As Barragan’s Respira is destroying everything around him, Soifon has Omaeda fight him alone to buy some time while she runs off. Omaeda is able to distract Barragan by running and attacking with various projectiles from the environment. Soifon, after anchoring herself to the buildings with a steel sash, reveals her bankai– a long thin weapon attached to her arm. She claims to dislike her bankai as it is too bulky and flashy, then uses it to fire a rocket which creates a large explosion.

In another part of town, Lilynette repeatedly attacks Ukitake, who has taken her sword. Ukitake is able to deflect Lilynette without much effort, although he does not attempt to seriously harm her. Starrk seems to show some concern for her, but continues to duel with Shunsui. He asks Shunsui to release his bankai, and Shunsui responds by asking to see Starrk’s resurreccion.



Soifon finally reveals her bankai, and it really isn’t that interesting. Like Soifon herself, I don’t really like it. Perhaps asking for one touch kill is too much, but this is really just a slower, heavier version of her shikai… that shoots missiles instead. There are some similarities with Ulquiorra’s Lanza del Relámpago, though Jakuho Raikoben seems far more accurate, with homing abilities. With Barragan’s ability to age anything (even attacks), no doubt the missile will not be enough. Omaeda on the other hand, impressed me being able to bring a building down on Barragan. He might not look too sharp, but can definitely pull his head together once in a while. Unfortunately his power level and abilities are far below captain level, and will probably never be able to do anything significant against enemies of the current caliber. He has managed to save his captain’s life several times however, and remains very loyal even with the poor treatment from her. Not too bad, just need to work on that attitude (his whining was rather annoying) and improve skills (by a lot).

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Starrk and Shunsui, since both of them are clearly very strong. As for Lillynette, she is just annoying, especially with the loli outfit; Ukitake is doing a great job messing with her, though as part of the Espada Primero team she really should be able to do more than get thrown around.


  1. I agree with you proof, Soi Fong’s bankai has been long waited and is rather disapontind to see that it’s only a really huge missile with masive destructive power; Tite Kubo has to be a little more creative than this.

  2. Huh… it seemed more like a “beam” in the manga… <_<
    but then again, it's impossible to follow anything happens in this series.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. WOW, i hope one day some kind soul puts ALL the SHINIGAMI CUP’s together into one Big video “or seasonal at least” they get funnier and funnier! BTW-you put this out fast PROOOF, nice.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. (sigh) I do agree that the Bankai is a little plain, at the very least, Tite Kubo should’ve made some amazing fireworks scene. Like add a little more color. I did find most of this humorous though. I kind of wish the rest of the captains just unleash their Bankai already, but that won’t happen.

    code fanboy
  5. Hi i agree with you about Soifon bankai though I really like for what it is, just an way over grown weapon which is exectly why she never uses… and I, like any one else who reads the mange, (though everyone is waiting for it) am can’t wait for the battle between stark and Shunsuri, it’s gonna be great…

  6. Soifon is a really cool character, by drawing, by animation, by style, by fighting style. Only thing is, that she lacks personality and is more a typical girl character the many others in this series. IMHO

  7. Yea its a missile in the manga as well. Just the way Tito draws makes everything look like a beam. I didn’t particularly like the Shunsui v. Starkk fight. The build up to the Espada’s was a big let down for me.

  8. Ive never understood how he could be VC of the assasination squad? His purpose in the series seems to only be comic relief. Good VCs are lying on the ground with 1/2 their insides missing and that useless oaf is still running around without a scratch on him.

  9. I personally like Lilinette and her outfit, but a lolicon am I ;P I wonder what it says about Stark that
    Show Spoiler ▼

    A good episode compared to last week’s IMO, felt like a lot more happened even if it was Omaeda-heavy.

  10. Omaeda=Yajirobe plain and simple. He will use his goofiness in hopes to get the enemy’s guard down. The ultimate tactic of assassination…okay even I don’t believe that.
    Soifon’s bankai should be like a hive and hundreds of little bees burst free and form a spherical formation around the enemy from all sides then they all hit at once. That way the enemy is covered in those black butterfly patterns so all Soifon has to do is hit them anywhere with her stinger to kill them.

    1. Unfortunately even when he pulls out a good move, his arrogant attitude and inability to follow up retains his image of an idiot.
      Your idea for Soifon’s bankai makes sense and is pretty interesting.

      1. That bankai would be pretty useless in this situation though. If we have doubts that Soifon’s rocket could get through Barragan’s Respira, a swarm of bees would be wiped out before they got anywhere near him.

        Now if she were fighting Hallibel on the other hand… that’s a funny thought. 😛

  11. yeah more BLEACH!!!

    wow soifon’s bankai is great as expected, but why the anime team extended the time for the missile flight like even barragan can evade that? hmm…

    glad BLEACH is doing a good job in creating comedy effects, but… we can never have enough. they should exaggerate more of the ukitake and lilynette stuff…

    1. Pardon me I meant to say part of the rank one Espada group..
      Since Stark did say their relationship was “special” I don’t know if she falls under the regular Fraccion category.

      1. Well, I’ve read the manga, so I know already what that means, I just wish you would learn a way around giving these things away. Sorry if it seems like I’m picking on you all the time.

  12. Lilynette’s true nature is going to be revealed in a week, so I’ll say in a non-spoiler way, the Gotei 13 people *assumed* she’s Fraccion. It has not been “established.” It is also not technically correct. Put another way, think partner, not minion – and there I will stop.

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