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Nico Nico Douga users never fail to impress by creating amazing fan-made videos. There’s been a sort of a craze going on at Japan’s popular video sharing site in recent months over creating seiyuu-based parody videos of Durarara‘s first ending sequence, featuring “Trust Me” by Matsushita Yuuya. It’s likely due to how the sequence itself is fairly straightforward with a vertical scrolling of characters, but when you see it with an interesting assortment that are all played by one seiyuu of the Durarara series, it’s still pretty cool to see.

Some are particularly well done, but I find this “Hanazawawawa” one featuring Sonohara Anri‘s seiyuu — the always moe Hanazawa Kana — to be one of the nicer ones. It’s Hanazawa Kana all the time here and I love how this version lists credits for each of the characters to make it look like an ending sequence as well, all played by Kana of course. Some characters that most people will recognize in addition to Anri are Tenshi from Angel Beats, Nadeko from Bakemonogatari, Suou from Darker than BLACK, Zange-chan from Kannagi, and Kobato from Kobato. For a full-list of the characters in the order they appear, see below. Enjoy!

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  1. “Nico Nico Douga users never fail to impress by creating amazing fan-made videos.”

    Amen…. Not to mention the video editing skills the people have over there. I seem to question my actual manhood, but I LOL’d so hard at the Billy Herrington videos.

    Impress me divine by watching this vid to the end. 😛

    That said watching all those vids out there made me hyped about building a new PC for video editing!!

  2. Wow, that was really cute! I loved the inclusion of Sharon.

    There’s a really impressive Hetalia version of the first Durarara ending where they change into their younger selves when the circle-things hit them. I it’s okay to post links then I guess it’s best for people to see for themselves (because I suck at describing things); http://de.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10580327

    Nico Nico has loads of awesome things!

  3. Nyaaa~ I really love Kana Hanazawa!!! She do very cute songs and voice [Renai Circulation male version!!!]

    Wahhh: I wanna hear Mato Kuroi’s voice [BRS] . . . Kana did her voice 😀

  4. “Kana-chan kawaii, Kana-chan~” is the new seiyuu fan motto, I think. 🙂

    She and Toyosaki Aki are now ranked top two in my “most moe seiyuu list”.

    She can go from the totally air-headed Kobato, to the cunning Zange-chan, the dark Suoh, and the calm of Kanade with no sweat at all. Now if only she can improve her singing, her seiyuu stardom will shoot up more.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. Ryoko Kaminagi from Zegapain is the reason why Kana Hanazawa is my favourite seiyuu. ^^ Her title role of Kobato and Suoh from Darker than Black are the reasons why she still is.


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