Gin was right, Ichigo you suck now. As usual, the Getsuga attack Isshin used last time had absolutely no effect on Aizen, and now we have Ichigo shitting his pants and only being able to stare as Aizen and Gin head to Soul Society to the real Karakura Town. Aizen finally made a serious attack, which beats down Yourichi, Urahara and Isshin (or so the panels imply); I wonder if they “understood” his attack.

Now that they are going back to Soul Society to make the King’s Key however, there likely won’t be too much resistance there, besides possibly squad zero. Byakuya, Kenpachi and Mayuri should try to get out of Hueco Mundo so they can do something more useful than fighting Yammy. There’s also Unohana or Inoue who can probably patch up some people and provide additional stopping power. At this point though, it’ll probably take something besides raw power and frontal attacks to get out of this pickle. Hopefully Urahara isn’t out of the picture just yet; I’m sure he has more tricks up his sleeve.

On a final note, we now have confirmation that Aizen is gay.


    1. with gay, he means the part when aizen said to ichigo “im gonna eat you”, its quite vague the true meaning behind that sentence… i believe he is refering to “eat” the power of ichigo like a hollow would do to shinigamis, and he trated ichigo as a fruit that its almost ready to be eaten

  1. There seems to be a very strong correlation between Bleach and Transformers 1 fighting style. From dialogue, to battle stance, then cuts to another scene where people are talking, and finally bam, a winner pops out of the cloud of dust/or we don’t see anything going during the fight scenes.

    But other than that, Ichigo’s ego took a real blow. Maybe Ichigo and Gin should exchange sword since Gin sword is smaller.

  2. Wow, Ichigo really shat himself in front of such display of raw power. I hate Aizen even more for every week that passes with everyone falling like pussies to his “oh, I’m god” mode. Overpowered bastard is overpowered.

  3. once again ichigo let me down. i’m so glad to see gin really making fun of him. but really? what are isshin and ichi going to do besides get their arses kicked some more..

    i’m loving aizen’s new form though. it almost reminds me of ichigo last full hollow form with the long hair..

    1. Im betting that the reason Ichigo can “understand” Aizens power, is because it is the same as his transformation. Only Aizen can control his. In other words, Aizen and Ichigo are the “NewType” Shinigame/Hollow/God like people… and probably of a similar type to the King in the Kings realm.

      Next chapter Im betting will either bounce back to the Yammy fight, or go onto an explanation from Isshin about what Ichigo is… giving him the ability to use it… perhaps.

  4. So this chapter pretty much confirmed Aizen/Gin vs Isshin/Ichigo in the real world,in Karakura town as the final fight for this arc?

    Guessing Ichigo goes to his H2 form, which is VERY similar to Aizen’s final form, due to his sisters possibly getting attacked or Isshin being killed, due to being weakened.

    Also, Aizen plans to eat Ichigo to become more powerful kinda contradicts Aizen saying he doesn’t want to be hollowfied, but it makes me wonder if Ichigo’s H2 form was in reality, a cocoon, but he didn’t have time to incubate like Aizen.

    His H2 mask did break similar to Aizen’s cocoon form

    Mania Lyssa
  5. LOL at your Aizen is gay quip, Prooof.

    So all that “Battle of Fake Kamakura” which covered nearly 3 years worth of chapters merely covered half a day for the characters? Even Prince of Tennis covers more days for that number of chapters (like advancing from the 1st round to the 2nd round of the national tournament). 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  6. Isshin made a comment on how maybe the only people who could percieve Aizen’s power the way he was, were people at the same level/place as him… It sure seemed like Ichigo could feel and sense Aizen’s power, foreshadowing by Kubo?

  7. “Understanding” attacks, “eating” people… what’s up with aizen’s lingo nowadays? And bleach, for that matter… who are the “People standing in the same place as him?”

    Sounds really vague, and reads like a bad fiction novel… i don’t think it’s only the translation… skimmed thru the raw and kubo still reads bad.

    OTOH, imbo the art improved.

    and GIN is boring. Yawn. He can be a math teacher or something, having a convo with his rebellious pupil (ichigo).

    1. “understanding the attack” means that the defender had to be able TO READ THE REIATSU from the attack. If you can’t read the reiatsu its like getting hit by empty air, with no ability to comprehend what happened.

      “eating” – oh but neither ichigo not aizen are people. This might imply that current aizen and h2 ichigo are the same kind of being 🙂

      “standing in same place as him” – read above. Out of all people there, only Ichigo could comprehend Aizen’s reiatsu – they are same ki9nd of being

  8. As ‘code fanboy’ already said. I think Urahara does really have something to give Ichigo. And I bet it’ll be some sorta second Hougyoku which Ichigo has to use to get on Aizens level. The reason Urahara didnt give it to him earlier is probably that Ichigo had to ‘ripen’. Since Aizen tells us that Ichigo is ready to be eaten I guess he’s also ready to use the second Hougyoku or something. Might be a bit far-fetched but I can’t think of anything else which might actually stop Aizens ownage.

  9. wow aizen’s gay… *influenced by prooof*

    well that’s rather expected of the storyline, and next would just be everyone feeling well again, especially the vaizards, going to soul society with ichigo. I must say, ichigo somewhat suffered depression that he needed counselling…

  10. GREAT, another chapter with Aizen playing awesome. Gin, CAN YOU JUST BETRAY THE BASTARD ALREADY?! It’s one thing to be arrogant and strong, but Aizen’s reaching a whole new level.

    1. Seriously haha

      I don’t know why, but I just don’t like Ichigo’s character I don’t understand him at all :O

      Maybe it’s cause he was just gawking all over the place haha

  11. What Aizen? Did you just say you’re gonna eat Ichigo’s strawberry? You sick man.

    That aside, Ichigo… you need to man up. What happened to that cockiness you had back then? You disappoint me! 😐

    Xineohp Erif
  12. Gin asked if Ichigo understood Aizen’s power, and it’s implied Ichigo does understand the nature of Aizen’s power, which is why Ichigo is in despair. Given that the hougyoku grants wishes, maybe the hougyoku allows Aizen to become as powerful as he can physically think of — and the most powerful form Aizen has seen is Ichigo’s hollow form, which is why Aizen’s new form also has long hair and black hollow eyes. Also explains why Aizen has been cultivating Ichigo for so long — due to his hybrid parenthood, Ichigo had the potential to reach the most powerful form beyond human, shinigami, and hollow, and Aizen wanted to copy that.

    T Pain
  13. a bit boring…
    no progress against aizen this time, they’re only moving to soul society.

    I hope mayuri, kenpachi and byakuya arrive soon or will at least shift back to their fight with yammy.

  14. Interesting chapter was interesting .

    Seriously, this chapter was all plot development, from aizen’s cryptic message to the fact that Aizen’ current form is exactly like how H2 Ichigo looks without his mask

    Not to mention that this chapter also raised a lot of questions on Gin.

    Going by spoilers of Naruto, this is still better than naruto

    THis chapter was all about the mystery surrounding what aizern wants from Ichigo, ichigos own current state of mind and overall motives of gin.

    EDIT: as for devouring line – remember how menos eat their own kind? Could this mean that current aizen is the same as H2 ichigo?

  15. Finally I’ve been waiting for him to leave for SS for ages. It seems like he was only fighting in FKT to find time fro his hogyoku to awaken. Since he could conjure up a senkaimon in a split second in his new form.

    Perhaps we’ll finally see Squad 0!

    1. Actually it was more of “divide and conquer” thing to get rid of possible enemies.

      Had Aizen went directly to SS, Yama, in full power, and possibly teamed up with Isshin and Urahara, would have went there too and Aizen would have got a big and painful buttrape.

      Aizen Needed time to “transform” as well as to get rid of his major enemies as well as man who is way stronger than him(yama)

  16. I can stand the dragginess of the series but having a main character who just doesn’t grow up gets irritating. How much more motivation do you need to get angry enough to get pass your fear? If Ichigo’s 2 sisters get gutted in front of him, i won’t be sad but clapping. Its only just desserts for being a worthless idiot

    Zaku Fan
      1. I still like the series for how it was executed from start to SS Arc, and even a bit after that. With that said, there are only two real ways to make this more than ‘what could have been’. He can either end the series with a really good fight and decent development over a few dozen more chapters, or pull off a good arc (possibly involving hell or something).

  17. Wow, sounds like everyone is so “better” that they think they could do better in the current situation. Despair happens to everyone but you can only judge the person if they decided to stay in despair or moved forward. Besides, how could he not be surprised? Aizen (freaking god mode) just shot down all the captains with ease and even took down the Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin without taking a bathroom break. That’s freakin cheating. Now let see if Ichigo will later step forward or continue to be the way he is. Then we can judge.

    Anyway, it’s good that situation happens because that means more development on the character side instead of BOOM massive level up then instant ass kicking.

  18. Inoue is set up to be the one to beat Aizen in my opinion. She has the power “to go against the gods.” Aizen is “the god.” She can turn back time to make Aizen kill-able again. She has the hax for the hax.

    1. This is a good point. Plus since Inoue has been whining about being useless, I can see her last minute deciding “I will protect Ichigo this time” and doing some crazy move against Aizen, just before he is amount to “eat” Ichigo.

  19. So the the mask in the last chapters just serve as an egg shell eh?

    Just how this Marathon is going to be? We still have the backup O’ Yammy to drag for around 5~7 chapters at least or maybe the author will recall of him and decided to finish him in one blow.

    If Aizen is heading to the real town, the next person defending should be Ishida’s father right? He should probably appear at the end of some coming chapter. The author should have no problem with filling half of the chapter with retelling previous chapter and filling dialogs.

  20. More and more I’m wondering if Aizen actually has any plans or goals at all or if he’s just making it up as he goes along. If he could do this, why didn’t he just wipe out the captains and go off to SS from the start?

  21. Karakura arc = Naruto’s filler episodes, enough said.

    Ryuuken, please just show up and beat the sh!t out of everyone already, we all know you are the god of badasses in this manga.

    though… didn’t your idiotic of a son flee with your star? O.o those ared bad news.

    Next chapter: Aizen arrives to SS only to get assraped by Ryuuken’s arrows on the other side.

  22. There’s obviously a connection between Aizen’s new form and ichigo.
    When that cero of ichigo’s blew off his mask at the end of the ulquiorra fight he looked the exact same as aizen- long hair, black scelera hollow-like eyes, white skin.
    Aizen desires to be a god in terms of power and the hogyoku made it possible.
    I’m betting ichigo is some sort of royalty and is related to the king or something and therefore has inherited that god-like form from the king of SS.

    Me, who else?

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