「遠イ物語」 (Tooi Monogatari)
“Distant Story”

Gather around, it’s story time! A lot of it wasn’t really new story as far as the anime is concerned though, seeing as the discovery of the crashed spaceship on Kamikura Island after it mysteriously appeared in the Sea of Japan was mentioned back in episode seven of the first season. In addition, the part of the flashback involving the first Disciplinary Force was shown as a cold open in the first episode of this sequel. As such, the only new revelations were some of finer details in Matsu’s explanation of the Sekirei Project and how Minaka Hiroto got to the alien technology first and founded M.B.I. with it. We learned whatever was deemed by Miya to be permissible information to tell Minato anyway, which evidently doesn’t include how she technically isn’t a Sekirei. Judging by the arrangement of their stasis pods, I gather there’s something special about her being the sole adult Sekirei at the moment of discovery, surrounded by eight other embryos that would go on to be known as the single numbers. I don’t know whether or not she’s the original sample that all the other 107 Sekirei were created from (i.e. a mother of sorts), but that’s my hunch for now based on what was said and shown this episode. (I haven’t read the manga.)

Some other notable points brought up included how the military of unknown origins was likely a combined effort of multiple countries trying to seize the alien “Over Technology” for themselves, during which the five Sekirei who were awakened and fully “tuned” by Takehito at the time became the first generation Disciplinary Force that protected all the other fertilized Sekirei eggs. There was also mention of how a being single number doesn’t necessarily make a Sekirei one of the strongest, as that was merely a rumor that went around since after they held off the invasion of Kamikura Island with ease. Given how Takehito was the genius “Coordinator” who regulated their development, I’d say there’s probably some element of truth to that rumor though. Matsu did mention that the regulation of the other fertilized eggs doesn’t necessarily lead to powerful Sekirei, but ones that are inline with their coordinators’ desires, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that Takehito tried to bring out Miya and the others’ combat abilities to serve as the original “S Project” — the Disciplinary Force that protects the other Sekirei. The sad turn of events is that Minaka figured it’d be fun to make a “story of gods” and twisted the Sekirei Project to what it is now, where it pits them against one another in what he believes to be some love story. Incidentally, “absurd story” seems to be the more appropriate name for it, according to Matsu.

Unfortunately, they decided to make us hold our breath on exactly why the Sekirei Project is still proceeding as-is, other than to satisfy Minaka’s eccentric nature. However, I did appreciate the additional background info on Takehito and how he didn’t seem happy about turning Miya and the others to killing machines. I’d still like to know who traumatized Tsukiumi so much coordinating her, since it would probably explain why she’s a tsundere today. Musubi and Kusano’s innocence on the other hand show the fruits of Takami’s work, which suggests to me that she wanted them to lead a normal life. It’s just too bad the start of the third stage throws a huge wrench in those plans, now that Minaka’s added a stipulation to the game where all of an Ashikabi’s Sekirei will cease functioning unless they have some kills. Last I checked, Minato has two tallies thanks to Musubi, whereas Ichinomi Natsuo probably has a crap load with the way Karasuba’s been having a field day out there. Now is it just me or is it ridiculously unfair to have the current generation Disciplinary Force participating as well? I thought they were supposed to regulate the game, not be a powerhouse in it.

In the meantime, it looks like the next episode will show how Takehito brought Miya around to the person she is today who’s not sinking warships. This is also the first time I recall seeing Izumi’s face, so perhaps he’ll be joining the mix himself instead of sending in Kakizaki all the time to do his bidding. Minato’s has his full flock of Sekirei ready to go at least, with Homura remaining in his somewhat mixed gender form at his new Ashikabi’s wish. Apparently Minato has influence over turning him completely female personality-wise if he so desires, but is content with whatever Homura wants to be, even if it means remaining in his current state.

* On a completely separate note, I’m still curious as to why Hiroto, Takami, and Takehito’s hair is all white and if it’s somehow related to the alien technology.




  1. The issue of the white hair could be a sign of premature aging caused by maybe excess radiation from whatever devices used to accelerate the growth of the sekirei, or that white hair is easier to produce for the animators.

  2. The captain’s cloaks are so awesome, I question why Mutsu doesn’t where one when a lower rank like Yume does… are they only for women?

    Seeing Matsu actually use her ability was cool with the echoes and everything, but does it have any use other than supplementing the true attack force? I’m curious about what her bankai would be if she were to kiss Minato.

    Miya was kind of scary back in the day, with the deeper voice and yandere eyes. And the way they are showing their backstory is building Takehito up as a legend. But seriously, I’m gonna lose it if that idiot with the cape yells RABU STORY again.

    1. AuroraFlame, if you look closely you can see that even the male of the first 5 wears the same coat.

      homura should just keep being a gender-bender in my opinion, making him a complete female when they have to go in battle (keeps the awkward part of 2 guy’s kissing out) and turning him back to the usual unspecified gender after the battle.

      1. It might be a mistranslation of the subtitles as I remember that their were some discussion about the translation of what Minato said to Homura in the manga. If I remember correctly so could the original japanese be translated as either ‘stay as he is’ or as ‘be what he wants’. The later obviously adds a bit of a twist to the story.

      2. The confusion stems from the use of 「まま」 “mama” in the dialogue, which combined with 「その」 “sono” means “as you are”. Here, Homoru uses it to talk about how a Sekirei can even become multi-gendered if their Ashikabi so desires though, i.e. 「思うまま」 “omou mama”. Minato responds saying that he doesn’t like the idea that he can dictate his Sekirei’s sexuality/personality, so he tells Homura to “be whatever he wants” (anata no mama de) and that he’s “fine the way he is” (sono mama de) right now.

      3. Good, sounds like they used the exact same wording as the manga then. Its pretty important when it comes to Homuras questionable sex. As Minato told him/her to make the choise, so don’t we actualy know what it is. But it’s pretty likely that Homura will go with female sooner or later to be compatible with Minato 🙂

  3. i wounder if their going to work in the extra chapters where homura is confused about which side he should go though at the hot spring-seriously they need to pick one and go with it in his case.

  4. As for tsukiumi trauma
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I won’t mind having some of the omake in the anime; but the sekirei beating is coming and can’t wait for the fights. Please don’t mess it up!

    Yes it seems unfair having the disciplinary take part of the contest; but the whole point is to have one last sekirei standing at the end ( this sucks and I hope Minaka pays dearly for his sick game).

    Takehito must be into katanas. The first squad had Miya, Mutsu and Karasuba using them. Cut them down bloody mess!

    Finally Matsu
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Island Esper
    1. I dislike Minaka too but i highly doubt he’d die in the end.
      When i think about this,i dont think all the sekirei who were defeated earlier died because if you think about it,during the early days Minaka created the Disciplinary Squad to protect the Sekirei and now he wants them to fight each other until there’s only one sekirei left? Im guessing the MBI people took them and did some adjustment again.Its possible.

      What will he do after there’s only one Sekirei left? I mean he created this game for the fun of it right? Im guessing there’s a twist somewhere at the end but its gonna be a long way to that.There’s to many unresolved issues and i wish there’s more fighting scene rather than chitty chatty stuff.

      Cant wait for Friday to come,latest chapter will be out.I hope there will be loads of real battle stuff to read >.<

      1. Oh I agree. Death is too good for him, by dearly I meant suffer…
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Island Esper
  5. Ah well, more info – a bit at least, but even ore question marks.
    Miya’s past and status as “Sekirei who isnt one” makes me all intrigued.
    BTW did you notice hom Matsu dodged the question WHY she exactly has run away from the MBI?
    Might I add that after first invasion repulsed next thing coming would be ICBM with really big warhead (dodge 20 MT SS-18, Karasuba!).
    Note that new rule makes no difference to single-Sekirei Ashikabis – like Minato’s sister. But major players will start dropping off now.
    Anyone can start to keep a kill tally? I dont feel like watching entirre series again to count who killed whom…
    Tsukiumi getting all scared – priceless.
    And last but not least: Minaka is sick bastard who must die! Homura/Miya you have my full support.

    1. I thought it was more funny with Homura hiding after hearing how Miya destroyed warships.

      We missed one demon faced Miya compared with the manga, she rejected being called ‘oka-san’ and wanted to be called ‘onee-san’ instead :)Implying that a woman is old is dangerous, even when we aren’t talking about warship sinking women…

  6. Anyone else think Takehito is unbelievably adorable?

    That aside, thanks so much for following this anime! Unlike some fanservice-laden series, Sekirei has proven to me that there CAN be an entertaining and enjoyable balance between Marshmallow Hell and actual kick-ass plot. <3

    This is why I love you, Sakurako Gokurakuin.

  7. Minaka is just too nice a guy. This show proves nice guys are boring and defies all observations that nice guys never win. Maybe this show is so appealing to me cause a nice guy is actually pwning. In any case, Kagiri opening up a bit more was real nice to see, though I’d like to see Minaka show more love to Tsukiumi. She doesn’t get much attention from him, even though she does alot of the fighting. Would love to see her reaction when Minaka actually focuses on her, instead of Tsukiumi just scolding him. I can’t see how Minaka can have a serious relationship with any of them though, he treats them all too well and equally. That sort of restricts any sort of development between the characters except Musubi, and only cause she was the first. Even with Musubi, I can’t see what would be special about her to Minaka. Guess getting serious is hard with a harem.

      1. somewhat i have a feeling that Minaka is Minato’s father,which i believe most of us would have figured out in the anime and Minato hasn a clue that Minaka is his father.
        This will be interesting as to how Kagari would react,will she proceed with his revenge against Minaka??

      2. oh wow big error on my part. you’re right, gosh i feel stupid. japanese names get all long and complicated sometimes, so much harder than generic english names. yeah should be minato. my bad.

    1. It’s not known. The manga/anime has a lot of fan service but showing the plumbing is a line it wont cross. Homura avoids both the girls and Minato when it comes to baths too, so we don’t have any second hand observations either.


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