Don Kanonji may be slightly sexist, but he’s not completely wrong. Pretty much nobody should be getting too close to Aizen “God-mod” Sosuke. Last week some people predicted that Gin would betray Aizen, or at least be sympathetic towards her. With Gin’s facial expressions in the first few panels, I was thinking the same thing, and they even stepped off to the side to speak. Unfortunately their little talk mostly involved Gin touching Rangiku’s breasts (that’s what it looked like) then stabbing her right through the chest (should be fatal). With that action, it means he probably won’t turn, although a sudden twist is definitely possible. I could imagine something around the lines of “it was all an illusion” or “I attacked you to save you”. The humor interlaced throughout the chapter sort of helps keep the reader from having any emotions about the characters though– Don’s over dramatic bravado, and Tatsuki getting slightly jealous over Ichigo.

As for Ichigo himself, it looks like “his mind is making things real” with injuries transferring over to his body. It looks like he’s in trouble, but it’s probably safe to say that I believe that he will pull through.


  1. I am curious what Keigo intends to do with AFro-dude’s katana. Knowing him he might do a suicidal stunt similiar to what Don Kanonji did. It’s pleaseing to see Don Kanonji again, but I’m still wondering what RyÅ«ken is doing, I know he hate’s getting invovled in anything that involve soul reapers, but there’s limits, I mean the whole town is going to vanish if Aizen doesn’t stop.

    code fanboy
  2. Wow I didn’t realize he stabbed her the first time I read through it. The story twist that would make me happiest at this point is if Ichigo didn’t manage as the hero should, and Gin defeated Aizen.

    1. My thought was he’d suddenly be revealed to be a Shinigami all along left to keep an eye on the Kurosaki family or something. Or at very least that he somehow gains Shinigami powers like Ichigo did.

      Sol Fury
  3. I thought he stabbed her in the neck…
    But I don’t know why, but I definitely get the feeling Gin just injured her enough to keep her from getting involved.
    (Keep in mind ichigo has been impaled quite a lot and survived, so I doubt she is deads)

    Also, I wager that Ichigo will appear from nowhere, without us seeing anymore of his inner battle…
    So that any new powers he gains will be a surprise. And judging from the last panels, I doubt there will be many more diversions before he appears.

    1. Surely, when you say “protagonist”, you don’t mean “anyone on Ichigo’s side”, right? Don’t forget that not 20 chapters ago, Captain YAMAMOTO died.

      I also think that Kubo left it assumed that a lot of the captains who ganged up on Aizen (Hinamori) were killed as well. At least, they’re as dead as Grimmjow is (as in, falling off the screen and never been seen or heard from again).

      1. Yamamoto is not dead. He’s just laying on the ground “defeated” like all the other shinigami and vizard.

        Hiyori and Hinamori are the closest to being potentially dead, but Bleach isn’t the kind of manga to kill off a character without some sort of flashback scene or final parting words. So most likely they’ll be magically healed by Unohana or Orihime.

      1. Nope, Wonderweiss sealed that. So far we have no conclusive evidence that he died. In fact, the only characters who we are sure have died lately are Starrk, Halibel, Barragan and Ulquiorra.

      2. Wonderwise only “sealed” Yamma-ji’s flames, then he died causing a big problem … but Yamma-ji’s kido was after Wonderwise died and as Arri said about, the kido did use his body as a catalyst. But there is that pesky char. shield so Kubo could just come up with something (like using flames or something else as the catalyst so hes still alive or its not a fatal move for the capt commander)

      3. Well you really can’t be sure whether or not a character dies in these kind of series unless you see the dead body with at least 1 or 2 characters confirming the death and they have some final words or flashback. But you never know.

        On another subject, Gin’s intent may have been to touch Rangiku’s necklace but no doubt that the most part of his hand was on her breast.

  4. I thought that afro dude was just an omake or anime character?
    and I also think gin stabbed rangiku to stop her from getting involved, otherwise he could have just stabbed her using shinso without leaving aizen’s side

  5. It only shows how useless Rangiku is. Before I read the chapter I hoped she turned out to be an accomplish of Aizen, which was very unlikely of course, but it would make her character far more interesting. When that didn’t happen, I hoped she would at least tell Gin how important he was to her, but no… It was like “Gin, why did you join Aizen? and “Why did you come Rangiku, you’re in the way.”. Boring >.<

    1. Rangiku’s relation with Gin is her only good part. Sorry, Rangiku fans out there but she has no other saving grace nor redeeming factor. Like Prooof pointed out and unless Kubo proves otherwise, with so much humor cutting in and out at the start of this issue, her portion came as empty.

  6. Oh, let me guess. Gin didn’t really kill Matsumoto, at worst he ‘scratched her’ to protect her from Aizen and/or to instigate his master plan to betray him and earn his redemption despite every horrible thing Gin’s done so far. If the manga does not follow this almost exactly I think I might faint.

  7. Matsumoto and Gin finally meet once more. They now face each other one on one… with Gin promptly stabbing her… right. But now Keigo has found a zanpukto and he’s trying to help the others from a closing Aizen. While this is all happening, we cut over to… COME ON! Ichigo again! I don’t give a damn about him anymore! Of course he’s going to learn that ultimate zangetsu! It would be interesting if he didn’t, but following the story’s flow, OF COURSE HE WILL! How many times do you have to hammer Ichigo’s crap at our faces?! We get it! He’s the main character and the trump card to this mess of a plot! He’s going to defeat Aizen, we all already know that! Watching him train as Aizen takes 20 seconds to lift up his leg isn’t exciting or tense. It’s just annoying! GO BACK TO KENPACHI, BYAKUYA AND MAYURI! I want to see what they’ve been doing! I don’t care if they’ve beaten Yammy to a bloody pulp and are now drinking apple juice that Mayuri concocted! Let’s just look at something other than Ichigo!

  8. I read the chapter of Bleach twice this week. The first deals not lasted 01 minutes (I timed it), then I thought I had read too fast. I decided to read it again a few minutes before writing the comment this week. I admit I read the second time gave me a much better impression than the first. I can not explain why, but the second time did not seem so fast.

    Is as I said last week the issue with the current situation of history is that it does not encourage me much with the characters that the author has in the plot. The Matsumoto really not used to anything. Kanonji Ibid. I expected some impact in that moment, what did not happen. Fortunately, reading the chapter this week I caught some interesting elements to comment here.

    I think the most important of this chapter has been the confrontation and the relationship that Matsumoto has with Gin. As I’ve been saying for months and other readers idem, Gin has some dark secret. It makes no sense to his alliance with Aizen, not until it is shown with greater detail about his past. The sayings of Gin in relation to Kira was quite suspicious, what he meant by that? There’s also the fact Aizen call it “funny guy”, as it was expected that Gin is up to. And to me it’s clear he did not kill Matsumoto. What happened? If you go to throb, I believe that what Aizen saw, it was just the Gikai (that’s how you spell it?) Of Matsumoto. I do not remember, but it is common for characters when they go into the real world, use the Gikai do not know if it was mentioned at some point they would be using in the anime was a reference to the release of power a few weeks ago in a conversation between the Son was and his lieutenant, but I do not recall if they were talking about gikai or not. And nothing prevents also that these “bodies” of the real world go to Soul Society, I think. The fact Gin also not be nearby when the body of Matsumoto Aizen takes a look, it means something. Where’d he go? I do not know there was some suspense, but do not think Aizen is surprised about that.

    But even better was seeing Keiko with a sword shinigami. Only it was kinda strange he mentioned that the shinigami Afro fallen to be there and these human characters are all agreed. The shinigami Afro (forgot his name) should be more Fortinho bludgeon. Early in the manga, Ichigo becomes a shinigami Rukia when sticks his sword in her character. I do not understand how this transfer, but will Tite plans to transform a character in there involving the shinigami shinigami zanpaktou the fallen? I was curious and interested. I also found the bizarríssimo Keiko have mentioned that he found the Mizuiro and have not shown the character. Does it mean anything?

    Otherwise, some nice jokes, all involving the Kanonji. And Aizen saying it has plenty of time. Really? Things are tightening in Karakura. The boys will try some movement, disappeared Gin, Matsumoto may or may not be dead, I still think Kanonji can withstand anything and Ichigo are almost there, at least that is suggests the last page of the chapter. Aizen What you waiting for?

    MR. TAC BR
  9. I like how Rangiku making it to her feet and following Gin amounts to just getting stabbed, with litte to no exposition.

    Then again, is Rangiku’s necklace gone??? It’s hard to tell from the picture because of the blood, but maybe that’ll be important….

  10. I think its taking to long for Tatsuki and keigo to manifest spirit powers. Which is my only real “bullshit” alarm about this arcs thing about the hokongu (or what ever its called). I don’t think ichigo will suddenly go badass on the hollowfied zangetsu. Instead he probably has to go through some faze of acceptance of his hollow and give him his name. (Like a soul slayer i.e. “I ain’t got a name.” ).The most badass version (which will never happen) is if they actually seperate like starrk in bankai form (or something).

  11. 1# rangiku is THE LAST PERSON who should be saying statements like “good, i made it in time”…IN TIME FOR WHAT B!#ch????? in time TO GET STABBED AGAIN?!?!?! I’ve been saying this since bleach came out, rangiku=utterly worthless character= talking boobs.

    2#why is ichigo’s homegirl catching feelings??? i thought she was lesbo for orihime??

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. The red haired girl w/ the glasses named chizuru(i think) is the one that’s lesbo for Orihime, Tatsuki is the one who (used to) protect Orihime because she is always open to everyone.

  12. Keigo with a Zampakuto??? Ranguiku thinking she can do something in that state other than being “in the way”? Tatsuki still there thinking she can do anything? Kanonji reappearing in this situation while Kubo Tite could have show us some other main character like Byakuya, Rukia and co. or even the ones that stayed in soul society….. there is just no conflic at all in this manga anymore… the characters that I loved are dull and boring… ichigo seems to be fighting because he must to or…wants to… Instead of feeling like he is growing up it is like he lose the little depth he has as a character…and he being the main character…thats a problem. Tears comes to my eyes when I think of how good this anime/manga was and what Kubo Tite have maid of it. Sorry for complaning but I want to express my disconfort… : (


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