Barragan reveals that each of the Espada represents one of the ten aspects of death. Harribel (who represents sacrifice) continues to fight Hitsugaya. They both attempt to use their own abilities against each other, turning water into ice and vice versa. Hitsugaya is handicapped by the presence of injured allies in the area however, and the area soon fills up with water. Though he takes a lot of damage, he reveals his ability to control the weather. Nearby, Shunsui questions Stark why they don’t step up and level of their fight and Stark obliges by firing a cero.



I think Hitsugaya is a bit underestimated due to his age. While it is true he often seems to be in trouble and has to pull out bankai in a lot of his fights, he is holding his own against the number three Espada pretty well. Compared to Ichigo, who had his bankai and normal hollow mask completely dominated by number four’s resurrection, Hitsugaya is still able to fight without much of a problem after taking direct hits from Harribel’s cero and Cascada. There is speculation that Ulquiorra is much stronger than his rank indicates due to the fact he has a second release, but for now I’ll stick with the numbered system. Captain class shinigami are at least on par with Ichigo. Of course Ichigo’s abilities are still very impressive considering the time he’s been a shinigami.

That said, I found Hitsugaya rather annoying with his long screams and inexperience in dealing with the unexpected. The episode was dull, mostly involving exchange of smack talk and mediocre attacks. Freezing water attacks and melting ice attacks is a cool idea, but after a while it isn’t too interesting to watch. Hitsugaya and Harribel wasted most of their opportunities by following up their attacks with small talk, which killed the pacing. Now that he has taken control of the weather though, hopefully the fight will advance more next time. For me, the highlight of the episode was Stark’s cero; it’s definitely exciting to watch two experienced players battling.

Omake: Yes, wearing less clothes can be convenient when you have water powers, but I think it’s better for showing off that extremely toned body.


  1. yes i do agree in your impressions! for me, ulquiorra seems stronger than halibel… halibel’s cheap attacks disappointed me… i expect more from halibel, i think it will be interesting if neliel and halibel will match!

  2. Honestly Harribel doesn’t impress at all. I haven’t seen her do anything that shows why she would be ranked above Ulqy at all. In reality she looks more like a #6 or #7.

      1. nahh i think ulquiorra has the power of no.1~ look how he owned ichigo with just his first release~ his 2nd release was wayyy off the roof~ if u’ve read the manga when stark vs shunsui~ you’ll see what i’m talking bout~ Ulquiorra has destructive powers,regenerating powers and also speed! Others have only destructive powers and speed or some only one power~

        and i think aizen knows ulquiorra has a 2nd release~its just that he hasn’t seen him in 2nd form~ in the anime ulquiorra said “even aizen hasn’t seen me in this form” when he use his 2nd release

    1. uhhhhhh…………NOPE! i think that’s pretty much the extent of it. now that i think about it, with Matsumoto it’s kinda the same deal. T and A anyone?????

      BROOKLYN otaku
  3. You know, I tried to pay attention to this episode, but something was really distracting me. I just can’t put my finger on it…:

    Also, why no close up of her Vasto Lorde form? It looked awesome and I’d really like a screenshot of it.

  4. I’m sorry, I just have a hard time believing that this is serious, due to the half naked hollow chick and Rangiku’s cleavage, I mean, seriously, the guys that made this show are going to make a hot springs OVA with all the Bleach chicks, just to keep the viewers from looking away.

  5. (sigh) the censorship really takes away Harribel’s awesomeness for some reason. It makes her feel a little less cool. This episode seemed interesting seeing how the ultimate ice type katana is getting more action than usual. I kinda miss seeing Ichigo now. With so many anime fillers, the whole anime is making Ichigo look like a minor character.

    code fanboy
  6. “I think Hitsugaya is a bit underestimated due to his age. While it is true he often seems to be in trouble and has to pull out bankai in a lot of his fights, he is holding his own against the number three Espada pretty well.”

    which makes no sense at all. she was beating the hell out of him before releasing, while he was in his bankai, yet now suddenly they are equal? releasing actually seemed to make her weaker. when i saw the manga, i wondered why she didnt just cut him in half again? apparently she thinks it would be a better idea to bombard the ice brat with water. hallibel is really just there to give hitsu an easy win and to be fanservice. she has little to no character,(that bit last episode about her caring about her fraccion is the only bit of character she ever gets, other then that all she does is show off her boobs and fight) and certainly does not live up to her rank. i couldnt see her beating ulquiorra’s first res, let alone the second. disappointing.

    1. Meh, that stuff messed up DBZ, you pretty much knew the outcome of fights that way. Without that, you can atleast assume a captain can stand toe to toe with any espada.

      1. The only problem with that is how Bleach’s balance has been completely out of whack since what, halfway through Soul Society?

        In Naruto, it’s made pretty clear that no matter how powerful a character is, getting kunai’d in the face has a 99.999% chance of killing you. Getting run through with a sword, or eviscerated, or blown in half pretty much means you’re gonna die, no matter how powerful you are.

        In One Piece, it’s made pretty clear that nobody really dies, they just get GRAVELY GODDAMN INJURED. When somebody actually dies, it’s a real shock.

        But with Bleach, the same injuries that good guys survive can in fact kill the bad guys. This is fine, it’s how the story’s gonna go no matter what, it just make for inconsistent action when one of the heroes can get half their face removed and walk away from it, and yet doing the same thing to an Arrancar means that he starts fading away and talking about how much he believes in Aizen.

  7. haha sick Prooof, only wanna see Harribel reveal more skin… even if she’s an Arrancar…

    this episode is great, next would be EVEN BETTER I HOPE, but the part where Hitsugaya has to lenghten his fight out of the medic’s way is kinda… rough? suddenly he like uses hyoten hyakkaso a bit weird lah… overall it’s great!

    wow I’m SOOOOO waiting for the release of Heat The Soul 7 after this arc…

  8. i think ulquiorra was really number 2 power wise. Barragan just has his title because there is still a level of respect for him. Halibel probably just had more fighting experience or something. Stark well he deserves his place at the top in my opinion but the other two are just out of place. Plus the strongest person is never the most high ranking in any organization. Look at Soifon’s lieutenant I really believe even Rukia can whoop on him. The sad thing is nobody is doing anything impressive because all the cool stuff is saved for the ichigo fights. I wish somebody else would get time to shine in a fight. Look back and you will see the best fights involve Ichigo.

  9. i dunno about ulquiorra’s rank, in his second res he has the nuke lance, the black cero, speed that even mask ichigo didnt stand a chance against, and pretty good regeneration. i dont know who would win if he fought in his second res against starrk in his res. that would be a cool fight.

  10. im surprised that bleach still hasn’t gone down that badly with the animation since ichigo’s arc ended. I’m still impressed by the quality and effort theyre putting. Hope this kind of quality sticks for a while.


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