「わーーい、修学旅行だ!二人っきりになれなくて…」 (Waai, Shuugaku Ryokou da! Futarikkiri ni Narenakute…)
“Yay, Field Trip! But We’re Not Alone Together…”

Kyoto seems to be the school field trip spot of choice (when it comes to anime at least), and B Gata H Kei isn’t veering off that tried and tested path with their take on it this week. A big difference amongst all the temple sightseeing though is that Yamada would’ve loved to get lost so that she can have some alone time with Kosuda and his package. As silly as that may sound, the series is actually continuing to show that it has more to it than a girl who wants to sleep with a hundred different guys and rob virgins of their “cherries”. While the jokes involving Yamada’s wild imagination and overflowing virgin desire to get Kosuda in her pants are as abundant as ever, what caught my attention the most was how cute they are together as a high school couple who can’t express their feelings properly.

Naturally, I pit all the blame on Yamada for that, since she’s been leading Kosuda on to no end and making a homely guy like him feel like he has a chance with one of the hottest girls in school. However, the subtle difference is that Yamada’s almost turning a new leaf in her quest to squash her virginity and is very conflicted over the possibility that he wants an actual relationship with her. From our vantage point, this has been blatantly obvious from the get-go, but from her sex-ridden one where she’s too dense to get a clue even with all of Takeshita’s feedback, I consider it progress. It’s at a nearly snail-like pace, but progress nonetheless. On the Shinkansen train ride there, her truly innocent girlish colors came out for a second when Takeshita suggested that they take a picture together. The embarrassment stemming from her dishonesty with herself made it a really good moment, which was only spoiled by Misato jumping in at the last second. I consider myself a fairly calm and composed individual, but boy did I want to slap Misato for being her hyperactive self and completely ruining the mood.

In the comedic department, Kyouka surprisingly stayed out of it for the most part, aside from her ability to look like she’s in a state of profound meditation when she’s really struggling internally on two fronts — her rivalry with Yamada and brother complex. Yamada on the other hand showed us that focus towards a single goal can be truly astounding even if it’s sex, but the Buddhist monks don’t have to know about that. Either way, it was a pretty funny follow-up to her interpretation of how they’d get hit on the shoulder and have to express gratitude if they showed any signs of worldly/evil desires during meditation. Incidentally, the bath scenes were fairly brief and didn’t add too much humor outside of Yamada’s usual delusions, but the first sex-experience talks at night centering around Takeshita more than made up for it. Admittedly, I’m disappointed that she was interrupted after finally being coaxed into sparing no details, but Akai-sensei constantly barging in to tell them to shut the hell up and go to sleep was a recurring gag that I didn’t get sick of. They were very cheap laughs, but boy were they ever good cheap laughs. “KORA!!!”


「俺、山田の事が、す…すったもんだの珍道中!」 (Ore, Yamada no Koto ga, Su… Suttamonda no Chindouchuu!)
“About Yamada, I… am in for a Confusing and Bumpy Ride!”

With the second half of the episode focusing back on the relationship side of things, I actually felt bad for Kosuda given how he was frantically looking for an opportunity to confess to Yamada. Even when they were more or less alone during the boat ride on the very last day of their trip, he was so visually troubled that even Yamada took notice to it. It almost looked like she felt bad for toying with his emotions all this time, but that of course didn’t last long as she expressed her sexual frustration like always and went a bit wild. Still, after hearing how Kosuda felt that a guy like him confessing to a girl like Yamada would only be troublesome to her yet still have the courage to do so before his head was nearly taken off, it was looking like he finally got through to Yamada. Because of that, I felt even worse for Kosuda when Yamada didn’t know how to respond to his confession other than flat out running away, making him feel like he just got rejected. God damn Yamada, you don’t deserve an earnest guy like Kosuda! Takeshita’s right, “sukebe” (pervert) is a much more befitting thing for Yamada to be told than “suki” (I like you). I’m really hoping they’ll have a decent follow-up of this next time, but the preview is looking like the whole Yamada-Kanejou rivalry is going to heat up again with the return of the latter’s brother.




    1. I mean really.. It’s getting less entertaining to watch. 🙁

      I like the show.. but if it’s just not going anywhere and only using small erotic jokes hear and there along with slow story, I might drop it.. :[

  1. yamada its to much trouble, if her goal of having 100-H, (99 after kosuda) and then just go for other’s guys then if i were kosuda i would feel like shit at the point of suicide >_<, i can see it already yamada telling kosuda that she only wanted him to be her first since he was a naive virgin…O_o, if something like that were to happen, i would hope for takeshita or her sister to give her a good one to help her realize the horrible and cruel thing she did

    1. Mmmmm, I think its kind of obvious for everyone what will happen: They’ll finally get to be together, she’ll mess it up with her 100 sex friends issue just to be bitchslapped and then they’ll go back together.
      Wasnt it obvious since the begining?

  2. KORAAA~~~ LOL

    This shows that cheap laughs can be executed effectively. Though I still wonder, is Takeshita no longer a virgin?

    Gotta lol at the bath scene, where Yamada is having delusions of the boys engaging in lewd acts as a result of them having delusions of girls doing lewd acts. i.e. Even the delusion of girls doing lewd acts came from her own head. XD


    Isn’t that a bit dangerous for Kosuda to stick his head out of a moving train? Moreover, I’m surprised the train door doesn’t immediately open back up. As normally commuter metro trains these days would have emergency procedures in which it’ll automatically reopen upon encountering anything obstructing the closing of the doors.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. “Though I still wonder, is Takeshita no longer a virgin?”

      I think the manga implies that she did sleep with her boyfriend, so yeah. (Though I don’t know exactly which chapter of the manga this is mentioned… I’m just basing this on second-hand info–the B Gata H Kei page on TV Tropes–so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.) ^^;

  3. That double imagination bath scene was the highlight of the humor in the episode to me, but I’m surprised they didn’t take the opportunity for her to try a peeking scheme going the opposite direction from what we’re used to in anime. Overall it was a pretty strong first half though.

    On a side note can Japanese trains really start moving with someone still in the doorway like that? I’d assume not but let’s face it, in that situation Kosuda would get his neck broken before his heart, which may have been a kinder fate given how low the poor guy felt by the end of this episode.

  4. yamada is seriously starting to piss me off. she doesn’t deserve kosuda’s feelings (or his junk) at this point, not until she can grow the hell up a little and start being honest. if all you care about is getting laid, fine, be honest and tell kosuda you just want to jump him. if you have feelings for him, then say so. but i’ve gotten really sick of yamada as the worst tsundere ever.

    diet otaku
  5. by the looks of it the whole class is about to find out about the 2 next episode…,on a side note,is it just me or do i seem to notice that Kosuda’s sister Kazuki is boyish and possibly a lesbian?

    dynamite cake

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