Mashiro continues to beat down Wonderweiss. She boasts about her fifteen hour mask limit and ignores Kensei’s warnings. However, her mask breaks unexpectadly, and she gets knocked out. Kensei takes up the fight against Wonderweiss and releases his bankai Tekken Tachikaze. Hiyori speaks to Aizen about death and shinigami, and how she enjoyed life back in Soul Society. She hates Aizen for making her hurt his friends, and wishes for revenge. She tries to kill Aizen, but Gin cuts her down. Shinji is devastated and screams for Ichigo, knowing Orihime can heal her. In Hueco Mundo, Inoue is healing Ishida, and Ichigo rushes to help Renji, Rukia, and Chad who are still fighting Yammy. Yammy easily defeats all three of them just as Ichigo arrives.



I don’t know if it would happen in real life, but every time someone gets thrown into the ground, there is a massive explosion with buildings flying everywhere. Of course, their endurance is far too strong to get more than a scratch or two from flying through multiple several blocks of buildings. Mashiro, Kensei and Wonderweiss all rely on hand to hand combat throwing their opponents through walls, which is drastically infective from what is shown. A large part of the fight just looks like the characters smacking each other around with little damage done besides to the environment. In the end Kensei pulls out his bankai, but we don’t really get to see much of it this time besides a cool explosion.

Aizen as usual is standing there in complete calm with a smug look on his face. Hiyori gives a long emotional speech about all the bad things Aizen had done. She gives into her feelings and charges Aizen, but of course is instantly owned after getting impaled in the abdomen. She should have at least put on her mask before attacking, but it probably wouldn’t have made a difference. I am pretty darn sure she was completely cut in half in the manga, and the change here really undercuts the impact of her defeat, since Starrk got stabbed through the chest and kept on fighting like nothing happened. Shinji has lost his cool as well, crying for help as Hiyori is dying. I don’t know how they are supposed to fight Aizen really; anything they attack is likely to be an illusion. If I recall correctly, his shikai can control all five senses, so just incapacitating all his opponents with pain would solve his problems pretty quickly.

As for Yammy, he’s certainly getting pretty strong as well. His six pack has six packs, and he completely dominates Renji, Rukia, and Chad even as they work together. It’s just a problem of power-level however, and captain level shinigami could handle him as he doesn’t really have any skill. He fights relying on his physical attributes to smash in his opponents, and with only raw power and no brain he won’t get far.

P.S. I found the omake with the gigai mannequins hilarious for some reason


  1. WTF, I could have sworn Hiyori was sliced in half in the manga?

    Man, compare the gore and violence in Bleach from years ago to now.
    Must be because this show attracted a lot of little kids.

    1. Well to be fair the gore in the past wasn’t that huge a difference compared to now. I don’t recall anyone being sliced in half lying on the floor with all their guts and spines in detail. Bleach was always meant for little kids anyways.

  2. She was cut in half in the manga. I hated also that they censored it but I imagined that would happen. As far as I remember, when Matsumoto was hit by the creature the three arrancar of Harribel created (can’t remember their names), the thing made a hole in her body but that didn’t appear in the anime.

    1. Thats the 2 best examples of violence censorship in all of Bleach. Matsu got half her midsection torn off and Hiyori was bi-sected. But in the anime they just need 2 big bandaids and some ducttape and they will good as new.

  3. I really expected this episode to be mostly about Aizen against Soifon, Shinji & the others against Aizen but I kinda expected it to be part of it being about Yammy and I seriously doubt he would last long against Kenpachi, Byakuya, and Mayuri. Well, can’t wait for the next episode where Byakuya, Mayuri, and Kenpachi arrive.

  4. Augh, I hated when Mashiro’s mask broke in the manga too. No reason given, especially since she’s usually been the best at keeping the mask on. >_> It almost feels like Kubo didn’t want her to kick too much ass.

  5. Sigh, the last bleach episode of the summer and it feel so unsatisfying to watch it. I find it gross to see Rukia go under Yammy for some reason. I really want to see Ichigo’s “final” getsuga tensho.

    code fanboy
  6. Was I the only one slightly grossed out watching Rukia run through Yammy’s endless rows of legs? She could have attacked some vulnerable places down there too…

    Next episode should be fairly cool, but I’m sure we’ll dip into fillers again soon.

  7. I found the filler speech Hiyori made about hurting her friends hilarious because of her abuse montage just before it.
    The only thing I wish they did censor this week was under Yammy.

  8. so does this mean that Gin and the blind-guy (Tousen i think) are stronger then the espadas?

    cause i clearly remember Tousen getting his butt whipped by kenpachi, easely!
    but espada number 5 (noitoria i think) gave kenpachi some difficulties.

    whats going on here?

    1. Confusing power levels based on power (*role in events) = popularity. It’s where characters logically shouldn’t be so powerful but people like them so they’re given more prominent roles. Think Hitsugaya.

  9. the scene essentially lost ALL impact because of the censoring…..don’t they realize that??
    they didn’t really have to show anything anyway…some tasteful showing of ummmm? maybe hyoriys shadow being show getting sliced in half on a near by building, and then you take it from there like in the manga “not really showing much” YET you’ll know how badly damaged she was..could have been done in a couple hundred frames…the animation staff isn’t even trying to use their heads…total incompetence.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  10. Gods I hated the censorship in this episode! The way the animated the ‘stab’ made it obvious that it was a last-minute change, too. After they show the silhouette (!) of a stab through the goddamn stomach (!!) they then clearly show Gin *ripping her in half* in the next scene (!!!). At the very least, the way it was animated Gin stabbed her through the stomach, then sliced to the left through her abdomen/clothes, thus partially cutting her in half (which transforms magically into just a stab wound). FAKE AND GAY!

    Even Ishida’s censorship wasn’t as painfully stupid. Though it’s possible that the anime is reducing the violence of all these injuries because Kubo has no intention of making them permanent mutilations/deaths. This is Bleach, nobody good ever dies. And Soifon will probably have Maiyuri clone her an arm or make some cool automail up or some shit.


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