Naruto sprains his own ankle and Bee gets inadvertently taken out by Samehada’s love for his chakra, setting the stage for a one-on-one showdown between Guy and Kisame. That was um… rather convenient to say the least, since the odds were completely against Kisame when he came flying through the waterfall last time. I guess it had to happen one way or another though, seeing as their previous encounters more or less built up an unspoken rivalry between the two of them. Be that as it may, l can’t help but jest about how the future doesn’t bode well when the two remaining Jinchuuriki are taking themselves out in battle. It’s almost like they’re so powerful with their respective tailed beast’s chakra under their control that they’re likely to cause their own defeat before anyone else does.

In retrospect, that was only a quick thought that crossed my mind while reading this chapter, as the rest of it was so focused on Guy’s pursuit of Kisame that Naruto and Bee’s mishaps were quickly forgotten. Starting with Guy’s release of the sixth Gate of View and Bee catapulting him towards Kisame’s direction to catch up to him, the use of his Asa Kujaku (Morning Peacock) against Kisame’s wall of sharks felt like their battle had already jumped to the final stages. Followed by the release of the seventh Gate of Wonder for the first time, it almost looks like the battle may end the very next chapter too. However, I say “almost” because I’m skeptical about cliffhangers resulting in a concluded fight at the very start of the next chapter. If anything, a killing blow tends to be shown at the very end, leaving the aftermath for the next one. I will be pleasantly surprised if Guy’s sure-kill technique blows Kisame away, so I actually wouldn’t mind being wrong about this one in light of the never before seen “Hirutora” (Afternoon Tiger).

It would be kind of odd if Kisame’s undercover operation is spoiled after all the attention it’s gotten, so if he does bite the dust then the scroll with the information he gathered will likely make its way back to Madara. Between using Kisame’s stint as a means to showcase Naruto’s new sensory ability or to provide a somewhat significant turning point in the story, I’d wager things are headed towards the latter after spending almost twenty chapters on it. That’s nearly half a year of build-up believe it or not, which makes it hard for me to believe that nothing will come of Kisame’s spying. Whatever happens, the one thing that has me convinced that this fight won’t drag on too long is Guy pulling out all the stops to try and prevent the information from being leaked. We’ve already seen how taxing opening gates is on one’s body, so if Kisame isn’t going to be defeated from this attack, Guy may just pass out from overexerting himself.

Naruto’s probably too gimped to make it on time and Bee’s passed out himself, leaving Yamato as the most likely person to come barging in if things get to that point. Seeing as this is a rivalry and all, I gather this fight will end without anyone else’s involvement though, in which case my money’s on Guy because he’s way too interesting of a character to be killed off… ever!

* I find it funny how Guy summons a turtle when he’s ridiculously fast himself. Maybe it’s to contrast that fact?


    1. Pffh. This chapter was so funny. Thank you for the insightful post! I hadn’t noticed the irony of Guy summoning turtles. 🙂
      The quality of all three WSJ chapters this week was amazing. I guess the break did some good.

  1. Guy is just funny all around. I wish they would build up for this fight, but it just went to amazing proportions right away. It was like, “Oh hi I am gui I am just gonna walk into the island to check on things” then three panels later, “Oh hi shark guy we must kill each other”…. *power up*, *super attacks*, fight ends in another panel or two?

    Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that Gui and Lee’s super fast taijutsu is an amazing thing to watch when animated, so I was hoping for a longer fight than this.

  2. Eh, won’t be killed off(at last I hope he won’t) especially since its apparently a short 2 chapter fight. Anyways this chapter was hilarious especially with Guy’s stupidity kicking in xD

  3. I’m personally surprised that after like 450 chapters, the turtle finally shows up again, a point they made in the chapter.

    I’m with Tenkei in that although not likely, I wish this fight would last a bit longer than what it’s hinted at. For some strange reason (probably due to the fact both of them are pulling out all the stops from the start) this sudden rematch is making me hard.

  4. Hurrummm, if we had a Morning Peacock and an Afternoon Tiger, I predict the fight will be over in the next two moves from Gai, covering the whole day. Maybe an Evening Gorilla and a Midnight Panther will finish the job? Of course Kishi can always come up with a last minute Aha! surprise giving us a Dawn Rooster.

  5. Guy and Kisame are two of my least favorite character’s, so I hope its over in the next chapter. I want to see Naruto return to the leaf village and see if anyone can tell how much he has matured and how much stronger he is.

      1. Oh shit yeah you know sasuke is going to have some crazy ace up his sleve or eye lol. To tell the truth I like Naruto more then him in the anime for reasons I wont bother you with. But when Im playing the game sasuke is my go to player. He is just bad ass in the game.

  6. ….. You have got to be kidding. The kid that could have all the bones broken, twice, set on fire, thrown down a cliff, have all his skin burned off, stabbed a few hundred times and everything in-between just to get up and start fighting again, is stopped by a sprained ankle? lawl. what the hell is that?
    stop being lazy bastard-naruto and go get him! Since WHEN was Naruto so fragile…

    1. True, and I wouldnt even complain if he like shattered every bone in his leg. But if alls he got from shattering that cliff face was a sprained ankle then, I mean really, put some dirt on it and go kick the crap out of Kisame. It just such a far cry from the usual Naruto injuries…

    1. Dude if Guy doesn’t finish this fight soon he’s gonna die anyway…When he used the sixth gate before he was super drained after he used the Morning he’s in the Seventh gate and he used the Morning Peacock already and now this new move the Daytime Tiger..He’s gonna die if he can’t win with just that move any more and his body is gonna break(In half).

  7. I know Guy Sensei isn’t going to die..But I don’t think he’ll beat Kisame. I think Kisame’s shark is gonna sneak past Guy and make it back to inform the few remaing Akatsuki members..Kisame’s gonna escape then(I think) Or he’ll die in a banging way..Cause Kisame is too cool to die in a boring way…OH and I have this theory that the dead Itachi body will show up to help Kisame.

    1. I agree with that theroy about dead itachi showing up to save kisame. I want killer bee to end kisame cuz kisame kind of owned him last time IMO. Also that info will make it back to madara so sasuke can see that naruto aint fucking around no more. I cant wait for must anticipated rematch in naruto history any longer.

  8. For anyone that seen the new naruto movie is out dont even bother. All it is some dude with a VC in the movies. It aint worth anyones time. Just thought I’ll give a heads up that it blows big time. P.S. it aint even the whole movie.

    1. Eh? it’s Naruto and Minato together.. how can it be so bad??? Anyway, for us not in Japan, we’ll have to wait till April next year, when the DVD come out, to wait for a sub.


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