「仲間達の行方 空島リポートと改造動物 」 (Nakama-tachi no Yukue – Wezaria Ripōto to Saibōgu Animaru)
“The Friends’ Whereabouts! The Weatheria Report and The Cyborg Animals!”

Despite this episode being so called a filler episode, there were actually some information given out that wasn’t in the manga that I was hoping for. Things such as Weatheria actually being able to travel and is currently moving to Sabaody Archipelago is a fact I’d say would help in speculations of the future. At least we know how Nami’s getting back, right? Franky’s story, on the other hand, did not show as much regarding new info, except for the fact that Vegapunk made those mecha-animals. The manga showed them in front of the Vegapunk lab, but the anime showed them going inside and apparently meeting someone, even though they didn’t even show who it was. No hint here on how Franky’s going to get back to Sabaody though. Maybe there’s some kind of teleporter in the lab that links to another one on Sabaody.

Regarding theories on whether or not the crewmates were sent to these islands on purpose, I’d be on the side that believes it was on purpose. Nami and a weather island is just too much of a coincidence not to think she was sent there on accident. Franky, being the tinkerer he is, on Vegapunk’s home island, Bulgemore, is also something that seems like it was planned. While the others, such as Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, and Brooke don’t seem as obvious, I’d suggest it’s merely just because we don’t have enough information on their parts yet (and also the fact that I don’t want to spoil what will be shown in the upcoming episodes). The other thing is, if these destinations were planned, who planned them? I can’t think of any higher ups who would do such a thing, and I doubt Kuma would do so of his own actions. Closest I could think of is Vegapunk perhaps being a double agent, working for the Government, but secretly working for the pirates as well. But these are just speculations upon speculations.

As a side note, I thought the old man helping out islands with his weather science was a heartwarming scene (even if he tried charging a hundred million beli), as these islands are pretty much devoid of any outside help if you had any disastrous circumstances. If you’ve been watching these past 452 episodes, you’d know to expect these kind of scenes, but they’re always nice to see even if this one might have been filler.

With cross-dressers and giant birds that are the top of the food chain, next week’s focus on Sanji and Chopper should be an interesting one, to say the least. Maybe they’ll continue to uncover more reasons why they were sent there, or how they’ll be getting back.




  1. “Maybe they’ll continue to uncover more reasons why they were sent there, or how they’ll be getting back.”

    to my knowledge the reasons why were not stated in the manga!!now how will they get back.

    1. Well, given the fact that this episode presented some material that wasn’t in the manga, I’d say it’s quite within the realm of possibilities that the next few episodes will show something new as well wouldn’t it?

  2. Kuma was described earlier on to be a “Tyrant” pirate who hated the government with all his blackened heart before suddenly becoming a loyal Warlord for the Navy. I think it probably was on purpose, but he probably sent them to where he thought they’d be safe for a while. Luffy went to an island of women who wouldn’t let him escape, Chopper’s with animals, Sanji’s with pretty men, ect.

    Kuma’s not very good with judgement is what I’m saying.

  3. Although I’m not really an avid follower of the anime (more of a loyal stalker of the manga), I’ll watch these episodes for some background information that wasn’t revealed in the manga. My theories on why the corresponding people are on the correspond island are:

    Nami – Weather based island to go with her abilities
    Franky – Possible discovery of Vegapunk tech to go with his cyborgness 😛
    Zoro – Since he got transported to an island with a giant cross and swords, I’m guessing it has to do with Mihawk, since Mihawk is seen with a cross shaped sword and rosary necklace.
    Sanji – Okama Kenpo?
    And the rest, I have no clue 😛

    1. how about:
      robin – getting new informations about the government ( maybe even about dragon? )
      chopper – learning to controll his beast side would be a major buff
      lysopp – well… he’s just a coward… removing it will drasticly increase his power, maybe even adding some plant seeds as new ammo? ;D
      brooks – just some new swordman skills, maybe a new devil-like sword?

      i’m looking forward these episodes, too.
      moreover it’s actually quite a good timing to put these up now, as the next arc ( even if all is happening in just a couple of minutes/hours ) is just awesome and we’ve got already quite some actions in bleach and naruto atm.

    1. I really hate that people keep referring to this episodes as filler. Cover stories aren’t filler. In fact, Im sad we never got to see the other cover stories animated, past Buggy and Coby’s.

  4. Dr Vegapunk type peeps on the earth “yet no airplanes” hmmmmmm?
    @Click & Nightflame those are pretty damn good guesses!! especially like the Chopper one “i have no clue why he would be there..” also not to sure about the Zoro one either, yeah they were crosses and stuff but the inclusion of Horo Horo girl makes it unpredictable. maybe brook will embrace his “deadness” and use it to some occult advantage.
    @Anonymoo..in a way that ish would be sick! SUPER LIAR!! but we already got a captain buggy for that, my guess is his reflexes and survival skill and accuracy will go through the ROOF! living on that non-stop killer island.

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. The thing about Usopp is that he IS badass enough to keep up with the other Straw Hats–maybe not so much in terms of raw fighting ability, but like Nami he has to think ahead when he fights, and be able to change his tactics on the fly, along with exploiting every weakness his enemies have.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. If you’re talking about their fight on Water 7, I think Luffy barely tried against him, he merely was shocked at the tricky arsenal Usopp brought with him. (Something along the lines of, “There’s no way you’d win.”). Zoro’s fight with Luffy on Whiskey Peak was a much more even battle.
        However, Usopp is a genius and his fights are always incredibly interesting to see, such as his dual fight with Chopper on Alabasta, and his recent fight with Perona on Thriller Bark.

  5. I’m betting Kuma sent them to those specific islands to train / make them stronger, as payback to the government for screwing with him and making him a Pacifista. I sorta feel like Franky could use Vegapunk’s equipment to upgrade himself, Nami could use the weather island’s tech to upgrade her cloud staff, etc. I think Usopp is at a superhero style jungle, too.

    I guess it wouldn’t make sense as to why Robin is where she is, or Chopper… though I feel like Brooke could probably show up with a bunch of demon-worshipping followers next time we see him, heh.

  6. Nami and cotton candy… sweet. I’ll really like to see 8 different movies (not 30 min episodes) of how each nakama makes its way back to reunite. I’ll really hate to see a deus machina solution like having them port in one second that’ll blow. Finally ZoroxPerona those babies will look nice…..

    Island Esper
  7. I’m looking forward to the Robin episode. Robin with the Revolutionaries is just a boatload of potential. She could very well meet up with Dragon, who could reveal some of the dark secrets behind the World Government, the Nobles, the Ancient Weapons, True History, Poneglyphs, etc.

  8. Ok crazy thing here,
    Show Spoiler ▼


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