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Nakagawa Shoko’s latest single “Flying Humanoid” was released back on August 18th, whereas the music video for it you see above was aired on TV prior to that. The PV itself is a surprisingly pretty good one as far as Japanese music videos go, and I particularly like the use of CG in addition to Shoko and her band changing into samurai outfits near the end. Is it relevant? Not really, but it’s good for variety sake given how animated she is singing this song. The clocks are a nice touch too, since they’re reminiscent of Occult Gakuin’s opening sequence. As for the song itself, it’s grown on me a fair bit in the past two months while watching the series. Fullmetal Alchemist’s fifth ending theme “RAY OF LIGHT” was a nice slow song, but Shoko’s more upbeat music is always a good listen too. While the TV size version of Flying Humanoid is a good cut that got me into song, I must say I really like the full version a lot more. The main reason being, the TV size kind of ends abruptly and always leaves me wanting to hear more. In her live performance a couple of weeks ago on Music Japan (not on the same one as May’n), Shoko performed this shorter version. It featured a longer instrumental outro, but was otherwise a prime example of me hinging on hearing the next verse of the song. See below.


[flv:Nakagawa_Shoko_Flying_Humanoid_Music_Japan.mp4 550 310]



    Seriously, ever since the single came out three weeks ago I’ve been listening to this non-stop. On my computer, on my iPod, everywhere I go I hit this song. When I first heard the TV sized version I wasn’t that impressed and I likeed Kimi ga Iru Bashou much more than this. But after listening to the entire song I was hooked. Shouko does an excellent job with the vocals and the background music flows perfectly with her. Damn you for posting this Divine, now I’ll be replaying your vid for the next 2 hours. T.T

    btw you have to put this in the playlist. YOU MUST

    1. LOL. Same. It’s one of my favourite OP songs this season and I can’t stop listening to it. I love the beat and it translated well in the PV. Thanks for sharing this, D (even if I watched it previously on Youtube).

    1. Well, your Random Curiosity IS in the right place.

      Assuming you are talking about Hirano Aya, Aya is definitely much more popular in mainstream Japan then Shoko-tan. On a recent poll, she is the number 1 on most recognized seiyu in the industry. Shoko-tan didn’t even make top 50. Though, to be fair, Shoko-tan is more of a singer than a seiyu, but she still can’t compare to Aya right now.

    2. I’m sure Aya is more popular at the moment, but since she started steering to a more idol based career (as opposed to a seiyuu), I think she’ll get less popular.

      Which is a mighty shame, I might add.

      1. there is no uch thing as a left handed swordsman when ti comes to the japanese.

        search every school that exists and find me one that teaches left handed. if you do i will give you mad props.

      1. right hand on top of left hand, and you always draw with your right.

        its right handed wielding. you hold a baseball bat with two hands too, and guess what, there is a right handed way and a left handed way.

        I bring this up because I’m left handed and a swordsmanship instructor.

  2. Actually I want to hear Yoko Hikasa (Mio in K-On!) to sing this song, since she already has sung several songs for K-On! (she is also the protagonist of this Occult Academy anime) and her voice sounds fantastic and feels more powerful than Shoko’s voice. On the other hand, I think Shoko has improved her singing skills in these past years (e.g. as in Ray of Light ED song).


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