Love and Rose continue their fight against Starrk, who has become rather apathetic after Barragan’s death. With his zanpakuto Tengumaru and their masks, Love is able to beat down Starrk. However after talking with Lilynette, Starrk fuses with her and releases a hoard of wolves using both of their souls. Although Love and Rose destroy some of them, they reform and injure them by exploding at close range. When Starrk moves in the deal the finishing blow, he is suddenly frozen by something else. Nearby, Lisa, Hiyori and Toshiro fight against Harribel and also bicker continue to bicker among themselves.



Starrk’s wolves were definitely what I was looking forward to most about this episode. While they did look pretty cool lined up in the pack, it was disappointing seeing the limits of what they could do. The fact that each wolf is a warhead is alright, but I find it hard to believe that after Love and Rose got hit with dozens of them at close range at every angle, they would just be out of breath with a few scratches. For a Primera Espada, that is quite unimpressive especially compared to Barragan’s overpowered abilities.

Love and Rose themselves were fairly boring as well. Love’s giant club only reminded me that bigger isn’t better in Bleach, and Rose’s powers aren’t very intuitive. They managed to land in a few hits on Starrk while he was being lethargic, then almost immediately lost after Starrk used his wolves; at least someone showed up to save them. The random comedic bickering inserted at various points were unamusing and obtrusive to the flow. The switch between somber music and light-hearted music killed the mood quickly and failed to add anything interesting. The good guys don’t take the fight seriously, and perhaps this is for good reason, since they know they won’t die.

Animation and art was again, very crappy. Too much time is spent on panning over still shots with only one character’s mouth moving. Fights mostly show two opponents flying at each other, then locking weapons and having a stare contest. The huge pillar of fire often used for explosions never actually does that much damage and I couldn’t care less about what happens to most of the characters. For the large part, the current battles are failing to capture my attention. Next week luckily the fight will be more unique (from what I’ve read in the manga), so hopefully it will be more fun to watch. And of course, dual-wielding always looks cool.


  1. I agree, the fights need to be more “fighting” oriented, since that’s the only thing going for Bleach. I realize that the anime is tailing the manga, but having the characters stand around dumb founded just seems like a waste of time, and money (pretty nostalgic from the years of DBZ). I’m kind of hoping that some time, a couple years after the Bleach anime has finished, that some studio in Japan will do what Toei is doing, which is remaking the Bleach anime into something that’s more enjoyable to watch.

    1. I think you mean Studio Pierrot. Or maybe I read your sentence wrong.

      Either way, not even taking out the filler will make Bleach more enjoyable for me. The source material is just that mediocre.

  2. It’s not just a problem for Bleach, in virtually every shonen series they show damage through scratches and dust. This means that ultimately we have no idea if something is supposed to be serious or not and that they have to say that someone was hurt, thereby breaking one of the most important rules of all. SHOW, don’t TELL.

  3. I am surprised you point out the unnecessary comedic bickering nearly every episode. I would think that after 100 weeks, you would let it slide.

    Was the uninteresting qualities of the episode the reason why you posted the review 4 days after it aired? In hindsight, the Bleach reviews have been posted later these days.

    1. With all due respect, I actually kindda agree with Prooof about the bickering, it could be animated differently and less annoying.. We’ll see how they handle it in the future!

  4. IMO I like Bleach for its huge cast of characters and the battles, but it’s just that the story takes too long to progress when the fights are short and the talking is for comedy in every episode.

    random viewer
  5. Next episode …
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. yeah… all the bankais, resurections, vizard mask
    and now floating wolves (sorry starks #1)are not up to the hype
    i could easely predict whats gonna happen (am not a manga reader!):
    all the espadas are gonna die, but they will make most of the bleach cast unable 2 continue the fight against Aizen. this is the reason why they’ve decided to pair up so many charcters against each espada (including the so powerful vizard)

    yamamoto is the only character who’s weapon realese resulted in instent death!
    but now he’s just floating around

  7. Aizen Ranked the espada by Spiritual Pressure(reiatsu) not by powers or best to worst, kinda make sense why Barragan being so hax was second, or ulquiorra being to powerful just make it to 4, this was mentioned by tk at the second character databook.

  8. I’m not asking for the brilliance of Hisagi vs Findor (that is undoubtedly the best animated fight of this entire arc), but can the studio at least try to make the fighting better?


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