「すべてを焼き尽くす!! 大将赤犬の能力!」 (Subete o Yakitsukusu!! Taishō Akainu no Chikara!)
“An All-Consuming Inferno!! Admiral Akainu’s Power!”

So I was rewatching and skimming the episodes near the end of Thriller Bark, and this was after skimming around some Clannad + AS episodes, but somehow I felt more openly emotional than usual. It’s like I’ve been watching anime with a cold heart for the past year, because I couldn’t believe how much sadder Clannad got the second time around. Anyway, because of this random stint, I probably got more used to the pacing. I just wanted to mention that in case anyone else thought this episode’s pacing was horrendous. By the way, the deaths of the Rumbar pirates was practically poetic, with them each dropping dead one by one as the song ended. It really made me think how much I’ve been under-appreciating the anime recently, but I guess recent events aren’t so emotional to feel the same.

With that said, yes, compared to the previous episodes, the pacing in this one seemed okay. Fights were quick, rapid talking, your typical expected OP battle. I guess it’s a little boring so far since Luffy has yet to appear, but the flashy attacks of the admirals and commanders had me tided over pretty well. While Kizaru’s “Yasakani no Magatama” attack didn’t look that brilliant, Marco’s phoenix transformation counterattack made up for it. His mahou shoujo style transformation scene was a little weird, but it wasn’t long enough to be awkward. Diamond Juzo, commander of the third division, apparently can transform his body into well, diamonds. LOOK AWAY. LOOK AGAIN. HIS BODY IS NOW DIAMONDS. His ice throw was also a lot bigger than I remember from the manga. Akainu’s magma fist looked pretty damn good animated, but still doesn’t really possess that level of animation to impress. On a more trivial note, I noticed that out of all the giants, the one and only girl they got actually looks like a normal girl except blown up. Also, this guy made me laugh pretty hard with his completely random ass power of pulling out a hammer from a pocket on his chin.

Near the end of the ep, Little Oars Jr. comes out from the shadows (where the hell was this guy hiding?), and by the looks of the preview, shall begin his “reign of terror”. Looks like both side’s are pulling out all the stops now.




  1. Can’t wait for luffy to arrive almost makes me wanna read ahead in the manga but as of now im enjoying where OP is at and actually thrilled to wait each week for an episode.

    I just hope they do they do the battle right, not like in bleach where one episode is dedicated to one duel between characters, it’s boring and done by talentless directors, writers or who ever is responsible for deciding how they animate it.

  2. They did a great job, animation and art were great especially Butters… ah, Marco! fighting porno glasses Kizaru in a DBZ fashion.

    I thought you already reviewed this episode… I guess it was a hard week huh? Mr. Kiiragi?

    Lectro Volpi
  3. I do not believe that k-on would be the right banner for this site.
    I thought that the angel beats looked cool and fun. K-on one just looks weird, pixelated out of contrast.

    Though i see how hard it can be to find the right show to banner up with. Mitsudomoe awesome but not mainstream, sekerei awesome but could be interpreted as big breasts, maybe a bakemonogatari banner?

    1. I’M wit u PLAYA!! OUT OF PLACE it is! i actually missed the angel.b one….made me feel like i was getting my wig split in FIRST PERSON. BANNER FAIL! COME’ON Divine!!!! find something that ENCOMPASSES ALL ANIME!!!!!! I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..or u could just make a poll “easy way out lol”

      BROOKLYN otaku
    1. AGREED! fo a dude who just pulled off ONE attack move, he had me replaying and replaying that sheeet! or maybe i just hate kizaru….reminds me of an uncle dat fingered me…

      BROOKLYN otaku
  4. omg, omg, just omg!!!
    awsome charcters!!!!!! i rewatched this episode like 5 times
    Kiiragi! i am kinda pist that u couldn’t post this review sooner, but then again u’re probaly swamped with reviews to post
    i just politely request that u give more love (priority) to One piece for the durations of this war, forget all the others animes for now, there is nothing more exciting then whats going on here, damn it!!!
    anyways,love sharing my opinion with all u guys
    plz, keep it up

    i was very impressed by Marco, Juzo, Hawk-eye, and Kizaru
    but White beard and his sinister laugh… priceless!

  5. Poor Coby. All that training with Garp and you’re still completely useless when it actually matters.

    At least your training allowed you to grow two feet and alter the shape of your squash-like skull into something that actually resembles a human’s. But if you ever want to fight against Luffy, you’re going to need either a hyperbolic time chamber, or the magic resort of the “Advent of Evil”, “Apostle of Darkness”, “Dark Evangel”, “Doll Master”, “Maga Nosferatu”, “The Girl Queen of Darkness”, “The Visitation of Woes”, and “The Disciple of Dark Tones”… a.k.a. Evangeline Athanasia Katherine MacDowell.


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