「五里霧中」 (Gorimuchuu)
“At A Total Loss”

Having the most information may not always be a good thing when it’s a garbled mess, which Masaomi can probably attest to as he continues to try and make sense of it all. Upon hearing that Anri may have caused the Yellow Scarves to attack their own kin, he’s now suspecting both his best friend and their mutual love interest. The thought of her being the leader of the Slashers is probably still out of the question, but all the finger-pointing at Dollars is getting pretty messy as a result. It probably wasn’t the best idea for Anri to take things into her own hands and cause more confusion by asking her Saika children to protect Dollars members who were getting attacked, but I did like the fact that she tried to do something to better Ikebukuro’s situation. It was a stark contrast to Mikado anyway, who was waffling all over what to do about Dollars and even tried to forget about the problem by disregarding the chat room for several days. All the while, things were playing out exactly like Izaya was hoping, which according to the pieces he had Namie updating, will be an all-out conflict between the three sides.

In comparison, Masaomi’s doing whatever he can to keep Horada and his other goons on a leash until he can look into both Mikado and Anri’s involvement, but it’s proven fairly ineffective thus far. Because of that, I’m inclined to believe that things are resting on Mikado to finally get his act together as the leader of Dollars and make them a group that does good deeds like he anonymously suggested once before. He does have pretty big pieces on his side to get things done if needed, and all of them made appearances here to help reiterate that. It’s just a shame Celty has decided to stay quiet after Anri asked her to, because she currently holds all the information that may help clear up the mess. Having helped Mikado with the Dollars incident involving Namie six months ago, Anri with the Slashers one involving Haruna, and had the run in with Masaomi and the Yellow Scarves most recently, Celty is one of the few people who knows all their true identities. If she could somehow get Mikado and Anri working together and maybe even enlist Shinra’s help, clearing things up with Masaomi would be all that’s left to do.

Even then, it wouldn’t be a walk in the park since the Yellow Scarves have shown they don’t even listen to Masaomi’s orders, but we could always throw Celty and Shizuo in there and be done with it. I kid, but it sure worked well against the Slashers, so I’m not completely ruling out the possibility things may come to that again. For now, it looks like it will ultimately come down to stopping what they all inadvertently started from misunderstandings piling up due to our puppet master Izaya. Somehow I don’t see him getting what’s coming to him by the end of this series, but stopping Izaya’s plans alone doesn’t seem so bad at this point. With Horada acting on his own again despite the punch in the face he got, it looks like Masaomi’s going to have to step in to save Anri from them. Mikado looks pretty determined as well, after Mika let him know that something’s bugging Anri and Seiji told him to bear some responsibility if he really likes her. The preview already shows that Anri will be saved and maybe even taught how to use private chat properly, but things aren’t looking so hot for Shizuo. Time to step up Mikado!

* At least we know if we ever need replacements for Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri in the happy-go-lucky Ikebukuro school life scenario, they’re readily available.




    1. I assume you meant Mikado ending up like Masaomi did when the Blue Squares and Yellow Scarves were fighting. In which case, I’d say it’s possible, but this is also deja vu for Masaomi, so it doesn’t look like he’ll sit idly this time around.

  1. Wow, I was pretty surprised with how strong Kida was. My God, the punch he sent Horada and the kick he gave his subordinate were crazy strong. Hell, the two guys even got air time.

    Also, it was pretty cool that Kadota’s gang seemingly stepped into the Dollars chat about how the Dollars are independent, and that all the responsibility doesn’t fall onto their leader Mikado. Also I’m wondering if Mikado can actually stop his entire gang, since he doesn’t have direct contact with them like Kida or mind control like Anri. And since the Dollars finally realized that they are also an independent group, I wonder if they’ll fight back themselves.

    I also liked how people now identify Anri nowadays =P. Short brown hair, meganekko, and large breast lol.

  2. The guy on the floor in the preview was shizuo you can see the black and white of his bartender uniform. It being shizuo makes things more interesting since hes been made out as unbeatable

  3. if I hadnt read ahead in the novels, mikado wouldnt make it into my fave list of characters in durarara with all of the action he’s doing…

    that being said, I guess seiji has given too much influence on mikado about love….

    1. I love how this show is going and with all the conflict. If only I can read the novels. So for you guys/gals who read the novels out there care to give me a spoiler? Do the three of them find out that each of them are the leaders of their own organization? I mean I know from the anime so far that only Kida knows Mikado is the Dollars leader, while Anri knows Kida is the Yellow Scarves leader. Mikado is oblivious to both.

      You told me that you wouldnt like Mikado if you have not read the novels. Im someone who hasnt, and you’re right, I really dont find Mikado really cool at all even if he is the leader of Dollars. I heard he really is cool when he’s all cool blooded though in the novels, I just seen that comment somewhere in the net, care to explain plz? Thanks.

      Since I really dont see anything cool about Mikado unlike Kida and Anri who both can fight on their own, which deserve them both the right to be the leader. I cant see Mikado as a fighter type at all, and at most can only see him as a thinker or intelligent type like Izaya, but Izaya is still a lot better qualified as Dollars leader since he’s a whole lot smarter (probably the smartest character in DRRR) and he can fight on at least equal terms with Shizuo!

      I just cant see why Mikado would be interesting if he can only use his brains without really actually having to fight himself (This is why I love Lelouch from Code Geass cuz he does both).

      1. well to see how creepy and awesome mikado is, check here: http://anni-fiesta.livejournal.com/20980.html

        so you wanna know if the three figure out they’re leaders? check here but im warning you, itl probably spoil the ending of the anime for you: http://anni-fiesta.livejournal.com/15925.html

        well the top one wont spoil the current anime for you since its in vol.6 but its probably gonna make you see mikado in a diff light… Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Wouldn’t it be easier if Anri just command her “kids” to stab the other Yellow Scarves and thus bringing those troublemakers under her direct control rather than this roundabout way?

    1. True. that’s what I would do if I had the Saika but, I think Anri wants to stop the attack. This is why good people shouldn’t be given evil powers.

      *Note on same response: stupid reply wouldn’t work.

  5. Nice episode, I like the scriptwriters how they take responsibility about the fact each character doesn’t talk to each others to clear the misunderstanding there aren’t so much of them anyway only Kida is in a thinking mess, a lot of people complain about they don’t talk to each other blabla (same for angel beats!)it’s like that even in real life sometimes you can’t expect the best of the best from your anime. Now Kida and Anri know about each other real identities. They didn’t had to make them talk they just did it differently by making them learn it by others.Anyway rant over if you understood what I’m trying to say.
    Loved when Anri was stalking Shizuo at the beginning, she was hidden behind the wall but only her breasts were sticking out, lol was pretty realist and funny how everyone described Anri with “big breasts”.

    Can’t wait for next episode, because in the preview Anri is wearing Celty’s pajamas, meaning clothing malfunction of her uniform happened if you know what I mean. And who could beat Shizuo? I’m waiting for these two answers next week.

    And in last episode, there was this image which looks a lot like ff13 or I am just dreaming?
    here it is in the background: http://yfrog.com/eudulazertyuiopp

    1. Holy crap, you’re right that’s definitely FFXIII. How did I not notice that?

      And I agree, so many people are saying that the three should just talk to each other. Well everyone now really knows everything relevant it ain’t getting anyone anywhere. Kida knowing for sure Mikado and Anri are the Slasher and the Dollars leader wouldn’t help him. Mikado knowing that the man (completely not) in control of the Yellow Scarves wouldn’t help him save his the Dollars from being attacked. Now Anri and Mikado knowing about each other would speed up recue efforts but Mikado already has Simon, Shizuo, Celty and the Van-gang. When he acts, he’ll be able to act.

    2. It was kind of clear to me what the result would have been if Masaomi actually tried to talk to Mikado about being the leader of the Dollars. Mikado would just vehemently deny it, like he did when … other Raira student asked him.

      It’s not like it’s easy to confront your best friend about being your worst enemy in disguise in real life; why are people expecting it of an anime, which, bar the supernatural-ness, is fairly good at describing real life?

  6. I still don’t understand why people think Mikado is the leader of Dollars. Didn’t they set it up so it couldn’t have a leader? As was said, the dollars members are independent and Mikado was simply one of the founders with a vision. The members don’t have to listen to Mikado. He has very little authority and I’d say that Izaya was more proactive in getting so many members for Dollars than Mikado. There really is no hierarchy in Dollars.

    This is most evident with the whole Aoba and Blue Squares situation later on.

  7. Masaomi is freaking awesome. I knew he was a strong fighter but seeing it actually animated is epic. Things are really getting into a mess, I wonder how it will all end…

  8. I’m reminded of Starcraft for the different factions>

    Slashers – Zerg

    Yellow Scarves – Terrans

    Dollars – Protoss (Because they are bound by their sense of belonging more than a structure)


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