After Ichigo went Super Saiyan 3 back when he was fighting Ulquiorra, he now borrows yet another plot device from Dragon Ball Z. I’m unimpressed by the fact that Kubo has to pull deux ex machina or reuse elements from one series so often. Bleach lacks creativity — fights are completely comprised of gaining new powers. There’s a limit of how far this can go, as evidenced by “Final Getsuga Tenshou”. In a series that has been running as long as Bleach, it’s an inherent problem to think up of new abilities, but there had better not be something like Ultra Super Bankai showing up. At this point unfortunately, it’s probably impossible for Isshin and Ichigo to stop Aizen and Gin with their current powers, but Aizen conveniently destroys the Koutotsu in the Precipice World, allowing Ichigo to stay in there indefinitely to train.

Anyways, if there is a training arc or flashback at this point, perhaps we will finally see some explanations for all the questions that have been hanging around. I can’t see Urahara and Yourichi out of the game just yet (they weren’t even hit on screen). It’s good to see Isshin slap some sense into Ichigo; after all, his power level goes way up when he has something to protect. As for Gin, it would not be surprising to see a betrayal, as I’m sure many people are predicting. I find his suspicious character interesting, and am eager to see what he will do in the future.


  1. I was acutally hoping that there isn’t a training arc and that the efforts of this time space final skill will be revealed in battle to save me a month of flaming.

  2. actually i felt like the mask allowed him to go super sayian 1 since not every shinigami captain can do it, only a select few privileged(vizards)could achieve this state. Any shinigami could learn bankai. The resurrecion was Ichigo going super sayian 2. He may or may not go super sayian 3 against Aizen. It would be wise to save that for the next arc. Regardless I think Tite went out and got some DBZ DVDs for his recent ideas. That whole Urahara,Yoruichi, and Isshin vs Aizen was so Frieza. Aizen let them think they had a chance and took all that hope away with his transformation.

  3. oh yeah Gin must be a spy for Yamamoto, he purposely set them a few miles away from Karakura town. He continuously told Ichigo to run away because he didn’t want to kill him so Aizen could devour him later. I really think he will show his real bankai when he feels Aizen is vulnerable during the process of making the king’s key.

      1. No! Who knows how long it’ll be until it ends if that happens! It’s dragged out enough as it is! Just start a new arc already!!

        He’s probably working towards his own motives. He’s on SS side but he hasn’t confided in anyoneand is just waiting for the opportune moment to stab Aizen in the back. Would be very devastated if he betrayed Aizen to suit his own purposes and somehow extracts the hogyoku from Aizen. Especially after all these hints that he’s actually nice.

      1. hiyori isn’t dead though is she, and she isn’t vital to what is going on. So Gin probably did that to her to show Aizen he was on his side.Plus Hiyori is a Vizard and might undergo the same process Ichigo did when he was near death.

  4. When Ichigo appears with his “final getsuga tenshou”, Aizen will just smirk and say it was all within his plans. He was just fattening Ichigo up for a better feast.

  5. wow Gin and Aizen had a “Walk date”..
    Anyway, it really seems like a rip-off from Dragon Ball Z when Goko trained w/ Gohan in the room w/ the same title as this post..
    If Ichigo does get into SS mode, will the color of his hair change into a much brighter yellow? I wonder..

  6. Enjoyed most of this chapter. It was cool seeing more hints of Gin’s betrayel. Like having Aizen go against his advice and kill the worm thing just because he can. Then Gin’s all like 🙁

    When he said he was going to train him I actually though he was about to tell him he could teach him the next zanpakuto release. That would’ve sucked but I think I wish it was that way more than “Final Getsuga Tensho”…

    I don’t understand why it helps them at all to be able to stay in the senkaimon. Time’s still moving outside, right? so Aizen’s just going to destroy Karakura Town and create the key. They might as well be training outside.

  7. When i first read, i also thought that the hyperbolic time chamber setting has been used. I’m guessing after Aizen beat up ishida’s father, ichigo will show up in the nice timing, which then says that the timeflow within both dimensions are different.

    i just hope that Aizen will not say that its within his plan again and then say thats why he killed the koutotsu.

  8. Sometimes i really don’t understand how Ichigo can go through so much already but still be incredibly stupid and need his dad to remind him everyone is going to die if they don’t do anything.

    Come on, isn’t it time you motivated yourself or something rather than waiting for somebody to die in front of you first?!? Not to mention that if he did not face Aizen, he would die and if he faced Aizen he would die. So either way he dies, might was well die while spitting in Aizen’s eye (any non coward of a man would do this)

    Zaku Fan
  9. I bet this thing will be a level beyond Hallow and Bankai all together…like some BS 3rd Zanpakutou release.

    I bet it’ll be the size of Ichigo’s regular level, but a black color. Moves include throwing it around like Ogichi does, shooting Cero and Kuroi Getsuga Tenshou at the same time in 1 blast, being able to transform and control a state that is 9999999999999x stronger than Ichigo’s form against final Ulquiorra..


    Bleach is ok, but it’s kinda lost that WOW! factor.

  10. Well I can guess where the inspiration for the title came from. I do wonder why the Dad is able to use the same Zampukto technique, unless it’s the same as Toshiro in movie two, twin zampaukto.

    code fanboy
  11. its so stupid how no one ever goes bankai..the old man didnt go the first 2 captains didn’t go former captains didnt go isshin didnt and kiske didn’t, I mean bankai is a last resort and if they don’t use it now when will they use it? I know he probably doesn’t want to blow it all out now but the ones they did show sucked. What happened to kensei? he went bankai and we never saw him again..thats so stupid. Aizen should just wipe them out now dont screw around just do it.

    1. All the other characters didn’t go Bankai BECAUSE there are too many and it would slow the story further. Better, to get some characters beat down quick so that he can make the Kings Key… because we all know it WILL happen. Of course, Im thinking at the moment that Aizen will probably use something other than the people at karakura… maybe he will use Gin, or Ichigo’s Dad to make the key. Either way here is hoping next chapter is either an explanation of what Ichigo is… or skipping past the training, and onto Ichigo saves the Day… or at least have the chapter title not be Deicide 10 ~.~

  12. Kubo just can’t catch a break with you guys eh?
    It’s a SHOUNEN manga people. Main character fights, loses, trains, wins. Rinse and repeat.
    Seriously, bleach fans are the biggest whiners ever! This chapter ceased all the fighting which has been going on for months and which everybody was moaning about, so that it could advance the story a little bit, and you guys still aren’t happy. Bleach fans are the only fans I’ve ever known that bitch about the thing they are suppose to be fans of!
    Let’s see any of you write a manga that does better than bleach…..

    Me, who else?
      1. And on that note, there are plenty of shounen manga that embrace these cliches and handle them well. Kongou Banchou and Fairy Tail are solid examples of familiar material handled correctly.

      1. I like how all you guys only picked the part of my comment about shounen cliche’s to reply to.
        The fact still stands that bleach fans seem to never, and I mean NEVER, be happy with what Kubo is doing. How can you possibly claim to be a fan or even claim to like the manga when you’re constantly picking faults with it? It’s fine to be critical of it, I’m sure everyone is to some degree, it’s just bleach fans or at least the people on this page, are overly-critical. If it’s “getting boring” or “getting old” why not stop whining about it and just stop reading?

        Me, who else?
  13. Some shonens aren’t like that for exemple you should try reading Yozakura Quartet for now in the 30 or so chapters that I read I don’t think there was any training arc.Since the scans are really behind the ongoing chapters maybe it’s not as good now so I don’t know. . The main girl always wins and nevers looses and she’s badass.
    Ah just remembered , in it they get stronger by eating ramen.

  14. There’s one way I can see this taking a possible twist, a real diabolical one at that.

    What if Aizen’s plan in powering Ichigo up is to give him such monstrous power, that Ichigo himself would release enough power to create the King’s Key if he were to be sacrificed? Maybe Aizen’s entire plan is to put Ichigo in the position that either his hometown and all his friends will die, or Ichigo can die for them all.

    I doubt it would happen, but I think something like that would redeem a lot of the awkwardness of the story twists involving Aizen.

    Sol Fury
  15. LOL what if Kubo is trying his best to back up Aizen and that HE was suppose to be the main character in his point of veiw, and also Ichigo and friends are just drawings running loose?

  16. I’m sure this has been said before, but Bleach’s story would be a bit more forgivable if it’s pacing wasn’t so slow and Kubo drew more panels per page. One Piece, for example, manages to make each 20 page chapter seem much longer, because there are so many detailed panels per page.

    One Piece can have like 4-6 panels per page sometimes. With Bleach you’d be lucky to get more than 2. The best comparison that can be made is between the Winter War in Bleach and the Whitebeard War in One Piece. The Whitebeard War was action-packed and moved quickly lasting just over 30 chapters but drastically effecting the One Piece universe. The Winter War lasted 90+ chapters and Bleach still feels exactly the same, albeit with fewer villains.

    1. Full Metal Alchemist is AWESOME and it includes a ‘godly’ villain yet you don’t see a brainless character like Ichigo who knows only to swing a sword around and go super saiyan XD

  17. the odds of Gin betraying Azen is one the bookies would run a mill from. Hes been doing plot number 98=fight someone and try and motivate them to fight and try and reveal a secret to how to beat the realy bad ass guy after him.

  18. man I chatted with my friends today and we think… that father and son just got the same zanpakuto soul, and looks like this story is getting sense…

    creativity-wise… kubo is trying, even changing them after release of official volumes (eg. Ola Azul), and I guess we wouldn’t get to the part of a power nigher than Bankai, since Kubo has defined Hollow power as an alternative to greater power.

    maybe Kubo needs some thinking… or he can seek help from fans like me? muahahahahaha… (i’m rather serious, here’s full of ideas…)

  19. This reminds me of the fking rasingan… Is it THAT hard to make up new techniques? Aren’t manga writers supposed to be imaginative and creative?

    Oh lord knows how much I hated DBZ, and in goes Bleach to ruin the twinkle of love I had left for the series. I dunno how this “train wreck” of a manga is going to have a decent come back.

    I have to agree with many people here is that the best thing in the manga is always when Ichigo loses control to the hollow ichigo and wrecks some insane havoc.

    I am sorry, I am not trying to troll or annoy people, but come on, we have been reading Bleach together for a FEWWWWWWWWWWWWW years…

  20. Uhm… IMO FMA is not bad (apart from the fact it doesn’t have a decent fight in the whole series, but whatever… lol). OTOH, we just need Gin to appear and this thing called Bleach becomes pure epicness.

    Gin FTW 😀

  21. I’m continuing to read but yeah, I’m sorely disappointed at this point. I don’t have any problem with the Shounen manga formula but come on, I expected a bit more at the very least. Ichigo’s cool factor along with Bleach has taken a nose dive.

  22. If bleach is that boring then why are you all still reading?
    If it’s cliche and copying dragonball, why not stop following it? I think that makes a lot more sense than constantly comparing it to other manga and moaning about it, no?


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