Ichigo arrives just in time to save Rukia from Yammy. Rukia notices something wrong with Ichigo as he goes off to fight though she doesn’t know exactly what. Ichigo draws off Yammy from his injured friends. He uses his hollow mask for a moment, and Rukia notes that it has been evolving. They both notice that his hollowfication has changed significantly (after Ichigo’s fight with Ulquiorra). However when Ichigo tries to call his mask again he fails and Yammy captures him. Byakuya and Kenpachi arrive and save him, telling him to get out of the way and go back to the world of the living. Mayuri and Nemu arrive to open a Garganta to send him back, and Unohana goes with him.



Ichigo’s “I’ll beat you because I have to” strategy doesn’t seem to work too well for him. Willpower does affect his strength by quite a bit, but so far he has still needed a lot of luck to scrape through his battles. And this time his luck runs out (almost) as he is tired, his mask failed, and his mental state is unstable due to the fight against Ulquiorra. Again Ichigo is facing a ridiculously strong opponent and yet again he charges randomly in. Part of his justification is actually because Yammy is talking poorly of the of the espada he fought …not sure if that’s too much ego or honor. Yes, some battles are unavoidable, but he obviously isn’t too familiar with tactical planning. Watching a suicidal hero getting by only with plot armor isn’t so fun.

As for Yammy, I don’t really believe his claim that he’s stronger than all the other espada. Unless he’s referring to physical strength only, I’m sure any of the top five could shred him. Watching him fight isn’t interesting, but luckily Byakuya and Kenpachi arrived, slicing off one of his legs leg right off the bat. They look like they are here to kick ass, and this fight should get more exciting (from what I’ve read in the manga). I also liked Unohana’s gentle yet menacing attitude, and it’s too bad we don’t get to see more of her. It would be cool to see her fight, as I’m sure she’s not only good at healing. Unfortunately for Shinji though, Inoue doesn’t seem to be going back with them so any life-saving will probably be up to Unohana. I’m glad there was more development this episode. Unfortunately the next episode will be filler. The premise looks funny so hopefully it won’t be too terrible.
On a side note, a lot of the shots of Ichigo in this episode looked a bit like his original version (his character design at the beginning of the manga).


  1. “On a side note, a lot of the shots of Ichigo in this episode looked a bit like his original version (his character design at the beginning of the manga).”

    Because this is based on a really old omake, it’s also supposedly to do with the Bleach’s 10th anniversery.

  2. Can someone tell me what the flip happened to Grimmjow???

    One minute, he was defeated by Ichigo, the next he was about to get killed by Nnoitra, next minute Ichigo is saving his life.

    Seriously, where is he now? Is he dead or not? Major plot-hole that Kubo has completely forgotten about!

    1. It isn’t a plot hole unless it’s been shown to be impossible. This is just Kubo leaving details unfinished. Odds are good that he’s still alive, just about every other major male Arrancar got some kind of flash back before they died.

      1. Not really since hallibel did not get a flashback in the manga while she still died.
        My point to that is that it doesn’t really matter if they get a flashback or not to determine if they are death or not.

  3. I’m sure he’ll pop up down the line in the epilogue of the Deicide or something as the new king of Hueco Mundo or something. Thanks to everyone killing all the other Espada he’s now the toughest one there, and thanks to the beating he took, he’ll probably be happy to chill in Las Noches with Nel once the plot leaves them behind like it did Ganju and the annoying fourth squad kid.

    Sol Fury
    1. Hanataro hasn’t been left behind entirely, he was tagging along w/ Byakuya up until he fought Zommari. As for Ganju, yeah, nobody much cares what he’s up to these days 😛 Now the bit parters from Karakura town, THOSE guys got left behind before Ganju even showed up …

  4. I would love to see Unohana fight too 😡 truly being one of the most experienced captain in Gotei 13 .. she has to be some kickass captain to start with. Although here shikai is a bit meh, im sure she has some strong shiz under her sleeve. Anyway, Congratz to Tite Kubo to make it this far for the anime :p happy anniversary for Bleach .. huray.

  5. WHY DOES YAMI WEAR A LOIN CLOTHE!?!?! ANYONE!?!?! i mean, the dude has no junk, that much is obvious, so why this whole charade with the clothe??? if he did have junk, the fight would be over in a matter of seconds…

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. I’m still somewhat confused about the power levels in this show. Just how did Byakuya and Kenpachi get so strong? They were pretty much on the same level with Ichigo back during the Soul Society Arc, so how did they become that much stronger than him despite Ichigo going through Hollowfication training and all that?

    1. Current Ichigo is WEAKER than Ss Ichigo.

      What we saw this episode was mentally destroyed ichigo with nowhere near half of his power and gimped mask.

      As we all know his inner world and his powers are VERY affected by his emotional state. and currently his emotions are against everything he promised Zangetsu and shirosaki last time they met. Ichigo does not believe in himself, in his own power. he has no resolve. Even if his reiatsu pool is million times better than in SS, its empty righ tnow and even if it was full, Ichigowuld have NO WILL WHATEVER to use it.

      he is scared teenager who just got his first kill in the most inhumane way, failed to protect his friends AND even hurt one of them.

      Bleach is strongly based upon samurai eras of japan. You power is STRONGLY connected to your mindset. And Ichigo currently has no will, no pride, no honor and no strength to face hi sown death. Till he gets a grip and actually gets back his resolve, he should be completely useless person. Like a bystander, only wishing to survive.

      Ichigo currently has a shattered human soul, a broken warrior body and nonexistent warrior mindset.

  7. Damrod, I realize that there are many different people on the internet but I thought it was self evident that Halibel is not a MALE Arrancar but rather a female Arrancar. The female characters in this series have to take whatever scraps Kubo gives them when they’re not there to be eye candy.

    1. male or female, it does not matter i think since zommari (the espada weirdo with his amor thing)also did not get a flashback. neither did those privaron espada, nor the weird espada scientist. i’ve probably missed it but number 4 also did not get a flashback while he still died.

  8. in my opinion ulquiorra was the most intresting espada.
    here is why!
    1) he was definetaly Aizen’s favorite
    2) he kidnaped Inoue and was in charge of guarding her
    3) he seemed like the #1 espada for an entire arc (still feels like he was, doesn’t it?)
    4) he fought the main character of the story (pwned him until he pulled some BS out his ass)
    5) he forced ichigo into hollowfication #2
    6) he was the one to lead all of Aizen’s missions in the real worls
    7) he and Inoue clearly had a strange relationship ( not romantic)
    7) I disturbingly loved him!!!
    8) this list can go on for a while…
    my point is, he accomplished more then all the other espadas combined, but he did not get a flashback.
    so let stop using the flashbacks as a reference to anything.

    could u just imagine how intersting ulquiorra’s story woulda been? how did he and Aizen became so close? now that would be a good filler!

  9. I wonder too if Byakuya said what he said to Ichigo not just out of knowing perhaps that Ichigo may be able to defeat Aizen, but out of jealousy and arrogance? After all, a guy like him, who is pride unbound, would be envious about how strong Ichigo has gotten, and his pride wouldn’t allow someone whom he sees as weak to be the one to look like a hero.



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