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sphere – Now loading…SKY!! PV (Asobi ni Iku yo! OP)

It seems like all I’ve been talking about in the past while is sphere and its members, so I’ll refer you to the Asobi ni Iku yo OP and Takagaki Ayahi PV posts for a quick rundown on what these four lovely ladies have been up to. I will add that this seiyuu group is an easy sell for me since it’s comprised of four female seiyuu whom I’d be happy to see starring in any series. As music artists, it doesn’t hurt that they’re all pretty attractive and can sing fairly well, which Music Ray’n‘s decision to have them all as solo artists as well seems to reaffirm. Their latest single as a group is titled “Now loading…SKY!!” and is currently featured as the opening theme of the sci-fi romantic comedy Asobi ni Iku yo — a series where all four girls have prominent roles in. While I’m not actively covering the show here, I am following it on a weekly basis and it’s proving to be a nice guilty pleasure of mine. (e.g. I love how the characters keep changing outfits, particularly Kinjou Manami.)

Released a few days ago on July 28th, the limited edition included the full version of the promotional video that’s been featured on their official site for some time now. It isn’t a bad one either, as it features some simple dance choreography and segments with a panorama camera where the girls take turns popping in front to sing their portions of the song. It’s a bit cool to watch since it’s timed to their singing, and if nothing else, gives the girls time to look cute and have some fun. Smiling big seems to be a prominent theme in this music video and the girls look like they’re trying too hard at times, but it does suit the bubbly catchy song itself. Of course, the other thought is that four and a half minutes of these girls looking pretty easily makes it a good PV. At least, that’s what me looping it for the past while seems to indicate.

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Seitokai Yakuindomo – 05

(Oshiri, Taihen Desho? / Yokkyuu Fuman na Dake da! / Watashi mo Pan wo Kuwaete Toukou Shinakya)
“Your Butt, Hurts Right? / I’m Just Frustrated! / I Have to Eat Bread On The Way To School Too!”

You just know Tsuda’s got it bad with the Ousai student council when his nightmares involve Shino and Aria being unusually normal and not spouting out a dirty joke every minute or so.

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Mitsudomoe – 05

「ブラ!ブラ!ブタ!」 (Bura! Bura! Buta!)
“Bra! Bra! Pig!”

A third sphere member joins the cast this week as a girl with thick eyebrows, but surprisingly it’s not Kotobuki Minako, whose role as Mugi in K-ON helped give rise to that look. Instead, it’s Toyosaki Aki again, as she continues to take the seiyuu world by storm.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! – 18

「メイド様でもフットマン」 (Maid-sama demo Futtoman)
“A Footman Even as A Maid”

I thought I was watching a show about a student council president maid who’s secretly a maid, but got a footman instead this week. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to see after Miko Day at Maid Latte, but turned out to be a multi-episode arc involving the return of Miyabigaoka’s Tora.

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Bleach 414 – Curiosity Will Kill the Cat

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Amagami SS – 05

「棚町薫編 第一章 アクユウ」 (Tanamachi Kaoru-hen Dai Isshou – Akuyuu)
“Tanamachi Kaoru Chapter 1 – Bad Company”

The story may have reset and started off very similarly for Tanamachi Kaoru’s route, but it’s like a whole new ball game with the spunky attitude she brings along. She isn’t nicknamed “Kibitou’s Nuke” for no reason, and goes on to show how much fun her outgoing personality is.

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Naruto 504 – Oh Yeah, Give Him A Piece of Your Mind!

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RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin – 17


I got more than I bargained for this episode after asking to see more of Meg for the past while. This episode only served as a setup towards her reintroduction next time, but proved to be a pretty pivotal moment in the series as a whole with the notable direction change.

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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – 05

「おおかみさん桃ちゃん先輩と鬼退治に行く」 (Ookami-san Momo-chan-senpai to Oni Taiji ni Iku)
“The Wolf Goes Demon Hunting with Momo-chan-senpai”

The introduction of the public morals committee member Kibitsu Momoko (Kaida Yuuko) and her Momotaro-inspired demon hunt at Onigashima High School was only the tip of the iceberg, as the story delved into much deeper aspects this episode.

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「かたい、はやい、ものすご~い」 (Katai, Hayai, Monosugo~i)
“Hard, Fast, Earth-Shattering~”

With a title along the lines of season one’s episode five, Shirley’s thirst for speed is back this week, but against Gertrud equipped with Karlsland’s prototype “Jet Striker”.

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Bleach – 281

Soifon fires Jakuho Raikoben at Barragan inside the barrier Hachigen set up, but he survives again. Barragan counterattacks viciously, stating he is king of Hueco Mundo and his opponents are worthless.

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「Running in the DEAD」

Would you imagine the look on my face when recaps started playing when I first watched the episode? Well, it wasn’t that amazing because I had read about it beforehand, but nonetheless, I did not expect the entire first half to be about 60% recap.

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K-ON!! – 17

「部室がない!」 (Bushitsu ga Nai!)
“No Clubroom!”

No clubroom evidently means an informal school tour for us, as the K-ON club tries to find another place to practice. On some level, it was more like they were looking for a new place to have a tea party while repairs were being made to a leaky water pipe.

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Nurarihyon no Mago – 04

“The Rat of Darkness Devours the Cat”

This episode, deviating from the format used previously, continued the scene from last time showing Yura and Kana getting attacked by several youkai. Even though Yura is able to defeat several with her shikigami, the youkai successfully force her to stand down by threatening Kana.

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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 04

「文明の崩壊」 (Bunmei no Houkai)
“The collapse of BUNMEI”

With how hilarious this series is turning out amidst all the supernatural stuff, it’s easily become my favorite show of the season. I just can’t get enough of Fumiaki acting cool in front of Mikaze, and he gets the most befitting treatment this time around for lying about his past — sitting his ass down in a huge pile of shit.

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