「不審者がいっぱい」 (Fushinsha ga Ippai)
“Lots of Suspicious People”

The only really suspicious person was the Marui triplets’ father Soujirou (Amada Masuo) — being a big overweight guy running across town with his girls’ underwear in hand — but all the misunderstandings this episode made for some pretty hilarious times again. It’s been three weeks and I haven’t been disappointed one bit with this series, as the laughs keep coming in a variety of ways. This time, we have the formal introduction of a few of the classmates, namely Satou Shinya (Sanpei Yuuko), Chiba Yuudai (Yamamoto Kazutomi), and Matsuoka Sakiko (Hayama Ikumi). Sanpei Yuuko isn’t a seiyuu I bring up all that often, but she’s like the go-to person for voicing adolescent males whether they’re a sixth grader, time traveler, or even a Qwaser. I normally associate her with goofy roles, but it’s a refreshing change to see her as the supposed honor student Shinya here. Shinya’s reaction to seeing Yuudai begging Hitoha on his hands and knees to let him see her erotic book was absolutely hilarious, simply because he thought he wanted to see her underwear as per their earlier conversation. Talk about having to take it by force had me laughing till it hurt, especially with the way Yuudai was dead serious about doing so and Shinya could only think of the criminal implications. Oh the hilarity. I love it.

After that ended with Hitoha placing a fake in Shinya’s stuff to get Yuudai off her back, the next mini episode turned out to be just as good when she tried to make some friends to walk home with. It was a nice follow-up to the first episode when we found out she didn’t have any during Anything Goes Basket, and funny as hell when I found out exactly why that is. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing from Hitoha’s reaction to one of her classmates shrieking at the evil eye she gave her and blaming it on Satoshi for suggesting the idea. Just when I thought I’d see a repeat of that though, occult fanatic Sakiko and her misunderstanding that Hitoha was trying to exorcise a spirit when she was trying to squash a fly led to underwear over her head later on — Hitoha’s underwear. That’s not before I laughed my ass off from Hitoha thinking that Sakiko was making a pass on her and asking to be educated in bed. I figured she’d be okay with lesbianism given all the erotic books she reads, but 3D is evidently still too much for her to handle. Acting-wise, I was amused to no end with the way Tomatsu Haruka voiced Hitoha during all that, but the next misunderstanding between swimming lessons and exorcising spirits at the pool was even better with her “OH MY GOD!” English reaction to the warding inscriptions Sakiko had written all over her body. Then there was the drowning scene right after that makes me laugh just thinking about it.

The Hitoha-centric portions of this episode were undoubtedly my favorites, but the last one that had Mitsuba making accusations that someone stole their underwear wasn’t too shabby either. After she somehow figured that the thief would’ve stole them to wear and got all the guys to drop their pants, the icing on the cake was when they checked Satoshi as well. The girls’ reaction to seeing his boxers wasn’t anything special, but Soujirou’s misunderstanding that Satoshi is a lecherous pedophile was pretty money. Ultimately, the culprit was the Marui triplets themselves for forgetting to bring a change of underwear after wearing their swimsuits underneath in the morning, which Hitoha was quick to catch onto but didn’t dare speak up when the accusations went overboard. It was already way too funny hearing Soujirou call Satoshi a pervert with his girls’ underwear in hand, but the cops arriving and Mitsuba selling out her own father to save herself from embarrassment wrapped up the whole scene up perfectly, because it landed her and Hitoha in their shed to reflect on their actions back at home. For whatever reason, Futaba was spared though. What’s more, it looks like she’s going to bring us boobs and panties next episode too, being the perverted muscle girl that she is. It should be fun times again, as this is easily the funniest new show of the season thus far.




  1. I personally think that this is gonna be one of my favorites.
    I mean, the first two episodes have got me laughing harder than anything recently.
    Plus, this show has converted 2 non-anime watchers into die hard fans.

    Hi Divine!

  2. Divine:”For whatever reason, Futaba was spared though”
    Futaba was spared because her character is clueless. So in this situation she still didn’t understand what was going on. Her father knowing his daughters also knew this. Ain’t that heartwarming 🙂

  3. Hitoha is so adorable! Tomatsu is really becoming one of my favs with her work! All the misunderstandings in this episode was making laugh.
    Mitsudomoe on Saturday mornings <3

  4. Hitoha is my chibi Kuronuma (of course minus the ero mags and thoughts). I just imagine her all alone and dark; plus all the misunderstandings. She is giving me a little fix for my need of kimi ni todoke until the new season. Anyway the show is really funny and I find myself waiting for the triplets and their antics. Also was nice to have interactions with males classmates.

    Island Esper
  5. Oh god, this show just gets funnier and funnier. It figures that the only friend Hitoha could make was a psycho occult otaku. I can’t believe that the fat guy that they showed getting arrested in the OP was the twins’ father. This show just brings too many lawlz.

    And funniest anime of this season? More like funniest anime of the year lol. I’d even put it above B Gata H Kei so far.

  6. OH. MY. GOD!!!

    Mitsudomoe is sure living up to its expectations. Sakiko is insane. Papa Marui should have put the underwear in a bag or something to avoid being arrested since he does look pretty suspicious…

  7. Oh kids. I kinda miss my summer job now. It also mades me use to these kinda situations, (of course not as crazy as a Dad bulldozing a wall, but we had a similar incident involving a Dad completely oblivious that he shouldn’t wave underwear to catch his child’s and our attention (child had a drink spilled on her). I mean for goodness sake, why the underwear when you had other pieces of clothing, of course I was dying of laughter) so it’s not as funny as it should be to me. I still was laughing out loud throughout most of it episode which is good :D.

    Sora no Kaze
  8. Perhaps I’m not finding this show as funny as most people because I just recently marathoned through both Golden Boy and GTO. Gotta try to let the steam from those two shows wear off first cause I really do want to try to enjoy this one. It’s just that comedy is the hardest genre to work in and what comes off as funny to some people might come off as retarded to other people(like myself). Let’s just hope I can learn to forget about Golden Boy and GTO while watching other comedies.

  9. if i was the dad. i would hold the pants like that instead. i would put it something in a bag.
    i like this anime. 10 out of 10 for rating(manga was also good). havent laugh this much since school rumble.


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