It’s nice to finally see Aizen ready to make an attack with the Hougyoku. This chapter was mostly dialogue and set up though (do villains always sit there and watch while the protagonists bicker around?). Yourichi and Urahara’s conversation was mildly amusing, but they did leave their back wide open to Aizen; luckily, he didn’t take the opportunity to attack. Urahara clearly spent some time preparing beforehand for the battle, but so far it hasn’t done much good.

I had thought Ichigo and Gin would just continue to watch the battle, and Gin also voiced that sentiment. However, he quickly follows up by starting the fight again, pulling out an even faster attack. While I was unimpressed by Gin’s mind games, Ichigo finally pulls out his mask, though at this point it really isn’t that special anymore. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before we see his super hollow form again, but at least the fight advanced a little this time. Next time we see Gin, I’m hoping to see something more interesting than his bankai, namely, hollowfication (since Tosen had a mask, it’s likely Gin has one too).


On another note, Kira seems to still call Gin “Captain”, and Mastumoto also seems to have gotten up. My first thought was that this was Aizen using his illusion abilities, but this didn’t really line up with the storyline, so it probably has something to do with Gin. They shared a pretty close relationship in the past, so there will probably be a reunion of some sort soon (again, this parallels to Tousen). I look forward to seeing more about Gin and Rangiku’s past.


    1. Scans have been out since yesterday.

      This was a waste of a chapter imo. Only notable thing that happened was Matsumoto getting up on the last page. The rest was just random chatter and same stuff we’ve already seen with Gin vs Ichigo.

  1. I don’t think becoming Ichi-Thing will solve anything -__- It’s not like that monstrous form is some kind of new power-up >__> It’s a curse, not a gift and regarding it a lucky new power to defeat his enemies quickly is just wrong. I also doubt this transformation to come soon, because this time round there’s no pitiful girl crying for a dead man’s help and Ichigo’s scared to the bone of IchiThing.

    I’m looking forward to Matsumoto and Gin though *__*

  2. Gin’s family took in Matsumoto when she was a baby/small child and they were raised as brother/sister if I remember right and both “seemed” to have feelings for each other. Knowing how these things work in anime I’m guessing Rangiku gonna flip Gin back to the good guys side or she will help Ichigo to kill Gin if he won’t flip. Seeing as she was already disemboweled earlier in the battle I cant see Gin killing her. Would be anticlimactic after what already has happened to her earlier in the day if they did that.

  3. I kinda think that Rangiku isn’t going to be able to sway Gi, since Gin seems to be a pretty dark guy, considering when he first became a Soul Reaper, he killed 5th Company’s 3rd seat, becoming the third strongest man in that squad. I get the feeling he may have joined Aizen of his free will, sinmce there seems to be more to him than meets the eye.

    And SummelBaerli, you’re so right. Ichigo’s Hollowified form is scary and not a powerup, in spite of how it seems toi make Ichigo the strongest Vizard as a matter of a fluke really.


  4. I get the feeling that Gin was hinting that he was not on Aizen’s side. All the while i kep getting the feeling he’s an undercover agent waiting for the 100% certain opportunity to take Aizen down. Maybe Matsumoto was force his hand early.

    Zaku Fan
    1. Gin’s always been kinda passive in Aizen’s defense, almost seeming like he’s hopeful someone would land a killing blow, and I suspect he works with him not so much because he’s an ally but more because he fears the man and attached himself to his side out of self preservation.

      Even in attacking Ichigo again it was more because he felt Ichigo was gonna just give up and die rather than step up and try to do what Gin himself knows he can’t.

  5. Now that’d be an interesting way to longer the ai-chan arc, and that can explain why gin-chan didnt want matsu-chan to follow him to hueco mundo…i just dont think that kubo has a brain and guts to think that 😀

  6. Gin was totally fucking with Ichigo’s head this issue … so glad Kubo remembered those two were supposed to be fighting up until the clusterfuck of run-ins started. I wonder what exactly Aizen was calling “special”–was it Yoruichi’s leg? Or her shunko? Either way, glad Aizen stopped playing tank and went DPS on their asses, even tho they spend entirely too long conversing with one another in the middle of the fight. If it was taking them awhile to walk towards each other it’d be one thing, but they disappear and reappear the moment any of them move.

    I look forward to seeing this animated, especially Gin’s “Serial Blade” technique. I just hope the anime’s done with filler (not counting expanded fights, I just don’t want another huge digression arc) and they’ll plow right on through the Espada fights to the end of the Aizen arc, at least.

    1. He was talking about the armors. Urahara said “Those steel gloves were specially made for countering hierro… I never thought they’d be destroyed so easily…” and Aizen answerred “Judging from the fact that your leg survived my attack unscathed, it really must have been special.” And than Yoruichi answered in a funny tone “My leg, you mean?”. I thought it was a nice joke.

    1. I agree with the fact that this arc is a bit boring, I kind of wish that hollow Ichigo would come back again, or at least hear what Aizen was trying to finish, ” you a human and a–“

      code fanboy
  7. I’d hope we’ll get that far without more fillers. There’s over 50 chapters between here and where the anime is after all.

    I’m kinda hoping for a berserker Ichigo VS Aizen battle just to really see how everyone else will react to their “saviour” turning into a monster as bad as the enemies they are fighting. And also a fight like that might end up being very well matched, especially if we get Ichigo gaining some control over his monster form. Or at least Gin breaking out the Hollow mask or some other new power.

    Sol Fury
    1. I’ve had that feeling ever since he left SS. He frowned and said “sorry” to Rangiku. I’m going to be really dissapointed if Gin’s backstory and perhaps reprieve aren’t super special awesome.

  8. I gave up on the manga long ago, but if there are two things that makes me want to read this chapterm, it’s 1.) Yoruichi acting it up, and 2.) Matsumoto and Gin’s history… which has been established 5 YEARS AGO and was never made clear!

  9. wow didn’t know Prooof still suspects matsumoto as some illusion?

    good idea, but appearance of matsumoto definitely hints gin is somewhat gonna die in front of her. well let’s see how kubo’s gonna do it…

    and it also seems that gin doesn’t have (and doesn’t desire) a hollow form, so… maybe his bankai needed a tweak or something. maybe some kido? *calm* AHHHHHHH KIDO!!!…

  10. I kind of wish movie 4 would come put already. I miss hollow Ichigo right now. Tite Kubo would at least let hollow Ichigo say something. Or let Aizen finishi his sentence ” your a human and a —“

    code fanboy
  11. “(do villains always sit there and watch while the protagonists bicker around?)”
    unfortunately, it works both ways with the villains doing the “evil plan monologue”…

  12. The last few pages showed Ichigo pulling out the mask and giving Gin a threatening look, then matsumoto getting up and running towards the battle with an urgent look on her face…..
    Could kubo be hinting at gin’s soon-to-be death?

    Me, who else?

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