It looks like Ichigo can’t pull off any powerups without getting beaten within an inch of his life. This chapter was pretty standard training for him, as Tensa Zangetsu attacks mercilessly to “rip out” his despair. It was interesting to see what Ichigo’s inner world has become after he became a wimp and lost the will to fight. Turns out his zanpakuto is still working with him, just using the standard “kill you to make you stronger”. And now that Shirosaki is back (using Ichigo’s SSJ3 hollow form no less) it is possible the super hollow form has something to do with Ichigo’s despair. Hopefully some answers about the form will be revealed soon.

Back in the real world, I’m sure nobody is surprised that Aizen already knows Ichigo is off training (“just as planned”). I am surprised that Tastuki and Keigo are able to withstand Aizen and Gin’s combined spiritual pressure, considering that even Espada-level Arrancar had trouble in Aizen’s presence. They probably have a decent amount of reiatsu themselves– this is no low level spirit absorbing ability (like Yammy’s) they are up against. Nevertheless, Tatsuki is unlikely to be able to do anything right now, and luckily for her some new has shown up for the cliffhanger. There are a huge range of possibilities of who it might be, from one of the good guys still in Karakura Town to someone from Hueco Mundo. Some of the Espada are not dead for certain either, so it’s not improbable it could be one of them. Feel free to make guesses though =)


  1. These fools never learn. Aizen is always prepared for whatever that shows up. Its always part of the plan. The secret of the Hōgyoku is that it is a device that controls the “Cool Bow” and through it the world

  2. Is it just me, or has bleach become less entertaining ever since the Rukia arc ended. Amongst “The Big Three” mangas only One Piece truly gets my unconditional respect…

      1. well it depends when/how long youve followed it … cause other then the butchering done by 4kids, OP is a pretty good series and some weeks has the best new chapter (atleast over bleach and naruto, granted some weeks its not the case) but all and all its a solid series that deserves a good chunk of respect

  3. Let’s guess who it could be. Tessai, those two kids from Urahara’s shop, Urahara and Yoruichi but somewhat beaten, Ishida’s dad, Unohana, Yamamoto’s vice captain, Hinamori with a swordfish (That would be a major turn of events if it did happen), Matsumoto, Ukitake, Grimmjow, Ganju and his sister, Hiyori’s former captain, Halibel, Kira (Yeah right) or Omaeda (Seriously, what the hell happened to him? He suddenly disappeared).

  4. yes, just what I wanted
    a 3-way battle between ichigo, tensa zangetsu and shirosaki(maybe)
    my guess is tensa zangetsu will try to get rid of the hollow and teach ichigo a lesson while the shirosaki will obviously attack both of them, then ichigo knows he’ll need the hollow so he will try to stop tensa zangetsu and shirosaki…

    and I think ryuuken is the guy who showed up

  5. Maybe it will be that crappy lone shinigami you occasionally see in Ichigo’s town? Except it turns out he isn’t crappy and was working undercover? Like he is one of the royal guards.

    The smart money is that its Tessai. As powerful as he is why didn’t he step up and get involved? He gotta be laying back somewhere for some reason. It also could be Ishida’s dad or Don Kanonji. God help us if it is the Don and he does his moron act.

    1. Well, he seems to have 100% human spiritual powers. Ichigo’s part human and look where he is. Plus, his squad was training for this in the anime filler. Maybe he’s surprisingly competent?

  6. The one who appears is…

    Ishida’s father, Ryuuken!!! Why? He’s the only one who has to appear (better… the only one who can put up a fight against Aizen, or at least survive till Ichigo’s end the training).

  7. My bet is that the person who came is Mizuiro.

    The fac tthat they spent talking about his mysterious background and character and bond to Ichigo was way too random to be insignifficant.

    My bet is that Mizuiro is either royal guard or spy of hell society(which already shown interest in Ichigo after he opened the hell gate)

    1. I think it’s likely to be Mizuiro too. You’re right it’s weird that they were talking about him, but this would be the perfect chance for him to appear now that Keigo has ran away.

      Apparently Tite Kubo has hinted to something about him before, too.

  8. Ha! Guess I hit the last week! Look around the Hollow Ichigo in chapter this week! I will not say it was predictable, because if not rolled just that this stretch of history, would be a bit disappointed. Good Tite, has to be anyway! Agoro Ichigo must learn to tame again its hollow interior, the only thing I found was ugly through the mask completely black.

    Another thing that readers also agreed last week was the explanation given in relation to the universe within the mind of Ichigo is rolling in which the meeting of the trio of characters who are actually related to their emotional status. I was still somewhat suspicious of this explanation, but as it emerged this week, I will find interesting reversal of this inner world, in fact had not noticed that even the buildings had regressed home. The trace of Tite always very focused on faces and expressions that do not pay much attention to the scenarios of the previous chapter.

    And Zangetsu always putting banks. I think funny how Ichigo can plead his sword, but that Zangetsu is always invoking the Hollow. Anyway, what will roll after that? I believe it is almost the same situation again where Ichigo was face to face with the “White Ichigo.” Should roll some talk related to what happened in Hueco Mundo, I hope so. The way is still waiting!
    As for the other time of the chapter, Aizen in Karakura, noticed how Tatsuki was far weaker than the reiatsu Keiko front of the villain? I thought it was rather the guy still managed to stand and run. Is that Keiko will develop some skill soon soon? In this excerpt from the chapter there is much to consider, was a surprise even to the last frame. Who came?

    Reading some debates on the Internet, has many people betting that the Miżuri by Keiko talk moments before the chapter ends, or Ishida’s father, who is also in Karakura. It would be interesting if Miżuri and he had some skill or secret and that can handle a little Aizen. Is the class of the Urahara Shop, which may be there, as a safety, as they appeared in fake Karakura. As for Ishida’s father, he is powerless? Had not passed them for Ishida, before the Hueco Mundo saga begin? I can not remember right, yet he always seemed to me a strong character. I also remember a shinigami Afro hair who was watching Karakura centuries ago in the manga (or was it just the anime?). Well, have a few options. It’ll be kinda lost if a character totally new twist to the Tite not do that.

    Alias, Aizen is aware of what is going on with Ichigo. Seriously! Still that idea that everything is happening so far has been pre-planned for him. This takes away the fun of things, when will it really be surprised? Had even planning to kill a friend of Ichigo to provoke him. Aizen is a villain so whatever.

    However, the new phase of Bleach is still refreshing. Citing the classic moments from the good phase of the manga and creating new intrigue. It has to be anyway! After so long with only battles to be able to show where nothing happened, I think a great story to be focusing in other directions. Is missing only change the chapter titles, enough right? A volume has 10 Japanese in general chapter of the manga. We’re already at 12, is the author’s idea is to reach 20 and leave two volumes as “Deicide”?

    Mr. TAC
  9. Slightly off topic, but just thought I’d note that this week’s translated chapter of Psyren (ch. 125) just pulled a hyperbolic-time-chamber-facilitated-by-an-estranged-father-with-omgwtfpwnu-powers just as Bleach did, albeit with a slightly higher level of believability.

    I hope these deus ex machinas don’t start becoming the norm in manga :(.

    1. arnt they already tho? i mean when main or even side char are faced with someone stronger, what happens? Duh they find some way to win or powerup in a minimal length of time, its anime’s version of the training Montague

      1. While that’s true, the entertainment value for me is the plot device that the mangaka uses to achieve that power up. A good manga (particularly in shounen), IMO, will drop some foreshadowing elements far before the next greatest challenge to overcome, or blend the path to success in with the story and setting they’ve presented.

        By mangakas saying “By the way, we can manipulate time; even if it looks like our heroes are in their 11th hour, it’s not true,” and other similar out-of-left-field resolutions feels like it cheapens the experience a bit for me. At the very least, Psyren tries to use a property of nature to justify the time lapse (in addition to a basic premise of the story being that humans are able to manipulate time) which is passable plot device for me—it’s just not very original.

        I’d just like to clarify that the absurdity of the solution isn’t what I don’t like, it’s just when the solution seems to materialize out of nowhere like, well, a deus ex machina, haha. There are a bunch of series with crazy premises’ (e.g. Akumetsu, One Piece, Red Eyes, Beelzebub), but they stick to within those premises or grow them coherent/comfortable rate.

        Cheers 🙂

  10. @phatj

    You utter rotter, you beat me to that lol! I was gonna say not to be too hard on Bleach cos others have plagiarized the HTC plus in this recession, cliche is what they will pander to garner sales. Ookami/JC staff (Flat chested loli)anyone??

    I’m going for Tessai and the store kids.

    ark noir
  11. I think it’s Rangiku considering she ran after Gin (or so it seemed) with Kira yelling after her. So maybe, one of them?

    Though it can always be Ishida or Ichigo’s dad.

  12. I think Tessai… or it might possibly be Ishida’s dad… who else could we be forgetting? Don Kanoji but he’s really a joke… I think though it has to be someone who is powerful enough to make it suspenseful… but that’s my thoughts…

    Rise~N Seraphim
  13. Honestly at this point, it could be anyone as far as cliffhanger goes.
    The reappearance of Shirosaki made me smile a little but I’m worried about my little Tatsuki. Even thou she was able to withstand Aizen and Gin’s reiatsu, it will take quite something/someone to pull away their attention from her.
    Why do I have the feeling Kubo sensei is going to pull another long stretch before we can see Ichigo fight Aizen and Gin again? This ongoing stretching of events seriously makes me think Bleach will come to an end right ~or shortly~ after Aizen is defeated.

  14. Shirosaki? So that’s what Ichigo’s inner hollow’s name is. I’ve always been referring to hims as Hichigo.

    Anyway, it looks like one of the occupants of SS that has gone off to fight the war has stepped in to stop Aizen or maybe it’s one of the surviving espadas or faction members arriving to assist in the ‘cleansing’ of the town. Or maybe one of still able captains or vice captains that was trapped in the hollow world.

    Who ever it is, it’s most likely going to prevent Aizen from killing off anyone for a while. Also it appears that Ichigo is going to be forced to fight his hollow self and acquire his power.

  15. Actually there’s a whole bunch of people still in Heuco Muendo. I’d love to get Kenpachi and Byakuya to just barge in

    I can imagine Kenny just barging in and saying “Sup bitch, it’s on now!”, and holding him off just enough for Ichigo to get there (though at this point they probably can’t beat him, but they can give him a good fight)

    Hell, even Unohana would be kind of cool if we got to see her stong side that’s always hinted at.

    Also, with people actually getting killed in the town, it’s seeming more and more likely Orihime will pull a deus ex machina. Actually, with Tatsuki in trouble, it’d be pretty badass if Orihime sees her hurt/dead and goes berserk healing/destroying out of control. After all, her powers arose last time because Tatsuki was hurt.

    That said, I really want Tatsuki to get actual combat powers or something, maybe getting so close to the Hogokyo will allow that to happen. Though that’s just the fan in me, but it seems a shame to have a girl so into martial arts, and yet not let her join the fray.

  16. I wonder why Aizen wants ichigo to reach some perfect existence. He was saying something like the Hyoukogo or however it is spelled responds to peoples desires or dreams or whatever. Maybe Aizen can achieve perfection by desiring what ichigo is but he cant obtain it unless the hyoukogo actually is in the presence of perfection, or rather knows/experiences that perfection which it will then transforms aizen into perfection. I don’t know. Whatever and whoever showed up is already in the city to begin with so count out anyone in soul society. Probably ishida’s dad.


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