「デートと言う名の”決戦”、小鳥遊と伊波のそれから…」 (Deeto to Iu Na no “Kessen”, Takanashi to Inami no Sore kara…)
“Takanashi and Inami in the So-Called “Decisive Battle” of a Date…”

Better late than never I guess, as Matsumoto Maya (Kawase Akiko) finally gets some screen time and lines in the final episode. Though limited, it was easy to get a feel for her quest to remain the normal person out of the strange Wagnaria staff, while the rest of the episode focused on Souta and Mahiru’s first date together. More correctly, I should say Kotori-chan and Mahiru’s first date together, thanks to Aoi and Hiroomi’s ploy to get him to cross-dress whether he wanted to or not. Souta’s first mistake was agreeing to stop by Wagnaria for an outfit check by Popura, whereas his second one was deciding to dress up in drag over heading home for a dry change of clothes. The end result wasn’t too bad however, considering he was able to avoid getting punched by Mahiru for the entire date. That’s not to say there weren’t times when it looked like it that wasn’t going to happen. In contrast to Souta’s close encounters with death, it was nice to see Mahiru earnestly try to ensure that things went smoothly, starting off with a trip to a toy store for all things cute and cuddly. In particular, he was really fond of a pink rabbit none too different from the one Kozue gave him long ago.

I doubt Souta would have any difficulty stepping into a store primarily targeted towards girls even if he wasn’t dressed up as one, but it was a thoughtful showing on Mahiru’s part nonetheless. That goes doubly for her showing concern for Souta putting up with the get-up and offering to just call the date off, which he was appreciative of. All in all, their date was cute simply because Mahiru truly likes Souta and is trying to overcome her androphobia the best she can. With most of their time spent together focusing on trying to hold hands, the humor didn’t take off nearly as much as prior showings, but it was nice in that Souta x Mahiru sense. I did get a chuckle out of how Souta had to abandon the first attempt due to a “cuteness emergency”, which also saved him from feeling the wrath of the Mahiru punch at the same time. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t able to hold hands even at the very end of the date due to interruptions; however, it did end on a pretty sweet yet comedic note with Souta coming to the realization that he finds a big and brash girl like Mahiru cute in a way. It goes completely against his mini complex, which Mahiru had to return in time to overhear him saying he sees her as a dog of sorts. Luckily for him, he amended that statement by saying she’s more of a “cute savage dog” and all Mahiru could care to process was the “cute” portion of what he said.

While their date itself didn’t lead to a whole lot of laughs, Popura’s interpretation of dog and Frisbee had me almost floored from her misunderstanding. Also, during their date it was pretty funny to see Jun lure Aoi and Popura away from tailing them by offering to treat them to food and making Hiroomi buy Aoi fifty thousand yen’s worth of new clothes. Aside from Mahiru whom Hiroomi can’t blackmail, Jun is always there to keep him in check with frying pan and all if need be. Ultimately, not a lot changed in Wagnaria after the thirteen episodes we’ve gone through, but the quirky cast of characters in this relatively unchanging environment has led to some really enjoyable moments in the past three months.


Final Impressions:

My original outlook on this series coming into it was that it’s a cute slice-of-life comedy with an all-star cast. Looking back, it’s been just that in a lighthearted setting and actually ended up being a lot funnier at times than even I was expecting. I attribute it mostly due to the Wagnaria staff with all their nuances and complexes, which when pitted against one another leads to some pretty hilarious results. At times, it’s like trying to mix water with oil, but it’s that very inability for everyone to get along peacefully that drives the entertainment value. To top it off, an air of romance developed between Souta and Mahiru, which added another angle to approach all the gag-like situations. Evidently, not a whole lot came from the actual relationship aspect, but it’s not something I’d expect to see in a series that’s a comedy first and foremost anyway. I was just happy how they worked it in in some form and used it to depict some resemblance of progress in a series that really doesn’t need any.

There’s no denying that a series like this may grow old viewers over time (myself included), but it’s based on a 4-koma manga just like K-ON and features slice-of-life comedy in much the same fashion. There really isn’t a whole lot of depth here, but that in itself is one of the appeals of the slice-of-life genre all together. I probably wouldn’t have minded if this series ran for another thirteen episodes or so, but am pretty content with what was showcased in its short one-cour run. So with that said, if anyone’s looking for nice and short series that will provide some good laughs without ever taking itself seriously, WORKING should fit the bill perfectly.


  1. *random post, indicating that I’m impressed with my own speed in posting, and pointing out my impatience waiting for subs*

    Man, I can’t even read this until I see the show. D:

    1. Agreed. A show of this style could easily be extended for however many episodes. And I want to see more of how Inami and Souta develop as a couple.

      I was surprised by how much I liked this show, but I think it was the solid character comedy that got me. The characters were all caricatures of sorts, and the way they interacted with each other made for some great moments. And the magic hand will stand out as one of my favorite gags.

  2. Ive never actaully watched this show because it looks really similar to K-On with the only difference seeming to be that there are actually men in this show 0_0. Would I be wrong in saying that if I dont like K-On that I wont like this show as well?

    1. I personally dislike K-ON, but I do see their similarities, I still think this is a much, much, better show. Watch the 1st and 2nd episode, I doubt that you won’t enjoy them. 🙂

    2. I’ve watched the first 3/4ths of K-On and about the same of Working, and I much prefer working. K-On only has moe to keep it going, Working has a little moe, but also interesting interactions between the characters, and characters which are less cliche (i.e. ditzy/dumb girl, shy girl, tomboy, etc.). If you don’t *need* moe, and like slice-of-life, you should definitely give Working a shot. If you do need moe, and like slice-of-life, watch Ichigo Marshmallow. That’s my 2c.

  3. Do not compare this show to K-ON — it’s better.
    Looking forward to this episode. I’m really glad they didn’t develop the Souta/Inami pairing too much. I honestly dislike them together.

  4. This was my favorite one-cour show of this season. I’m going to miss the laughs that I got from this week after week. I really hope that sometime in the future this one gets another season.

  5. I really enjoyed the series and am sad to see it end. I am hoping that it will be continued with a second season or an OVA. In the meantime I hope the group scanlating the Working!! manga picks up some speed as they haven’t released anything in a few weeks after having a fairly steady flow of releases prior to their recent slowdown.

  6. They could go for another season in a year….maybe.They covered roughly 4.5 volumes in this season and they have about 8 volumes worth of stuff out currently.
    If the dvds continue to sell well,it does have a chance for another run.

  7. As the only moe-induced series I care to watch last season, it was well worth the time. Never a dull moment in Wagnaria and perhaps the only thing that’s left me wondering all this time is Yamada’s true identity. Lol.

    When I first watched it, I was like “watching it solely because if the all-star seiyuu and might even drop it halfway”. I never thought I’d enjoyed as much as this and even loved the cutesy-silly OP and ED.

    Lil' Lilly
  8. Great series indeed, never a dull moment and always lighten up my day. sad that it has to end so soon, i was hoping for a 26 series. I won’t might if they are planing for season 2, but please make it soon, cos there aren’t much anime to my liking recently.

  9. lmfao Yamada is sooo freaking hilarious! “Yamada HUSSLE!!!” I’m so making her in Soul Calibur IV. When Inami was trying to hold back her punches, even I was scared. LOL That atmosphere was intense! omg I love this show. T_T *so sad*

    Welp~ There goes the best comedy I’ll ever watch this year…


  10. Definitely one of my fav series of the Spring Season. And one of the few, that I re-watched episodes multiple times. Gives of that Genshiken/Lucky Star vibe to me, where comedy is based on reactions rather than actions. Anyways, Okawari onegai shimasu!

    Gotta check out aforementioned Minami-ke now…….

  11. I liked yamada and maya’s fight.
    almost no progress seen in inamiXsouta but souta did start to think of inami as something cute even if he was in denial.
    even less on yachiyoXjun but it was still fun.
    and yamadaXsouma.

  12. I will definitely missed this series. Personally, I like this show more than Angel Beats and Durarara. And I really love Fujita Saki’s Golden Day, I thought we will hear more Golden Day since it’s the last eps….not just the instrumental version.

  13. Almost ignored this show, because the screens made it look uninteresting, until I read about the interesting relationship between Souta and Inami in the blog. So, I gave it a shot, and ended up having extended lunches at work (I watched this series on a mobile device) as I watched episodes one to six in succession.

    Yeah, one of my favorite shows in a while. Next up for me: Sengoku Basara 2

  14. So based on this episode, Souta should carry around a water spray and when Inami looks like getting out of control, shoot some water in her face. It might not solve her problem completely but at least he would be beaten up less.

  15. Maya finally gets a voice! Her screentime this episode far exceeds that of the previous 12, which amounted to less than 2 minutes, lol. By trying to act normal out of an abnormal bunch, she has ended up being seen as the “abnormal” one, as Souma so aptly puts it. Poor girl. XD

    How ironic that Souta needed to cross-dress in order to enter a “girly” shop full of the cute things he likes, when he was so against the idea of cross-dressing.

    Mahiru’s ability to filter in only words she wanted to hear probably saved Souta’s life this time around. XDDD Though the end result was Popura misunderstanding bigtime (especially with the frisbee). LMAO

    Had a lot of fun watching this series. Would totally love a second series to be made. Maybe it’s something to do with having a hectic work life, these slice-of-life comedy are the best medicine for keeping me sane.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. This was one of the few anime seasons that got me laughing like a lunatic and making weird finger gestures in front of my laptop.

    Definitely a fun ride, enjoyed nearly every single episode of it as each one made my day…or most probably, week. Great way to chase away the Monday blues. Good job!

  17. So many ends this past week and spending the weekend in the ER didn’t help either, so I’m late boo 🙁
    I’m going to miss this show a lot. Specially with the cross-dress (just finished reading a manga called No Bra, super great if you are into X-dress!!!) dating twist it has now . The gripe I have is that the show is mostly comedy (which was great!) and gave us a an inch of romance (which got me going and then left me yearnig for more Inami <3 !!!). One of the greatest episodes was the onsen, got everyone riled up for some skin and we got feets at most :). So the date ended without a kisu or a hug noooooooo. We need a better closure so here's hope for a second season or OVA. Highly recommended for lots of clean crazy laughs!!!!

    Island Esper
  18. Ahh, Working!! Such a great series needs to have a second season. It’s one of the comedies that actually got me laughing and everything is so well done.

    By the way, Maya reminds me of Nami from SZS. Both are surrounded by weird people and have an issue with normality. The only difference is that Nami DOESN’T want to be called normal but everyone calls her that anyways and Maya WANTS to be called normal and overdoes it.

    1. LOL. Agreed 100% and glad they finally did introduce her (even thou it was on the last episode). By being the “normal” one in the staff makes her become the “abnormal” one. Poor girl.

  19. It was a really good comedy and delivered good humor and characters without resorting to excessive fanservice… I specially liked the characters, as they are not cliched but just interesting, flawed human beings, the girls are not moeblobs and the guys are not spineless & wimpy. Just good all around cast with surprisingly good visual pacing. Quite the little jewel for a Sunday marathon session.

  20. I liked this show but only a little I don’t know why.I can sense that it’s good when watching it and I grin at most of the jokes,quiproquo and all but something isn’t working!! for me, maybe it’s because I haven’t worked yet as I just turned 18.
    Slice of life never really appealed me either.One thing that was a plus (and probably not for others) for me was the lack or little fanservice.And the frisbee/dog joke made me more than grinning(laugh).Few jokes made it.

    At first I wasn’t very pleased because they were focusing only on Inami,I thought that there wouldn’t be space left for the others when they’re done with her.I thought at episode 7 or 8 when there was the special ED her time was over.But since they dealt with her the whole show instead of 5-6 episodes like I thought it’s ok.Better to go all the way down instead of stopping in the middle.

    In any case I will miss this show a little too because seeing people going to work instead of school for the 99999th time was a little refreshing.I don’t have any favorite character either,hhmmm still maybe Satou-kun Or Katanashi-kun.Because every one of them annoy me in a certain episode and then they amaze me in another the one I’m the most divided with is Yamada, I liked how she had the guts to tell Souta to make a good dinner because she was wearing nice clothes at the end of the episode, but some other time I wanted to punch her. Another example is Kyoko-san.I like things about her like her voice and I don’t like other things.

    Maya-chan questioning about being normal remembered me Arakawa with Ric telling himself the same thing.But in reality both are nuts.

  21. OMG no more Popura! >.<
    It was a fun series to just relax and get some good chuckles from. I will miss this series and hopefully, we'll get another season.
    OMG no more Popura!

  22. haha well a nice series I definitely enjoyed, and the ending isn’t that romantic as I expected (compared to like Toradora?), and they balance the romance and humour (mostly the latter) well in the show, so I guess I really enjoyed the series to a great extent. hooray WORKING!!

    how ’bout surprise me with a second season soon? the manga seems to not be in translation anyway…

  23. And in the end, all she could get was “cute” mixed in with “savage dog”. At least it’s progress, but I really wanted to see it go a little farther, as unreasonable as that probably is.

    Great show. I’d totally watch a season two.

  24. Before it started I was not gonna watch this series based on the description. But they gave us a sneak peak preview of episode 1 a couple weeks before the new season actually started and having nothing else to watch I decided to download it and check it out. Boy am I glad I did. This was the biggest surprise hit series of the season. Good writing and quirky fun characters. Overall I loved the series.

    Having said that I think this episode to end the series was a weak disapointment. They have been building up towards the 2 of them and this date and other then him being tricked into crossdressing nothing else happened. The 2 of them DID NOT hold hands on their date and DID NOT really move their relationship forward. I guess I was just expecting more then what we got. Maybe the writers did not give us a better ending cause they planning on a 2nd season and dont want to give too much away in this 1st season?


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