After unleasing his weather control ability, Hitsugaya uses Hyoten Hyakkaso and quickly overwhelms Harribel’s attacks, trapping her in a prison of ice flowers. Nearby, Soifon and Omaeda continue to struggle against Barragan. Soifon notices that her attacks slow down whenever she gets within striking distance. Barragan reveals that his power is the control over aging. He then releases his resurreccion, Arrogante, and sends out Respira, a dark cloud which withers away anything it touches. Soifon has Omaeda cut off her arm to prevent the rest of her body from rotting away.



Not only can Hitsugaya suddenly call forth storm clouds faster than the speed of sound, he immediately ends the battle (for now anyways) in one attack. The shinigami should have planned this out better, they could have just had Hitsugaya call down the Hyoten Hyakkaso blizzard and encase all the enemies in ice. I know he can’t control the ability too well yet, but as long as all the good guys stay out of the way, such a large scale attack is worth a preliminary shot at least. It’s hard to judge its strength from just this episode though, as Harribel didn’t even try a cero to break the attack.

As for Barragan’s overpowered wide area aging ability, that would make a simple solution to destroy the pillars in one go. The shinigami wouldn’t be able to get close to stop him, considering the area would be inundated with a huge cloud that withers away pretty much anything instantly. Most Bleach characters really could use some more strategy; even if these tactics don’t win the war instantly, they certainly are better than splitting up and heading off to different parts of the city to duke it out (often with disastrous results).

Anyways, Omaeda wasn’t so useless here. He is rather dumb but he can still pull out some quick action when needed. Considering he saved Soifon’s life twice, I think he deserves better treatment from his captain. Regardless, they are in some major trouble even if Barragan hadn’t released his resurreccion. The fight was so one-sided, the only reason he released was probably to show off; I mean he missed plenty of opportunities to win. I like no-nonsense fights better.


    1. Agreed.

      But that’s why I only tend to read the manga for these kinds of shounen series. The action often looks better drawn than animated and usually a lot of the character of the cast gets lost in the attempt to animate them properly (and usually simpler).

      Most of the anime I read are the ones that have definite conclusions to the story (or the ones that I’ve been tricked into thinking they end).

  1. On another note, Dattebayo seems to have definitively quit Bleach. (I’m a bit hesitant to discuss fansub matters here, correct or delete my rantings if inappropriate..!)

    Crunchyroll subs seem to be pretty fine though , if not comparable to DB’s 🙂

  2. From the previous episodes Hitsugaya’s Bankai form has 3 purple + things floating around his back, but it hasn’t shown up at all during these fights. What happened to them or did the artists simply forget to draw them in?

  3. wow I didn’t think I would think to it that much about strategy…

    but you know? we’re not fighting~ so it’s just the storyline that is somewhat fixed by Kubo-san. this time impressed by two things: hyoten hyakkaso and barragan’s release, both looked great and astonishing from the manga, so really, animation REALLLY IS better…

    next episode’s gonna be epic, so I’ll be good to wait patiently till then…

    Oh yeah:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Please no more implicated spoilers. I’m pretty sure non-manga readers don’t appreciate it.

    And I’m surprised by the lack of images from Barragan’s transformation. And another thing, even if Hitsu used that ice thing on all of them, he (Barragan) could just age his way out of it.

    And Kaieng, that hasn’t even happened yet.

  5. harribel’s fight sucked! i hope it’s not over yet, she better defrost and at least take out one of his eyes.
    hitsugaya is just not a cool character!

    Go barragan!!!! at least you got one of her arms.

  6. *Spoiler*
    No, Halibel is not defeated, as we’ll see in episode 278
    *End of Spoiler*

    That was cool!! Go Barragan!!

    I just don’t understand why Soi Fon keeps kicking him… it’s useless!!!!

    I mean, she could just use SHUNKOU!!! That may nulify Barragan’s power in some way!!

    Kamiya Yato-kun
  7. hmmm, judging from the comment im the only one who enjoyed this episode… well, soi fon is probably my favourite out of all captain :/ and she had screen time this episode, so why not… and i know she wont die anyway (and not particularly worried about her arm as we have orihime).. good guys just dont die in such series.

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