「森島はるか編 第二章 セッキン」 (Morishima Haruka-hen Dai Nishou – Sekkin)
“Morishima Haruka Chapter 2 – Getting Closer”

Jesus Christ, Haruka is the biggest flirt ever. I’m inclined to believe that she’s aware what a huge tease she is now, but that flirtatious Itou Shizuka voice is like a damn Achilles’ heel of mine so I’m at her mercy too. At least she put out this time around when Junichi came right back with confession number two. That was only after he lost a full night of sleep from the first one and immediately found out that Haruka doesn’t see him any differently even after turning him down. Knowing that things weren’t awkward between them gave Junichi the glimmer of hope to try and become the charismatic, strong, and reliable leader-type guy Haruka likes, though it didn’t seem like he had to stray too far from being himself to keep her noticing. I should probably be a bit concerned about how she only seems him as some puppy she can’t leave alone, but I guess that isn’t so bad either in a way. The fact that she can’t leave him alone is a sign she’s taken a liking to him after all.

Whatever the case, there’s still something wrong when a school idol wants to join in on your pro wrestling type training with your best friend and put you into submission holds. Does Haruka not realize that guys get aroused when a hot girl in gym clothes and bloomers rubs up against them? Surely she must, yet she doesn’t show any signs that it bothers her one bit. As such, I got a pretty good laugh out of Junichi asking her to put him in a “Manjigatame” (i.e. Octopus Hold) all she wants, until her level-headed friend Tsukahara Hibiki (Asakawa Yuu) came along and put an end to her flirtatious endeavors. And here I was, all ready to see Haruka unzip that jersey she had on. Talk about one disappointing tease. After seeing her give Junichi more signs by saying she doesn’t know how she’d respond if the same guy confessed to her twice on the way home, and by going to him asking for a girl’s swimsuit because she just feels like swimming out of the blue, I was starting to get annoyed at the prospect of her turning him down again.

I swear it was all part of her master plan to seduce him with her swimsuit look, but it’s good to know that Junichi is true to his feelings and can compliment her right away without being terribly toyed with. I still think first-year Nanasaki Ai voiced by the sultry Yukana would be a much better girl to fall in love with, but I have to respect Junichi’s earnest attempt at trying to win Haruka over. The scene in the library played out really nicely with him giving her his blazer when she fell asleep and waiting around until dusk for her to wake up. His second confession shortly after was just as abrupt and in-the-moment as the first one, but I really like how he didn’t try to be too forceful with it. He even apologized if his feelings are an annoyance and asked her if it’s okay if he likes her, to which Haruka couldn’t say no to. I think more than his kindness, it’s Junichi’s boldness that Haruka can’t help but feel attracted to, which I must say makes him a very refreshing male lead in a romance series. She did give him a kiss on the forehead to break the tension in the end and pretty much left the door open for something more, since she technically hasn’t agreed to go out with him just yet. Still, this is amazingly good progress for two episodes.

On the flip side, I still think Miya puts an interesting spin on their relationship since she hates how Junichi is completely receptive to everything about Haruka yet more or less ignores her most of the time. I don’t think she’s interested in her brother romantically, but I can understand how she’s jealous about Haruka stealing all his attention with ease. Aside from that, it was nice seeing a bit more of Rihoko since she is the childhood friend in the series and one of the girls who will come up later on. With how well this Haruka arc is going after only two episodes, it’s hard to believe that we still have five more girls’ arcs to get to. I’m pretty excited to say the least, as this series is shaping out to be the romance drama I was looking for.




    1. I agree. I am loving this episode and can’t wait for the next one. All in all, I do like the cast’s work. Hopefully, it will continue on to be the light slice of life/romance series I am expecting it to be.

  1. ^
    atas ane mantengin nih site 24 jam kale yahhh cepettt boneng!!!!!

    pertamax hunter gagal lageee god dammit !!!!…kapan ane bisa pertamax neeeh??? masa page one molo…sungguh terlalu….btw haruka just owned junichi (he’s totally a wimp)..

    1. This. What bothers me most is Harukas manner of speech. All those phrases she uses become annoying very fast. The scene in which Junichi confesses for the second time had a really good pace, but his frequent stuttering and bad dialog killed it for me.

      Ed Hdez
  2. Just finished watching the raw and I agree with Divine, ‘Haruka is the biggest flirt ever’. A guy will easily fall to Haruka’s personality.
    On the first Amagami SS post, it’s said that 6 arcs 4 episodes each -or something like that-, does that mean it will reset after each arc like the game -haven’t played it yet- or each arc will somehow be connected to each other at the end? I’m guessing its the latter.
    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. From what I heard/asked on the previous post, yes it will reset after each arc. Haruka reminds me of a situation at college that happen this year between two friends. It didn’t play out this way nor were the circumstances the same, but this just makes me happy that Haruka at least isn’t exactly leading him on. And at least she says no, and not a maybe.

      Sora no Kaze
  3. AIC has really surpised me with Amagami SS because I thought that they were only good at doing romance comedy that don’t go anywhere like mayoi neko overrun, soro no otoshimono, and nyan koi. I can see that I was wrong and now Amagami SS has now become my favorite romance drama anime because they are giving me exactly what I want which is for the main character, Junichi, to end up with more than one girl. I can’t wait for the story of Amagami SS to restart with a new heroine because I want to see how they will approach it and make it different from the Haruka story arc that we are half way into.

  4. Wow, my impression of Junichi totally changed now. If I stop and think about it, as humans are also prone to feel down so I was being rather harsh about him initially and forgetting that he is also human. What makes him different now is his boldness yet not being forceful and his rather gentle behaviors.

    Haha, yeah I feel the same about Miya. She’s just a sibling who’s jealous that her brother isn’t paying enough attention to her which is rather cute too.

  5. Looks like Tachibana made a lot of progress this episode. As usual, Haruka was a bit of a tease, but it’s alright since in the end it looks like she showed her true feelings somewhat at least. I lol’d when she didn’t even remember what she said to Tachibana after rejecting him, and then saying that her type is pretty much the most perfect guy in the world but isn’t sure she even wants that. Coupled with her apparent club hopping, it’s obvious she’s confused and doesn’t know what she wants in life, and I guess Tachibana is somehow filling that void.

    Well, we have two more episodes of Haruka before moving onto Kaoru, which I’m personally looking forward to since she seems to be a matchmaker but probably has trouble conveying her own feelings, which makes for an interesting conflict to say the least.

    Oh, I also wonder if Maya is going to be the jealous imouoto in every route/arc? I say this because it will make the Ai and Sae arcs all the more interesting lol.

  6. @Divine: I love this series, but something is bothering me about how the arcs are set up. You mention that this series is split up into arcs covering each of the heroines. Do you know what kind of arcs are they?

    Are they the kind that would just focus the solely each heroine’s story/route in 4-5 episodes and have the ending for that arc? Then they reset it back again after one arc is over to cover a different girl in a new arc?

    Or is this the kind of series that have an overall main plot and that it’s basically covers each of the girls into arcs for the entire series that would wrap up with a main plot/story (like Clannad).

    I’m getting kinda confuse because of the first episode specifically mentioning that it is Haruka’s arc, so I was assuming that maybe it would solely focus on her route and wrap up the whole Haruka’s route in 4-5 episodes then go to another girl to show her route and ending story. I hope I’m wrong, because I would prefer a main plot like Clannad where there are story arcs covered for each girl but would still go together with the main plot. But I suppose having the story for each girl in their own respective arcs wouldn’t be bad at all and would be somewhat refreshing.

    1. According to the staff interview, it’s going to be in omnibus format with four episodes per girl to give each of them proper focus. That is what the game’s chief graphic designer, Takayama Kisai, hoped to see in this anime adaptation and it looks like they’re doing just that.

      I haven’t heard anything about the story resetting after each arc, but I find that a rather jarring way of going about it. It’s definitely one way of going about it though, since the point of the game is to end up with one of the six girls. It would also explain why things are proceeding so quickly, and the whole “chapter” bit in the episode titles seem to suggest that (…akin to the Tomoyo and Kyou chapters in CLANNAD).

      I’m under the assumption that each of the girls would get four episodes of focus and then Junichi would settle on one of them — potentially in the final two episodes if there ends up being 26 as opposed to 24. Either way, we’ll find out in two to three more weeks.

      1. Thanks a lot for your response, Divine!

        Yes I would actually prefer having a main plot that just focuses on each of the girls in their respective arcs and would still end with the main guy choosing one of them. Still I suppose having the girls route specifically in each arc, would be a fresh take to a series such as this (the type of series that’s been adapted to dating sim games, ero-games, etc.)

  7. If the story will reset itself after each of the girls arcs, then it would be like playing through the game 6 times and making the right choices to get each girls ending. Reminds me of the manga ‘The World God Only Knows’.

    If the story does not reset, then we’re in for some serious romance/drama this season.

    1. Having the Amagami SS story resetting after 4 episodes with a different heroine as the love interest reminds me of the Kimikiss: Various Heroines manga, which focuses on 5 different heroines per each volume. I believe that this manga is a good example of what omnibus format means and is probably the approach that AIC is going for with Amagami SS. If the story is not going to reset, which I hope it doesn’t because then that means that we are going to have another Kimikiss: Pure Rouge, Clannad, Kanon, and Air. We need new takes on story telling rather than going with what other anime have all ready done because I’m tired of the same old same old.

  8. Omg an ADHD heroine !!! She joins the “all” the clubs and then leave them, reject the guy and forgets about it, can’t wait for 10 minutes before falling asleep? I met one like that and had to run away as afar as could. 🙂

    I’m not sure about this omnibus format. Will have to wait until episode 5-6 to see how it goes. I mean does each girl just froze in time while Tachibana “deals” with the next girl ?? Meaning our ADHD hero will sit and wait a month for him to make his mind? I wonder how they’ll pull it off. IMO it might work better with “reset” because we could see the story from each girl perspective and the whole thing will feel more like RL time line wise. I don’t hate Haruka for being a tease; but her hyper activity is making me crazy. Can’t wait for next girl

    Island Esper
  9. This is going High up in my books, just finished the second ep and it continues the steam buildup from the first episode. My god this might actually be the first 24-26 ep romance series that has potential I was waiting for.

  10. “Dude, you don’t go confessing again to her the day after she shot you down..”

    ..is what I’d like to say, but with how everything turned out, I can’t believe that worked.

    1. Basically, it’ll be one route where the main character ends up with one girl through 4 episodes, reset and they’ll do the next route. Or at least that’s what I hope it is. A total of 6 heroines meaning 24 episodes.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. Well, let me put it this way, it was quite clear from the first episode that she was dense, to point it out again unless she turns out to be something not as we seem is a bit you know… just yes we see that.

        Sora no Kaze
  11. What does “I love you forever with you” even mean? Sometimes I wonder if people just use Google translate when thinking up these song lyrics…

    As for the episode, I want more, which means it’s done its job quite well. I’m hoping it’s not in an omnibus format just because I don’t think it normally works out that way in real life. XD I’d rather watch a story that I could somewhat see someone living out than an impossible reset button.

  12. Although I was thinking we’d have a Kanon type progression here originally, given the remarkably swift progress here, I’ m now thinking a reset might indeed be a better choice. I think, also, that the original had a time limit (i.e. before xmas?) so it would be a little strange to somehow squeeze all of the girls arcs into his tiny amount of remaining days (especially since we know it was about november and a couple of weeks passed in episode 1).

  13. Four episodes each girl? Hmm… Sounds kind of nice but I hope that guy would make them something worthy; he looks really average but what the heck, the story so far is nice. It’s worth a watch. :>

    1. He’s damn boring. His only good point is that he’s “so nice”. *roll_eyes*
      Can’t really say that the show has won me over so far. Will have to see how the next ep or even next mini arc goes. Doesn’t come close to “True Tears”, so far.


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