「おおかみさんとねずみの嫁探しとやっぱり豚はこういう扱い」 (Ookami-san to Nezumi no Yomesagashi to Yappari Buta wa Kouiu Atsukai)
“The Wolf, The Search for the Mouse’s Bride, and How Pigs Should Be Treated”

Ask and you shall receive, as Ookami-san goes on a Toradora and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun cameo blitz in a matter of seconds. They weren’t shy about introducing them all with their proper names either, much like they had Otsuu’s Kawasumi Ayako say Mahoro’s infamous “I think perverted thoughts are bad” line. I figured if they were going to go that far, they probably could have had Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, and Arai Satomi say some lines as Taiga, Minorin, Uiharu, Saten, and Kuroko respectively too. The five of them are already in the studio as Mimi, Alice, Otohime, Ringo, and our narrator, so if we’re really going to milk the popularity of other series for Ookami-san’s benefit, we may as well go all out and risk some real copyright infringement! To the unsuspecting viewer, that’s more or less what it came off as, but in reality J.C. Staff was having a field day with their previous works.

In light of that, they probably could have brought in the Shakugan no Shana girls as well, since they have the starring seiyuu from that series, plus Liszt’s Nojima Hirofumi around to voice Ike Hayato if need be. I gather there’s a fine line between a cameo and actually having the characters say something that might tarnish their image in their actual series, but I’d be all over the crossover anime that results even if it’s just a few greetings. It would even be better if the characters talked to the one voiced by the same seiyuu, such as Mimi giving lip to Taiga and shit going down consequently. Some of their personalities contrast so much, so imagining Otohime talking to Uiharu, Ringo talking to Saten, or Alice talking to Minorin would be absolutely hilarious. We just have to have the narrator making a jab at Kuroko too. I’d definitely pay good money to hear that.

Anyway, there was actually a story this time around, focusing on the young Nezumi Chuutarou (Kotobuki Minako) and his search for a bride before his upcoming twelfth birthday. Apparently being filthy rich means you have to pick out your woman well in advance so you can mold her into whatever you desire, or something along those lines. In any case, Chuutarou himself wasn’t that annoying aside from him inadvertently snubbing commoners for not having money exploding out of their wallets, leaving a lot of the episode for his butler Hammel (Aoyama Yutaka) to take the spotlight. And boy did he ever, as it was absolutely hilarious with the way he ripped into every girl they came across as a candidate for Chuutarou’s future wife. In jaw-dropping fashion, Hammel was relentless in taking one potential flaw in each of the girls and blowing it ridiculously out of proportion to eventual guide Chuutarou towards his childhood friend Uika (Kanemoto Hisako).

It’s not often we get to see a cast of characters insulted and having a lot of what’s said hit really close to home, so my sadistic side did enjoy the girls’ anger and dismay that resulted. It was quite amazing how Hammel even went so far as taking a shot at Momoko’s kibi dango and how they’re in a losing fight against gravity before attacking the flat-chested Ryouko and Ringo right after. Just vicious I say. Vicious! Incidentally, Otohime was the only one who didn’t get insulted because she never hesitates to profess her love for Tarou, even though the same can’t be said the other way around. After all the crap the girls put up with, I’m surprised that Liszt got away with scheming everything related to this job by simply treating them all to cake. I would’ve expected a pretty good thrashing after all the shots to their egos and insecurities, which I’m wiling to bet Liszt himself documented in that handbook he gave to Hammel. How the president weaseled himself out of what I figured would be a “death by bludgeoned beating” is impressive to say the least, regardless of how much it may have dented his wallet. Good times though. Good times.

More so than the actual plot, Ringo’s movie involving the wolf and the three not-so-little pigs was pretty cool and funny at the same time, because it tried to be serious yet wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. The movie-like narration was awesome to that end, and I got a good laugh out of the gas masks to fight off the stench and Ringo looking like she was going to die when some of it got through to her. The surprise treat of course was the lesbian kiss at the end from the King’s Game showdown. Ringo sure knows how to work those lips on Ryouko and manhandle her with that little frame of hers, making me wonder what happens at night after Ryouko’s fallen asleep. Ryoushi and Ryouko probably would’ve been better, but we all know that would’ve probably ended with the latter punching the former before anyone’s tongue went down anyone else’s throat. Between that rehashed ending and this one, I’d say we got the better deal this time around.




  1. Is love all over the place …. Saten ftw She should use the bat on the butler to teach him some manners. As for Ringo and Ryouko DFC rulz have to agree with the butler in that.

    The three pigs sure were totally disgusting. I won’t sleep tonight after that twister vision. So the score is Ringo 1 Ryoushi 0 evil plain evil.

    Island Esper
  2. That was just awesome. Why would the butler go through all that if he knew about the childhood friend? Crazy old guy… Nice totally random “cameos” from Railgun group lol! Ryoushi holding the girls back was great, and the ending was awesome with the cake counterattack on the President’s wallet.

  3. I just finished Toradora recently, and my brain EXPLODED when I saw the cameos.

    I also love Ayako Kawasumi, and I love Mahoromatic. THAT LINE MADE ME SO FREAKING HAPPY.
    Now, we need a Saber caemo :3

  4. O Man, Hammel (aka Sebastian) was hilarious. Telling the kid Breast are the way to go! and then turning around telling him a wife with big breast will eventually lose to gravity! It was SFF!

  5. @ Divine, I’d say that despite her not receiving any insults from Hammel, Otohime does seem to endure some emotional pain from Tarou. So I suppose it all evens out. She seems to reward herself anyways after though :/.

  6. After last week’s subtle cameo, JC Staff decided to screw the subtlety and went all out with their all star cameos this week. Pity there were no Shakugan no Shana and Hayate no Gotoku girls, as quite a few of the cast also appeared in those two series.

    I have a question for our esteemed female RC readers: Is the butler actually correct in suggesting that gravity always wins? lol (Please don’t beat me though, go beat the butler for actually saying that. Just curious. 🙂 )

    And Ringo x Ryouko yuri kiss FTW.

    Kinny Riddle
  7. wow… that made an anime, anime… dropped this show ever since episode 2… watched the mid part (where toradora/railgun showed up) and not the rest… dont know why… seems like i cant get myself hooked up unlike the other recent JC staffs works… so hail index as she will return this october… yay!!!

  8. Cameos are always welcome. I wonder what the Toradora! and Railgun girls are doing there there in completely different cities, though. I hope Misaka didn’t zap the butler and the kid…

    Speaking of the butler, he was great. XD Insulting nearly every girl in the series and getting away with it is quite a feat to accomplish.

  9. I was re-watching the cameo sequence… and again… and again…
    Having some hit animes under your belt has its perks, ne?
    It was perhaps the funniest episode so far, but I cant wait for some Ookami-sanXMorino-kun development…

  10. WOO! Ringo’s kisses look i.n.t.e.n.s.e.!! And Ryouko just TOOK IT! (‘@_<') What tasteful animation for that short scene too. <3

    Ahh, Taiga~ Just when I was getting over you.. D'x Kuroko was the hottest by far. I think she's WAY more dangerous than Ringo. 0_o”

    MAN.. we need more cameos in anime. Why isn’t that possible again? D: Aside from getting sued, why can’t the industries all just be friendly and think of it as a compliment. It’d of been hilarious to see Otohime from Bleach in that line-up. xD

  11. The cameos were nice but Minori and Ami looked a bit different then they were in Toradora; Minori looks thinner here and Ami has a thicker neck, while both faces are different. The other cameos look alright though…

  12. @ Sailor Enlil:
    Taiga: shes violent flatchested loli deliquent!
    Minorin: shes airheaded genki girl with no common sense!
    Ami: shes manipulative coldhearted girl!
    Biribiri: shes violent lvl 5 electromaster!
    Kuroko: shes lesbian!
    Saten: shes worthless lvl 0 psionic whith low self esteem!
    Uiharu: she has flowers in her hair and is scaredy cat!

  13. First and foremost I’ll let out a grand KYAAA!!!! Just because I used to be a silent reader of this blog when Omni ran it and when he announced his leave of absence I retreated into a dark corner of despair because this was my ONLY reliable anime blog which I read on a continuous basis. And yet…it’s been running all this time. This is what I get for being all depressed and not checking in like I should have “-.- Moving on! I love this series and I thought the whole cameo thing was hilarious, although I thought this episode was a little pointless and disappointing after all the great stuff we got last week…oh well.


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