This chapter had some nice artwork, coinciding with the revelation of the spirit of Ichigo’s bankai, Tensa Zangetsu. Seeing new characters is usually pretty exciting, and I’ll admit, he (she?) is pretty bad-ass.


Anyways, now that Ichigo is in his inner world, yet again he ends up in battle- this time against the manifestation of his bankai. He really should have learned by now that to gain any new power he’ll have to go through some inner turmoil. From his initial bankai training to his various hollow masks, there has been no free lunch for Ichigo. And now for this Final Getsuga Tenshou, the ability may have a larger impact than I previously thought; main question right now is what the zanpakutou are trying to protect, and why they don’t just teach everything to their shinigami.

We still don’t have any answers for why Isshin’s “Engetsu” has the same attacks as Zangetsu, but I’m sure his past and relationship to Ichigo will be revealed later on. Back in the real world, Aizen has already started doing damage to the town just by walking around. Now that he meets Tatsuki and Ichigo’s other friends, we will soon see whether they can do anything to slow Aizen down or just get KO’ed.


    can kubo get any more creative? I guess not. either way since aizen is a fucking god by now, why the hell would a final getsuga tenshou do any damage?

  2. I was hoping that it would be a 3-way battle between ichigo, zangetsu and the hollow though this was good enough

    by the way, do you know what “engetsu” means in english?

      1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! imagine screaming that out while swinging ur blade in a sword fight?!
        BLAAAAAAA—ZING MOOOoooooooooOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! *opponent starts laughing*

        BROOKLYN otaku
      2. @BROOKLYN You do realize that literal translations of any Japanese names is just as ridiculous? What does Rasengan mean? Spiral ball or something? Kamehameha? Well, that’s just a bunch of gibberish.

        I mean, is it any stupider than say Batman calling his car the Bat Mobile?

  3. I think they are dragging Bleach a little bit to far now -__- And we dont get much each time we read Bleach because the chapters are so small :/

    but one thing I hope for is that Ichigo is using his full hollow power against Aizen! :3

  4. @Amado and Kandur – Sorry but it does not mean blazing moon. I can read Japanese and I saw the raw. The Direct translation of “Engetsu” is “Crescent Moon”

    Adam Blade
  5. I got really nervous once I saw Tatsuki. She’s one of my favorite characters in Bleach regardless if she’s a secondary character. I’ve been hoping for the longest time that Tatsuki will eventually gain some kind of power but I’m skeptical if Kubo will allow her to get any. As long as nothing bad happens to Tatsuki then all is fine.

      1. Are you trying to imply Ganju and the gatekeeper actually lasted long? They were there for the Soul Society arc and that’s it. You don’t last long in Bleach if you can’t keep up with the powerups.

    1. Isshin could NOT FEEL AIZEN’s REIATSU.

      He was strong enough to hold his presence, but reiatsu gap was big enough for him to not be able to sense it.

      So far only Ichigo (and possibly hinted Gin too) is close enough to those reiatsu levels to actually understand them.

  6. Gotta love young Tensa Zangetsu. It’s a bratty Ichigo with Zangetsu-ojisan’s hair and attitude. And Tite Kubo has now added another cute guy to his repertoire. I’m not complaining.

    I still hate Aizen’s look. Could it get any douchier?

    1. Not really. Byakuya’s changing the form of his Bankai when he does that. It’s like how certain Arrancar get more power from their releases by breaking off parts (that lady Uryu fought for one.) This sounds like a better attack.

  7. Hmm, I want to see tensa zangetsu as a hideyoshi. or his genderflipped version. (I think capslock has a lot to offer.) either way, he is the better version of ulquiorra.

  8. No surprise that Aizen is OWNING ppl just by being in his presence..
    Everyone knows that you acheive ultimate POWER when you grow a mullet!
    business in the front..
    party in the back!
    Aizen is so EFFIN AWESOME

  9. that new form looks cool better than the old man
    but gosh… everytime someone I remember that he is learning “the final getsuga tesho” the thought of bleach being Stupid as hell come to my mind

  10. this whole power up business is all planned by aizan. He destroyed the thing and knew ichigo’s father would let him know that. When he fights him again, it will be like I did that for u and u still suck face.

  11. So if you take off your glasses, your hair gets slicked back and you get a huge power up… then after your hair grows into a long mullet you get an even bigger power up… sounds like super sayian transformations no? your hair length determines your power level… Aizen’s power level must be over 38 million by now…

    Suppa Tenko
  12. I find it a perfect timing, right after Naruto beats the Kyuubi, Ichigo now fights with Tenza Zangetsu to obtain a higher level of power. I hope TEnza Zangetsu uses the Final Getsuga Tensho to on Ichigo so that we can all see it. I just hope it’s not the one in the filler, to be all excited for nothing is really a drag. Tite Kubo, please be very creative for this one.

    code fanboy
  13. Even the design of new characters are unoriginal, he looks like and altered version of ulioquiora (how the hell do you spell his name???). Its like Tite Kubo just copy and pasted ulioquiora’s face and changed the hairstyle.

    LOL aizen w/ God power w/ mullet. with those things, strutting around town, looking pretty, is MANDATORY. Wonder how many chapters itll take for azien to even start doing anything…

  14. Mullets = the source of all power.

    What happened when Ichigo went SS3? He grew a mullet.
    What happened when Aizen became god? He grew a mullet.
    What happens when Ichigo learns the final Getsuga Tensho? He grew a mul-

  15. The best possible plot twist right now would be if Tatsuki somehow K.O.’s Aizen before Ichigo gets there, using nothing but her martial arts to punch out the god-mod button (‘cuz Aizen’s a wuss who relies on illusions and the Hougokyu too much).

    *sigh* But there’s no way it’d be that awesome/trolling. She’s gonna either get beaten to near death, or die, but be revived when Ichigo recovers the Hougokyu

  16. Bleach seems to be getting more and more ridiculous imo. There was so much emphasis on how Aizen was already imba enough with his x2 captain reiatsu and his unbeatable ILLUSIONS. But no, they have to make him into a semi-god or something with the Hogyoku implant. And where’s all those Vasto Lordes mentioned before? I have no idea what’s going on with the story anymore =p

  17. Don’t mix canon with filler, if possible. Zanpa spirit’s are just a filler thing, so the bishie is not a spirit form or anything 😀 Is the real thing!

    The snake-monkey is not as bishie but was cool 2… Zabimaru FTW 😀


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