「変人はサンタクロース」 (Henjin wa Santa Kuroosu)
“The Oddball is Santa Claus”

Gachi Ranger misunderstandings will never grow old at this rate, as Chiba falls victim to Hitoha’s inability to share her love for them with anyone. With their conversation getting hilariously out of hand due to Chiba’s belief that they’re talking about a porn magazine and not his love for Gachi Pink‘s breasts, the demonstration of his secret, circle-strafing, underwear take down technique in tears turned out to be pretty epic. He definitely deserves credit for not only making it incredibly difficult to stop, but for also perfecting it for instances where girls are wearing a belt. It’s just too bad he got completely burned by revealing his mastery of the technique on Yabecchi, causing him to run off in dismay over pulling a guy’s pants down. Too bad for him, but unbelievably hilarious for me of course. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, misunderstandings of this nature are comedic gold.

In addition to the usual four skits per episode format this series has been using, a new “Yabecchi’s Room” was added this time around. Nothing came from his interview with Mitsuba since she kept snacking on his junk food, but I get the feeling this will become a regular omake-type of thing in future episodes. Futaba or Hitoha will likely make things more interesting, especially if Gachi Rangers become the topic of discussion. There was also a skit that was completely devoid of lines as well, which provided the silent type of comedy that transcends language barriers by using actions and facial expressions that speak louder than words. The British television comedy Mr. Bean starring Rowan Atkinson came to mind when I was watching Futaba try to create her own outdoor bath and wheel a drum barrel home with Mitsuba, as the silly end result was right along the same lines. I don’t ever recall an anime trying this approach, but the slapstick humor where Mitsuba gets inadvertently abused by Futaba worked well here.

As for my personal highlights, the skit with Hitoha taking up the task of being Santa Claus and dropping off a present to Futaba was definitely one of them. It was pretty funny seeing Futaba’s internal breast sensor go off to the “oppai pillow” that Soujirou decided to get his daughter, followed by Hitoha bumping into everything and becoming a bloody mess in an attempt to preserve the former’s belief in Santa Claus; however, I couldn’t get over how cute Hitoha was in the Santa Claus outfit that was clearly too big for her. Futaba thinking that Santa Claus has to hid his face because it’s ugly wasn’t too shabby either, due to Hitoha’s reaction to the sound of that. Poor Hitoha. She does a good deed only to wind up with blood all over her face and told she’s ugly. That’s on top of people failing to understand her love for Gachi Rangers too.

It’s a bit of a shame that this week quickly wrapped up both Christmas and New Year’s with only a short skit on each. The New Year’s one didn’t entail much more than Mitsuba completing her animal underwear collection and inadvertently donating the latest addition to a shrine, but still had its moments when Satou and Chiba were brought into the mix. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Mitsuba getting burned for getting on other people’s case to hide her own embarrassment, so seeing Chiba throw her childish underwear away was a pretty good stuff. It didn’t quite top the ice bowling with Futaba at the very end though, which was so outrageous that it warranted its own ending sequence featuring Johann Strauss II’s famous piece, The Blue Danube. Similar to seeing Mitsuba reap what she sows, watching Shinya get coerced into coming off like more of a pervert is something that hasn’t gotten old. Ace striker soccer kick for the win!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「The Blue Danube」 by Johann Strauss II
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  1. Just thought I should point out, the actual reading for the title of this episode is 変人はサンタクロース (Henjin wa Santa Kuroosu), which translates to “The Stranger is Santa Claus”

    The official simulcast for this show messed up the translation and misinterpreted the “変人 (henjin)” as “恋人 (koibito)” because the kanji look similar, so I’m guessing you took the translation from there.

    Besides that, the episode was pretty funny. Hitoha as Santa Claus was hilarious xP

  2. This episode was great. I love how every time Hitoha tries to talk about Gacchi Rangers some incredulous misunderstandings happen and she cane never express her feelings.

    I enjoyed how they switched up the style a little when Mitsuba and Hitoha were going to get that can. The silent comedy was great and just proves that the misfortune that Futaba regularly brings Mitsuba has now need for words and sound effects. The fact that Mitsuba went through all that trouble just to end up not even needing the can in the firs place was a great punchline.

    And the ice bowling was awesome. You can always count on Mitsuba to stir things up past the point of truly ridiculous. Satou just can’t catch a break; he tries to play the straight man and always manages to get fucked over in the end. I nearly busted a gut at the end when Futaba’s double meaning sentence was overheard by the “Can’t be helped” trio.

  3. Shinya’s status gain level up again after futaba said to nail her butt.

    futaba who has sound effect (kotachi kotachi), Mitsuba has a new sound effect for her self. i wonder if hitoha has one.

    and the usual the gachi ranger gag. still can get enough.

    nice episode. (hope to see another father gag.)

  4. a special SHOUT OUT to the FANSUBBER who put the “NOM NOM NOM NOM” on Mitsuba BEASTING on those CHIPS!! THEY DEFINITELY need to make a show about these girls grown up!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. I very much liked the 2nd music intermezzo. Like last time it was funny and heartwarming. Seeing how mitsuba still has a good side, gets banged up, pretends not to care but somewhere down the line loses her guard and becomes shining as well.

  6. Blue Danube made that last scene. I swear, that face that Futaba has half the time will become a new internet meme. It’s hilariously adorable.

    Anyone noticed that the Pink Gachi Ranger’s outfit looks somewhat similar to Powerpuff Girls Z?

  7. LOL Hitoha-chan is so HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!
    Adorable to the core! Futaba was fantastic once again and it was great to see more of Mitsuba.
    I just love the few little notes Futaba sings when she runs or rushes.
    Yet another fun episode from a great series. Is it ONLY a 13 eps run?

  8. Please tell me there is going to be another series. I have loved every episode so far, I try to explain how good this is to people but just get funny looks (I really feel for the trio’s father). Futaba took the crown off Hitoha this episode for that great ending scene on the ice.

  9. This was definitley one of my faves! Also, I was hoping you could get the screenshot of Hitoha’s face when she asked Chiba if he could do the move or not. She looked toooooooo adorable!!! 😀


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