「だんだん大きくなってくわ/津田君はボーイズラブ」 (Dandan Ookiku Natteku wa / Tsuda-kun wa Booizu Rabu)
“It’s Gradually Getting Bigger / Tsuda is Gay”

A beach episode involving only the student council and an unplanned overnight stop at an inn because Yokoshima-sensei decided to get wasted on beers. It probably goes without saying that it was a “brilliant” script that translated well on screen. This time, they remembered to throw in some fan-service too. Booyah! One would probably expect the sight of Shino and Aria in bikinis to be the highlight here, but I was inexplicably mesmerized by Shino showing us her hip action while riding her inflatable dolphin. Is this girl really a virgin!? Innocent girls would probably just straddle it and stay on top, but Shino knows the motion of the ocean… and then some! I still find her ridiculously hard to read though, with the way she and Aria will get all flustered at the sight of Tsuda re-inflating the dolphin simply because it’s getting bigger and starting to “stand up”. Somehow, I don’t buy the thought of an erection bringing her to that state when she just looked like she could have taught an advanced sexual eduction class.

If watching this series has taught me anything so far, it’s that Shino is one of the ultimate traps out there. Not in the cross-dressing sense, but a “trap” that will land you in prison for sexual harassment if you were dumb enough to make a move on her. One minute she’ll look all inviting as an “experienced girl” openingly talking about sex, but the next minute she’ll be shying away in the corner and accusing you of harassing her. I can’t speak for everyone, but the thought of being dragged off by the police while screaming, “but I didn’t even lay a hand on her officer!”, doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend my afternoon. What’s amazing is that Aria doesn’t seem as likely to set someone up for a legal misunderstanding, even though her jokes trounce Shino’s more often than not. Shino’s ones make her come off as a bit of a poser since they tend to backfire, whereas Aria’s pretty unrelenting about saying how water got into her vagina — something that even blew Tsuda’s imagination of her top falling off out of this world. In short, she takes the “damn…” reaction to “dayamnnn… yo!”

However, I very much enjoy the cases where Shino reaps what she sows, such as spilling a sports drink onto herself and staining her bikini bottom. Naturally, the troubled look she had when that happened warrants a full-length shot, because there’s no harm in looking and not touching. Problems do arise when she wakes up in the middle of the night and snuggles into your futon, which Tsuda can surely attest to despite Ranko’s laser-targeted photographs telling a very different story. I still can’t help but wonder how much more evidence Ranko needs to blackmail Shino with, but she’s pretty relentless about collecting more and using some she stumbles upon to extort free drinks out of them.

While the bath scene fan-service was much better than the Kyoto trip, Suzu’s dismay over getting shortchanged for underage-looking reasons proved to be the perfect comedic spin on it. The pains of her childish looks seem to be limitless as well — whether it’s from treating Tsuda to a drink or being hit on by an elementary school boy — so it was oddly nice to see her get a shot in herself about them sharing a room as a make-believe family to cut costs down. Unsurprisingly, nothing really ever comes from taking perverted jabs at Tsuda, though Kotomi did pack him more than enough condoms to keep it safe. Aw… now isn’t that thoughtful of his younger sister? And by thoughtful I mean disturbingly prepared for a middle schooler. Again, we can never count out Aria for saying with a completely straight face that going in the “backdoor” unprotected is dangerous. It’s always Aria with the jaw-dropper!

It would’ve been nice to see more of a “happening” after all the talk about the mixed bath, but I did appreciate the jokes on morning wood when Tsuda wanted to sleep in five more minutes and his convulsions during sleep that Shino thought were cause by a wet dream. I was wondering when they’d poke fun at those and they delivered both at once. I got a good laugh as a result, more so than the ones about telling their parents that Tsuda’s either only into 2-D or simply gay to justify sharing a room together. Still, all the jokes were much better hit with me this time around. Just be wary of Shino. She’s dangerous business. Naruko too, since she preys on young adolescent boys.




  1. I though the guy on the beach would be happy with Naruko, given she’s so hungry for guys younger than her. I keep finding her slurping tongue look hilarous. They even tired her up when sleeping to prevent her from doing things to Tsuda :p

    Zaku Fan
  2. https://randomc.net/image/Seitokai%20Yakuindomo/Seitokai%20Yakuindomo%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2013.jpg
    Suzu thinks that she’s the little girl who afraid of being lost
    Suzu hates to date the boy younger than her even she had the same height
    X slash DNAngel
    how to use the towel after the Steam Bath, for the women, cover the top, and for the boys, cover their private parts like a hanger

  3. Thanks Devine, I can satisfy my curiosity because I can read the review here, …though I still can not find any subbed one anywhere… Hey, this is summer holiday , so everyone should enjoy it ^_^

    ay ya ya ya ya
  4. another good thing about this show is that aside from the comedy and suggestive imagery,it’s still unlicensed by any company alongside Amagami SS,this season has been the season of licensing,lol…

  5. Now that is one hard dolphin, in every sense of the word, which includes this:
    ttp://randomc.net/image/Seitokai%20Yakuindomo/Seitokai%20Yakuindomo%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2014.jpg lol

    Naruko’s obsession with younger men makes it all the more funnier that the girls have to tie her up during sleeping time to prevent her from assaulting Takatoshi. 🙂

    What was even funnier was Ranko appearing unexpectedly and busting Takatoshi and Shino for their “incestuous” relationship. XD

    I do hope Ranko puts to good use the photos she “sniped” of Shino unwittingly tugging herself into Takatoshi’s futon. That scene was just too cute.

    In the 2D visual novel imagination scene, it seems like the artists for this scene is emphasizing the “2D” girl’s colours in contrast to Takatoshi’s “3D”, just to drive home the point that the girl we’re seeing here is 2D, hence “not real”.


    Kinny Riddle
  6. I hope there’s at least a little bit of a push towards TsudaxSuzu in the end. I got the feeling from episode three that this was at least a believable pairing, unlike TsudaxShino which always turns into a joke.

  7. So we know that Mio’s VA is Shino and Ritsu is Aria.
    I find it funny how Ritsu is always pointing out how she wants to be taller (with Mio being the tallest).

    Subsequently, Ritsu is now voice acting the taller one.
    Just thought it was interesting. D:


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