「帽子とパンツはかぶるためにある!?」 (Boushi to Pantsu wa Kaburu Tame ni Aru!?)
“Hats and Underwear Are For Your Head!?”

While Soujirou’s suspicious nature has been an ongoing gag, I can’t help but feel sorry for him after seeing him interact with Futaba as a loving father. He’ll go to some pretty crazy lengths for her at the expense of his own body, as seen in her sports day practice the night before, so I can see why he’s pretty annoyed about being arrested every day on top of that. It must have been the ultimate dagger in the back when Mitsuba sold him out to the cops now that I think about it, which more than justified the shed punishment she and Hitoha got as a result. In light of all the crap he’s been through, I was actually happy to see him flip out at a police officer for a change. For the most part, I found the time he spent with Futaba at school pretty cute with the way he gave a mini opening ceremony like she asked for and acted as human obstacle course on-the-fly. I actually found the relay where he ran four people’s worth the funniest, but seeing him manhandled by Futaba in her tug of war practice and carried with ease in her “kibasen” one weren’t too shabby either. More of the laughs came from the actual day of the sports festival, where Futaba was in a deranged trance and hungry for the opposition’s hats.

I would’ve loved to see Futaba’s other events, namely the tug of war and relay ones where she likely destroyed the competition single-handedly, but the focus on the cavalry battle (i.e. kibasen) had its moments with Mitsuba and Hitoha involved. Mitsuba talking smack about all the hats she sadistically gathered led to a nice breakdown within their red team; however, I was actually much more amused by how Hitoha was deathly afraid of heights even though she was probably no more than a meter off the ground. There was also the bit with using Yuki’s thick eyebrows to steer, but Futaba’s hunger for hats took the cake for this skit. She sure is one hell of a beast I’d rather be carried by than going up against, which Mitsuba can probably attest to since cramming hats down her shirt didn’t save her from Futaba’s jaws of death. I gather I was supposed to be in awe at the sight of Futaba devouring all the hats taken from Mitsuba to try and calm her down, but I was more amazed by how Hitoha didn’t lose her hand in the process. The lion-like sound effects coming out of Futaba sure added to the quirkiness, though the sports day itself felt lacking with the way it ended abruptly right after.

In retrospect, this episode as a whole wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. The next skit with Satoshi collapsing with a fever and Sakiko stripping him to write sutras all over his body was more unsettling than anything else. I didn’t get too many laughs from it, but I absolutely loved Hitoha’s embarrassment from seeing Satoshi’s package and her reaction to Sakiko using a water-based marker this time around. She was unbelievably cute when she was at a loss on what to do and unable to step in and put a stop to Sakiko’s occult madness. The scene where she was on top of Satoshi and taking off her ink-stained top was just begging for misunderstandings though, especially with the troubled look on her face while she was frantically looking for his underwear. It was wrong for so many reasons, but Satoshi’s underwear on Hitoha’s head took that even a step further. It looked like she died on her feet from shock, whereas Satoshi reacted like he had just been raped in his sleep once he came to. I really didn’t know how to react to that except think, “Daaamn yo! Shit just got more wrong!”

Oddly enough, I found the Mitsuba/Miku rivalry bit at the end more cute than funny as well, simply because Mitsuba was still taking good care of the pencil case Futaba made out of her karate gi back in episode four. I did get a chuckle out of her reaction to Futaba wrecking hers long ago and Hitoha tossing hers in the trash, plus the guys swarming around Miku like zombies to confirm that she’s actually wearing cute and sexy adult underwear. The best part had to be the two rivals getting burned when talk about Mitsuba’s animal-print underwear came up, before things went back to being wrong again with Miku of begging Mitsuba to look at her underwear and confirm she’s wearing sexy underwear for everyone else. As per Satoshi getting stripped in his sleep, it sure looked like “wrong” was the theme of sorts for this episode. Normally I’d be amused by misunderstandings characters reaping what they sow, so I’m still not quite sure why the humor didn’t click with me this week. I did enjoy the cuter moments, but didn’t find myself laughing nearly as much as previous weeks. Anyone else feel like something was missing here?

* It’s hard to tell how much time passes between skits, but Soujirou’s hair and eyebrows sure grew back fast after the parent’s day incident.




  1. Yea, this week was that funny compared to last week where I choked on my own laughter. I actually felt sorry for Yabe-chi in this episode, he’s the unwilling victim for so many wrong scenes. Futaba in “beast” mode, that Miku girl’s plan back-firing thrice and mistaken as a stalker was priceless though.

  2. Yah this episode pales in comparison to the previous ones. I guess it’s missing the sadistic element where the perpetrator (the triplets) is thoroughly enjoying the victim’s pain (mostly Satoshi and Shin).

  3. Yes, the episode was kind of lackluster, but that drooling, zombie-eyed, maniacal bout of sadism Mitsuba laid on Miku at the end was well worth it. I think I went to sleep still laughing at that part.

  4. I still loved the way how they tied in stuff from previous episodes. The waterbased marker thing had me laughing and the return of the dogi pencil case was nice to see as well. And as always i’m really getting a loving vibe from the misunderstood dad. So still great episode.

  5. What’s great about this series is that any character can can get the short end of the stick
    just like in spongebob aquarepants. That dad should get a public apology from the entire
    police force for the harassment they give him. Another good episode for me dudes.

  6. The dad doesn’t get much of a break, does he? Then again, I did think that he was a pedophile the first time I saw him in the manga, so I guess it natural how people react if it’s the first time they’ve met him.


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