As hinted in last week’s chapter, Gin finally turned against Aizen after killing Matsumoto. Aizen, as the Great Foreseer, had of course already known Gin would turn, which isn’t surprising given his snake/fox-like personality. He is way too curious really, first wanting to see how strong Ichigo can get, and now wanting to see how Ichimaru would try to kill him. Naturally Gin knows the Hougyoku pretty much heals injuries almost instantly so he follows up by dissolving Aizen’s cells from the inside, then blowing a hole through his chest. That immediately raised him by several rankings in my list of favorite characters, but I still have a hard believing time Aizen is actually dead, especially considering we haven’t even seen his bankai yet and Ichigo also hasn’t shown up. Even though he looks extremely shocked right now, for hundreds of chapters he has lived through everything, so I can’t help but see another card up his sleeve. The Hougyoku can pretty much repair anything; poison and holes don’t seem out of scope (doesn’t look like the blast destroyed the stone). If I’m right, then Gin is going to be dead very soon, unless he had planned it out further and has another move to make- he is a genius after all. Matsumoto might not be dead, but Gin at face value seems to be on his own team only. However, seeing him having a change of heart at some point (a bit like Ulquiorra perhaps) would be nice; some character development is always interesting. I’ve always found him a fascinating character, hopefully he won’t just die like Tousen did. Perhaps at least, he’ll let Ichigo know the secret of avoiding total hypnosis.

One thing I know though- if Kubo smashes all my predictions and actually kills off Aizen, Bleach would be so awesome.


    1. If Gin can lie to Aizen about his ability, Aizen can lie about his weakness too.. Killing Aizen this way is just too easy. I’ll just get disappointed if this turns out as an illusion too.

  1. Well Gin doesn’t touch kyoka anymore in the end of the chapter. So the whole hole in the chest thing could be an illusion once again, while Hoygoku fights with poison in Aizen’ chest.

    I actually starting to consider Aizen not so smart as he seemed to be. Master of stelth and treachery – o’kay. But his SS arc plan was being in preparation for a hungred years, and now he demonstates to much waste of time and resources with espada sacrifition, Ichigo groth, Gin’s betrayal, even soul key creation. It is like he can’t master his plans in short term

  2. arri: but he doesnt need to touch the sword anymore, cause he knows the first hit was not an illusion and the hole is the afttereffect of that hit, so it cant be an illusion either.

  3. Well what can be said about this chapter. Awesome? not good enough maybe methodical? haha I mean what? It took Ichimaru how many DECADES if not over a century to get the drop on aizen? and even then Azien knew he was going to betray him so its not like he didnt plan for it its just that ichimaru is a real good actor. Even just reading it, it took me by sunrise. one panel he is about to use his power-pole blade attack and the next a blade was in azien’s heart, his REAL heart. which is just so full of win. I mean by no means do I think azien’s done for but at least we know what will slow aizen down for the hour ichigo needs to complete his super bankai. And he wont have to see the corpses of his friends hanging in the streets, which was a little… crude for an azien plan to say the least. More like a yami sorta plan there.

  4. haHA i read Aizen say that he knew that Gin was gonna betray him.. and at this point now my reaction is “of course you did Aizen..”*eyeroll*
    but everyone knows that Aizen knew that Gin knew that Aizen knew that he was gonna betray Aizen.. so knowing that Aizen is gonna double-cross Gin’s double-cross and i think that makes it a triple-cross.

  5. TakashiD: He knows the aftereffect and that the wound is not illusion. But we don’t know hoygoku’s regenerative abilities, may be it can regenerate cells as fast as poison dissolves them. If so, Aizen could just show an illusion to make Gin think that he is dead, while he just weakened

    1. Yeah, Im going for the Aizen is dead and Gin is the real bad guy thing a little…
      But considering how much people seems to love Gin, I doubt it will happen.
      He will probably turn out to be a good guy. He probably knows he can’t defeat
      Aizen so he is buying time for Ichigo to come save the day. Bets on he just poisoned
      Matsumoto so that she appears dead too.

  6. Maybe all the waiting around for Ichigo to show up and face him again before going to forge the soul key is because Ichigo might be the soul key? There clearly is something about Ichigo that hasn’t been revealed yet that seems to have some relation to current events. Why else would Ichigo’s dad cut off Aizen and continue to keep Ichigo in the dark and instead having him just trust him for the time being.

  7. I called IT! I knew from the start Gin wasn’t a fink..I thought at First he was with Aizen just to steal Aizen power when he was done, Then I thought that he was just doing it for fun..But after Kaname died I had a hunch that Gin wasn’t evil I knew it!! I SO CALLED IT!!!

    1. Meh I always figured Gin was fishy. After all, whenever it was to killing one of the Shinigami off, he never did so. He seemed so aloof, yet at the same time, it made me wonder why in god’s name did he do that.

      Sora no Kaze
  8. There’s my favorite character finally showing his real bankai. Even if this doesn’t kill Aizen it’s by far the best/most intelligent attack on him so far. I hope he’s not a good guy and just continues to be on his own odd little team.

    Yamato realized that too. That Aizen wouldn’t be able to use an illusion while the sword was stuck through him.

  9. *Gasp* The boredom trade its place with the suspense! Is this it for Aizen? With Genryuusai falling for cheap tricks, will Aizen follow his lead? Probably not, Ichigo didn’t get to be the hero yet.

  10. On a random note… Ichimaru’s bankai is a super high speed attack that will instantly kill a person in 1 shot no matter where it hits (thanks to the poison)… Why the hell does Ichimaru have Soi Fon’s real bankai?

    1. Not just Soi Fon’s “should have been” Bankai, but also Matsumoto’s shikai.
      I mean, turning into dust? thats a cool idea it has already been used.
      I think it is a testament that Kubo is really running out of ideas.

  11. What Aizen will say next
    “Gin, you surprised me there. Now i have to add you along with Urahara. I hope you understand what sort of honor that is. Now you can die.”

    So Gin “killed” Mastsumoto to hide her reiatsu. Makes sense. If Aizen could track her, he would use her. Probably she is in a sort of stasis state where she could her but not see and Gin explained everything to her prior to taking on Aizen

    Zaku Fan
    1. Oh and why Aizen doesn’t die would be probably be explained by Aizen “Too bad, if you did that just a few hours ago i would be dead. Now destroying my physical heart does nothing as having meged with the Hougyoku, its my heart now.”

      Zaku Fan
  12. I seriously doubt any of the “good guys” are actually dead. I fear they will all magically come back somehow… and do some sort of team strike or at least a little combo on Aizen that will weaken him enough for Ichigo to finish him off.

  13. “One thing I know though- if Kubo smashes all my predictions and actually kills off Aizen, Bleach would be so awesome.”

    Exactly. But I seriously doubt that will happen. Kubo, you fag.

    Most likely, Aizen has either evolved beyond that of a physical being with the help of the hougyoku and no longer needs his physical body to survive. Or kyouka suigetsu was already activated before Gin ever touched his sword.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing with Suigetsu activated before Gin touched the sword. This chapter is sounding a little too good to be true. Guess Aizen will do another ass-pull to screw us all over next week.

    2. My speculation is this. Aizen and Matsumoto are both dead. Next chapter starts with Gin plucking the hougyoku out of midair and implanting it in himself for two reasons. 1) to resurrect Matsumoto, and 2) having done that, to amp himself up in order to have a chance at defeating the inevitably more powerful Ichigo. Things go awry, of course, in the middle of the fight against Ichigo, when Aizen reveals that the merge with the hougyoku was two-way, and comes out of the hougyoku, using Gin’s body to build himself a new, even stronger one. Shang Tsung Fatality FTW!

      1. Omg wow, I love the idea of Aizen actual being one with the orb now. His body is just a shell to hold his consciousness, and it can be discarded without a problem. That would go with the talk of Ishin not sensing anything at all before, wouldn’t it?

  14. Guys, Gin explained his “trick”. His Sword turn into Dust… We well known now what vice-Captain, has the same “Base”?


    Don’t tell me, in the end they are “Siblings”

  15. I have already given this theory several times, but I’m gonna do it for the heck of it. What if Unohana was the actual villain of this story? Gin is actually in league with her and was quietly acting as a spy for her and was also ordered to eliminate him when the time comes. Seeing how things were, she began to doubt Ichimaru’s capability and told Ichigo about how to escape the hypnosis. Once Ichigo kills Aizen, Unohana would get rid of him herself. As soon as they arrived to the real world, Unohana actually killed Hiyori and Hacchi and is waiting for the right moment to rise. It’s a kind of stupid theory, but the story’s already screwed up a bit.

    1. I wondered that myself when Unohana was with Ichigo in the Garganta, though not as much as you apparently have… jk

      I’ve always thought it was odd the way she always gives those ‘scary’ looks of hers, and the fact that she is way too mysterious.

  16. interesting chapter, and I also guess Aizen would get saved, so Gin may just have wasted his efforts, unless he tried that long ago…

    and what makes gin think that aizen told him EVERYTHING that he was gonna do? cumon, aizen just needs a lone journey to success…

    also, this betrayal and genius-like competition is gonna take some time, which could get ichigo done… like WHEN??

  17. my guess is this chapter is fake and the hypnosis activated before Gin touches Aizen’s sword. Seeing how Aizen haven’t really used anything massive yet, he can’t just die so early and I’m sure he will be back smiling again. Ishida’s father has yet to be appearing in this arc yet too. I guessing him and Gin are going to be pawns used by the author to reveal 2 of Aizen’s card

  18. Gin…I love you, dude, just for that chapter. Was about time someone actually “killed” Aizen!
    To be honest, I’m sure Aizen is not dead since he’d foreseen pretty much everything…That is unless Gin has never been hypnotized to begin with, formed a freaking amazing plan and it got to be one heck of a card up his sleeve to go on.
    Then again, if Gin followed Aizen, why “kill” him now?

  19. Since Aizen knew 1 million years ago that ichimaru would betray him before they met(mind my sarcasm), my guess is that the Aizen that got stabbed is an illusion all along!! Imagine that

  20. GIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I swear, please don’t pull an Illusion act or false information where Masumoto is here instead.

    The only thing that makes me believe it’s not an illusion is Aizen sense of calm is totally out of whack. There definitely a good chance that it’s not an illusion. The only thing now is that it needs to be a leathal enough blow to kill or at least take out the Hygouku.

    I doubt Aizen is dead… but if there one thing I hope and that is everyone starts pulling out masks would be awesome. Afterall Tousen did it. I do agree though, if Aizen is dead, Bleach is so awesome! Who’s the main antagonist now then… Gin lol?

    Sora no Kaze
  21. FINALLY! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gin is now my favorite character. I don’t know who it as before–on second thought, it might have been Shirou-chan–but Gin is now up there at #1.

    Okay, predictions: Gin and Aizen fight, Matusmoto finds Tatsuki and co. and gives them spiritual powers (considering Kubo actually did a print where Tatsuki’s a shinigami, it’s not such a long shot), Ichigo masters Tensa Zangetsu, goes out and kicks Aizen’s butt just as he’s about to kill Gin/right after he kills Gin, asks the all-important “why-would-you-do-this” question, they fight, and what the hell happened to the captains stuck in Hueco Mundo?

    Kit Kat
    1. You know I would honestly believe you, if and only if he was as calm as all the previous attempt to kill him. He doesn’t and I doubt he’ll grin, rather he’ll be like GINNNNNNNN!! KISAMA! or something like that after damaging the Hygouku.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. He also seemed surprised many others times too some of thoses times where illusion like when they stabbed Inamori instead but for example when he fought Yamamoto kanjou he was really surprised but then still said just as keiaku

      2. I dunno how to explain it though, it was less compose with this one. With Yamamoto, even then it was a surprise, but it wasn’t to the point like this where This is much different. Aizen doesn’t go to the point where he says, what, and then curses the person, which is in this case Gin. None of these chapters has ever shown Aizen lose his composure, but here is one point where he’s extremely annoyed that one thing might have fallen out of his calculations.

        Sora no Kaze
  22. it’s weird but i kinda have the feeling of haruhi’s endless eight nightmare.
    except this time, it’s an endless loop of ”i knew that you know”
    the next chapters will show both characters showing different moves, with
    each one being counteracted:
    – i planned this
    – oh but i counterplan this
    – yeah ? i’m counterplanning your counterplan
    – etc…

    1. Aizen: I knew you were going to do this
      Gin: I knew you were going to do that, so I have a counter
      Aizen: I knew that you knew that and planned a counter for that counter
      Gin: Ah, but I have a counter to counter the counter for the counter
      Aizen: But alas, I have a counter for that counter.
      Gin: Well I have a counter for that counter.

      Hours later:

      Aizen: and I planed this counter for that counter
      Gin: Well I have a counter for that counter.
      Aizen: Wow… can you just stop.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. Don’t forget the inevitable intervention/random from a completely random character! Swear to God, Matsumoto’s gonna jump in again claiming she was in on Gin’s plan to fake her death…but Aizen’s planned on Gin making such a plan…but Gin accounted for Aizen suspecting his plan…

      2. Masumoto: I was in with Gin the whole time
        Aizen: I knew you kept her alive Gin
        Gin: I knew you knew that… so I made a counter plan.
        Aizen: Could… you stop this already.
        Gin: But Aizen, you out of all people should know it’s too hard to stop doing this. After all, you do this as a past time.
        Aizen: Damn snake.
        Gin: What you give to others, you shall receive many times more, by me.

        So, who’s going to outlast who is the question.

        Sora no Kaze
  23. Ok, wtf. Bleach is completely out of control already. I mean really, having Gin reveal he lied about his Bankai to Ichigo AND knows Aizen’s only “weakness” is just outrageously unrealistic. If Aizen knew Gin would betray him eventually, why the hell would he tell Gin his weakness? I suppose the answer now is that Aizen’s so omnipotent that it doesn’t matter what Gin tries…but seriously, why DIDN’T Gin do this like 200+ chapters ago?! I’ve lost so much respect for Tite as a mangaka already – this chapter makes me want to drop the series entirely.

  24. It does not make sense for Aizen to tell Gin about how to avoid “total hypnosis”, especially knowing his snake nature, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

    The only fitting follow up is Aizen strikes again, this time a battle between Aizen and Gin, a fight that will be backed up by Ichigo later on.

  25. Well, THAT was unexpected. And yet, totally expected. And yet…

    Also, would it kill you to post titles with a hint of originality? The hell does curiosity killed the cat have to with THIS chapter, anyway?

      1. I complain about lots of things. And I guess compared to my complaints about the spoilers (or perhaps, INCLUDING them), it just looks like I’m grasping at straws, but these are just things that generally irk me.

        I’ll try to keep to a minimum.

    1. Cause it does in all honesty? The fact that Aizen knew, but still let it happen which might completely knock him off his winning pedestal, at least for the time being makes this title perfect.

      Sora no Kaze
  26. WE all knew he was goign to betray him (even Aizen) but I wasn’t expecting it NOW! 0_o

    Y’know what would be crazy? If Aizen’s body is really killed, and Gin himself tries to fuse with the Hogokyo. At that point one of three things could happen:

    1. Gin simply wins and becomes the “final boss”.
    2. Aizen’s soul is in the Hogokyo, and takes over Gin.
    3. (my personal hope) Aizen’s Soul is in the Hogokyo, but instead of taking over Gin, they MERGE. Then you’d have an Aizen/Gin Hybrid, I’d pretty just mess my pants :0 Won’t happen, but I can hope.

    Also, it’s really hard to tell, but did Gin take Rangiku’s neclace?

  27. I knew Gin was lying about his bankai. Guys always lie about their bankai’s size. 13 KM, right. He just said that so he could stick it in his captain and aquirt his poison.

  28. Aizen of course planned this. I knew it since the beginning: Gin is the final boss. Now can we please switch to Ichigo getting owned? I’m sick of Aizen and his “just as planned” face. Of course I was happy because he finally changed his arrogant face but just let him die already.

  29. “One thing I know though- if Kubo smashes all my predictions and actually kills off Aizen, Bleach would be so awesome.”

    I don’t know about “awesome”, but it’ll at least redeem Bleach in my eyes, which has nosedived a lot ever since the neverending fights since entering Hueco Mundo. Aizen is too overpowered it’s no longer funny, in fact, everytime he gets hit, the norm now is to expect him to counter-pwn while looking smug and completely unscratched, as is usual.

    The series would probably have been more entertaining if Aizen were the protagonist instead of Ichigo. At least we know we’ll be rooting for the Evil Mastermind and having fun seeing his evil machinations slowly come to fruition while his opponents write and die in complete pwnage shock, much like Light in Death Note and Lelouche in Code Geass.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. you are absolutely right but bleach’s author is clearly not smart enough to write main characters on the level of light and lelouch. the character aizen appears smart because the author makes him say that he knew/planned everything after the events are presented.

  30. My guess:
    The Hougyoku is able to keep the poison from killing Aizen, but doing so takes ALL of its power. As a result Aizen is left with a nasty wound and without regeneration, making it possible to kill him. And the best part is that even Gin’s death does not cancel the effect of his bankai.

    Then Gin flees from Aizen and watches the clash between Aizern and Ichigo. The latter wins, but it turns out that Aizen’s death is the sacrifice needed to create the Key (and Aizen was actually planning to use Ichigo’s life to create the Key). Gin reappears and takes the newly-created Key (and maybe the Hougyoku) before leaving. On to the next arc.

  31. This chapter had some excitement, but the ideas were all unoriginal.
    Gins bankai = matsumoto’s shikai + soifons shikai

    However, compared the rest of the sh*tty chapters we’ve gotten so far, it is a good change to see Aizen’s WTF face, even though it is only temporary (remeber, he already planned this to happen)

  32. LOL aizens not dead, and matsumoto aint dead either, gin kicked her through a senkai gate to hide her reiatsu, and aizen will pull something out of his ass and kill gin then ichigo will come in

    this is too predictable

  33. I haven’t read through the rest of the comments, so excuse me if someone else said this already.

    I think I see where Kubo is going with this. He’ll “kill” Aizen now and let it look like he’s gone for good. Gin will take the hogyoku and attack Ichigo’s friends, only to be stopped by Ichigo, who has finished his training.

    Gin will tell him about killing Aizen and they’ll fight. Ichigo eventually beats him and takes hogyoku from him, but Then Aizen reforms from the hogyoku, revealing that, as long as it exists, he can regenerate from it even if his entire body is destroyed.

    He beats Ichigo there, and the story marches on….

  34. As awesome as that was, you must all remember that we’ve haven’t seen Aizen’s Ban Kai yet. So there’s a possibility of Aizen counter-trollin’. But what we know for certain is that the king’s key will most likely be made.

    Fat cat
  35. If Gin somehow really manages to kill Aizen, and things turn out that Aizen ISN’T actually the last boss, I would pick Bleach up again. Now that would be something that I don’t see coming.

    It isn’t that I dislike Aizen though but his Godlike scheme is getting a bit old. It would be interesting to see that Gin actually has a hell load of things under his sleeves and could take over Aizen’s plan or something.

  36. Lol, so this is the not so shocking, shocking turn of events for this arc. Seems like Kubo tries so hard to shock us yet it turns out to be not so shocking. What shocks me the most is how many times what he thought he made us believe actually turns out to be an ILLUSION/double cross! The only real shock I had in the series was Aizen being the one behind everything.

    Word of the day: Shock~

  37. Umm.. I still don’t understand his Bankai. The description is a bunch of BS. “Turns to dust”, blah blah. “poison” blah blah. That’s a bunch of BS. I hate the fact all of sudden, when it’s convenient, Gin’s abilities are totally different than what’s been depicted up to this point.
    Other than that, I loved how he stabbed him. That awesome and clever.

    1. Previously the bankai was supposed to stretch his sword out much longer and at a faster speed. Now he reveals that was actually a lie and that his sword actually turns to dust momentarily and materialize once it reaches its destination. Almost like teleportation so thats why it seems like his blade stretches so much faster. Also he reveals the true power of his bankai is that it releases poison into whatever his blade comes in contact with when its in dust mode. Kinda confusing but kinda fitting since Gin claims hes a snake and snakes are poisonous right?

  38. Gin has always been my favorite; it was unfortunate that he always got so little screen-time. I hope he survives Aizen’s counter-pwn.

    Gin is a true genius after-all, he and Kisuke are the only two that could potentially beat Aizen in a match of plan/counter-plan.

    So Very Odd
  39. Gin will most probably die within next few chapters.

    but as we know many people love Gin and somebody might rape Kubo if he intends to kill that silver-haired character.

    so my assumption : Aizen is going to use another cheat code and Gin will somehow lost the battle against him. Ichigo will come back with new power and kick Aizen’s ass but then Aizen will use his bankai form and the last battle begin. Oh sorry I forgot we’re talking about Bleach here, so there’ll always be another new story even after “the last battle”.

  40. I think people put too much faith in the theory that “you have to use your bankai to be complete in the plot” thing. Lets phase it… how many captains were effectively pwned without ever showing their Bankai’s for different reasons? Its even shown with characters like Soifon that your bankai sometimes is worse than your Shiki. Not going to put it past kubo to kill off Aizen without ever giving him a Bankai display.

    That said, don’t think Aizen is dead though… Gin’s good, but I think he’s good enough to have a plan B. Also like how his actions explain two things… 1, why he didn’t just use his bankai to cut all the pillars. 2, why Aizen never bothered asking him to.

    Anyway, think next chapter is the start of a serious Aizen vs Gin fight since Aizen already hinted that there was at least one person he didn’t think he’d win against with his Shiki alone (Mr. Old and WAYYYY too Buffy). If Gin gets defeated without a serious fight, going to feel cheated… which was felt after Aizen pwned most of the captains without Ichigo saying anything about them fighting an illusion until the very end.

  41. New theory:
    1.Aizen really does intend to kill the SS king but can’t.
    2.He’s planning on using Ichigo to kill the SS king thus all the trials
    3.Gin is Actually the SS king’s bodyguard
    4.Kurosaki Isshin (not sure how it’s spelled) is actually a direct relative of SS king

    ok it’s too long so basically something like this

  42. Gin is da best, as always 😀 So epic.

    Now let’s see the flashback in today’s spoilers. Maybe he loves Rangiku in the end.
    So Love vs God 😀

    This and the following Kisame vs Gai is f***ing awesome 🙂


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