Soifon fires her bankai at Barragan, resulting in a large explosion that sends both her and Omaeda flying backwards. Even with a steel sash anchoring her, Soifon is unable to withstand the blast, and Omaeda barely manages to save her from crashing into a building. Nearby, Starrk releases his Resurrecion, Los Lobos, and reveals that he and Lilynette are part of each other. Lilynette transforms into dual pistols which Starrk uses to shoot Ceros from. Shunsui releases his shikai and attacks them, but misjudges their abilities. Starrk then uses Cero Metralleta to fire a large barrage of ceros, and Ukitake steps in using his shikai, seemingly shooting a cero back at Starrk. Back inside the prison of fire, Gin expresses a desire to watch the battles outside, and Tousen tells him that soon it will be time.



Soifon’s bankai is clearly very difficult to control, partly perhaps due to her lack of practice. It is understandable that she dislikes it, but it would still do her good to train with her abilities to a decent level of proficiency so she doesn’t destroy herself with her own attack. Of course there is no doubt Barragan is going to be just fine. As for Starrk’s resurreccion, his dual pistols are pretty cool, with a vintage feel to them (I still don’t get how releasing powers makes one’s clothes look cooler though). Clearly, Lilynette is much more useful (and powerful) after they merge; their power levels are multiplied by at least a few times. At this point in the plot though, ceros (even ones used by regular Espada) are considered fairly weak attacks, compared with the first time Ichigo faced one, when it was a incredibly dangerous atom-destroying blast even by a Menos. Ah well, at least there is still strength in numbers.

Interestingly, Shunsui actually attacked first while Starrk was still talking with Lilynette; most of the time characters wait until their opponents finish their conversations before attacking. Starrk is still maintaining a chill personality and likely to be holding back still; as the Primera Espada, it would be disappointing if he didn’t have any better powers. On the other hand, Soifon is still acting like an asshole– I understand Omaeda has a terrible personality, but there still no need to be so rude to someone who just saved you so several times.


  1. the only thing I find weird with your impression is that you said nothing about ukitaka save, which was a bit unexpected due to the fact that Shunsui stated early on that Ukitaka won’t interfere…
    any way, it’s seems as if Stark tries really hard to place just enough force in order to push Shunsui to use is bankai instead of using is full power, or even something that will pose a real threat to Shunsui from the get go…
    great fight, but i wish for some double episodes (but there won’t be any, and we are nearing another filler which is really annoying.

  2. I swear to God, if there’s one character in Bleach I was given the ability to kill off, it would be Soifon. I hate that character. Yeah Omaeda’s an idiot and a lazy-ass coward, but he’s been doing her a favour of saving her a couple of times (or more), in the last few episodes, and she’s so ungrateful for it.

    1. DUDE you are probably right! just like EliteF22 said, kubo’s most likely gonna pull a naruto on us and have them resurrected to fight the “real” enemy…. ohh well.

      BROOKLYN otaku
  3. Your in luck Fallenrock. I’m pretty sure all the fan favorites were not destroyed in the manga, just defeated. You don’t see them disintegrate like the few that were completely killed off.

  4. It’s weird how Stark and Lilynette are still separated into man and gun instead of truly becoming one. I guess that would make him a hermaphrodite though… so yeah.

    And Stark butt-fondling a gun = win.

  5. Hmmm Soifon’s bankai is so big I think she is compensating for something like Konamura *cough*smallbreasts*cough-cough*
    Anyway Stark is cool and all but his back story was really stupid. It’s so lonely at the top so I will just split in two to keep myself company. I mean last time I checked Barragan and Halibel have been right there too. So why not to be friends with them. I like seeing more characters fighting besides Ichigo. Shunsui,and Soifon have never been up there for me but they are doing okay. It sucks that Ikkaku is out for the count, he REALLY needs to get over that I must keep my bankai a secret mess, he almost died.

    1. Most likely Stark was A LOT more powerful than both Barragan or Halibel and the same would happen to them too.

      Besides, Hueco Mundo is huge ass world, as ig as our earth. They all could wander their lives around and not meet each other.

  6. For anyone wondering on who Stark was based on and why the whole theme with wolves –

    “Stark” is based on two characters from G.R.R Martin’s “A song of Ice And Fire”. Its a “mix” of Eddard Stark and his bastard son Jon Snow. “House Stark” clan was heavily based around wolf imagery, loneliness, etc and their main motto was “Winter is coming”(and guess when originally this ss/espada war would take place?)

    1. Interesting, I never really thought about that. Did you read that from somewhere as fact or did you just make a guess? The Starks are awesome, so it’s no surprise they’ve inspired and awesome character like Stark.
      P.S Bring on the HBO series!! 😉

  7. haha Prooof it’s not Soifon is not appreciative, but more likely Kubo just wanna let all agree too that Marechiyo is just a… yeah.

    nice episode anyway, good preview with Kira thinking Ukitake is a traitor to Soul Society, and yeah, looking forward to more BLEACH. the animation is just SOOO much more than the Manga itself…

  8. Okay I’m officially dropping bleach anime now because It’s just getting that boring to me now days nothing but fighting no plot besides it, and this week was the first manga chapter it what seems like ages.


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