This chapter didn’t really reveal anything new, except that Rangiku seriously looks dead (probably not for long though). It is nice to see that Kubo didn’t forget about the other residents of Karakura Town, but the fact stands that there is virtually nothing they can do against Aizen besides emphasize how much of a cheater he is. The whole town could wake up and it wouldn’t matter; even as they run, Aizen is just toying with them as he waits for Ichigo’s arrival. I’m not counting on Afro-san to be able to do anything, but it’s possible that the other humans, especially the ones who have spoken with Urahara, will suddenly gain powers, similar to how Ichigo, Inoue and Chad got theirs (Hougyoku or not). If not, what they do now would be almost irrelevant and someone will need to come to their rescue soon; it wouldn’t be very Bleach-like if any of them actually died. I would guess that more characters will show up (two kids from the Urahara shop, Ichigo’s sisters, other shinigami/arrancar perhaps) and discover the godliness of Aizen’s powers, before Ichigo finally arrives and goes into a rage with his new abilities. However, the last panel also hints at possible conflict between Aizen and Gin; even if he turns against Aizen though, it would be surprising if he could actually incapacitate him. For hundreds of chapters, anything thrown at him has been pretty much ineffective, so I’m not betting on anything different this time around. Putting aside the speculation, the next chapter regarding Aizen’s last known ally (not that he needs any) should be interesting.


    1. Indeed.

      But that’s my main gripe with these powerup-type of manga’s. Too much exposition without really advancing any plot.

      Still, they learned since Dragonball Z. I could only stand one series taking 30 episodes of the main protagonist taking a dump 😛

      1. UnknownVoice: Well, the fat old man could see Aizen too when he arrived in Karakura. I think Aizen is no longer in spiritual form, but something superior than that, which can be seen by everyone.

        Or Kubo just failed.

  1. “the next chapter regarding Aizen’s last known ally (not that he needs any) should be interesting.”
    I dont get it. Doesnt state anything abt his last ally in the chapter. Can I know where you got it from? Thnx

      1. Except that every action from every character seems to help him in some way. So in a sense everyone is his ally because no matter what you do, it’s gonna advance his plans! That’s the best example of an ally! lol

  2. The thing about Aizen and Gin i imagine, is that Aizen knows Gin will betray him and Gin knows Aizen knows and Aizen knows Gin knows that he knows.

    As they say, “keep your friends close but enemies closer”

    Its all just entertainment for Aizen

    Zaku Fan
  3. any bets on unahana as the other aizen and pals member?

    she seems to have suspicuiously disappeared…

    i’m hoping for an afro kun + kanojii super power up finish off aizen before ichigo arrives and then looks dum as hell for being late and powering up drangonballZ style for ichigo100% nonesense.


    bring me more cat sh*t one.

    1. Uh, you know she’s healing a cut-in-half Hiyori, right? You don’t just lay the two pieces of her together and shove some kido into her and ask, “Does it feel better?” I’m pretty sure that it’s going to take a bit of time to attach everything, even with Unohana being the uber-medic she is.

  4. @gcsasuke: He means Gin. Gin is Aizen’s last known ally, and judging by the cliffhanger this chapter, next chapter should finally explain Gin’s motives. Hopefully anyway…

  5. The manga version of Bleach is finally resorting to fillers to allow its author to come up with dumb/predictable ideas to wrap the mess he recently (about 200 chapters) got into. Oh and Aizen can do Respira just by existing, sorry Barragan. Hopefully, the boredom is not about to end next week.

    1. Aizen… Aizen good sir. Aizen broke the fourth wall and destroyed both anime and manga.

      Honestly… there a couple of things that could have been fixed easily. It’s jumping the predictability cannon which is the main problem.

      Sora no Kaze
    2. That too… you really can’t fix the direction of the anime… unless they did something like the first season of Full Metal Alchemist where the author told them just to go on. The good thing is… it’s not like the author can’t solve this downward spiral. At least I think so. I could be wrong… but I’m trying to put some hope in a turn around.

      Sora no Kaze
  6. Just read this after finally watching Highschool of the Dead episode 3 and then I thought is was like a continuation without all the blood and zombies. I mean, survival mode and such

  7. How many times have I gave up on bleach just to come back by flipping through 50+ chapters. Atleast 5 times, and now its 6. Wake me up when Ichigo decides to have a fight with someone other than himself.

  8. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Gin actually kills Aizen and he didn’t see that coming?

    On the other hand, next chapter we have Keigo bankai and Mizuiro: the god of Soul Society. Oh and Tatsuki and Chizuru are a demoness from Hell

  9. I didn’t mind this chapter… I mean honestly, one piece hasn’t said anything about the plot like 3 months. And wile the giant battle went faster in 1 piece, it was at the expense of any coherency, shifting perspective every page to make sure all plot devices could be mentioned for when they end up mattering 200 chapters later when the prologue of the next slowly starts……

    But yeah, even though this chapter did seem a bit pointless, I still liked it. I actually felt the suspense of them saying holy shit and running from Aizen. Even naruto’s latest chapter made me feel sorry for the characters, that more than I can say for 1 piece and the current arc. (maybe if that flash back happened before the battle I would of cared about the character at the time of the plot development…)

    1. Um, what? Unlike Bleach which is extremely linear, One Piece has many concurrent story arcs surrounding various characters. You say “not on plot” as if One Piece is supposed to follow 1 storyline like every other cliche shonen. no thx kthxbye.

      1. I didn’t say that, and I prefer 1 piece. All I said was I didn’t think chapter was complete fail, also the in 1 piece was absurd, we seriously jusped between… Kuma’s problem, crocdile being out of character, black bread has an “atypical body type” (still can’t beleive how few people thought that was that was kind of stupid…), its buggy—-existing?, Hey look its smoker-oda remembers he exists, Oh my god more character he remembers exists—and they all even get a full panel of fighting each!

        look its a lieutenant they just introduced, and he loves his daddy white beard—>oh he betrayed daddy white bearded…plot twist—>oh daddy white beard forgave him…. all that in a span of like 20 pages…

        oh look they saved him…–> oh they insulted his daddy —> aww, he loves his daddy so he ate the idiot ball at fought instead of running so his friends didn’t have to all die invain—-> oh he got stabbed, cause lava can burn fire?—>awe,just wasted all of his friends sacrifices, awe… <—-this in 1 chapter..

        Stalling is terrible, but rushing things is only little better, especially when your series is know for have arcs last multiple years.

      2. When did I even say having multiple plot lines is bad or it’s “not on plot”? Also, you are supposed to put things in quotes when you are quoting something I actually said word for word, derp.

    1. So much of a nuisance that you clicked on the link, scrolled down, typed up a comment, and clicked “Submit Comment”, rather than just scrolling down to the Naruto review or navigating away to a different site…?

      I am moved…truly moved, that you are so concerned for our enlightenment that you would make such an obviously difficult effort to inform us all how inconvenienced you are… You are truly a man amongst men.

  10. Gin fighting Aizen at this point wouldn’t be all that satisfying. I mean, there’s no way he can win without all this “Ichigo powering up” stuff being pointless. That being said, maybe it will be epic!

    1. Beacuse ppl enjoy bashing Bleach for its low quality. I know i do. But after reading a bleach chapter, it makes reading other managa much more entertaining and fufilling. (for example, like reading naruto after bleach). naruto will feel like the plot is actually going somewhere compared to bleach.

      in other words. bleach is only good for ppl who like to rant (me, for one) and for ppl who want to enjoy other manga chapters more.

      and honestly, you can skip a years worth of bleach (~50 chapters), and you probably wont miss a thing

  11. For a change bleach actually felt like bleach used to. Not sure why though. Maybe it’s the feeling of helplessness or the lack of God like powers and big battles. But seeing them talking (Yeah just talking and not powering up) in the alley was really interesting to read for me. And Aizen’s entrance was good. No doubt soon Ichigo will turn up and we’ll have an all out battle that spans 2 years worth of chapters.

    1. OR, I wonder if it’s the fact that people are on the ground and not floating around in the air. I think Aizen’s ability should be to ground all Shinigami, for good!

  12. if you examine the chapter carefully, you’ll notice that at least 6 panels were just a headshot of Aizen’s face with the exact same emotionless expression. just flipped through the chapter and take note of his face. you’ll laugh…

    anyways, the only thing keeping bleach alive is its past popularity, the unrevealed bankais of the captians, ichigo’s upcoming ssj3 form, and the royal guard. dont forget ryuken too. take out these factors, and bleach is dead.

    the problem is that these things can all be revealed withing the space of around 100 chapters, if bleach was like the early chapters (SS arc mainly)

    kubo just wants to milk bleach for all its worth, and hence, hes dragging it out to no end. more chapters = more money for him. if kubo actually cared about the manga, and not money (very few ppl would do so) then bleach would have been finished by around chap ~500. at the current rate, it’ll easily go up to 700.

  13. The only hero today was Mizuiro who was:
    A.) Calm in the face of danger
    B.) Robbed a store
    C.) Attempted murder via blowing sh*t up in the most badass normal way he could

    If only he had the power necessary to do something that would actually hurt. That and nonchalantly mentioning he’s a player.

    1. I too agree, now that I think about it, I don’t think Mizuiro ever looked surprised. It would be interesting if he’s the last man standing. In this little scene, it kind reminds me of Deidara and Tobi, with Dedara being Mizuiro, and Tobi- Keigo.

      code fanboy
  14. I love those classmates. They really give the depth of Bleach (which is not deep at all). For me, theyre the interesting ones and one of the really good aspects of the series.

  15. Wow, lots of drama queens. The classmates haven’t had screen time in a while, and they devoted some panels to showing what they’re up to given what’s going on. Deal with it.

  16. Very funnny chapter of Bleach this week. I love these friends side of Ichigo in the manga. I found it funny nonsense and the “recklessness” of the Mizuiro before Aizen, I know not, I still find this very strange character. Does he not pretending anything? Alias in the first volumes of the manga, years ago, has a special chapter that tells the story of Mizuiro, no?

    From one perspective in general, still think Tite Kubo is winding in parallel from history and not intended to reach any rent here. He is only entertaining the reader with what he has in hand, while Ichigo does not finish his training. That’s not bad, because I’m enjoying this “I want you to legs” that all secondary Karakura are involved. Even so syrup had found the intrusion of Matsumoto in the last chapter, staff of the Soul Society already had their space and syrup for months and months the manga, now that leaves other characters earn their small prominence as the star itself is not enough to put history in the proper axes.

    Until liked Tite has not shown what the hell happened to Matsumoto, I’m not the patience to melodramas now and no one deserves a flashback with her story or the manga Gin at the moment. Not with so much unfinished and explained. The staff of the fallen Soul Society, the captain who came up with Ichigo in Hueco Mundo and did nothing, other personnel who are in Hueco Mundo, the rest of the group of Urahara, there’s so much evil embedded in this saga, you’d be frustrated pause her to explain the relationship with the Gin Matsumoto. If done so, that’s when Gin resolve to turn the tables on the board and turn against Aizen, which again at the end of the chapter gives clues that will happen.

    But there’s something that really makes me angry. The author gives a Katana pro Keigo only for the next chapter of the shinigami Afro draw the character’s hands? At least the other side appeared, some that had some readers here hoping to happen. Okay, now we just need to stay perfect Kon!

    Another detail, want to see that the author will not show Ichigo’s fight with the “Zangellow? It was only two chapters with a page of Isshin Ichigo’s complaining about the delay, which already appears freshly well, which means that the fight is going on and is not being presented to readers of the manga. And now? Someone wanted to see the fight? You’ll be disappointed if it is not shown? I do not know anymore what you think. It fights in manga that is all the same, especially with Ichigo. He catches, takes a few screams, sometimes shakes the foundation, uses the very same moves ever and still win in the end. Do not think he will be sorely missed if the struggle is not shown.

    And until next week … with more chases on foot through the town of Karakura.

    Mr. TAC
  17. I will never get Ichimaru’s betrayal of soul society because he wanted to kill Aizen for the sake of Rangiku. His character is so mysterious that his actions doesn’t make much sense. Why wait if you can get a lot of people on your side and rat out Aizen earlier? Aizen didn’t have Hogyoku yet and he waited until he got that? Tosen’s motivation is more believable. It’s like he’s got nothing to lose but Ichimaru’s motivations doesn’t make sense. He did dirty works for Aizen so he’s guilty of that too.


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