This chapter actually had me pumped up, which is rather uncharacteristic of this series. It was great seeing Urahara blasting Aizen with attack after attack (why do other characters stop after one attack when several of them at a time is so much more effective). Thanks to the Hougyoku though, he remains relatively unharmed. I was relieved that they cut back on the chit chat (although still more than I prefer) and instead showed more of Urahara being baddass and using multiple high level kido spells. However, it was odd thinking about why Aizen would have to take the hits with the Hougyoku when his overpowered shikai can take care of things much more cleanly. It’s possible Urahara is experienced enough to fight through illusions like Yamamoto was able to do, which also brings back the question of why he came so damn late. Putting myself in his shoes though, considering the fact he was kicked out of Soul Society for an unfair reason, I would perhaps do the same, waiting for all the shinigami to get defeated before showing up. As for what will happen next, it’s fairly predictable that Aizen will pull out some power-ups (bankai perhaps) then Urahara will follow up with some more of his own abilities. But who knows, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised…


  1. Who thinks that actually was enough to kill Aizen? I swear, I’ll get extremely pissed, if Aizen creates another illusion. That is the most overly used ability of his. It’s like Musashi spamming the invincibility skill. Either way, I’m expecting that Aizen either dies, unleashes his bankai or goes into an hollowfication form. After all, he did want one.

    1. Completely agree. It’s obvious Kubo will either blame it on an illusion or make up some new reason.

      I honestly want Bleach to kill off Aizen quickly and introduce a new antogonist. And hopefully one that doesn’t smile like a prat all the time.

  2. Yeah, it was great seeing Urahara using all that powerful kidous and Aizen thinking that’s just trash until he saw what really Urahara wanted to do. Good chapter but i’m thinking like you Proof that’s not the last thing we will see of Aizen.

  3. aizen’s probably just scratched a bit after the explosion, its typical that will happen.
    I hope we see isshin’s shikai/bankai and urahara’s bankai after aizen uses his own.

    1. I would actually be surprised if the damage reached the level of a scratch. I expect Aizan to make a snarky comment without a single strand of hair out of place.

  4. Aizen won’t die yet. If he does, bleach would end this quick. I could only bet that if the favors are against Aizen for the next coming chapters, it would be Aizen escaping and waiting for another chance so that bleach won’t end this quick. \\since it still sells big bucks\\

  5. Finally a shinigami who knows how to use their own abilitIES. Everyone else just uses their swords powers as if that is all they have in their arsenal. And they don’t even use that right.

  6. And here I was, expecting Urahara at least to come up with a loophole to deal with Aizen and the wish-granting ability of the Orb. Instead he gives us some kind of seal and backfire Aizen’s powers…. Heck, Kubo Tite wins the Oscar for the most powerful worst Deux En Machina in the history (seconded by the T-rex that came to the rescue of the protagonists in Jurassic Park I). He better have some nice loophole through which Aizen can be defeated or it seriously will be the crappiest shit I’ve ever read. I’ve been refraining from saying too much criticism to Bleach but even I’m running out of patience.

  7. seeing Kisuke fight is really cool.. but I’m getting a bit bored of Bleach now. the fights just drags on.. sure it’s cool, but I wanna get on with it already (-_-).. just kill Aizen already! we all know he’s gonna die anyway..

  8. Isn’t the Aizen’s illusion ability his bankai? The requirement for that ability to work is that they had to see his shikai first and they all did but Ichigo right? If that’s the case then it would seem likely that Aizen is letting Kisuke see him “die” but is not hurt in reality (his bankai illusion) and a counter or hollowfication is the next step.

    1. i think aizen did that when he was a captain. Urahara was exiled before Aizen was promoted, but I can’t remember. Either way Aizen will pull something like the hougokyu negates all kido or some crap. The whole thing is stupid because how can Urahara not control his own creation. That has bothered me for the longest. You would think having an object that grants your deepest desires to be manifested into reality would be something to keep around instead of hiding inside the gigai of some lowly shinigami. I mean Rukia isnt even a lieutenant is she?

  9. Aizen just played his old trick, in reality Urahara blow away Ishin. So, Ishin is out of the Fight, too…

    I bet Aizen, has his Illusion Spell ready, even as Vice-Captain at his Time with Urahara…

  10. Uh, they played up Ichigo’s immunity to Aizen’s shikai too much to let it end like this. My thoughts: Aizen’s time is almost up but Urahara’s isn’t. Just like they did with Kyoraku and the other captains, they will save Urahara’s bankai for a latter arc. Urahara will use his shikai, kido, tricks, etc. and waste all his energy to destroy the Hougyouko. This will take Urahara out of the fight and leave Aizen exhausted and without his ultimate power. Then Ichigo will step in, and having nothing left, Aizen will fight Ichigo with his bankai as the final battle.

  11. I really like bleach, but i think they need to end it soon. It’s dragging on too much. However, I’m quite excited with all the coolest characters appearing to kick some ass. Ichigo’s dad and Kisuke are awesome, and I just can’t wait for Yoruichi to do something awesome too. Bankai’s and super cool techniques that only these awesome people can do have been and continue to be impatiently awaited for.

  12. Aizen is not dead this is just the beginning. I bet Urahara will release his bankai on Aizen. It will do some damage, maybe surprise Aizen too, but in the end it will be Ichigo who will save the day. He’ll use some sort of super strong hollow move to fight Aizen. They will challenge each other in a one on one final blast attack. And Ichigo will win! Thats what I think. Who knows I just might be right or completely wrong. lol. Let’s hope its the latter because I want to see something new. Btw I think Espada 1,4,6 are the coolest. I wonder whats happening with Yammy, probably getting his ass kicked. lol

    Silly Hat
  13. While not really about Bleach, I can’t believe it. I don’t read Naruto, cause I don’t like it, but I randomly downloaded a chapter, 493. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. Now, Naruto just learned that he has a dark-alter-ego living inside him, that feeds on his hatred and insecurity, and gains more power if he uses his powered up mode, the Kyuubi. Also, they are now fighting. OH COME ON, WHAT THE HELL?!

    1. While not really about shounen manga in general, I can’t believe it. I don’t read Bleach, cause I don’t like it, but I randomly downloaded a chapter, 402. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. Now, past characters the author has practically forgotten about are coming out of the woodwork to help during a major battle, even though we all know it’s just going to boil down to a one-on-one with the main character and the Big Bad. OH COME ON, WHAT THE HELL?!

      This is shounen manga, literary comfort food. It all kinda blends together eventually, unless it’s One Piece, which is like the best steak and eggs you’ve ever tasted, cooked by a master chef trained under an old great.

  14. if Aizen uses bankai, my guess is it creates real illusions and not fake ones(kinda like shadow clones) and for Urahara, maybe a crimson Phoenix
    yeah that would be awesome(the latter)

  15. I hope to get surprised, not to get used to the fact that Aizen is in his world of illusions…

    You know people, just… don’t bother about the logic of fighting. We never did. Just enjoy the action man, especially in the case of Urahara-sensei… YEAH MORE KIDO… Kubo hasn’t lost his creativity… yet?

  16. I’m glad to see Urahara finally showing up and kicking ass, but I’m a little disappointed that Ichigo’s dad wasn’t as strong as I hoped. Oh well I guess, Urahara makes up for it all. XD

  17. aizen is not gonna die unless kubo is dumb hes not gonna kill off the main antagonist midway through evolution besides yammy and gin are still alive and also ichigo is gonna figh aizen. its too cliche the main character always fights the main badguy duh. and for all you saying aizen is dead you dont know shit and wont know shit until the next chapter comes out.

    aizen is god

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