This chapter had me excited enough that I’m disregarding the previous poor plot and character development. Aizen was giving his usual super-arrogant speech, and Ichigo just smashes his face in to make him move to another location to fight. Ichigo has clearly gone to another level, as even Aizen thought that his complete lack of reiastu meant he had failed. Gin (who isn’t quite dead yet) saw the strength in his eyes; also judging from the few words Ichigo had to say, he’s ready to kick ass. The less a character says as he fights, the cooler and more confident he is. His change in physical appearance should also mean something (longer hair means stronger in this genre lol). The training arc was probably ommited to make the revelations of Ichigo’s powers more exciting. However, after he face-palmed Aizen, Ichigo should have just followed up with his strongest attack. I highly doubt he will be able to “end this in a single instant” now he’s lost the element of surprise. Though Aizen was caught off-guard at that moment after misjudging Ichigo, there is no way he’s going down without Kubo showing us lots more abilities and transformations on both sides- hollow powers, Ichigo’s new powers, Aizen’s bankai, etc. all come to mind. Aizen’s hougyoku should keep him alive for a while as well; this fight is not ending soon. Although very little happened in this chapter, what did happen was good, and what happens next hopefully will also be good.


      1. I can see that happening, Aizen still hasnt shikai’d let alone bankai and this series is too popular to end now even though there has been enough filler material in the past few years to last the rest of this manga.

      2. Of course, would you expect anything less?
        Since so many readers were unhappy about my god like power even though i am a god, for the sake of drama, i’ll try to look like i’m losing.

  1. Man this chapter is… What… What is this… This Reiatsu!? could it be!? excitement!? Hooray!!!

    I’m glad the training was for a new state and not just a sole move, Bleach is moving again! that was a long pilgrimage… I hope I’m not wrong.

    Lectro Volpi
  2. ….meh. Not impressed really. Of course Ichigo needs a power boost, but I just see this as random god-hax power up to deal with a character that got too powerful through a more legitimately contrived way.

    The general rule of thumb in Shounen manga fights is that who ever talks first or shows off their ultimate first usually loses the fight. In another way, whoever seems most confident usually loses or fails. Therefore, Aizen fails in his omniscience as he made a bad assumption. Ichigo better not pull out the new Getsuga Tenshou anytime soon or I would be expecting another waste of time if Aizen manages to live through this confrontation.

    Still…Kubo…this really did not require 1 chapter to get through. We have had enough dramatic suspense for the last 100 chapters to last the rest of the series.

    1. I actually liked this chapter. A welcome break from all the crappy introspection and flashbacks. Just plain and simple overview of what is happening and making sure noone gets hurt. Very Ichigo.

  3. Whoa. Ichigo actually went badass. And I gotta say, he looks effing AWESOME like that. He’s got the whole “Hi guys I’m a shinigami and is that Inoyama-san? No? Oh well.” Oh, and facepalming Aizen. That was a GREAT move.

    Kit Kat
  4. I’m curious as to how long he’s trained. I understand his hair growing longer, but I doubt he grew taller (to a point that it’s obvious to others) over just a few weeks of training. Still, I’m interested in seeing his new powers.

  5. I have to say it was funny when Ichigo decided to force his “decision” on Aizen, cutting his speech short, and giving him a shock with that face-palm all in one. (thumbs up = an Ulquiorra move)

    random viewer
    1. hahahaha!!instantaneous hair growth..i wonder what product does he use?? O_o well at least he looks kinda cool with his emotion-less look and a long hair which covers part of his eyes..hahaha!!

  6. Now that I think about it, this is kind of Kubo’s signature pattern at work. First, show the adversary to be so super strong that he seems unbeatable. Next, have Ichigo train and then not show said training. Next, have Ichigo disappear for a few chapters, while some side characters or supporting fights happen. Then Ichigo shows up, super powered and faces off against epic baddy in epic battle.

    It happened with Byakuya before, and now its Aizen. I’m expecting quite a lot from this battle, here’s to an interesting next few chapters!

  7. i hope ichigo’s hair will stay like this,it looks better than his original hair.absolutly its not because he gained a new power but because he trained for a while as u can see his father’s facial hair became darker.

  8. Anybody notice the chain around his right arm that seems to connect to Zangetsu? The chain wasn’t this long previous. Even the hilt of the sword looks different. I suspect that the chain is wrapped around his arm to deliver some sort of power to him.
    But anyways.. I really doubt hell be able to deliver on his promise lol. Remember yami in his released form? He said the same bs with the same confidence level and he barely scratched him.

  9. hmm..

    i’m guessing the suggested reason for not opening a family sized tub of ben and jerry’s whup ass on aizen is for fear of disintergrating everyone about that he came to save?

    fftw – faceplant for the win

    1. True but there are no stipulations preventing Kubo to explain in flashbacks how Ichigo got his hair longer, longer chain, ripped a sleeve and looks amazingly more bad ass (yes, each of those will be developped into a dozen chapters). Kidding….Hopefully.

  10. ya know..i wonder what’s aizen’s bankai..i mean god save them all if he ever uses his bankai!and what bout the commander’s bankai??shunsui,ukitake,urahara,etc etc~!those people who hadn’t showed their bankai..and zaraki’s released form of his sword??arghh!!this story is almost coming to an end and we don’t get to see the others bankai and shikai! *sighh*

    this stronger version of ichigo better be able to kick aizen’s ass!!coz i don’t wanna see another “ohh ichigo’s dead” then suddenly the freaking hollow comes out(a lot more badass than the one that killed ulquiorra)and the kicks aizen’s ass till he’s only bout 10% alive..then ichigo snaps out of it and say “lets end this!” then kills aizen!! =.= i just wanna see him beat someone without the hollow actually coming out!!if he uses his mask then its different!

    anyways, his entry was kinda cool and he actually managed to face palm aizen and leaving his and marks on his face..hahaha!!btw aizen looks kinda gay coz he looks like a freaking butterfly with that thing on his back. LOL!!

  11. I’d just like to point out that Kubo said after the Fake Karakura Town arc there will be another much longer arc. I don’t know if this fight is still part of the Fake Town arc or if this is the new arc and this fight with Aizen is going to take forever. If this is still part of the fake town arc, though, I wouldn’t doubt if Aizen escapes after being almost wrecked and then everybody goes to his base where they have to fight his minions one by one in 1v1 duels until Ichigo reaches Aizen to finish him off.

    My main point is: don’t think this will be the final battle.

    Aara D
  12. This was expected, i only hope the writer does not pull out that stupid twist where he suddenly doubts himself after going hax mode (aka Yammy’s fight immediately after going full hollow form).

    There is only so much i can stand from main char who is stupid enough to need enough people to die before he finally finds his balls. A coward does not a shonen main character make.

    Zaku Fan
    1. From Aizen God mode confident to Ichigo God mode humble, and as you say Zaku i hope the confidence that Ichigo has, pleaaaase keep it all the battle, but for sure Aizen will play with him with things like “I can tell you things that your father hasn’t told you…” and “Just as I expected…”.

  13. This thought has been on my mind for a while now… but I’ll be laughing my ass off it turns out that Aizen is good. That he’s making the kings key to save lives, and that he doesn’t need to kill anyone to make it. He just needs Ichigo to get stong enough so that when they fight they gather enough reitsu in one place.

  14. I was hopeing to see the final getsuga tensho, or at least a reason why tensa looks to COOL. Anyway, it looks like Ichigo has become the almighty one here. I’m guessing Aizen will be forced to use BANKAI.

    Stange though, what is this final evolution he talks about and why did he want Ichigo to achieve it.

    code fanboy
  15. In Bleach, uber bishonen hair indicates more power. So I guess Ichigo just needed a new shampoo or something? XD. Just kidding, this chapter was good because somebody finally shuted up Aizen. He was getting annoying with his “I see it all, I know it all MWAHAHAHA!”

  16. just a random thought… but did anyone else notice that the guard of Tensa Zangetsu looked a bit different? like… thinner or something… or is that just an error in drawing?

    Risen~N Seraphim
  17. So wait, did Gin give Ichigo the Hyogoku whatever? It said that Gin was entrusting Ichigo with something, it could have just been the duty to finish Aizen, but I would like to see Ichigo with his own “I win” button.

  18. Next week:

    The Aizen that Ichigo facepalmed was an illusion.

    Aizen: All as planned. *Unleash God mode*
    *Ichigo lose in 1 cut like all the other shinigami*

    Next as a last resort, Goku and Hercule…I mean Ichigo and Don Kanooji does the fusion dance.

      1. No you have to look at Aizen’s Shikai to get hypnotized from what I understand, but yeah thanks for reminding me that Ichigo isn’t hypnotized yet. Even so, I wouldn’t count out the fact that Kubo will troll us further with another “Just as planned” bullcrap.

  19. The hilarious thing about this chapter was Ichigo saying “I’ll finish this in an instant”
    Yeah….right. So he basically plans to One-shot Aizen? Where have I heard this before? OH YEAH! Back when he was about to face Yammy with his new mask, and what happened? PWNED!

    Smell The Coffee!
  20. this chapter went by quick, finally someone took aizen’s cocky all-knowing attitude down a peg or 3 which i was glad for. That just means that this will be a fight that only the main char has a hope of winning tho XD

    and allow me to rephrase, by “I’ll finish this in an instant” Ichigo means that the fight will be a back and forth between both sides trying to use as little effort as possible to win .. until they both max out in a climactic finish. Cause nothing says im epic like pulling 3 aces outta you sleeve when the last one didnt work

  21. Does anyone seriously believe Mr-I’m-God-You-Can’t-Touch-Dis Aizen is going to use Bankai? He doesn’t even need to use Shikai (and he can’t against Ichigo, anyway). Ichigo seems to have merged with the might of Tensa Zangetsu/ Hichigo and can now use their powers combined. Given that he went from Ghost-seeing schoolboy to Bankai-wielding Shinigami Substitute with an irritating Hollow Mask in about 2 months, will be interesting to see how far he’s come now.

    The Muffin Man
  22. Loved this chapter (which is rare from bleach nowadays). Not only did Aizen get shut-up and (temporarily) smacked down. The fact that Ichigo’s reitsu can no longer be sensed means he may finally have learn reitsu control, finally giving him the chance of putting his monstrous power everyone has been harping on about to good use

    1. For some reason I can imagine Ichigo starting next issue by saying “Getsuga …” then Aizen dodges, and Ichigo re-appears behind him, and Aizen flickers up to the sky only to find Ichigo’s already there, Aizen attacks and Ichigo dodges, and so on for like 15 pages until he finally brings his arm down with “TENSHOU!” and breaks Aizen in half with 1 shot.

      Hope the fight is more epic than that but this is Kubo, who gave Gin 1 attack and he went down. Speaking of, since even freaking Rukia and Renji are getting tons of padding for their ‘fights’, I hope Gin gets more than just 1-shot pWned by Aizen. I mean I know Gin’s part of the ‘fight’ was trying to do the same to Aizen, kill him in 1 shot, but c’mon. The long-awaited backstab and he gets one shot and one shot only?

  23. Clarification: Since Rukia, Renji and Chad got more filler fight in again Yammy, even though it was all pretty pointless. He’s a freaking kaiju! Getting to see more of Byakuya v Kenpachi v Yammy tho … THAT I look forward to.

    Anyhoo, yeah, this was a pretty badass issue. I loved how Aizen was all like ‘Why should I bother moving, I don’t even have to move to kill y-‘ And Ichigo just cut in and battering-rammed the guy. Since even Gin couldn’t even touch Aizen without disintegrating, and Ichigo just facepalmed him, either Kubo can’t remember his own writing or Ichigo really is at a whole other level now. Wonder if he can still Hollowfy from here or if he’s at 100% power already. It’d be a good idea to do so, but then this wouldn’t be shonen ;p

  24. First the hyperbolic time chamber, then the timely appearance with longer hair, and THEN a declaration of war AWAY from the city.

    If not for the ridiculously ugly design for Aizen SSJ form, no one would be able to tell the difference between this and a random chapter taken from DBZ.

    1. Ichigo’s been in the Dangai thing for THREE MONTHS. That much time in the Dangai was only an hour where Aizen and them are, but technically Ichigo has been training for three months straight.

      We are talking about the same guy who learned bankai in just three days. And it’s been pointed out many times already that Ichigo’s most effective and unusual ability (besides his large reatsu or however you spell it) is his incredible growth rate. For him to become this strong in three months along with this ability shouldn’t be something to complain about.

      Plus, Ichigo’s always had the potential and the strnegth. His problem was that he didn’t have proper training since he always forced out his abilities in a hurry and he needed time to master it.

  25. Personally, I hate this type of kick-ass-out-of-nowhere kind of plot. I hated it back then when Ichigo was suddenly able to effortlessly beat up the “bat boy”. I hate it now when Ichigo is able to do the same to Aizen. It is not only a cheap bailout that ruins the characters, but also yet another piece of evidence that shows how little creativity has left in the author.

  26. What I can’t wait to see is Ichigo use that SanKai.

    And it does kinda suck that Kubo Tite is going the Bleach route and made Ichigo use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and is now all of a sudden Super Shinigami 12, and Super-Aizen is like Super Buu.

    I assume Aizen will release his bankai soon and become Kid Buu, and then Ichigo finally releases his SanKai while his full=hollow form and does a Kamehameha-Rasengan-Getsuga Tenshou.

  27. I think its too early for aizen to even release shikai to fight Ichigo. Next few chaptrs will porbably show ichigo thrashing Aizen around, looking like hes about to win, then Aizen makes the Key and escapes from ichigo (with the`just as planned` line of course`) from there, all the shinigami will regroup, and the new arc will begin (in like another 30 chapters or so) in otherwords, think of the end to the SS arc (best arc ever), and that is how the current arc will end .

    Mind, ichigo “could potentially” kill aizen right now, but some uinfortunate turn of events will prevent ichigo from delivering the killing blow. So nothing will come out of this fight, no matter how haxed up ichigo is

    That being said, this is one of the better chpaters in a LONG while


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