Like I have said before, it looks like Aizen isn’t as strong as he seemed. No doubt he is powerful, but not beyond the abilities Urahara, Yamamoto and Isshin. Aizen himself admitted that Urahara’s technique would probably had defeated him, if not for the Hougyoku. Even with a strong combined attack by Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi (I wonder if they planned it out before hand), Aizen remained pretty much completely unscathed. To me, it looks like the Hougyoku is the true villain here; Aizen doesn’t seem to be using his illusion abilities and so far he’s been relying on the white armor (which I thought was reminiscent of the KKK) to keep himself alive. With the protagonists enjoying numerical superiority, I’m sure they will put up a good fight, though Gin and Ichigo seem to just be standing around at the moment. This chapter was predictable for the most part, but with Yoruichi’s arrival, things should be getting more interesting; personally, I’m hoping to see some Bankais soon. Since the last panel shows Aizen’s sword seemingly fused with his armor, I’m guessing he will be showcasing some offensive abilities from the Hougyoku as well.

Note on the Hougyoku: we still don’t have any concrete answers on what the Hougyoku actually does and on why Aizen wastes so much time and resources on his plans. I’m willing to wait for now (since I’m sure Urahara knows more about the stone). Again, possible answers— it grants powers only, it has a will of its own, conflicting wishes are affected by various factors, etc. Maybe this whole thing will turn into one giant illusion… (Aizen: Just as planned from the very beginning!)


      1. that’s not true. the last time bleach ended with an explosion cliffhanger. I’d call the outcome/survival of a main villian a significant spoiler. a non-spoiler would be, for example, a picture of an existing character’s shocked face. i hope there’s more content on RC than for authors to rely on spoilers for eyeball hits.

      2. He has a point, Prooof. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little bit more discrete…would it? Not all of us read the Manga, and when you post pictures like that, it ruins the Anime for them.

        Just a suggestion.

      3. I agree, please stop posting images which might spoil the manga content for anime watchers. Just be a little more discreet, humble request from your website’s fans…

      4. I disagree that it’s as huge a spoiler as people are whining about. When Omni was doing the manga he posted screencaps of Tousen’s mask and some other semispoilerish pics. Honestly virtually anything relevant Prooof could come up with to post would be spoilerish, especially since the manga posts only have one picture (even the fact that Urahara was doing stuff last week was a spoiler). It’d be boring as hell to just show a different panel of Ichigo going “wtf” every week. I don’t see how a somewhat anonymous KKK looking figure without context is that big a deal.

      5. You mean there are people who thought that Aizen would die without Yoruichi showing up? (Once Urahara shows up she would not have been far behind). Or was it that he had his mask on? (which was already widely hinted).

        Or are those who have not read the manga immediately able to recognise the pic as Aizen(even without the face?) and thus have the anime spoiled?

        Really don’t get it

        Zaku Fan
      1. Did anybody actually think he wasn’t going to show up just fine after that? Shounen bad guys don’t die in corpse-obscuring explosions unless you actually see them disintegrating.

  1. Aizen looks awesome.

    Why are Ichigo and Gin just standing there? There seems to have been lots of that in Bleach
    over the past few months

    Also who thinks Bleach will end with Aizen/hougyoku’s death? I was really hoping it wouldn’t and Aizen would run away again or new enemies would appear or something but it’s seeming a little unlikely now. The worst part would be never seeing all those bankais and Squad 0 and the Vasto Lordes.

    1. IMHO, one of the main things still keeping Bleach popular is the unknown bankais of all the captains. Reveal those bankais and people are gonna lose interest. Loss of interest in Bleach equats to no money for Tite Kubo.

      Also, i think Tite Kubo wrote himself in to a corner by god-moding Aizen. Aizen has to be defeated someday (its shonen), its hard to make up another villian better than Aizen while still keeping the reader’s interest.

      In short, Killing Aizen + all Bankai’s revealed = End of Bleach

      Hence the reason why the chapters are so drawn out, with so little happening
      Anyone notice how quick you finish reading ONE Bleach chapter

      Just my two and a half cents

  2. Great, if it is the hogyokou controlling him, then that would mean that Hinnamori’s mental breakdown, several chapters ago, wasn’t really a breakdown. Either way, it’s most unlikely, as he has already tried this before.

    1. Great observation, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I could of sworn that I saw Urahara wearing an underarmer like suit, like Aizen’s new armer, under his kimono, maybe there’s a second Hougyokou? Just a thought…

  3. Like I said last week, I just hope Kubo Tite brings up some real nice plot twist and a loophole to Aizen’s plans to defeat him. I just hope it isn’t like Aizen going out of control of his powers or some shitty Deus Ex Machina like that.

  4. Although Azien did admit that the attack Urahara placed upon him would kill him, Urahara stated earlier that he wouldn’t have even gotten that far if it hadn’t been for Aizen’s carelessness. So essentially, if Aizen wasn’t acting so care free, he wouldn’t have been in the situation of getting blown up X]

  5. I DON’T CARE WHAT, JUST KILL HIM. Azien is really annoying please kill his ass now im sick of him talking. Its like hes in love with his own voice. i really hope they kill him soon and move on to something else.

      1. hmm, let me think….
        gillian=weakest level of menos espada=aeroniero(?)
        adjuchas=next level, closely humanoid espadas=maybe all….
        vasto lorde=final level, looks very humanoid espada/s=maybe ulquoara

        maybe some will appea.. nah its too late for that, besides, aizen doesnt need them now.

    1. this explanation is actually good but something wrong in it….
      first i think that all espadas where adjuchas …. dunno when it was said or was i dreaming but i am pretty convinced…..
      second that’s why u remember the first episode/chapter in the hueco mondo when ichigo and his people just entered from the “black hole thingy” …… Aizen was sitting with his espadas and said :”they are here” . taking in consideration how far they travlled (through the desert than the gillian part then in the castle) if he would have felt them it would have been only ichigo…. so i think he meant the vasto lordo

    1. My thoughts exactly. notice sword fusing with hands = no need to draw hand/ sword hilt details

      He doesnt even need to draw a face anymore.
      Now Tite Kubo can relax and let assistants draw the manga for him, since its so simplistic

  6. Isn’t Aizen already in shikai or still in base? If he’s in shikai, then fusing with his blade could lead to him being able to use its abilities at will and possibly more enhanced due to the hogyokou.

    Though, I’m expecting Urahara and possibly Isshin to go shikai next chapter. I’m also expecting Urahara’s bankai + whatever he learn to subdue the hogyokou to be what beat Aizen, but Ichigo or Gin lands the final blow.

    Mania Lyssa
  7. it would not be an illusion man, or not aizen would just be deceiving himself…

    like to see more action, why der damn vaizards don’t come back to release their bankais (damn), but then why not aizen try to “shed his skin” to get his form back from the hogyoku? well, since it can do anything, why not?

  8. Oh shit, Aizen got into his obligatory final form. Either there will be a last massive battle, or he’ll win and we get into the next arc.

    Also, I’m liking Yoruichi’s new outfit 😀

  9. Aizen’s current form looks almost… too plain. What are the odds of his current form being a kind of of chrysalis leading up to his final transformation, which is yet to be completed?

  10. well i have a theory and need some comments…
    well here it is
    kubo doesn’t show bankais because he is planning to continue with something because he wouldn’t let bleach finish this soon …. because no matter what u do if aizen continue it would be like an arc max or lots of fan will leave.
    so here are the possible outcomes.
    1-finish the story by whomever kills aizen and blablabla
    2-returning to the main story and starting to reveal some bankais and a fights then finish the story with aizen dead
    3-making aizen die but a new evil (probably one of the vasto lords).
    4-third aizen cornered calling upon the vasto lords to help …. when the 0 squad comes to save the day
    5-killing all his fans from boredom
    so which scenario is more likely ?

    1. Here’s one: Aizen was never a bad guy all along, it was just the Hougyoku controlling him. Once Demon Mode SSJ3 Ichigo cuts Aizen in half, the Hougyoku is revealed as the REAL final boss, and Ichigo has to find some greater power than whatever the hell he used to kill Aizen to defeat it.

      God, I hate this series sometimes, but what good things it has are good enough to make me come back, like its great, criminally underused supporting cast.

      1. then how while sealed within kuchiki rukia he was still an “evil guy” ??
        also don’t forget to tell that sometimes it’s really annoying when all those fights u wanted to see suddenly vanish …..
        don’t tell me that ichigo would acutally kill aizen while shinsui and ukitake area actually nowhere to be seen….. also while yamamoto got owned.(taking in consideration he had a sepcial plan just for him …. but still i wouldn’t mind just to reveal his bankai then to get owned )

      2. your forgetting that its confirmed a short arc then a longer one will come after the arrancar arc. I think that the short arc is gonna talk about isshin.

        my guess is a bit like Anonymoo:after aizen is killed, they think its over but the hougyouku has gained enough reiatsu and its own mind through merging aizen then moves to hueco mundo to build up or moves to a diff spiritual world like the valley of screams to plot its move…..


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