After Ulquiorra released his resurreccion, he easily overpowers Ichigo, cracking his hollow mask and beating him back with powerful attacks. Ichigo is unable to injure Ulquiorra and his mask is broken. Ishida, at the request of Inoue, then flies up with her to the dome of Las Noches. Though Ichigo is getting overwhelmed, he refuses to give up. Ulquiorra then releases the Segunda Etapa of his resurreccion, claiming he is the only Espada with a second release. After breaking Ichigo’s mask again, he fires a black cero through his chest at point blank range.



Not that much happened in this episode besides Ulquiorra’s second release. I suppose that was rather unnecessary though; the incredible power difference between Ulquiorra and Ichigo is obvious throughout the episode. Ichigo of course, has improved quite a bit—he was able to retain, repair his mask much more efficiently and could even pull out another one after his first one was destroyed. Unfortunately this was pretty much to zero avail, as Ulquiorra effortlessly dominated him.

Murcielago doesn’t seem particularly special and his abilities aren’t too interesting (besides his cero), but he makes up for this with incredible speed and attack power. I’m curious as to whether Ulquiorra is really only the 4th strongest Espada (considering he is the only Espada with a second release) but there doesn’t seem to be any way to make a reliable comparison of power with the other three so it will be hard to find out for sure. Releasing the second stage of his resurreccion was definitely unnecessary, but Ulquiorra wanted to drag out the fight in an attempt to make Ichigo feel true despair. What a depressing guy…

As for Ichigo, I was partly impressed at his courage; his willpower was probably the only thing keeping him standing. Of course, some people may question his “courage”, as he’s rather reckless and hotheaded, but given the situation, it’s probably better than despairing. On the other hand, Inoue and Ishida were completely foolish to fly up to the fight. The preview indicates they’ll be able to buy some time for Ichigo to recover though, so it seems to work out. On a side note, I was confused why Ishida suddenly began narrating (from a future viewpoint) when Inoue was asking Ishida to take her up to the dome; that part was rather abrupt.

About the summary: I keep the summary short, and I don’t intend to make it a synopsis. Therefore, details are mostly left out, focusing instead on the general things that happened in the episode.


  1. I think Ulquiorra really was the strongest of all Espada, and he was the only Vasto Lord, because he was the only who had a Secunda Etapa (here I’m speculating, because maybe only Vasto Lord in Arrancar form has a second release, and Adjuchas not Show Spoiler ▼

  2. lately all the bleach episodes are looking awesome good. i dont care if its dragged out and all as long as it looks good.

    they mustve gotten a lot of budget for this arc.

    1. they spent allot of it on that blue glow on Zangitsu, but it was pretty lush…
      the effects on the final shot where really nice too, i think thats the first time they’ve had a “to be continued” in perspective…
      although i could be wrong…

  3. “On a side note, I was confused why Ishida suddenly began narrating (from a future viewpoint) when Inoue was asking Ishida to take her up to the dome; that part was rather abrupt.”

    He narrated in the same way in the manga, it’s just a form of foreshadowing.

  4. Ishida said that because he wouldn’t want Inoue to see… Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Actually at the end when we see Ulquiorra blast Ichigo a hole, I felt for a momennt taht the entire series concluded. I just felt such happiness in the prospect that Ichigo dies and the bad guys win with Inoue useless as ever.

  6. Man, that was pretty epic. However, I thought it was pretty ridiculus that ulquiorra used his second release, I mean in his first release he already had insane speed. The onething I kept thinking through this whole thing was “Dragon Ball Z” Ulquiorra really overdid it with his power level I mean com’on. @questionmark his power level really is over “9000!!!!!!!!!!”

  7. I loved this episode! Ulqy was such a badass it was amazing. I had already read the manga and I was STILL shocked by how strong he was. His second release is really cool looking as well. Love it! For some reason I really took notice of the music in this episode and I really enjoyed it. They seemed to use the best music at the opportune moments and make is more haunting. Most of the time. I’m excited to see the next episode…..but really not excited about the conclusion of the fight. D:

  8. Feedback on your writing: Keep up the good work! To be honest, I would prefer the plot summary short and have a more developed opinion of the episode longer, which you are doing. Keep it up!

  9. Random observation – did anyone notice Gin’s eyes are a different colour in the post-credits sequence? The one and only time we saw them some 200 or so episodes back they were red, which was far more fitting for his sinister personality.

    Not a bad episode, even if it is totally one sided. To be honest that’s my gripe with a lot of fights in Bleach, they all tend to be one sided, swinging from one side to the other, but there’s never a real sense of equals fighting.

    Still love to see this all animated, there’s only so much imagination to make the manga come to life after all.

    Sol Fury
      1. Oh lol. Check the volume 20 cover, his eyes are meant to be that bluey color. Not necessarily a low buget, just a more accurate version than his eyes 200+ episodes past (even if the eyes looked better with that red-brown color)

        3 am
  10. @pissed off

    chill out dude, its his blog and he can write it from his vp if he wants. if your not going to add CONSTRUCTIVE criticism as in alternative views minus the cussing then go waste your time elsewhere. there should be plenty of other blogs out there that suit fnuts like you, to put it in your language. =P

  11. I swear it should have been a crime for an episode to end this way. I’ve been waiting for this part of the story ever since it happened in the manga and it’s not because of what happens after; it’s because Ichigo dies *is morbid xP* I love it when my fav character dies. THE DRAMA.

    Also, this is as close as the evil side gets to winning in a shonen series!

  12. Ichigo got owned by Ulquiorra.
    Seeing that I know how this thing will end I kinda feel sorry for
    Ulquiorra especially in the coming part that he says “is this the heart”

  13. Sigh, why oh why does there always seem to be some unappreciative, nasty person lurking around. pissed off… you’re name says it all. I’m sorry you have such a miserable life, but with an attitude like that, it’s inevitable.

    On another note, thank you for keeping Random Curiosity alive. I enjoy reading all of the summaries. Great Job.

  14. the only interesting part was the omake with gin and ulquoara.
    the battle was boring that only made us show how nothing can scratch ulquoara.

    at least they’re finally gonna show one my fave “hollow” next episode.

  15. This part of the story in my opinion is really well done. It would be better if Ichigo didn’t get owned by Ulquiorra once so what happens this times would feel less stupid. And it’s not really much a fight, it’s just someone owning someone, not much a huge battle between two guys who are each others match and pull everything in hope the other one falls. IchigoXGrimjow is far more epic.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Can’t deny that the next episode shall be amazing if it doesn’t drag out. Why are they scared of getting close to the manga when they are relatively far away for our viewing pleasure?

  17. Good ep, awesome ulquoirra but I laughed out loud in the middle of the “ichigo smashed through pillar after pillar” bit- reminded me too much of Wil-e coyote/ road runner.

  18. wow…this ep was actually painful to watch, i was cringing throughout…im so glad to be getting back to the original storyline, so im sorta hoping this battle will get dragged out

  19. they did this so bleach’s most epic fight runs along naruto’s pein invasion arc. I swear they are really going at it with each other. Anyway I too have waited months to see this animated at last and it is better than I dreamed. I’m so glad Number One doesn’t seem to be rearing its unsuitable head, that song sucks. The animation is better, songs are better Bleach just hit the number 2 spot for me far as anime go.

  20. I honestly don’t get why inoue wants to get closer to the fight. It’s so selfish and stupid. She’ll only get in the way and get captured again (most likely) and thus runs a longer arc of her rescue….I guess kubo designed her like that, cuz there isn’t really much her character can do.


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