Hallibel attempts to strike back at Aizen but only hits an illusion and he kills her. He then turns to the shinigami and vizard.
In Hallibel’s past, it is revealed that she was a Vasto Lorde gathered three other hollows, Sun-sun, Mila Rose, and Apache to work together and defend against other hollows. Barragan tries to force Hallibel to join his army, but she is defiant. A partially transformed arrancar with cracked masks from Barragan’s army attack them and almost defeat them, but Aizen intervenes and kills him, asking Hallibel to join him.



Aizen cuts down Hallibel, claiming she isn’t strong enough to fight for him and further sacrifices would achieve nothing. He claims he didn’t plan for his outcome after going through so much trouble to gather the Espadas. It implies that he was hoping the arrancar could do more than they did, but in the end, they didn’t really do anything to affect the story aside from roughing up a few of the good guys. This episode itself was not in the manga I think, and mostly just showed flashback of Hallibel’s past; it didn’t add anything to the plot, but did give some character development to her. It’s implied that she was a Vasto Lorde, which I don’t recall seeing anything about in the past. But if so, it means some of the other Espada were probably also Vasto Lorde, and they honestly… aren’t that good. I have a hard time believing that is true though, as supposedly the Vasto Lorde are strong enough to take out Soul Society. The credibility of filler is always in question, but I still doubt they’d go directly against canon information.

The episode also showed Hallibel’s fraccion in their pre-arrancar forms, but I couldn’t really bring myself to care about long dead characters who didn’t do anything significant. Clearly however, the transformation to arrancar boosts power by a large amount as evidenced by the one random partially transformed arrancar. The four of them went from strong hollows (still trash) to ones with all sorts of special powers who could compete with officer-level opponents. To me at least, it seems hollow to shinigami gives a far greater power boost than shinigami to hollow. The vizards’ masks apparently only gave them a mild speed and endurance increase plus the ability to use ceros (which is again too weak at this level). Of course, some people will say you can’t judge that much from fillers, so I’ll just leave it at that. Most of the episode was pretty poorly done and boring, along with the usual bad art and character designs often seen in fillers, but Aizen does seem to be finally going into action at the end.


      1. And even after Ichigo goes SS3 and kills Aizen, Aizen’s body will be repaired into a cyborg and comes back to Karakura with his dad who’s 3 times as tall only for them to be slaughtered instantly by a boy from the future.

    1. Well the anime tends to jumble several chapters together, so at least we won’t have to wait every week for agonizing anticipation. But that also begs the questions. Would you rather see Aizen act like the nonchalant prick he is, or would you prefer to see a cheesy filler with the results of Ichigo talking crap to the villain?

  1. I’m with you on not really caring when I’m shown 10-15 minutes of long dead characters accomplishing and learning absolutely nothing. Plus all of them are masked the whole time so we got to see lazy facial animation at its best. And the sad part is that the back stories of the Arrancar could have really been interesting. I mean how hard would it have been to work up something about sacrifice to really showcase the “aspect” of death that Halibel was supposed to symbolize?

  2. This part of the story made no sense to me. Halibel was the ONLY espada to not die and was holding her own (against a Captain and 2 VCs) so Aizen just cuts her down and says she is too weak? If she isn’t strong enough to fight for him further then why cut her down? Considering Halibel had such a huge fan base I was shocked in manga when he killed her and we got no back story to explain where she came from. At least the animators realized Kubo’s mistake and at least gave her some sort of a half assed sendoff in the anime.

  3. Hitsugaya said the beginning of the Arrancar arc that it would take TEN Vasto Lordes to take down the Soul Society, not one. So it looks like your info is a bit off.

    He also said that Vasto Lordes were able to maintain a human shape, so based on the Espada’s releases, it looks at least Starrk, Harribel, Ulquiorra, and Nnoitora were VL’s upon becoming Arrancars. Grimmjow, #7(forgot his name), Aporro Granz, and Yammy all seem to be Adhujas, since their releases are less human, #9(name is hard to spell) said explicitly that he was the only Gillian. Barragan I’m a little confused about, since he’s a giant cloud of death as a hollow, but he was also king of HM, so I’ll just chalk that up to Kubo trolling us again.

    And as for the Espada not being that great, I learned a long time ago that in Bleach, no one dies unless they’re a villain and/or its a flashback.

    And I was glad they did give some focus to Harribel, seeing as she was the only one of the three who didn’t get backstory and died the worst way.

    Plus, she’s really hot.

  4. Damn you Tite Kubo!!! Who da hell cared about Hallibel’s past?! I wanted to see Ulquiorra’s past! (he is propably the only from espada of who hadn’t been shown) To know his past would have been the moest interesting (especially, when he simbolizes “emptiness”, and fought against main character). Maybe all knowing Kubo didn’t know how to make clear, why the only one Ulquiorra was loyal to Aizen as a dog.

    @PROOOF It was said that one Vasto Lorde not destroy all Soul Society, but maybe ten (it was just a hypothesis made by Toshiro), because one Vasto Lord is equal to one AVERAGE captain level shiningami, and we know now that in all Gotei 13 average captains are very very few

    1. Ulquiorra was not the only one loyal to Aizen. Otherwise, he would be the only Espada. Remember, #7 and #9 both cried out to him before they died. Starrk regretted not being able to pay Aizen back. Even Harribel was loyal to him before he sliced her like a turkey dinner.

      Ulqui is also not the only Espada to not have a backstory.#7 and #8 don’t get flashbacks either, and they aren’t getting any episodes to themselves. Besides to have Ulquiorra backstory right after killing Harribel would make no sense whatsoever.

      1. In re. to Aldebaran in order:

        1. Kubo didn’t have anything to do with this to the best of my knowledge. In the manga she never gets any back story. This episode’s main purpose was probably to stall for time before they have to throw together another filler arc.

        2. Most of the Arrancar were loyal to Aizen. In fact I think that Barragan was the only one who wasn’t loyal. And it is shown why, usually fear of Aizen’s power and admiration for his promises (which he breaks without hesitation).

        3. Only about half of the Espada get real back story and those barely take up six-seven minutes of an episode.

      2. I didn’t mean that Ulquiorra’s pats should have been shown now, I was talking about when was the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra. Imo is important to show especially whose characters background who fights wiht the main hero in shounen, because it always has main impact to the story or to the main hero

  5. If Kubo does keep the series going and introduces the actual Vasto Lordes this would be a plot hole, but frankly I doubt anyone cares. It was nice to see that Halibel actually got some back story (something Kubo didn’t even bother to give her in the manga) although I wish they had put a bit more effort in it. Aside from that my usual ‘watching it to see how the series ends’ rant still applies.

  6. I just hope we’ll get through the Deicide Arc pretty fast, then the anime-only viewers can dump this stupid idea too that we have any remaining chance of seeing any more new hollow characters anymore. This Vastro Lorde thing will be a denial that’ll die hard too, even wuthout that. Even with the new databook out, with actual factual info.

    Also, @Karmafan:
    I know that might be a bit hard to underatsnd, but Kubo actually makes these additional filler parts. Especially the flashbacks. Even though most of them seem stupid, I know.
    You can consider it a wierd way to avoid more fillers.

    1. Kubo making or having a say in the filler is SORT of a good thing. Much like the manga, I didn’t understand why Aizen had to cut down Halibel. In my own view, she stood up longer than the rest of the Espadas in FKT.
      Anyhow, I disgress. Problem with this filler episode was, it looked half baked/assed. It could have been made much more interesting knowing she was #2.
      I wouldn’t mind a filler arc with a more in depth study/backstory on the Espada.

  7. If Harribel was a Vaste Lord how could she lose to that hammer-head shark hollow? She’s an Espada (#2). Stark was the Prima (the closest one to a Vaste Lord I assume). But I think Ulquiorra was the real Vaste Lord since he has two sword releases/transformations.

    random viewer
    1. Because hwne you becaome the arrancar you have a power up and plus special powers, ex. when adjuchas become an arrancar their power is equal of vasto lorde and plus gets special powers; vasto lorde becomes arrancar – becomes stronger than vasto lorde plus special powers (logical)

  8. one thing that seems unbalanced is that hollow to shinigami allows for no time restraints on the power ups but, on the shinigami to hollow you have only a few mins or something like that.
    and in those few mins the power boost isnt as unbalancing as it seemingly should be. so hollows do seem to have the edge.

  9. I think another reason why the anime crew chose to say Harribel was a Vastro Lorde was they didn’t feel like animating her shark hollow form out of water, lol. As for some of the espada’s “deaths”, honestly I don’t count them as dead unless their bodies are actually shown disintegrating. All the popular espada’s death’s have mostly consisted of just falling out of view of the screen, leaving it open for Kibo to bring them back if he wants to.

  10. It was stated in a (much) earlier episode that Las Noches Hollow population was 100% Menos, with many Vasto Lordes there. I’d not be surprised if the so-called almighty Vasto Lordes were actually characters like Rudobone and Cirucci Thunderwitch, comment about them being more human in final forms be damned.

    In any case, the top 4 were all Vasto Lordes. Barragan has to be, if not something above that simply because of what he was.

    I’d imagine it simply became inconvenient for Kubo to keep to the rule with the bigger opponents. Monsters always look more interesting in a battle sequence than men, after all.

    Sol Fury
  11. the flashbacks always carry one annoying thing that is the annoying loyalty the subordinates have for their masters, from shinigamis to hollows. it’s like whats the point anyways,they are all going to die or get defeated by a stronger opponent eventually. Shouldnt these servants try to cash in before that day, like maybe switch allegiance to the stronger character before they kill you.

  12. I’ve stopped watching and reading bleach but kubo must have come up with a really silly contrived reason to keep yamaji out of action and just spectating. something like naruto spraining his ankle. so much for no 1 guys.

    1. So much negativity.

      He has a valid and justified reason actualy, if you want to get spoiled.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  13. I still find Aizen to be a horrible villains ince he’s waaaaaay over the line in power, while at least Madara in Naruto can be defeated from what we’ve seen. Aizen comes off too powerful. BTW, don’t worry about pulling out your hair if you ask me. I felt the same way.



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