Let’s have a play by play this week shall we? I feel this chapter specifically calls for it. So we first see Zoro and the fact that he has actually given up quite fast to asking Mihawk to train him. Can’t say I called it, but you did feel a little pathetic for Zoro, at least until you realize he actually exhausted all the options available before him. Suddenly, Zoro begins explaining what Luffy’s message really meant. His tattoo, 3D crossed out with a 2Y beneath it really meant not the original 3 days to meet but instead 2 years. I believe some people actually guessed that from a couple chapters ago so kudos to them. My response to this is rather how insane the scale of this timeskip is. The crew hasn’t even been on the sea for a year, and now they’re going to stay put and train for two years? I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of insane power ups the crew is going to obtain with the timeskip. Not to mention the possible character design changes, hairstyles, and whatnot. Luffy will be around 19! Nami will have bigger breasts than ever! Usopp’s nose might grow even longer! Zoro with Yontoryuu? Possibilities are endless, I tell ya.

Not only was the timeskip confirmed this chapter, Haki is also finally explained (after 597 chapters right?). It really is as simple as we guessed, but of course these are most likely just the surface descriptions of each “color”. I’m sure Luffy will put his own little twist on things, but I wonder which color Luffy will be good at? (perhaps all of them, since he’s the main character after all)

With a timeskip of two years, it’d be a little weird to see the manga again next week, so Oda decided on a 4 week break for OP. It’s a great way to hype up the comeback of the Strawhats if you ask me. Disappointment isn’t even existent in my mind right now, so do your thing Oda. Yo Naruto, I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish, but One Piece is going to have one of the best timeskips of all time. See you in four weeks~

Oh, and I guess it wasn’t timed at chapter 600 😛


  1. I never got the scope of the time skip until you mentioned the Naruto timeskip and now I see how awesomely amazing this next part of the series will be. This is going to be a long 4 weeks.

  2. Just finished reading it and even if I knew there was going to be a timeskip, 2 years still came in as a shock for me but still, this will definitely be an insane development for everyone.

    Well pulling the Shippuden card, any chance the OP anime will do the same? You know end it here and start anew again. I’m not against it but I guess is a longshot huh?

    Well anyway, to those guys (forgot their names) Good luck protecting the Thousand Sunny for 2 years.

      1. i’m not so sure what’s going to happen to Duval and his crew. last time we say them, cyborg kuma confronted them and it seems like he was about to do some serious stuff to them. =/

      2. THAT was the Kuma was the one who sent them flying all over the place to protect them from kizaru. I don’t think he’d harm them rather he could even hide himself inside sunny.. I was worried for sunny too but Duval gotta pull it off somehow 🙂

  3. So does anybody know what that’s gonna mean for tha anime? O.O! 4 weeks of no one piece!? When it catches up to this point in the manga i mean. I completely agree that 4 weeks would really make it feel more real, props to Oda for the idea, but is it also gonna happen with the anime?

    1. God knows what’s going to happen to the anime at that point, so it’s best not even to try to guess the headache that might occur.
      Though if you really want a guess, it’s best to go with what past companies have done and what’s the best way for business. They sure as hell won’t go on a long break, so they’ll most likely have a gigantic filler arc. However, it’s only 4 weeks, and it’s not hard to create time for the lost time so as to not catch up with the manga. I doubt Toei will give us a whole year of filler (aka Naruto), as only a studio like Pierrot would be dumb enough to make that decision (ugh they’ve ruined so many series for me.. my Tegami Bachi…)

  4. Well I’ll be damned! you were right here Mr. Kiiragi.

    I’m glad Zoro, Mihawk and Oda acknowledged that this is zoro’s humilliation. Yoy know what makes me sad? this student-teacher friendship clears the way for something I feared: Shirley is going to kill Mihawk and claim the “Strongest Swordsman title”. It is not imminent but quite posible now.

    People fear the timeskip and I can understand, time changes things and such things can help or destroy a story, but I believe in Oda.

    I like the timeskip idea for no reason at all, and that is why if I read why people want the timeskip I get angry because I think their reasons are stupid… oh boy!

    4 weeks? that’s a tough one but Oda is going to need every second to make this thing work.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Shirley? Shiliew you mean? If Mihawk gets killed while imparting all of his knowledge to Zoro, he’s gonna seem like the One Piece equivalent of Obi Wan Kenobi…please don’t go down that path Oda!!!

      1. I figured it was Shiryu. Not Shilew or whatever. Please don’t go 4Kids on us like with the Zoro(correct) Zolo(incorrect) thing. But till I see good confirmation, Shirley works fine for me. 😛

      2. @Odeus: Huh, please. Don’t go all “it ain’t correct until I see proof” on us. You must have missed the “Shiliew” thing which was first mentioned by Oda back in Chapter 595, somewhere around the 6th or 7th page where they showed the Blackbeard pirates members with their names written in English, along with the other Supernova members.

  5. Chapter 597- “NOT” 3D but 2Y?!?!?! WTF!?!? Is that a time slip clue???yep! guess it is..two years actually seems realistic!
    DAMN!! Zorro’s an Honest Mother.F’er!!
    And DAMN Robins BLUSHING A LOT!!!!
    And DBL.DAMN I hope franky don’t change his face too much.
    And TRIPLE.G’DAMN!! Haki- BROKEN DOWN and explained in one CHAP!!!!
    And it sounds cool. Call me a FanBoy fo da first time..this SHOW IS THE BEST!!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. I think the most unexpected ting it could happen would be that Luffy actually sucks at Haki and can barely do a little of the color of armaments and that all that training could only increase Luffy’s physical strength

  7. Ah…one month of no One Piece. Now, I don’t really look forward to Shounen Jump as much.

    As for Haki, I kind of got the feeling of Nen from HunterxHunter when Raleigh explains it in terms of colors. Especially the part where he says people specialize in their own particular color. Shame there’s no water-leaf test to check which color Luffy is. I think it would be awesome if the whole crew came back with Haki powers, but most likely that would be impossible as a totally invincible crew would be too boring to watch. At least Sanji though. =P

    1. I don’t personally think that having Haki would necessary make you invincible. Lets take chapter 520 as an example. When Luffy turned on gear 2, even though Sonia was able to read his movements, she just couldn’t keep up with him physically. And earlier, when Marigold could easily deflect his attacks, she was pushed back with a jet bazooka.

  8. I wouldnt say that 2 years are that lone since we still dont know just how the times goes in the OP world. Thye could be already out sailing for 5 years or something. And if you look at the new world, they defenitely need that time since there are people whove trained for more than 30 years or more.

    1. Oda mentioned that strong world would be Luffy’s last adventure as a 17 year old. Luffy set off to sea on his 17th birthday. The events of maineford and Impel Down at most took 4 days due to how they mentioned every second before Ace’s exectution.

  9. Knowing Luffy, he won’t be too good at “reading” the foe’s attack one. He’ll be more like reinforcement type with smacking Logias. But IMO, Luffy will have a specialy where he combines the 3 styles into one for a 4th style or some crap, and oh, let’s say the only other person who created that technique was the Pirate king.

    1. A Vivre Card. Pieces ripped from it will move slightly towards the owner’s direction. It also indicates the owner’s health and will burn when the owner is nearing death. The paper is made in the New World, and is created from a fragment of the owner’s fingernail.
      Technically all their Vivre cards should be pointing to Rayleigh, but he’s with Luffy right now. That shouldn’t be a problem though, since obviously Rayleigh knows how to get back to the Archipelago. So currently, everyone’s vivre card would be pointing towards Luffy’s direction right now.

  10. I’m nervous about the time skip, it seems like every time there’s a major timeskip to go into the second part of a story the series goes to crap (DB and Naruto are prime examples). I have confidence in our lord and savior Oda-sama but I’m still nervous from my bad experiences with timeskips. Hopefully Oda is taking these 4 weeks off to plan out the second half of the story rather than just jumping into it like Kishi and Toriyama apparently did.

    1. well with dbz, its cause the Dragon ball half was lightheartly joked about fighting manga/comics .. while the dragon ball Z decided that it was serious, which ruined it, ill agree there.
      But with Naruto ill pick the current part where naruto doesn’t rely on his inner demons to win over better, over the first half with a failure of a kid who wins after getting beat to death and his demon saves his weak being.

      1. Disregarding that your apparently sole reason for preferring part 2 over part 1 is pretty incredulous in itself, Naruto has just went back to using his “inner demon” for more power, even if it’s done in a bit more of an advanced manner than before. I was talking in terms of story and plot and how well planned out the sequence of events seemed to be, not whether the stories switched from one primary genre to another or how the characters decide to fight.

  11. long 4 weeks … but it bee cool if he counted the chapters still so we get 600/601 when we get back signifying the skip (like a blank in the timeline to confuse people)

    on another note, im really excited for the week back and hopefully learning a bit more about haki, or what kind of training luffy’s actually doing. Hmmm so cutting down a difficult task to make it fit in a much shorter time .. sounds like its shadow clone time for luffy or a natural affinity of doing it

  12. I was right about the timeskip, but wrong about it being based around the 600th chapter. But hey… technically I got the timing on the actual date right since Oda is taking off 4 weeks.

    I’m guessing Luffy will end up looking kind of like Ace, but with some goofiness mixed in. But what are the chances that Usopp becomes big and strong from training with Heracles? And does Chopper’s chibi form grow at all? Nami’s chest will certainly be bigger, but maybe she grows out her hair a bit just so she can have a different look too? I’m more kind of interested in what the new character designs will look like, rather than anything else at this point.

  13. Rock on, Oda. You’ve earned a month off after all the recent stuff that has gone down in OP.

    Speculation on powerups:
    Luffy: Masters one of the “colors” of Haki (most likely, the “stare” variant).
    Zoro: A secret sword technique that only Mihawk knows.
    Nami: Weather Knowledge +20%, Clima Tact upgrade possible.
    Usopp: Backbone +40%, New weapon OR finally upgrades to firearms.
    Sanji: New recipes and a better understanding of okama.
    Chopper: Medicinal Knowledge +10%, “Monster Point” mastered.
    Robin: “Lost History” Knowledge +5%, Dragon’s Respect earned.
    Franky: A pair of pants. By “pants”, I mean new weapons that double as a set of pants. Also, [Insert “idea(s) of Vegapunk’s that he couldn’t create but Frank does” here].
    Brook: New songs to be used in combat. Honestly, Brook’s powerup is a little hard to think of, so this is my best attempt.

  14. Wow, i cant believe i was right about it being two yrs, excited as i was with the initial proof, when i sat down to think about it, and relating it to naruto/db…it really is overwhelming. So many things could happen to the characters, so much could change, both physically/emotionally/super-power-uppy (lol). This is pretty huge, taking everything into perspective, expecially how the WG/Supernovas/New world/and three powers will sort themselves out.
    Luffy needs intimidation color mastered, since that is all we’ve seen him use so far, but he does need the armor one at least at advanced lvl is he is ever going to be able to beat a logia head on, so i think thats wat hell do.
    Everyone else will get new techniques/master prev ones but what im really interested in, is how they will change from the lovable characters we’ve all gotten to know so well.

    Oda Sensei please dont mess this up, we are all believing in you, shonen wont be the same without OP in it for a while

  15. I admit I nearly screamed “Aargh why a full month?!” but the anticipation indeed is great.
    I’m guessing 598 and 599 will be showing how each characters changed and 600 will be the actual final reunion.

    lol @ Kanye


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