The highlight of this chapter had to be Ichigo interrupting Aizen’s diarrhea of the mouth yet again. Seriously, he had it coming for him. Aizen is starting to look pretty desperate as he tries to understand Ichigo’s new form. I think the point of view switched to him for the first time in the story so we get to see some of his thoughts. Unfortunately character development-wise nothing new came up, though I suppose it is difficult to expect anything from that aspect in Bleach. We follow the new perspective as Aizen judges that Ichigo converted all of his reiatsu into physical power. He certainly is pretty damn strong, but I doubt that is the complete story. He is severely misunderstanding Ichigo, and even mistakes Ichigo’s power for his own. Ichigo himself is doing the standard cool and powerful rampage like the one he did in the Soul Society arc to save Rukia from execution. This time however, he’s the one to stop Aizen with his bare hands and to follow up also smashes the level 90 black coffin spell easily (an ironic reversal of the situation). I’m sure both Aizen and Ichigo still have plenty in their bag of tricks however, and the fight is unlikely to be as one-sided as the fight against Ulquiorra. So while there’s nothing really innovative going on here, it should still be an interesting read.

For the third week in a row I had to blog in a rush. I’ll try to get out anime posts this weekend.


    1. You two still have yet to realise that everything is an illusion.
      Aizen is tricking Ichigo into thinking he is stronger than Aizen. This all part of his plan.
      Fear not, Aizen cannot die.

      1. My personal theory is that it may be the reverse since Aizen may have abandoned or forgotten the powers of his zanpakuto in favor of the superior strength of the hougyoku. Ichigo somehow cast Aizen under his own illusion and he’ll eventually be defeated, either killed or trapped fighting an imaginary Ichigo or end up being absorbed into the hougyoku.

        That or Ichigo just went Goku and we’re in for a long battle full of back and forth quips of bigotry.

      2. well its more that the entire bleach world as weve come to know it is Aizens illusion as intructed by CaptainCommander

        ichigo is in a giant simulation for combat and worse case scenarios … muhuhuhuha, Aizen is the ultimate good guy and this is introduced in the last chapter of the series, thats how he knows everthing so far, just ichigos new form has never existed before … then theres a time skip if bleach fans dont riot

      3. well lets pray the chapter does not go like >>> ichigo fights aizen for bout 10 chapter??then finally kills him!!woohooo!!but suddenly,everything turns weird and then aizen’s alive again and bleach starts all over again from the time when ichigo first got his shinigami power(when rukia gave him)but with aizen saying…”hahahaha!fools!you’ve been tricked!!this is my BANKAI!!”

        then we all read the manga all over again!

      4. My personal theory is that he learned how to control his massive reiatsu so it can work for him. Many years back when it was in the soul society arc. I forget who was saying this but they said Ichigo’s reiatsu is like an ever-ending flow coming out of a faucet. Maybe this training he received was a way to bottle up his reiatsu and make it work for him. It could be the final form of Getsuga Tenshō is for him to bottle up all of his reiatsu so he can release a devastating attack.

    2. Guys wasn’t the whole point of Ichigo being the only one to beat Aizen was that Ichigo never looked directly at Aizens’ sword. So until he does look at it Ichigo is still not influenced by an illusion.

      Otaku ESA
  1. I won’t be surpised if Aizen either casts another Illusion, uses shikai to make Ichigo close his eyes, uses bankai, or gets another higher level of power.

    Right now, I’m more surprised that Aizen is looking more arrogant than normal, guess all that power has gone through his head.

    code fanboy
  2. Probably just the same thing that happened with aizen when he was in that weird masked form and all.
    They couldn’t sense aizen his reiatsu, to which he explained that they did not yet understand his power blablabla…
    Ichi is probably pulling the same shit now, not being able to feel his reiatsu because aizen does not yet understand his power yadayaya…

  3. I think one reason why Aizen assumes that Ichigo threw away his spirit energy and convert it to power is because he’s obviously afraid of the idea of someone being stronger than he is. Hell, for all we know, Ichigo could even be stronger than Captain General Yamamoto is. But it’s just a theory of mine.

  4. I dont think I have smiled this much since Ichigo turning into Hollow Form 2. The moment that he stood above Ulquiorra’s broken body and instead of the cliche speaches and “lets all be freinds” attitude, Ichigo curb-stomp’s his already defeated opponent’s head into the ground and points that crazy red cerro at his face…. a refreshing departure from the overly employed, cheesy speeches.

  5. someone on the other thread said, which to me make sense..

    when ichigo uses his bankai, he compresses his reiatsu and gain contained power & super speed. as what byakuya said on their fight. so he concluded that he may be compressing it to the limit where no one can ever sense it.

    but still i dunno for sure.

  6. i stop reading bleach but seeing aizen saying “but to stop the sword. impossible” was priceless and ichigo saying “im stronger than you” to aizen was unexplainable words to me

  7. I’m now waiting for Ichigo to allow Aizen to power up some more while he literally has his sword at Aizen’s throat ignoring Kai-Ou’s frantic telepathic messages to finish him off. Then he’ll defeat 150% Turbo Aizen and escape the exploding Namek in one of the capsules of the Ginyu commando.

  8. what I’m wondering is why they’re even thinking its a big deal that they cleaved a mountain with a sword slash. Kenpachi did that way the hell back during his fight with Ichigo when he cleaved a small section of Soul Society to show off his eyepatch powas.

  9. For the first like 21 volumes, Bleach is some of the best shounen I’ve read. Everything seemed pretty normal, it was a monster-of-the-week series with great characterization that led up to a great, unexpected series of twists and turns. Even better, the series itself worked through each twist and turn of the plot, and the final twist at the end of Soul Society was a real surprise because of how logically the plot had been progressing up to that point.

    But recently, Bleach has started to whip out crazy twists and Piccolo-style Rescues ™ every 2-3 chapters in some mad dash to constantly one-up itself. Seriously, Bleach is enough of a marketing juggernaut that Kubo just has to stall for a year with a really long fight and he can get plenty of time to work out some actual development. What’s his hurry? Bleach is constantly at the front of WSJ, so why is he leaping through plot points with no regard for making any sort of sense?

    1. im sure things will bel cleared up soon … maybe as soon as the next chapter, but we wouldnt want to know everything in a one shot .. like heres everything ull need to know about the next 12 issues while we fight .. of corse not, learning a bit of what happened at a time amidst a chapter or two of solid fighting is much better

      and im liking how its progressed, sure the powerups are a bit much … but i didnt mind the lack of a flashback to explain Gin. And its not like if you thought you had absolute power that you would be moving at a different pase then Aizen, and were used to only getting a taste of the training, but not the whole thing .. like with bankai

      1. It’s a shounen serial, so I completely understand not getting all the information up-front. Bleach’s main problem is that it’s not consistent with its exposition–instead of spreading it evenly throughout its story, it grinds to a halt while one character (Aizen) explains for a full chapter what just happened, or rather how he knew everything was going to happen according to his plan.

        Y’know what would have made me happy? If Bleach was a plain ol’ Yuu Yuu Hakushou rip-off. You have everybody right there: a speed-type (Hiei/Ishida), a skill-type (Kurama/Orihime), a strength-type (Kuwabara/Chad), a guts-type (Yuusuke/Ichigo), and an experienced wild card (Genkai/Rukia). Then just throw that team of five at an assortment of random antagonists and you’re perfectly set. This formula worked for Flame of Recca, so why not do it again?

        I love Dragonball’s formula, but it seems to only work in its own context–or when a series like One Piece plays with shounen formula in its own crafty way. Any other series trying to ape Dragonball (or in Bleach’s case, Saint Seiya) just doesn’t work as well, while everybody trying to ape Yuu Yuu Hakushou tends to hit the mark more often than not.

  10. Seriously, what is with this series?

    Next thing we know, they’ll be talking about how Aizen’s folly was that he relied too much on his one sense of power versus actually trying to fight him, or Ichigo’s ‘surpassed’ reiatsu and attained something more, that no one can yet ‘feel’, or that Ichigo’s gained a granular control and only gives it off in bursts, just enough to get the job done, but quick enough that Aizen’s incapable of sensing (or unwilling to sense) it. Perhaps Aizen’s on such a grand power trip that his capacity to think logically has gone by the wayside, or his power is drastically fluctuating because the hougyoku is unstable.

    It’d be funny if Ichigo ended up being some sort of plan between his father and Urahara to create a proper hougyoku, or its anti-part, in the form of Isshin’s son. They had to create something as powerful, under their control, to combat it, considering its nearly impossible to destroy nature.

    With as thin as the logic has been so far in this series, any of the above wouldn’t surprise me.

    The second Aizen saw an Ichigo that gave off an air of zero reiatsu, he should’ve dropped the god complex and tried his damnedest to obliterate him, after all, it’s obvious by this point that Ichigo isn’t someone to be trifled with given his past expedient rise to captain class and move further past (albeit very inconsistent in his control, likely because he’s an emotional idiot and they get in the way of his getting the job done.)

  11. So Ichigo became much more stronger than Aizen?!?He can become as much stronger as he wants only because he’s the main character or what?Doesn’t this makes any sense?And I’m STILL reading it?Damn me.
    Since Kubo said he wants to make another arc after this one,probably some people from the same kind or maybe the hollow family of Ichigo will come up or something,since he would need someone as powerful as him to fight.Or the fights wouldn’ be balanced.And it seems he outdated Aizen in power.So yeah.
    I’m betting the next vilain will be Ichigo’s brother or something like that.

    1. Nah, that would not be nearly as dangerous for ichi since he has no ties to the brother. There will be a fight, after some chapters ichi discovers how to beat to brother and all is done.

      I am actually hoping the next villain will be ichi his mom turned bad while she has a clear memory of everything that happened before she died.
      That or soul society forcing him to complete a deal his dad made for ichi to ensure he would get a good and strong woman at his side (preferably unohana since she is supposed to be the strongest female) in which all hell breaks loose.

  12. Yeah, you go, Ichigo! Kick his face in!

    And, as stated in the previous chapter, the less you talk, the stronger you are. And, Ichigo being almost completely silent only say that he’s powered up by A LOT.

    Getting pretty bored of seeing Aizen’s ultrasuper-arrogant face. Makes me want to become GOD and kick his face in, just to prove that he’s an arrogant bitch.

  13. Does anyone other than me feel that Bleach is one step slower in thinking idea or it just stole the idea from Naruto? I mean last week Guy just throw out chakra and use muscle power and this week Ichigo’s turn to use muscle instead of reiatsu. It just give me that kind of vibe lol

  14. ichigo will lose to aizen why go see

    aizen bankai and ultimate bankai and ultimate kidou(maybe aizen totally expert in kidou) even we all haven’t seen it at all

    ichigo confirm will lose even with his new power it still cannot beat aizen.
    Aizen not even show his total ultimate power.

  15. I want to see Ichigo just PWN Aizen like he did with Uli back in Hecca Mondo. Just kick his ass in every sense of the word with no mercy.

    There is more to Ichigo and his Dad and who and what they are then we have been told. Perhaps his dad was a member of the royal family, the Sky Kings son or something. Ichigo being his son means his bloodline had potential snd Aizen knew it? Ya have to wonder whats the next arc after this Aizen business is finished?

  16. Regardless of any criticism for this chapter, you gotta admit seeing Aizen’s smug face get wiped off is pretty damn satisfying. At this point I could care less about the plot, I just want Aizen smashed to dust!

    Smell The Coffee!
  17. Gotta agree with Smell the Coffee!: DIE AIZEN YOU DAMN POWERTROLL, DIEEEEEE!!!! I personally am still waiting for Tatsuki and co. to break out the spiritual powers and then get mislead by some other horrible force or something to destory Soul Society.

    At this point it wouldn’t be surprising…

    Or pull a Final Fantasy Stunt: “Congratulations, Ichigo, you’ve just killed the only person capable of helping you kill the REAL villain who has just appeared in the last five panels of the last chapter. Good going there.”

    Kit Kat
    1. Probably because the training methods he is using are considered life-threatening dangerous…
      Being forced to awaken to his powers or die, being forced to defeat his zanpakutoh or die for bankai, being forced to control his hollow or die and the most recent if i am correct is being forced to learn the final getsuga or die/get absorbed in the dangai.

  18. Good chapter! Bleach is interesting again.

    I wonder if we are close to this:


    But seriously… Decide 20!?

    Lectro Volpi
  19. The anime is back on fillers, so I’m glad the manga got interesting at this point. Bring on a pack of whoop a$$! I must say that everyone is underestimating Ichigo at this point, even Aizen. I mean Ichigo didn’t even pull out any special moves to counter Aizen yet. You have to remember Ichigo’s strength and power-ups all came from his own efforts. Unlike Aizen whom his growth all came from a sphere in his chest.

    random viewer
  20. Yes yes YES!!! I dont care how Ichigo went from wuss to someone who just exponentially powered up. All I care about is how he finally shut Aizen’s arrogant mouthfest in this entire chapter.

    Serious, Aizen just wouldnt shut up with his usual arrogant speech this entire chapter, and it was great to see Ichigo shut him up on multiple occassion. Aizen needs to hurry up and die. He’s turning into one of the most obnoxious villain in Shounen manga history.

  21. I suspect that the end revelation is that Aizen isn’t a true Shinigami/Hollow hybrid but simply someone who’s managed to brute force the issue.

    Meanwhile Ichigo, being human, is a true Shinigami/Hollow hybrid because he’s managed to combine the two conflicting parts of his soul in a way that a Shinigami or Hollow can not; having already abandoned one side for the other.


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