Not much advanced involving Matsumoto-san since she pretty much ignored (or did not hear) Kira’s calls. On Gin’s side though, we see Ichigo is not doing well, with his mask shattered. Ichigo’s hollow mask hasn’t been doing too much for him lately it seems; against more powerful enemies, it is often broken before he can do anything with it. With the caliber of opponents he’s up against now, I think his super hollow form (fluke or not) would be necessary again. On the other hand, maybe Ichigo just sucks now (like Gin pointed out), perhaps due to his power fluctuations.

Most of this chapter deals with Aizen and the trio fighting him. He’s pretty observant here to notice that Urahara is not too fazed and probably has more tricks up his sleeve. Isshin, Yourichi and Urahara do yet another combined attack (they definitely planned it out beforehand; either that, or they work together very well). They hit Aizen with a combo of strikes which included some new attacks we haven’t seen before; as usual though, Aizen takes everything confidently. His “you can’t hurt me” attitude is really getting a bit old. Luckily, to spice things up, Isshin shoots off a Getsuga Tenshou at the end as a cliffhanger. Like Ichigo, it seems he also doesn’t have to release his sword to use his abilities, perhaps also with his zanpakato permanently in shikai. Of course, if we’ve learned anything from recent fights, I doubt a normal Getsuga could do much against an opponent like Aizen. Isshin seems much stronger than Ichigo though, and has probably been around a lot longer as well. It would be nice if Aizen takes some damage or at least has part of his armor destroyed, but it’s more likely this is a setup for some answers that I would want to see soon. ~Bleach pacing sure is slow.

Next Week: Ichigo– But Dad, that’s MY ability.


  1. I’m still waiting for someone to point out that the Skull Badge Ukitake gave him is a restrictor and that’s why he’s not been able to keep his mask solid in the real world for any length of time.

    Although, I suppose it’s more likely at the moment he probably needs to have another inner space chat or Orihime regressed him back a bit too far to seal up the 2nd stage hollow form.

      1. I assumed that he doesn’t have his Zanpakuto anymore, so he can’t use its abilities. But no, it seems that he still has the sword at least. Maybe he forgot about it.

  2. He doesn’t need to anymore. Since when do people with a God Complex ever do anything aside from taking hits to prove that he’s just that strong? He probably doesn’t even have BANKAI, he just used his illusion to fake having it.

    1. Well, nobody knew what Aizen’s shikai really did for over 100 years. But they knew that it was a water-type. He probably could have faked having bankai since he was faking his shikai anyways.

  3. Important highlights:

    Gin telling Ichigo to run.-I can’t help but think that he is the mole in Aizen’s party or that he at least has a hidden agenda.

    Isshin Kurosaki using Getsuga Tenshou -That was awesome.

    1. I’m still holding on to the belief that Ichimaru’s a bad guy, and he wants to enjoy his hunt by telling Ichigo to run.

      But yes, plenty of signs are pointing to him having a change of heart soon.

  4. Maybe Isshin’s shikai/bankai is copying any moves he has seen before. Yoruichi did manage to damage his armor but it may simply be he will say something like “Thanks, i made use of you guys” end up “hatching” from his hollow form

    Zaku Fan
  5. dang…I think Isshin used Getsuga simply because Kubo was too lazy to come up with a new technique…and as Ichigo’s gestuga goes (never defeating an opening and usually getting blocked effortlessly) I doubt this one would do much…

    1. “dang…I think Isshin used Getsuga simply because Kubo was too lazy to come up with a new technique” I was thinking the exact same thing. Probably so that Kubo can buy time for himself to think of new technique names

      Bleach quality has fallen ALOT since the SS Arc (Which IMHO, is still the best Bleach arc)
      Its becoming WAY too repetitive

      This is basically the template for Bleach chapters now:

      Aizen unfazed from last chapter’s sneak attack and doesnt have single scrath on him, Ichigo looking surprised, Urahara/Yoruichi/Isshin attacks again, BIG Explosion (that would have been fatal to Bleach characters 300 chapters ago), crack in Aizen’s condom armour, attackers look dumbfounded, Aizen essentailly saying “I am God, and every thing is as planned”, sneak attack on Aizen, Aizen looks surprised – END of Chapter

      Rinse and repeat

      There I jsut wrote the next 10 chapters of Bleach -enjoy

      Very Cynical of Bleach
  6. xD I had a good laugh at your last sentence, Prooof!

    Maybe Ichigo really does only suck, because his lack of determination. I mean, back when he fought Gin for the very first time he wasn’t eager to fight or to kill anyone, but determined to save Rukia which made him win all the time. Now his goal is too abstract: “Save the world”. He doesn’t know how to reach that at all.
    And what happened in the LUST-Arc is still heavy on his heart, too. Like Rukia said: His eyes aren’t that of a winner. He may have saved his life, but he lost the fight.

    What I found pretty interesting in this chapter, too, was Aizen acknowledging Urahara as the only one beyond his own intellect 😀

  7. Everything is an illusion. Ichigo and the trio are already lying on the floor stoned off illusions and dying from their wounds as Aizen fulfills his goal of WORLD DOMINATION.

  8. I’m really getting tired of each chapter ending in what looks like a serious blow to Aizen just to wait a week to see it hasn’t affected him at all. Yes, we get it. Aizen’s condom protects him from Aids and any other attack they throw at him… Why do we have to see the same scenario 10 times?

    I want some real development. The manga is getting nowhere atm. -_-

    Aizen was always an awesome villian imo, but now he’s just pissing me off.

  9. My guess the reason why ichigo’s mask sucks is that he is afraid of going into his full hollow form. Its not like he hasn’t wimped out on using his hollow powers before in the past.

    I hope that’s not the case tho, yea he did stab his friend but we already went thru this in the past.

  10. Prooof, could you try to make even less revealing titles & images on the front page preview of your manga reviews, as I’m only following the anime and hate spoilers. This one wasnt too bad as a spoiler, but i thought it’d be better to mention it now instead of waiting for you to accidentally post a big spoiler.

    On another not, I’m enjoying your anime reviews a lot =]


      1. Since the guy’s faceless in the pic, is it really Isshin? The spoiler from the picture would be a spiky haired shinigami was using a katana to attack something (looks like a rock)

        From the title, we would know that its something about family. So its not Rukia since she’s a girl, It could be Ishida (out as his dad’s costume is not a shinigami), Byakuya and Ichigo.

        So since from the anime we already know Isshin is a shinigami, combined with the picture, we have the result that Isshin was using a katana to attack something (a rock). Then we could conclude that the spoiler is that “Ichigo is trapped underneath a bunch of rocks and Isshin is going to free him”

        Alternatively, it could mean that Ichigo finds greater shinigami powers because of his dad being a shinigami

        Zaku Fan
      1. Theres hasnt been a major spoiler yet, as i said im just saying before hand incase you forget what people watching the anime don’t know yet.

        This one and the one titled “God of Gods” (that one especially) are pretty close to spoilers though, by what people can work out from them.

      2. There was once a father who took his son to the town market on a mule
        A man who passed by and said “How unfillial, the father is old and should sit on the mule”

        So the son got down and the father rode the mule.
        A woman passed by and said “How selfish letting the poor young boy walk while you ride”

        So the son and father both rode the mule
        An elderly couple passed by and said “How cruel, focing the poor mule to carry the both of you”

        So the son carried the mule’s forelegs while the father carried the mule’s hindlegs

        And thus they went to market

        Zaku Fan
    1. Honestly, I don’t see the spoiler. All we found out from Proof’s title and picture was that Isshin was fighting. How is that a spoiler!?!? Of course, if you count that as a spoiler, I don’t know what else Proof would be able to do =/

      1. Well if i hadn’t seen this and he came into the anime id be very surprised because i wouldn’t be expecting it (which is obviously better). Now i know at some point he will intervene in the fighting, so when he does come in i wont be surprised which will cut the excitement/suprise in half.

        I really didn’t mean to offend you Prooof it was just meant as a friendly request, i’m not having a go at you for it or anything.

  11. all I can say is I wanna know why isshin can use getsuga tensho, either ichigo inherited it or maybe it was given by isshin and urahara to him or something else……

  12. The only thing holding Ichigo back is himself. It seems clear to me that as Ichigo has gone through his adventures since the beginning his power always adjusts to his opponents level and any defeat is due to his own self doubt.

    In effect I believe Ichigo is Urahara’s next great creation after the Hōgyoku. Urahara arranged the match of Isshin and Ichigo’s mother. Urahara may have done something else to make Ichigo special. But Ichigo is special in that once he encounters a seemingly more powerful opponent he is able to reach or surpass that power level himself. Ichigo is the only one who will be able to surpass Aizen.

    1. I hope not, he’s still fighting gin so maybe the trio will beat aizen before ichigo fights aizen again, besides he always fights the main bad guy, someone else should beat aizen unless ichigo goes hollow again, I might consider him going hollow since its always more awesome than ichigo.

  13. nice chapter, since it stars MORE KIDO and some URAHARA POWERS! yeah, even though they seem to have weak creativity. that’s what comes when Kubo wanted to leave the showing off of powers after such a long time…

  14. Once again. I have always defended Bleach as an awesome manga and constantly failed to see what was so slow. However, THEY DID IT AGAIN! I can’t remember which chapter it was, but this is the second uninteresting chapter I’ve read. The first was Aizen spamming crap about monitoring Ichigo.

  15. Actually, I just want the storyline to move back to high school so that Ichigo and Orihime can develop further. The fightings have been dragging on for so long that character development was virtually nonexistent in the whole “showdown” arc– except perhaps for a few arrancars/espadas that had been long dead.


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