This chapter was largely a conclusion of Gin vs. Aizen from last time. His fate was pretty much already sealed, but we did get to find out that Gin’s betrayal fell under Aizen’s plans and only helped him become even godlier (joy). On the other hand, a little bit is revealed about his relationship with Rangiku (who’s alive and fine), and although he has been a static character throughout the series, we finally see a more sympathetic side of him. Unfortunately this was right as he died and like I mentioned before I am rather disappointed at his death. Regardless, it’s time to move on with Ichigo finally arriving, looking bad-ass, carrying what looks like his exhausted father over his shoulder. He looked bloody awesome there, and I’m excited again about the upcoming fight.

The hougyoku is still pretty messed up, and I’m no longer trying to fit all the pieces together to make sense of it’s abilities. The flashbacks regarding Gin were also a little vague: he speaks about wanting to “change thing” without making Rangiku cry, but I don’t really catch what he was trying to do. It’s too bad he tried to kill Aizen far too late in his evolution, and Ichigo also arrived just after he dies. I won’t bother with small complaints here though, since the best thing now is to look forward to the hopefully epic battle with Ichigo’s new form. Yes, multi-stage power-ups are fairly cliched, but my hopes are still high. While no doubt Aizen already knows of the training and power-up, eventually it’s gotta be Ichigo who kills him (if the genre tells us anything). There’s also still several unknowns about Aizen’s relationship with him and also with Isshin, the Royal Guard and the King of Soul Society, so let’s hope the story goes straight up from here


    1. Two words: Clow Reed.

      The guy was closest thing clampverse had to god. He only died when he himself decided to die(and even his death wa snot without ~145254 xanathos rouletes involving dozen of different manga series). And after he died, half of himself was enough to pull off ridiculous plans, going as far as planning out entire manga events from chapter 1 to the end chapter, including his own defeat.

      he also wore glasses. xD

      You could say that those who have ever known how much of haxx clow reed was, are automatically immune to Aizen’s supposed “haxxness”.

  1. Azien is like Naruku’s twin brother or something (inuyasha). They are the exact same, ever persistent villains that never go away. On a different note, its been awhile since ichigo actually looked badass. I blame the fact that he isnt a ragging idiot like naruto and Luffy. always with that “I’m surprised and concerned” look on his face. And whats with that whip thing on his arm? looks neat. Hope he uses it to brutalize Aizen’s godhood, Kratos style.

  2. @Will: Isn’t Aizen more like Naraku? The kind of super villain that just doesnt die the entire series till the end of it, and keeps on getting stronger and pull an escape card or survival card all the time till the end of the series where he’s bound to eventually fall. Kind of typical really…

    I’m hoping for more hell of a unique series, I can imagine it would really be unique for a series if we get to see the main protagonist actually turn into a bad guy or villain in the end lol. Like one crazy plot twist, and in the end we get to see that the lead guy is actually the main perpetrator of it all! Now that would be unique!

    1. Maaan! Dont even dont even say that. You might jinx it. Just imagine… all along it wasn’t Aizen who was the enemy but Ichigo. Who was fooling everyone since Rukia’s rescue with his real bankai Illusion. And all this time Aizen was really a good guy. So when the last flashy super shonan move kills aizen it turns into Ichigo and vis versa in some crazy Cosmic irony.

      Any who believe thats over the top have only to look at Bleach’s plot to share my fears.

      Seriously, lol thats bad mojo. I just want them to kill Aizen in a boring straightforward way and move on to this King of the spirit realm business. You know the topic they talked about for like three panels in 6 years, ya that guy.

  3. I’m so over Bleach and it’s 4546787 irrelevant God modding!Aizen chapters. I’m so glad that I have your summaries to read so that I can catch up occasionally and not waste my time watching Aizen power upping for the bazillionth time.

    And now you tell me that Gin died after finally becoming relevant? God Tite Kubo take pointers about getting to the damn point from Arakawa Hiromu please.

  4. Well considering this is Bleach, there’s still a chance Gin survived having his body cut apart(Ichigo has). This chapter marks the point where I resort to reading summaries about Bleach again instead of reading the full chapters. Bleach without Ichigo = So bad it’s good, Bleach with Ichigo = Just bad.

    1. Lack of a flashback chapter completely dedicated to Gin = Gin is not dead. (Think, every1 important who actually died got a whole chapter just explaining their past)
      he will come back in around 50 chapters. (and no, im not a big fan of Gin either)

  5. Wouldn’t a butterfly’s biggest enemy be a spider?
    I wonder if that’s what Ichigo’ll turn in to eventually.

    Nahw, that’d be too farfetched and farfetched stuff never happens in this manga. It’s all too serious and realistic.


  6. When you got someone who’s ability is reversing time, well dying’s difficult especially when his body has not dissipated to dust. More likely we’ll see Gin bandaged after the battle’s concluded

    Zaku Fan
  7. Ow…I feel idiotic whenever I come here and I’m the only one that enjoyed the chapter…
    I mean,we got an explanaition about the orb that made sense, (barely answers everything though–but it is starting to seem more and more like the jewel from inuyasha)

    -that Aizen referenced the fact that soul become stronger when they are threatened, and that is why Aizen kept gin around. (that was first mentioned when ichigo trained with urahara.)

    -how brutal Aizen’s attack was toward gin.

    -how Gin was basically a serial killer with a heart of high grade silver toward rangiku…

    -ichigo’s entrance was cool.

    1. I enjoyed the chapter as well. I wish there was more storyline as to what happened to Rangiku and Aizen in the past and why Gin did what he did. But Ichigo’s arrival at the end was pretty cool.

  8. Wait wait, did we just witness the first major ‘good’ character death in the whole series?

    … Meh, I think he’s gunna pull out some Arrancar gimmick and use revive. 😉

  9. I never wonder why Gin doesn’t have a hollowfication/resurrection ability just as Tosen had. So much for all the suspense and in the end all he does is… a jab into Aizen’s heart. Why bother making Aizen infinitely god-like when eventually Ichigo has to defeat him. So many years of scheming and lvling to become the ultimate god is gonna be trashed by a simple power up? I have honestly no idea how that is exciting. I suppose Ichigo’s battle with Aizen will power up Aizen yet again, seeing the pattern so far. This is never ending man. What happened to Aizen’s so called imba Zanpakuto and his bankai… Honestly things are so off track now sigh. Oh well still have to read till the end regardless.

  10. wow that was kinda… epic…

    now that ichigo’s back, hope he piles up some great action before aizen… gets to the king of soul socety? I believe aizen can; now that he has a radioactive icon in front of him, making him more dangerous than ever…

    if ichimaru would really die… matsumoto would as well. now let’s see how shiro-chan becomes loner-chan…

    1. Me too.
      Long haired Ichigo = badass looking.
      I wonder I wonder what that whip looking thing does….

      And I like Bleach w/ Ichigo. W/o it it’s just “Bleach, the Aizen Power Up Saga”. :/

  11. Finally Ichigo is back, and he isn’t looking like a bitch either. Also, did “Number One” play in anyone’s head when Ichigo showed up? That song is lolz cheesy and yet so fitting. Ichigo needs to kick some ass.

  12. And once again everything was ‘just as planned’. I’m surprised that he didn’t use that line. On Ichigo I am glad that we didn’t have to sit through a long and boring training session but it also means that Kubo could have avoided the entire training idea right from the start and nothing would have changed.

    1. Yeah, Im glad that we didnt have to wast 1 month reading Ichigo traning. I think tere might be a chapter where they explained how Ichigo won, but I can deal with that. I believe Bleach will climb out of its slump in these coming chapters and start being bad ass once agin. Oh yeah, Ichigo was looking GANGSTA and his face says it all “Aizen Im going kill you”.

  13. Woohoo for knowing Rangiku wasn’t dead. I am sad to see Gin go. Kubo keeps showing unknown depths to his ‘secondary’ characters, one of the firsts being Byakuya and Yumichika. Gin’s motivation and death were heartbreaking because he was another person who became a shinigami for someone else’s sake. Unlike Tousen, he didn’t waver in his goal or motivation and he did all of this through his own power. He’s a very “ends justifies the means” kind of guy.

    Did anyone else notice that chapter 414’s splash was of Gin in a white robe in a tunnel of bamboo? Maaaajor death foreshadowing, that was for certain.

  14. I think i realized what Kubo is trying to do. He just wanted the to make a “The most godly villain” title for himself since it was pretty hard for anymore manga to actually allow a boss to stall the story this many chapters with freaggin big panels.

    Kubo, just let aizen turn into final evolution form and die off already!!

  15. This is such BS. Gin better survive this, he’s one of the more interesting character in the series.

    Where the hell is Orihime after coming out of HUeco Mundo? Hopefully she patched up all the wounded Captains and Vizards and come save Gin’s ass next. I’ll be very pissed if Gin actually dies.

    1. Orihime didn’t come back from Hueco Mundo. Her, Ishida, Byakuya, Kenpachi, Rukia, Renji, Chad, Nemu and Mayuri are still stuck in there since they couldn’t keep the Garganta open long enough or have it stable enough for more than 2 to pass through. And Unohana probably has her hands full, so I doubt we’ll see the others for a while yet.

      Seriously, people. Pay attention.

  16. What always bothered me in Bleach since some time now isn’t what most people complain about:Aizen being unkillable/power ups stage over and over… etc,
    but the fact that in some mangas at least it makes sense in Bleach it doesn’t makes sense (for me) anymore.
    I’m not trolling just look at my explanation:Back then Ichigo couldn’t beat Ulquiorra until his hollow form took over him right?And now to get the final getsuga tenshou stuff and all they were talking about, he had to defeat Zangetsu with both Shinigami and hollow powers, and since now he arrived to face Aizen it seems like he managed to do it.But how? He was clearly weaker than his hollow self.Even if in next chapter he’s going to say it took him years to beat him and that’s why his father is exhausted I can’t buy it anymore.

    1. That reminds me, knowing Bleach, the next chapter will have almost NOTHING between Ichigo and Aizen. I think this will happen:
      No real fighting at all, jsut a bunch of talking, a stupid and unecessary “comedic” moment b/w him and his real world friends, him putting isshin down, and the last panel will be ichigo appearing to cut aizen right in half in a split second..

    1. You can’t tell he’s going to die from that picture if you only watch the anime.
      Hell, even if you read the manga as well, the image alone doesn’t tell much besides that Gin is reaching for something. The wound isn’t very clear without context and at best, looking at the picture by itself you could see that he got hit.
      Where to start…

      1. yo i was just about to write something about his comment to. You cant tell he died from that pic. Maybe if there was a grave with a tombstone that read R.I.P gin he would have a point.LOL

      2. I’m gonna have to agree as well. This isn’t more of a spoiler than, say, when Prooof showed Aizen’s first god form (the one that covered his face). It just showed Gin bleeding, so it could’ve been Gin fighting, Gin getting hurt, or Gin cuttin some sumbitch up. With his hand.

    2. I agree with Arky. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for you taking the time to post summaries for us and giving us a place to discuss the Bleach manga…. But could you PLEASE just stop posting anything that might spoil things for anime fans?

      And your usual comeback about how it’s not obvious that he’s going to die is really silly (no offense), he’s got blood spurting out and Gin has the usual “reaching out to something while falling to death” pose. Images like this sort of stay in your mind and you keep wondering when it will happen in the anime.

      Please just be more conservative with such posts. Look at the images that Omni used to post if you want an example of something less spoiler-centric.

      1. First of all, this is not an attack on Omni at all, but I would like to borrow one of his posts to make a point. Take a look at Chapter 375, which was done by Omni. Yes, that is Starkk with a lot more blood, and a lot more of his body showing. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t care at all but it seems like every week when Prooof doesn’t put up a completely generic picture people come in and flame him for it. Also, they clearly read his postas they always reference exactly what happened in the chapter. If you don’t want to be spoiled completely step one is do not open the post. The pictures may spark an idea in your head, but you won’t know for sure until you read the post.

      2. As the anime is several months behind the manga, it’s highly unlikely that any anime only viewers will be able to make any connection to “spoil” the plot, even if they did remember it.

    1. I know we all knew that it was coming but still, I agree, it was sorta lame. On the other hand, we are about to get a “Oh no! I did not plan this” when Ichigo kills him…. unless of course Aizen planned to die… which would be.. weird..

  17. wow if Ichigo manage to beat Aizen the final getsuga tesho will be like the greatest power up ever made
    I mean aizen was already way more powerfull than ichigo and he have gone for 3 transformations already condonman, mulletman and now butterflyman


    kubo had an interview where he said that there will be a new main characeter and a new story so this is going to be the final fight betten Aizen and Ichigo

  18. Beautiaizen the Legendary Troll Pokemon
    psychic/ bug
    Beautiaizen is said to have the most beautiful mullet on the planet. Also, Since the beginning of time Beautiaizen has planned everything that has ever happend even this pokedex entry.

  19. Imagine if those hell butterfly things are the only things that can kill Aizen. A swarm of them just wanna attack the biggest butterfly they see and Aizen just so happen to be in the area

    Plot Twist
  20. like I’ve said before.. the soul reapers r idiots..just send ichigo to fight aizen from the we know ichigo is god modding too but the difference.. he actually has to come within an inch of his life for it to kick in..Im just hoping we can get see wot the higher realm is like..will ichigo reach a level.. where they’ll extend an invitation to him..which he’ll prob reject n be like i gotta stay with my friends..some corny stuff like that

  21. Gin better not be dead. I mean, Ichigo even arrived right after he got stabbed, which usually indicates there’s still hope for him. Isn’t Orihime cowering somewhere around here? Save Gin! He could totally give them the secret info on Aizen!

    Magical Poof
  22. Every week I read the bleach manga post and feel truly grateful for the time i have saved since dropping it a year ago. Bleach was so amazing in the beginning but for me it only went downhill after the soul society/rukia rescue arc finished.

  23. I wonder if this new form of Ichigos also comes with Visored abilities? That’d be badass, fighting on Aizen’s own level, then pulling out the mask and going another level up on him.

    The chapter spread at the beginning was indeed awesome as well.

    Sol Fury
  24. Isn’t Orihime still back in Hecca Mondo with Kenpachi and the others? I thought the 4th squad captain (with the long hair braids) came with Ichigo and she is back in the fake town healing all the others that got wrecked by Aizen?

  25. I’m sorry and kinda sad that Gin had to die, I’ve always liked that guy. But seeing as Ichigo’s finally back and he made that nice ass dramatic intro he better be ready for a banging ass fight..This “Final” Getsuga better be extra strong cause Aizen looks too banging to be taken down by the regular Getsuga.

  26. Gin and Halibel both got done in the same way. Both had a huge fan base and Aizen cut them both down with little fan fair or back story. Halibel was the one Espada that survived and was not defeated and Aizen cut her down and moved on without a second thought. At least the anime gave her some back story to fill in the huge hole the manga left.

    Gin will be the same way unless the anime also fills in some story about Gin and Rangiku…

  27. About this “Final Getsuga Tenshou” I wonder.. It can’t be just “Take this, the true Getsuga Tenshou!!!!” because:

    Works: Aizen defeated – Forced to retreat
    Fails: Incredible waste of time and efforts (we have enough of wasted efforts on Aizen already)

    Again, as the name suggests… it looks like a sole move, but from the way Ichigo looks, it appears to be a new state or form.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Maybe it is like what Byakuya said many, many chapters ago.

      It takes years to truly master a Bankai. Perhaps the process of mastery involves it changing form. Like how Byakuya’s initial Bankai is the powered-up Senbonzakura, but then you also have the procession of the thousands of swords form, and the form where he gets all of that power around him like some massive white energy.

      Just throwing the possibility out there. What if all the Bankais we have seen have in fact been mastered ones with their users gaining new abilities (and changing the form in the process)?

      Sol Fury
  28. Hmmm… Ichigo holding his dad and his arm wrapped in some sort of chain. Now that’s kind of the only new thing I can tell. Is that suppose to be his new form? Being able to swing his sword wit his chain like his normal one >_>… jk. But yeah… PLEASE NO MORE GODLY TROLLING… seriously… he’s practically saying he’s a overseer or something. Let alone he planned for over 1000 years worth of time. Dang… he’s crazy and doesn’t have much to do in his spare time is all I can take from that. Either way, thanks for continuing blogging Prooof… Wanna trade secrets how we both keep sane reading this XP.

    Sora no Kaze
  29. Ulquiorra said that Izan didn’t know about his second release…
    And if he hadn’t pulled that out in thier fight Ichigo wouldn’t have developed his new form.
    So maby Izan doesn’t know about that? Could be something he didn’t expect? The first flaw in his god like plan?

  30. Fuck Bleach. This series is seriously retarded at this point. I’ve followed since chapter 1 and I can’t do it anymore. I don’t even care how it ends. It’s so dumb and so bad that I literally cannot handle it anymore.

  31. I appreciate the blogs and I’m gonna stick with this series until at least the end of this arc.

    It would make sense if Bleach ended after Aizen got cut in half–you could bring the King of Soul Society in for some commentary or the grand finale and it would be able to end gracefully.

    But if Kubo finds some way to drag this series on, fuck it.

  32. First of all , why does eveyone think that Ichigo is carrying a whip ?

    It still looks like a daito to me ( maybe, i can’t make out the handguard ) but with longer chain than before , kinda like the way the tape in his shikai form wrapped around his arm while initiating bankai.

    Though it would be awesome if his new power up is zangetsu turning into a whip sword. Imagine , the insane speed boost + whip sword = Aizen anal raped. lol

    Plus does the swrord seem bonded/fused to his hand ?( or maybe its kubo’s way of showing his hand is covered in blood but i dunno )


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