I doubt anyone is seriously surprised at the fact that Aizen survived even after getting most of his chest blasted out and his Hougyoku taken away. With the flashbacks and also the final scene, it seems pretty clear that Gin is going to be dead very soon. It’s a disappointment really, I had wished to see more of his character but it looks like he’s just going to be trashed just like Tousen. Aizen wrecked Gin’s hand when he tried to grab the stone and is going to kill him with just a slash to the chest while the other captain-level shinigami (the good guys) are temporarily incapacitated. I’m sure most people are very annoyed seeing Sosuke continue touting his god-like abilities without adequate reason and now metamorphosed (yet again) into some kind of butterfly; it seems like it’s all buildup for an epic final battle between him and Ichigo, but it’s only getting lamer as it drags out. My suspension of belief is reaching its limits, and characters are becoming very uninteresting.

The chapter itself felt very short, and there was nothing shocking revealed. Between the intermittent flashbacks and action, I was also slightly confused at certain panels. There’s a scene which will need to be clarified showing a young Gin watching Aizen and three subordinates holding what looks like the Hougyoku, and Matsumoto beat-up lying on the ground nearby wearing non-shinigami clothing. That aside, hopefully the story will start moving forward now to the final battle without any more pointless interruptions.

Again, I’ve been having a tight schedule recently so posts are late this week.


    1. couldn’t have said it better! WHY ACT SURPRISED if your sooooo god like?!?!?! aizen did this what? about 7-8 times already??…………..and now…a butterfly…HAHAHAHAHA! NIGGA PLEASE!!

      BROOKLYN otaku
  1. OH wtf! After I read the chapter, I was like COME ON! He fricking pwned the heck out of your Hougyoku and you’re still alive. Come ON GIN, YOU CAN DO IT! Damn it, just when he could have turned it around, Kubo let Aizen hypnotize him and pull god hax.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. “Kubo let Aizen hypnotize him and pull god hax.”

      I think this statement probably helps explains everything.

      At this rate, Aizen will arrange for Kubo to draw him invading the Naruto-verse and One Piece-verse, where he pwns everyone there with his haxx0rs skillz as well. When he eventually becomes the undisputed God-King of Shounen Jump, he moves on to other Shueisha magazines. And why stop at Shueisha when he can move on to the Shogakugan-verse, Kadokawa-verse, or even across the pond into DC-verse and Marvel-verse?

      Ayasaki Hayate would need to think of a way to team up with Suzumiya Haruhi and Superman fast.

      Kinny Riddle
  2. What?

    Aizen is evolving! *insert Pokemon evolution music here*

    Congratulations! Your Aizen evolved into a Butterfree!

    Anyway, not a big fan of the butterfy wings. Hopefully more of Gin’s story will be revealed but I’m still not buying that he’s one of the good guys.

  3. With every lame chapter, I lose more faith in this series.

    If it was not for some unanswered questions, I would have dropped this series a long time ago. I already dropped the Anime. :/

    1. Even with the few questions I still have I couldn’t take the crap anymore, I dropped the anime years ago and the manga 200 or so chapters back. Seriouslly, at this point when things finally get answered they’ll be posted on different sites and forums or even the bleach wiki. No point in losing brain cells “reading” this anymore.

  4. Well, if Gin does die, then we’ll most likely see a chapter (or more) about why he did all of that really soon (maybe the next chapter really). Based on those few flashbacks, his reasons seem to involve Rangiku (surprise!).
    Anyways, when I saw butterfly Aizen I also thought of Papillon lol.

    rings and things
    1. They are. But Kubo won’t listen. Aizen must be his imaginary butt buddy or something.

      Kubo needs to learn that there is no point in a “twist” if nothing becomes of them. e.g. Gin surprising us just to ultimately get killed and overshadowed by Aizen’s godhood, again.

      1. Scream all you want insects, Kubo is under the illusion that all the fans are shouting thats its great stuff and want more Aizen hax, thanks to my zanpakuto.

        Soon there will be a spin off called Bleach: The God Chronicles starring yours truly

      2. >_>…, I swear, what was the whole point of making Aizen mad when this was going to happen. Aizen (bleach character, not the person who commented) you damn troll! Give me back my awesome manga!

        Sora no Kaze
      3. You shouldn’t assume Kubo knows anything about writing at this point. Learn about twists is only the tip of it. I think some people should just draw and leave the writing to others.

  5. hmmm, anyone else think this is straying into some super sappy flash back on how Gin did ALL of this for his crush on Matsumoto? It looks like a young Matsumoto got raped or something. Seeing as how all her bruises are to the face and shes got that dazed look going on. I cant see the nameless subordinates would just go beat up a little girl than chuckle and leave without doing anything at all. Even if they did just beat her up, would that scuffle cause Gin to not only level himself to captain status but then implement an overly complicated, drawn out plan for revenge… Who knows? all I know is I hope Kon comes and whips Aizen’s ass once and for all and we can go back to saving lost souls or what ever the premise of the story used to be…

    1. well i can’t front dude, if AIZEN was INDEED part of a matsumoto GANG BANG, i gotta give him props for that “points toward being a BADMAN” and lord knows he NEEDS THE POINTS. i lost respect for him as a badman the moment he got cut by that vizard.

      BROOKLYN otaku
  6. I figured that Aizen would just heal.. but Gin still gets awesome points for that move. Kill him and steal the Hougyoku is exactly what I would have done.

    Hopefully he just escapes or someone else dies in his place.

  7. Oh look Aizen is fine. Well I guess I won’t be going back to Bleach after all. You almost convinced me Kubo. Then you ruined it(again). But then again, Kubo lost his credibility a long time ago anyway.

  8. I would have preferred yet another DBZ rip off like having Aizen merge with Gin the moment he would try to take the hogyoku but this is just…sad…so very sad…yet another variation of showing Aizen is god-like…we get it already Kubo…ENOUGH!!

  9. this series is getting worse and worse, it was going downhill for a good year or two but now it has sunk to new lows, mariana trench style.
    there is no reason to kill gin or to revive aizen, we already know aizen is an evil sob and we have not yet been shown gin’s motives. everybody already hates aizen so writing that into the story is unnecessary.
    i think kubo needs a lesson in storytelling 101, because clearly he has taken too many classes in milking the cash cow.

    1. Oh wait after thinking a bit, i think the whole story is this

      Shinigami X (the fella getting the thing) is Matsumoto’s boyfriend/husband/whatever. Aizen wants to use X to test the Hougyoku thus passed him the thing. Matsumoto wanted to stop him but got pushed away and beat up by the other shinigami. Needless to say X has something bad happen, maybe he got trapped in the Hougyoku.

      Gin’s motives then become clear whether it is due to X or matsumoto

      Zaku Fan
    2. Also, it should be noted that this form is probably his second stage ressurection like Ulquiorra’s so Gin already did pretty well to force him to pull it out. Still he should have added a headshot after grabbing the Hougyoku. No brain Aizen would probably be hard pressed (or at least shocked a bit more).

      Zaku Fan
  10. wow now no one can beat Aizen with an upgrade like that who would want to fight him

    i m more of an Matsu/Hitsu shipper but with this chapter Gin/Matsu earned a couple of brownie points from me

  11. Actually, I’m surprised no one mentionned yet that Gin had his hand on the Hougyoku this whole chapter…what if he actually controlled it just enough to do yet another twist?

  12. Best I can figure out is that Aizen’s men did something to Matsumoto and Gin got close to him for revenge. At least that’s the only explanation that makes sense any more. And I imagine that the next chapter or two will have Gin making a last stand against Aizen, doing some damage, before he dies off and our Glorious Hero blows stuff up*.

    *Despite the fact that an attack that just blows things up really shouldn’t be able to threaten a guy who uses illusions, no matter how advanced it gets.

  13. Nothing shocking revealed?
    Apparently Gin has been planning this since he was a kid; what a fox.

    Anyway, we also got Hougyoku progress so hopefully something happens with that and someone else uses it to power up.

    1. Honestly… That is not shocking at all.

      Gin has been suspicious for a long time now and people have theorized that he would betray Aizen. How long he’s been planning this doesn’t come off as shocking because to me I’ve been waiting for Gin to turn around and back stab Aizen. It was an expectation and I was just waiting for it to happen.

      Now, in regards to how long he’s been planning to do it… It’s just background information as to why he did it and that doesn’t really do much to make it “Wow… Gin’s been planning to betray Aizen since he was a kid…” when you already know he will.

      You want shocking? Add a different dimension to Gin’s betrayal one that isn’t predictable, then it’ll be shocking. As to what will make it shocking – I can’t think of any at the moment but if you were to think up of something no one would expect, THAT’S shocking.

  14. For the love of… STOP PATTING THIS ALL OUT AND GET TO THE FIGHT! I am so sick of the “There is always hope bit”. We know that! They did it in almost every story that ever existed (I know that there are like a million stories that didn’t end well, but you get my point). Hey Kubo, here’s an idea. Bring out SQUAD 0 and have them fight Aizen! I don’t care about Ichigo, AT ALL. I didn’t start reading Bleach because of that orange haired kid with the amusingly oversized sword.

  15. Mr. Kiiragi is in charge of One Piece man, keep it cool geez…

    I was trolled, I truly believed in Gin… por boy, at least he showd us his “human” side.

    Kudos to Mr. theburntshadow: Aizen vs Squad 0 is a great idea!

    Lectro Volpi
  16. OMG, Kubo just killed Ichimaru as character. The only thing I can assume from this chapter is that Gin wanted to kill Aizen because Matsomuto was beaten up. Which is lame. Is the same thing with Uchiha Itachi. First he was this no mercy ninja and then it was all to protect Sasuke..


  17. Gin won’t die, Aizen slaughtered Tousen when Tousen was weakened, Gin should still be at maximum right now. Even the main characters can dodge and block a few attacks, so Gin should be able to as well, well, as long as it takes for Ichigo to show up. I am hoping they eventually team up together to take down Aizen, that would make things interesting again – two enemies united against a common enemy.

    Booty Hole
  18. Props for kubo on making aizen actually scary…

    that face on page 14 is serius nightmare fuel X-x

    doubt that gin would die. slash was clifgfhanger – no one dies from cliffhangerslashes

  19. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
    I’m thinking about dropping this series. at least until its finished….
    It’s no fun anymore to read this. Everything I liked at the beginning of this series is gone.
    Aizen is just too lame as a villain. There’s nothing interesting about him. Be it his motives or his powers which become lamer and lamer everytime there’s a “twist”.
    Now he’s a butterfly. Yaaay….

  20. So…ok so apparently the Hogyoku, may as well been passed from many hands, cause if Aizen has to get cronies just to steal it (Notice that those smae cronies are leaving the ko’d Rangiku) It’s very well possible that Rukia was just the latest in a series of hiding places for the Hogyoku OR that Urahara was smart enough to make copies (albeit the copies fail in comparison to the true one) of the Hogyoku and had them hidden in several bodies and Aizen went mad looking for them. So yeah yeah yeah Butterfly wings shoop de whoop, OP Aizen shoop de whoop, You know that there is gonna be like 2-3 more Itchigo vs. Bankai/Hollow (FYUUUUUUU–SION HA!!!!! Come on tell me i wasn’t the only one thinking that they coulda just threw in a dance to make it more dbz like anyway) So they just need to move that along cuz im pretty sure that Isshin is running low on rei and would like to do some sort of Heal-up before he gets 1-hit by God Aizen and forces Itchigo to go all SSJ4+ Kayoken 10 just to survive a hit.

    Watch once Aizen near death they start an ENTIRE arc explaining the ENTIRE story from his lens, easy way to splurge out 15+ chapters. Just for him to survive afterwards cuz of the ouken’s creation an Orihime somehow healing him thru rejecting the Ouken’s creation.

    If that does happen…YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!!

  21. Hey, think Positive. Soon we will seen Ichigo “God slayer” in full action.

    Well…. thats the only one good thing. When even Gin (he still have to many Secrets) can’t do a thing about Azien “Godly” Powersource. And don’t tell me. Matsumoto has no “Soul” anymore. The underlings of Aizen, looked like they “stole” the Souls from the Bodys. But (Warning!! Poster is going in Godly Rumor Mode!!)Gin, save young Matsumoto, while he split up his Soul. Thats because he still have this Bond to her. Nee-sama Feelings!!!!! (/Godly power drained)

  22. THAT’S IT. You’ve done it, Kubo. You’ve officially lost me as a fan. This chapter was complete bull, but the worst part is that I’m not even surprised by it. For gods sake, someone has been “dying” on the last page of every chapter for some 200+ chapters now, and there really was no point in making Aizen pretend-die whatsoever.

    This manga has been going downhill ever since Ichigo had to save Orihime (why was she kidnapped again? Oh that’s right. FOR NO REASON AT ALL). I’m through watching it flounder. Totally dropping this manga indefinitely…I already dropped the anime years ago.

  23. Kubo had one chance to redeem the series, and that was last chapter when Gin “killed” Aizen. Had that worked out, and some new plot element transpired involving Gin and some hidden motives/agenda of his that is even bigger than Aizen, it could have gotten interesting. Aizen surviving and killing Gin would completely destroy this series, imho, especially since Gin is quite possibly one of my favorite trolls.

    Booty Hole
  24. Can someone fill me in on where the Vizard are during this whole ordeal? I must have missed something.

    IMO, I don’t think Aizen knows how to use the Hogyoku to make the key. If he did, he would have done it by now. I think he was looking for something (or someone) to help him make the key, which is why Kubo has had him wandering around Kurakura Town for the last few chapters.

  25. Aizen is a God as we all know and hate, can’t be killed(as we’ve seen every shinigami trying to kill him but failing..but just you watch since ichigo will learn the ultimate sword move, and will destroy Aizen somehow..because he’s ichigo….seriously i don’t understand why the captains fight..just send ichigo to kill everyone as ichigo can never die as well..he’s god moding too but first he has to get beat up, then recover n kill the guy who just destroyed him 5 seconds ago…it was mentioned before but I would of loved to see Aizen die by Gin…. the flashback it would seem matsumoto got beat up by some of Aizen’s men and Gin has seeking revenge all this time.. the obvious guess.

  26. important thing we pulled out of this is that you have to be touchign hsi sword to dispell his illusion thats how ichigo will win this period.
    Also I knew aizen had absorbed the hugoyku into his body saw that coming a mile away

    Super Saiyan Goku
  27. “My suspension of belief is reaching its limits”

    I think you meant to say suspension of disbelief. Either way, this kind of unbalanced predictable plot is one of the reasons I stopped following Bleach. That, the thrown out potential of the Shikai and Bankai concepts (because we’ve seen almost all of them in just one arc) and the last second power ups.

  28. well im glad atleast that I wasnt the only one confused.. smh.. i wish this chapter had more than 50 words of dialouge..
    Im not even sure what we learned this chapter except that when you take the HOUGYOKUSTONE that Aizen is holding he evolves and learns TELEPORT.. and FURY CUTTER which apparently super effective on Snake-types…
    I was thinking that Aizen would go Hollow with that hole in his chest but no that would make sense.. smh.
    Its like Kubo is just drawing whatever he wants while putting off the explaination and letting it pile up in his To-do box..
    but yes this post reflects my sentiments exactly.. KUBO EXPLAIN THIS BS!

  29. Bleach is, in my opinion, the posterchild of all issues that arise from having a story written and drawn by the same person. Kubo is a great artist who comes up with fantastic character designs, but I’d bet there are fanfic writers who could come up with a better plot than this. Just because Oda and, to an extent, Kishimoto are good storytellers doesn’t mean all mangaka are.

  30. Even Aizen must be like “wtf” at the fairy wings. I mean the Hougykou is trying to turn him into some gay butterfly man. I’d be begging Gin to get the thing out of me. Albeit he’d probably just rip open my stomach

  31. Aizen needs to die and his death needs to be the most satisfying, crushing defeat in the entire series eclipsing the Ulquiorra battle now for this to pay off.

    And it needs to be Ichigo showing up next chapter. Preferably with Gin using the last of his strength to tell Ichigo how to go into Resurrection and reach an entirely new level of power in the process.

    I can’t see any other way for this to end without destroying what little credibility this series has left. Though honestly I’m no writer, I think even I could write this better.

    Sol Fury
    1. Well,I still enjoy reading it. That doesn’t mean I don’t feeling like hurting myself after some chapters.

      The only defense I’ll give to kubo is he is trying to make ichigo the last hope (due to him being the main character), and he is doing these failed attack because people would go wtfomgbbq if people didn’t actually fight…

      Its not even the plot that is pissed people off my opinion, its the way he paces. He sets something epic up (urahara pwns aizen, hytsugaya stabs aizen,gin pwns aizen), then they he takes it away the next chapter and it feels like a kick in the nuts.

      If he condensed it to the attack and the retaliation were all in 1 chapter, I am pretty sure the backlash would be –>THIS<– bad…

      Sorry for getting off topic…but yeah, I probably won't drop bleach. i only drop manga its hurts to read (ga-rei, claymore, out law star manga, trigun manga came close<–(all the same plot pints as in the anime excespt done in exceedingly stupider ways)

    2. It’s like Code Geass R2: the asspulls are so hilarious that you have to keep on watching.

      I want the anime team to do another filler arc, the Zanpakuto Rebellion was really enjoyable and even the followup wasn’t bad. Then they will have enough buffer space to smush multiple Aizen “twist deaths” into a few bearable episodes without catching up.

  32. Jesus Christ, Bleach.. How are you even still going? Literally nothing has happened in 3 freaking years.

    Kubo was doing a good job in the beginning, it peaked at Soul Society and has been rolling down the mountain as a limp corpse for the past like 250 chapters.

  33. It’s like the film 300, god king bled because of one man and the Spartan’s came back to bite the god king’s sorry butt. But indeed bleach is getting boooooooooring. Seriously.

  34. Stopped watching the anime shortly after SS arc. I started reading the relevant manga releases when I heard that they were finally having a showdown with Aizen in fake Karakura. X chapters of stalling and then this? Basically, Gin’s been wanting to kill Aizen for 20+ years and he chose to wait until Aizen initiated super god mode to make an attempt on Aizen’s life, when these “revelations” indicate he was capable of taking it before the SS arc? Yep, I’m once again quitting this Bleach.

  35. If gin really does die.. Im dropping the manga >_>

    Come on ichigo! save gin!!

    The only good chapter in a LONG time was ruined by this fail. I seriously loved the previous chapter and hoped aizen would really die.

  36. It was nice seeing a Matsumoto and Gin childhood flashback, since the only pairing I actually care about in Bleach is GinxMatsumoto. I hope Gin lives and Kubo restores our faith by letting Gin get an epic win over Aizen. And it was also nice seeing Gin’s eyes XD

    It was not nice seeing Aizen survive. Again.

    Magical Poof
  37. To everyone complaining and saying they will drop the manga..alright lets stop the b.s., yes I agree we all hate Kubo for prolonging Aizen’s life cause only ichigo can kill him and no one else apparently..but seriously even though u hate whats happening.you’re gonna continue reading it every week..cause you still want to know wots gonna happen…we all have our own “Oh u shouldn’t have done that.. it should have been this…” even though it might be right in ur eyes and many others…but ur NOT THE WRITER N ITS NOT UR STORY..so we’ll continue complainig..but its not gonna change anything..bleach is bleach…it had its moments..

    saaaaay wooot now
  38. I was hoping it go something like Gin is revealed to have been waiting for the right time to destroy Aizen and steal the Hougyoku while also obtaining the King’s Key for himself. When the time comes and he finally achieves the King’s Key, Ichigo arrives just for a short battle with Gin with Gin ultimately losing. Then all of a sudden the Hougyoku pulsates and slowly shows that Aizen is alive and at this point consumes Gin. After that I would assume that Aizen takes control of the King’s Key and goes Legendary SSJ and Ichigo would go SSJ3 on him. In the end when all seems lost and Aizen will rule the world, Ichigo will go Genki Dama style on him with the power of everyone and destroy Aizen. The End! This was basically what I was hoping for, at least this way it would make everything seem like Aizen was at least dead long enough to hopefully have him disappear from the manga and make Gin seemingly be the final antagonist until the revival. I’d probably enjoy this summary of events in the end more than what seems to be happening at the moment =(

  39. Now we definitely know Aizen wants to bone Ichigo.

    Just look at him and his glorious fairy form. If that wasn’t enough of a big hint.

    He just wants him and Ichigo to be god-like so they can live happily ever after. Oh yea, that’s why he’s trying to kill the Spirit King too. Create a world just for him and that one-dimensional orange headed strawberry named kid. 8D

  40. This manga has become so bad that it’s good. I find Aizen’s shenanigans hilarious. I’m just waiting for Aizen to whip out the eraser and erase everyone. This will be the best manga ever if Aizen kills Ichigo and it just ends.

  41. I starting to think the only thing worse than reading the manga is reading these comments people give behind it. Everyone’s a critic but keep it to a minimum…sheesh.

    what the shrek
  42. Honestly, we’ve all been trolled and hypnotized for that past years. Thanks to Kubo.
    It’s true we keep on bitching and whining on Bleach’s descent into BS but that’s simply due to the fact it was a real fun read/watch at the start (until the end of SS and Rukia’s arc). After this, a few moments here and there (personally, Nel Tu and the Vizards were great) but Kubo tried to erase all those with utter BS.
    I stopped reading but I will soldier on the posts here. Issues after issues of nothing happening and/or milking Bleach for all its worth to finally pull out Aizen “godliness” over and over? Screw this, Naruto has grown much better a read than this.

  43. I don’t even follow bleach (sometimes, just sometimes I read it ^^) but all the comments here are just really funny!!
    Even Lelouch would prefer to shoot himself than facing Aizen! He is too GODLY!
    just wondering, does Ichigo even stand a chance to fight him?

  44. How much do you want to bet that Kubo just testing everyone patience until he brings out the really good part of the story >_>… I’ll probably lose that bet, but it’ll be hilarious if that was true.

    Sora no Kaze
  45. Alright this is getting way too stupid, even by my standard. I’ve watched Aizen in Godhax mode for the past months (or has it been a year now?) and come on, you’ve got to be freaking kidding me. Gin just pulled the Hougyouku right out of Aizen while disitegrating his heart from the inside and somehow Aizen STILL regenerated and won?

    I’ve had enough of this BS, and sadly I’ll still be reading this crap each week.


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