Apparently the reason (or one of the reasons) Ichigo has been weak recently is because he fears his own super hollow form. The solution of course, is to defeat Shirosaki– master a power by overcoming it first, which is how Ichigo gained some of his previous abilities. However, this time the difficulty is increased by a level with Tensa Zangetsu and SSJ3 Shirosaki merging together into a bad-ass but also rather androgynous form that could pass for an older version of Lilynette. I’m not sure if Ichigo is trying to destroy his hollow form here. Hopefully this is not the case, as if he masters his complete hollow form and works together with it, he would no doubt have a incredible power-up at his disposal. Personally, I’m eager to see that form again in battle to see how well it fares the second time around. Technically, Ichigo, Shirosaki and Zangetsu are all part of each other, bringing to mind the “three-in-one” idea of the Trinity.


As for the mystery character of last week’s cliffhanger, five or six people guessed Don “Spirits Are Always With You” Kanonji correctly. Epic trolling or not, it was great seeing Gin and Tatsuki’s wtf faces. On the serious side, Matsumoto also showed up, who some people also predicted last week. This ties in with a scene a few weeks ago showing Matsumoto recovered sufficiently to leave the aftermath of battle in Fake Karakura Town. Even with some of her wounds healed though, I doubt she could do too much more than Kanonji to hurt Sosuke Aizen, but it’s likely she’ll have a sorely needed talk with Gin at least.


  1. yeah more talk between matsumoto and ichimaru, would be interesting…

    and yeah, kanonji’s appearance seems expected, however why can’t Kubo show us how much he’s improved? or if he didn’t, at least remove him…

    well, to make sure aizen can wait for the hour before ichigo comes, there had better be someone to help matsumoto-san, someone powerful enough at least…

  2. I guess Deicide refers to Kubo losing whatever credibility was left to him as a mangaka. When everything is sinking, bring some Boobs to make it float. Shirogetsu was obviously designed by a 9 years old hardcore fan.

  3. I was still thinking of a 3-way battle but this is good enough
    I wonder how will ichigo win this time, last time he fought them with the same abilities as them but this time its a merge of his hollow and shinigami powers.
    it was a bit fun when don kanonji showed up but he didnt really did much

    there wasnt much of a cliff hanger so im not very excited for what might happen for now.

      1. That would be awesome. When Kanouji showed up I was actually expecting some sort of large conspiracy, like that Don was pretending to be an idiot but was actually a high level shinigami or something. I was thinking that Kubo would not put him out there unless he could change the situation. (Even when he didn’t, he was still pretty bad ass. I would actually rather see a doomed fight with Kanouji and Aizen, then have “Supposed to be Dead” Matsumoto show up. (I’m really hoping that she doesn’t kill Gin, like Hisagi did to Tousen.

  4. So Matsumoto finally confronts Ichimaru! Childhood friends faced with one another! Will either side be able to convince each other, or will they be forced to duel a painful duel?! Then we have Ichigo training with… WHY?! Seriously! I understand that Ichigo’s trying to learn the final zangetsu attack and that’s not a bad thing. The problem is it’s another training scene, which I AM PRAYING, would either be extremely short or cut out if they ever animate it. I mean seriously, the only way this would make it interesting is that Ichgio decides not to learn it, but instead goes off to protect his friends, because of an extreme confidence boost, in turn, somehow allows him to unlock the final attack. I know it’s a silly idea, but I’d rather take that than watch Ichigo do another… FREAKING…TRAINING SESSION. We’ve seen him train with Urahara, we’ve seen him train with Yoruichi, we’ve seen him train with the Vizards and now we’re watching him train with Isshin!

    I can’t help but think that at some point of this series, Ichigo manages to defeat Aizen with the final attack, but Ichimaru backstabs Aizen. Ichigo would then try to use it on Ichimaru, which proves useless, because Ichimaru turns on above-god mode and flies off to meet the spirit king. However, squad 0 arrives and all face off against Ichimaru, who prove to be even a challenge for him. Ichigo tries to join, but is too weak, turns on angst mode and goes “I can’t do it!” However, someone steps forward to bring inspiration to Ichigo! A new mentor to teach him how to completely fuse his bankai with his ultimate hollow form, which would create an even more ridiculously powerful strength! So who could it be?! How about Don Kanonji! However, he’s not just a spirit medium or even a shinigami! In truth, he’s actually the spirit king in disguise! ………..


  5. I have this feeling that Don Kanonji is ours “mad-hermit/mad-monk/old-teacher/drunken-fighter” stereotype of kung fu movies.

    Possibly he will do something that will cause wtf faces on everyone.

  6. Actually, Matsumoto’s barely healed. When Kira saw her running off he freaked because he only healed her enough for her not to croak. So her skin’s barely covering the hastily put together organs that were blown away by Allon. I’m concerned that Matsumoto may end up dying trying to take down Gin. Either that or Gin defects because of their history.

    I’d say that Ichigo just needs an ass-kicking and speech from Rukia. It worked before. And! We all know this: . Maybe she’d get rid of the flood as well.

      1. I don’t think so. Remember, Aizen’s hurt a lot of people she cares about (Hitsugaya, Hinamori, even Kira) and Gin’s got a bad habit of runnin’ off without her, despite his claims of affection for her. I think this time she’s going to take it to him with interest. Or try, at least.

        Gotta give Ichigo time to drain an ocean’s worth of despair out of him without Rukia by his side.

    1. i think aizen will crush matsumoto yet again, and matsumoto being at the brink of dead (once more) she will be revived (the usual outcome) by healers.
      Or, she will somehow make Gin reveal that he is indeed working against Aizen (just as planned for christ’s sake)and will attempt to have them both killed.

  7. I’ve been remarking very badly about Bleach nowadays, but it’s starting to feel better. Like good ol’ days, with Don Kanonji and Ichigo vs his hollow self (though with Tensa Zangetsu this time).

    I hope the end of this arc means a halt in the power inflation of Bleach and it returning to the good ol’ feelings. With Tatsuki and the gang, you know. But I’d be more than just disappointed if Tatsuki and the gang join the fucking power inflation.

  8. I never expected Don Kanoji to appear, of all the people in the town Kanoji, that wasn’t much of a decent cliffhanger, but funny though. I kind of wonder if Ichigo would look like that if he beats Shiro-Zangetsu. It would be awesome if he can control that form at will.

    code fanboy
  9. What Prooof said about a trinity reminds me of the saying at the beginning of EVER episode in Soul Eater:
    -A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body.
    lol 🙂

    Otaku ESA
  10. So, what the hell happened to Urahara/Yoruichi? Weren’t they supposed to be really strong or something? We didn’t even get to see them truly fight (they were beaten off-screen). Come on, Kubo….

  11. The Tite Kubo strives to do something cool all week, sometimes works and sometimes not. To me this week despite the remarkable effort, not like as much as hoped this chapter. Starting at Ichigo. It was predicted that the protagonist of the manga would fight back with his inner Hollow, but quiet, will not be the same now Zangetsu and Hollow melt. Not just that it happened to be something totally new Tite. Turns out to be just a gimmick “groomed” look to something new. And even then roast half of the chapter only to merge them, so there was not so exciting. I am hoping that the next chapter in the battle becomes interesting, I love this Ichigo fought with the Gin, more centered, calm, and analyzing the enemy. Exit exchanging sword blows that point in the manga is no fun for me. And will “Zangellow” will end up using the final form of Getsuga Tenshou against Ichigo? If yes, this means that the final blow of his sword will be merged with the form of hollow Ichigo.

    Another moment of this chapter of the week where it is noticed the author’s efforts to promote the “unexpected” is the appearance of Don Kanonji to face Aizen. Seriously! Honestly, not that it is a surprise and somewhat funny, but there were better options for characters to appear at this time of the manga. I think last week by the largest crowd here was to be the father of Ishida, in which I admit would be much cooler than Kanonji. There has not been a good idea to rescue a character from the back of the trunk of the series, but it would be much more interesting and, then yes, Kanonji really surprising if he could somehow affect Aizen. Of course this will not happen. Tite no longer even any mystery about it, since he has decided to put to Matsumoto to close the chapter. Another notable effort to make the chapter “a box of surprises.”

    Actually I was not convinced with Matsumoto. She comes first Ichigo that, all wound up and still thinks he has any chance against Aizen? The only thing I can imagine the appearance of it here is that Aizen will end up battered and perhaps interfering Gin just in time that is to kill Aizen Matsumoto, because I still believe that Gin would not be able to leave Matsumoto die. If it is not something I do not know what to expect this unexpected situation. Unless they get everybody and try to run. Aizen let something happen? I do not know.

    I believe that all this is essential to burn minutes to Ichigo continues his training before he arrives at any time in Karakura. But if I have to praise something in this chapter is the humor. Kanonji actually yielded some smiles and fun, kind of broke the tension of the possibility of Tatsuki die, because if he lives or dies at the end of this meeting, it makes no difference to me, since I’m not a big fan of his it.

    Chapter just “OK.” Could have been much better, at least this was my jab. It remains to wait for next week. And I cheer for the Tite not begin to drag the narrative ending with the emergence of more characters. I prefer when the author works with a few at a time.

    Mr. T.A.C
    1. Whats with your spelling? You wrote ”The Gin” and you also wrote ”The Tite”, so clearly you just translated the message. I really couldn’t understand what you wrote, first you said the chapter was horrible with lame ”box of surprises”, then you said it was humorous. I might of misread what you wrote though, because I could barely understand what you were trying to say.

  12. Next episode:

    Gin: Look, its Matsumoto! ”Stabs Aizen”
    Aizen: Heheheh, I’m actually Matsumoto.
    Gin: Wha-?
    *The real Aizen appears in place of Rangiku, while the fake Aizen dies*
    Gin: Noooooooo.
    Aizen: Mwahaha, I has haxx0r skillz. *Fires a laz0r at Gin*


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