression ever since they introduced her as a serious and strong leader.

    1. Done. I blacklisted the IP as well. That was his second offense in the same post, regardless of whether or not the information he posted was meant as a joke. I didn’t find it funny even if it were.

  9. People that come on for the sake of spoiling are childish dicks looking for some kind of sick thrill.
    Seriously, ruining the story for others is very below the belt.

    Anyways, this was a perfect episode. It had a perfect blend of everything.

  10. I can tell either Wrath/King Bradley or Ling/Greed will die next episode. It looks like the conclusion to their previous battle.

    It could be Wrath who dies since every other homunculus is dead.

    But in the intro, it shows Wrath facing off against Scar so maybe Ling dies. It’d be dum if he dies since we hardly get any screentime of him.

    1. The next episode is titled “The Return of the Fuhrer”. Do you really think Bradley will die in it? For that matter, Greedling also makes a return, so it’s kind of anticlimatic if either of them show up and die in the same episode.

      And Pride is still around – he can’t be far behind Team Alphonse.

      1. I think Gluttony returned and died again in a very short time, the same could be said to Kimblee’s last return, and then there’s Envy’s return as well, which also leads to his ultimate demise right after that. I think the author has been using this kind of story telling a lot lately.

  11. OMFG the best part of this episode is the awesome ending and the preview OMG Bradley goes all matrix next week OMG!!!

    P.S I don´t remember him cutting bullets in the manga 😀

  12. Between Sig and Alex the sparkle count in this episode was at an all time high. ^_^
    Izumi was awesome in this episode,and so was Buccaneer, though I was hoping to see his automail animated some more. Bradley sure knows how to make an entrance, doesn’t he. “The Adults’ Way of Life” is the perfect name for this episode.

    1. That is one thing that I love about FMA–that the adults don’t just sit back and let the kiddies or 15 yr olds save them… they have impressive skills all their own. Yes, Ed and Al are important, but they aren’t the only characters capable of accomplishing things, nor do they become instantly ‘god-powered’ over the course of a couple episodes.

  13. twin muscle powers activate!!! Man Sloth had no chance at all. He even got off easy since Izumi is stronger than her husband or at least a much better fighter. Plus father riding himself of the seven sins brings a question to mind. Why did the homunculi obey someone that considered them imperfections of himself. If i were gluttony i would really hate him. Being cursed with a hunger that cant be satisfied must suck! Oh well another homunculi bites the dust. So Wrath and Pride are left with father still sitting on his high horse. You think he would have developed atrophy by now. I mean when have we seen father move from his throne other to go chat with hoeninheim(or however you spell it). I guess it is another perk of being filled with human souls.

  14. I laughed so hard watching this.

    And I agree with Divine that people who showed the previews should have used spoiler tags. >.> I’ve read the manga and I was like “oi! Don’t spoil the surprise!!! D<"

  15. The preview was not really a spoiler; one could easily guessed the animosity between Greed/Lin and King B wasn’t just going to disappear and would have some sort of conclusion..

  16. I actually liked Sloth’s death more in the manga. There you could clearly see him “Ahh, finally I’m dying. Living was too much effort…”

    But it wasn’t quite the same here; he just kinda died.

  17. Well, that was a funny and rather impressive episode. My fav part was when Olivier said that King Bradley’s chair was a stupid place to be because it would be out in the open for a sniper. She is very calculative.

    I laughed my ass off on the muscle bouncing between Armstrong and Curtis. The “courage up 100 fold, muscle up 1000 fold” was hilarious. They overplayed the twinkle a bit but oh well.

    Izumi looks awesome after the quick surgery Hohenheim did earlier in the series, and for once she is fighting at her best without coughing so much blood. I think this episode had some fun fighting scenes that got everyone excited.

    For some reason I find the scene with King Bradley willing to take on the freaking castle head on was pretty cool, and I am sure that the next episode will show him doing some crazy stuff. I really do agree with Divine, as it is very idiotic to ruin the “bullet cutting” and Lin jumping in. For a minute, I totally forgot about Lin, so they will surely ruin the impact of him showing up in the nick of time next week (not that I read the manga to deduce that now).

    All in all, Brotherhood has been spitting 5-star episodes every week, and it is pretty exciting.

  18. This episode was awesome until I saw how badly they ruined Bradley’s entrance. Anyone knows that the coolest part of his entrance in the manga was when everyone starts freaking out trying to figure out where he’s attacking from. Then his crowning speech of awesomeness is “From the front. What need is there for a king to enter his own castle through the back door?” Yes, this is a big deal. They turned an awesome entrance and made it just semi-sorta awesome. Hopefully the line will be in the next episode.


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