Ichigo finally releases his hollow mask and is immediately able to push back Ulquiorra. However the latter quickly flies up above the dome of Las Noches where he then releases his resurreccion. Ichigo barely survives the attack, and loses part of his mask. On the floor below, Ishida is fighting Yammy. Though his Quincy arrows don’t seem to have enough power to injure Yammy significantly, Ishida combines several of his tactics and successfully sends him plummeting to the ground. Outside the tower, Chad and Renji arrive to help Rukia against Rudobon; they fend off his underlings while Rukia attacks the spawn.



It’s exciting to see Ichigo and Ulquiorra finally releasing their powers. Ichigo’s hollow mask clearly provided a large boost of power — he almost broke Ulquiorra’s sword and blocked a cero easily. Ulquiorra however, is clearly on a different level than the other enemies Ichigo has fought so far. Even though I’ve read the manga already, I was still quite stunned when he almost decapitated Ichigo in one swift strike. His nihilistic personality is a refreshing change from the other arrogant antagonists and his resurreccion certainly increases the “emo” look. On a side note, I do agree with Ulquiorra’s question on why Ichigo didn’t release his mask right away. It’s possible he didn’t want Inoue to get hurt, which is perhaps why he used his mask once Ishida was available to protect her. Orihime’s abilities have huge potential, so it’s a shame she always ends up needing to be saved.

As for Ishida’s fight, I found it fairly interesting as well. It’s nice to see someone using their brain for once, though with his low power level, I suppose he has to. His attacks couldn’t damage Yammy significantly, but the planning beforehand certainly paid off in the end (although not enough to defeat him). It was unnecessary for him to explain his strategy to Yammy in detail, but he had no time to respond anyways, so I suppose there was no harm done. To solve Rukia’s problem, I wonder if she could have used a wide area attack (maybe kido or one of her zanpakuto abilities) to take out the small fry, then immediately followed up with an attack on Rudobon before he can spawn more. Of course, teamwork is a good strategy too; with the arrival of Chad and Renji, that shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. For me the problem with these episodes of this arc is after reading the manga i begin to notice how much extra fluff is added per episode for no other purpose but to drag out the story.

      1. True they added a fight but it still had no purpose except to show how weak Ishida is. At the end of the day having the first explosion knock him down to ground level was much better dragging it out with pointless attacks that didnt hurt Yammy.

    1. You do realize that they are trying to animate as few chapters as possible per episode so that the anime doesn’t immediately catch up to the manga. I bet I’m not alone in prefering filler in the real story over another year devoted to an entire filler arc.

      1. Yeah, but even if it is being dragged out, there’s still plenty more that could’ve been described, like exactly what techniques Uryu used on Yammy, or the dialouge between Ichigo and Ulquiorra. Omni’s posts usually had at least two paragraphs of description, whereas this seems to skip alot of the details.

  2. Hm… Ulqiorra looked more impressive in the manga, the colors take all the darkness away…
    Is he at least nicely animated?? :/ can’t judge much from the screeshots.

    thanks for keeping on blogging bleach, btw 😀

    1. What’s odd is a thought the same thing when i saw his anime resurrección, It just doesn’t feel like the manga version, it feels dull. As for animation, we didn’t really get to see much this week, they pushed it to the very end of the episode and he only got a few strikes off. What they did show was decent, but none of the really nice parts of the fight have been shown yet.

      1. Assuming they show them at all,In order for this fight to be anywhere near as monumental as it in manga form, there gonna have to show more violence then the game animation we saw here a while ago. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. lol. Seriously, the whole scene with the Ulqui resureccion is black and white, so the colors can’t take away the darkness from it. Also, this resurreccion of Ulquiorra looked dull in the manga too, the fans were really outraged too. They tought Kubo was just trolling, and really.

      1. No, you know…. it’s just that the athmosphere is just not as tense as in the manga and that’s due to the (few) colours there and (I guess) the rather soft contrasts of black and white… It’s hard to describe, but it just doesn’t have the right feel, you know?

        I don’t really care what the whole fandom is raging about, I felt that the resurreccion was pretty impressive.

    1. “help flesh out all those fights” trust me if you only read the manga you will notice that 2 pages of dialogue is stretched out over 5 minutes of animation and it doesn’t really add anything but more episodes to stretch the plot over more eps. If half of the last 3 episode were not stuffed with pointless scenes of chad and renji fighting low level hollows, and Ishida pointless fight with Yammy on the floor below we would have seen the real battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra already not the warm up sequences.

      1. And yet they still manage to get through 2 chapters of material, the average quotient, by not putting certain characters in a corner to just deus ex out of nowhere later like pretty much everyone in the manga is doing in recent chapters.

  3. I do feel kinda bad that rukia needed help. Iknow they’re trying to stretch out the manga material, but in the manga she won on her own, despite most of the fight being off panel. It just creates a perception of her even more of a character that needs to be saved. Poor Rukia

  4. I’ve lost my patience with Bleach, too much drag with endlessly drawn out battles, terrible dialogue and not enough story/plot development in both the anime and manga. Cool factor.. that is all bleach has going for it, simply not enough to keep me interested anymore.

    Goodbye Bleach, you were fun at times.

    1. I stick around for Bleach’s female cast. More Matsumoto plz.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      I dunno, though. No matter how much Bleach infuriates me with its bad action choreography and horrendously unlikeable main character, I will continue to stick with it because it has a good supporting cast and I want to see how it all turns out. I’ve stuck with it this long, I can last the little bit more until they put Aizen’s head on a spike.

      1. I used to be as optimistic, but of late, sitting through an episode feels like more of a choir than enjoyment. Maybe I’ve been spoiled too much by other anime. ^^

  5. well… decent episode, the filler isn’t very interesting (why should get Yami get shocked on just new techniques that won’t hurt him?), and there’s the weird part: anybody wonder why there weren’t two holes up the 5th tower from Sprenger and Mayuri’s mines? Or is it Quincy Powers that are weaker than a mad scientist??

    ulquiorra’s release is expectedly great. and expectedly fast, thanks this wasn’t dragged, well the animators can’t…

    (also, the “spirit particle construction tool” thing from ishida is kinda… lame…)

  6. Finally the fight begins! I feel like I have been waiting for this forever! or like a year…I hate the filler arcs, so for me this episode has been highly anticipated! Can’t wait to see ichigo and ulquiorra finally get it on ^-^

  7. when yammy gets knocked down to lower levels…what stops him from flying back up. If I recall all espada and shinigami were able to fly which why i don’t understand why Ichigo runs places whenever he is away from sado and ishida


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