「おおかみさんと御伽銀行のすごく長い一日」 (Ookami-san to Otogi Ginkou no Sugoku Nagai Ichinichi)
“The Wolf and Otogi Bank’s Very Long Day”

I can’t say I really understand how it works, but apparently you can offer a 30% discount on repaying favors. I’ll leave it to Alice to calculate exactly how much debt each request Otogi Bank handles is worth, because the story is finally heating up with the return of our “last boss”, Hitsujikai Shirou. I don’t think it comes as any surprise that he’d make his return to the story before it’s all said and done, but his roundabout tactics of trying to defame Otogi Bank by making them out to be the loan sharks with a secret upscale underground facility was a bit unexpected. Of course, not by exactly what he was accusing of them of being because most it rung true. The real killer in Shirou’s scheme was his way of systematically separating everyone from one another without raising any suspicion, making kidnapping them much easier.

To that end, Reiko was undoubtedly the biggest thorn in Otogi Bank’s side, since she went for that deceptive approach that preyed on their kindness. Given how she claimed Shirou used her, dumped her, and sent all the other delinquents out to rape her, I can completely understand how Ryouko wasn’t suspicious of her in any way. Ringo on the other hand knew better and had Alice look into Reiko, which had me believing things wouldn’t go Shirou’s way at all. However, that bastard turned out to be two steps ahead and lured Ringo away with a false threat on Himeno, so that Reiko could stun gun Ryouko and take her back to Onigashima. Now is it just me or is it kind of amazing how he can pull one over the likes of Liszt and Alice? I gather a big part of it was the passive, wait-and-see approach that Liszt told everyone to take, and Alice probably wouldn’t have suspected that Mimi would be used to draw her out; however, I can’t help but feel that Shirou anticipated for that as well.

Whatever the case, it’s good to know that Mimi realized she was being used and helped Alice escape. Shirou sure seems to like preying on girls it would seem, as Otsuu and Otohime are the other two he’s already kidnapped in addition to Ryouko. I gather Tarou only plans to come quietly until he finds out where Otohime is, whereas Ryouko’s going to seriously need Ryoushi to come in to save her. That is, whenever he’s done being preoccupied by Nekomiya Saburou (Kaji Yuuki), who’s supposedly training him how to handle close quarters combat out of the kindness of his heart. He’s modeled after Puss in Boots though, so all the suspicion towards him about wanting to get Ryoushi together with Ryouko is completely warranted. Regardless, Ryoushi does seem to be improving while he’s completely oblivious to what’s going on, so maybe something positive will come from this distraction.

Incidentally, Ryouko still has her Neko Neko Knuckles with her since Reiko and the other Onigashima thugs didn’t bother taking it off her belt. While I haven’t counted her out completely just yet because of that, I get the feeling her trauma will kick in again under these circumstances. This is where Tarou, Liszt, and Ryoushi will hopefully come in, as they look like they mean business in the preview. Come on Ryoushi! Save your wolf!




  1. Otohime may not have been captured at all as i don’t remember seeing her tied up (maybe i missed that scene). Sheep-Wolf san is getting the upper hand as he’s using surprise on his side and timing his operations together. Always nice to see a thinking villian who’s got his act together.

    The interesting part is whether the cat guy part of the plan, as the timing is there.

    Rabbit girl also showed she’s no timid little creature there and she’s got fast mental reflexes as well

    Zaku Fan
  2. Hmm.. It seems like this show has already gotten into the struggle leading up to the finale.. We didn’t even get an episode featuring the past/daily life of Liszt/Alice and Majo-san yet like we did with the others..

    I too wonder if the cat guy would end up as a friend or an enemy but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see..

  3. Well there’s still Majo right? I mean I didn’t see her get kidnapped or did I missed that part.

    Anyway, surprising turn of events for Otogi bank and definitely their biggest crisis as of yet. Ryouko completely played into Shirou’s hands, but you can’t blame her when she thought Reiko was going to what she went through before.

    1. Being the mad-scientist geek that she is, Majo’s probably holed up inside Otogi Bank all day, which might explain why the Onigashima thugs haven’t got their hands into her.

      Then again, Ringo is the other Otogi Bank girl that also came off unscathed (Alice was targeted but escaped thanks to Mimi’s help), Hitsujikai probably does not see her as a threat as long as she’s separated from Ryouko.

      Kinny Riddle
  4. Reiko’s surname Kokonoo gives away her character instantly. “Kokonoo” is merely an alternative pronunciation of “Kyuubi”, resident Narutards would instantly recognize that represents the Nine-tailed fox of legend. Not to mention her hair resembles the tail of a fox.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. Technically speaking that makes our Puss in boots a duex ex machina doesn’t it? He comes in and the training definitely not a fluke so this will power-up Ryoshi for his showdown with Shirou and his possibly ultimate “evolution” into a real man. This is looking VERY interesting!

  6. Puss in the boots seems to be a mercenary type for me, hired by “big bad sheep” to keep Morino-kun away. Cats being chaotic neutral, he puts a twist on it and gives Morino-kun really hard training instead of just mauling him. This will cause the entire plan to backfire into evil sheeps face (hopefully).

  7. A very good episode IMO. They give Reiko a fake story about Sheep-head abusing her, so it’s realistic that Ryouko wants to protects her so fast. The way they seperated everyone was nice too, actually showed that Sheep-head might actually be qualified for being an evil villain after-all. The timing of Puss finally showing up to train Ryoushi is inconvenient, but it’s a spanish cat-boy, so I’ll let that slide. Now we just need some beat-downs, Ryoushi to show off his manliness, Ryouko to do her tsundere thing, and probably Reiko to REALLY jump sides cause she falls for Ryoushi’s awesome-sauce.

    Though seeing as how this show is 13 episodes, I doubt the rescuing will be done by the end of next episode … boooo…

  8. He does look like that guy from episode 6. Maybe he wants to thank Ryouko for saving him before. He probably got stronger at fighting over the years and is helping Ryouko and Ryoushi get together because he owes her. Whatever the case, I like him and his ~nya’s so I hope he isn’t one of the bad guys.

    Hitsujikai really is a good villain. He planned things out perfectly, even successfully fooling and isolating Ryouko by using her past trauma with him. Eagerly anticipating the guys going all GAR and getting their girls back.

  9. I’m just at a loss as to what Shirou’s motivation for this whole spectacle is… I mean, I know that a situation has to be created in order for Ryoushi to man up and finally get the girl (I suppose), and I know that Shirou is just a mean and unpleasant fellow…but I don’t get why he’s going through all the trouble of orchestrating such a thing…. maybe I missed something o.O But I’m glad that the story is finally getting to the good stuff!


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