I had a bit of a hard time following exactly what was going on during the action panels, but it was clear that both Aizen and Ichigo were evolving. Ichigo so far has been kicking Aizen’s ass though, and his appearance has changed quite a bit. Not only is his hair is longer, but his facial structure looks different as well. In one of the panels I was actually confused as to who he was (looked a bit like Urahara). I also noticed that Ichigo doesn’t seem to get too much in the area of abilities as he mostly relies on brute strength and speed. Aside from a few direct energy attacks, his powers just give him a boost in strength and speed.

Aizen is looking very shocked at the new developments, but he still doesn’t stop his babbling about how godly he is. His attacks aren’t very effective against Ichigo’s new form, but he gets yet another evolution, this time one rather reminiscent of a hollow transformation. His butterfly wings have sprouted mouths, and he looks like Greed now. To be honest though, Aizen is just relying on the Hougyoku to throw out power-up after power-up. Ichigo on the other hand has been plowing forward and bashing Aizen; the words in the final scene hint that the “Final Getsuga Tenshou” may be a finishing move of sorts, so I’m expecting it to do some major damage at least. Of course, it’s unlikely Aizen is actually going to die for several more chapters.

The art was pretty cool in this chapter, and there were a lot of very intense facial expressions on both sides. I’ll admit I’m dying to see this fight animated; in the manga, so far the pace of this fight has been going very, very slowly…


  1. It’s going to take a LOT of filler to get to this fight.

    Also, probably a minute has passed since they started fighting.

    You (now) realize the entire time span of Bleach has occurred within half a year.

    1. I’m guessing the Final Getsuga Tenshou will have an ungodly amount of charge up time, like a spirit bomb. =P
      Jk, but I’m sure Kubo will waste some more time for him think of the future storyline.

  2. the intimidating cool Aizen is gone…this new one looks so desperate and lame that even Ichigo doesn’t spare the time being shocked at his power, rather he looks demotivated looking at the new Aizen.

    1. I’m thinking this as well.

      In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that Gin actually killed Aizen, and everything after that has been the Hougyoku.

      I’d be very happy if for the next “twist” Aizen barely survives, only to have some huge demon come out of his chest, snap his neck, and announce it is done using Aizen for its gestation. It’d be very Stormbringer.

      Sol Fury
  3. …am I the only one that thought that was Aizen releasing his hollow mask, and not another evolution? Kinda the same was as Ichigo is about to pull out his new and improved hollow mask?

      1. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait… Bleach has a story? It has an actual story? It HAD one, sure, but it’s kind of gone out the goddamn window since the last like four years have just been one fight after another, in addition to a repeat of an earlier story arc where they went to a shiny new world to rescue somebody.

        Seriously, the best recent moment Bleach has had was Show Spoiler ▼

        I mean, goddamn seriously. At least Dragonball and Saint Seiya (Bleach’s real inspiration) never tried to hide what they were behind a too-cool facade, they just did what they did for better or for worse.

      2. Bleach is horrible. It was interesting till the end of the Soul Society arc.

        DBZ is better than Bleach, in all fairness. Both have horrible stories, but at least the characters were more interesting in DBZ–and humor actually existed. In Bleach, the only character anyone cares about is Ichigo.

    1. Isn’t Bleach better when Aizen is not prominently starred in it
      ie think SS arc when Aizen was “dead” Those were good times. Heck , even when aizen played a relatively small role in the plot, its was still good.

      1. This. So much.

        Reminiscent of the final Itachi vs. Sasuke … a lot of AHA! AN ILLUSION! and just overpowering overpowering until finally someone dies and then you look back and it’s like … why did I read that.

    1. Flappy, you don’t get it. They are REALLY pulling their best move right off the bat, it’s the first stage of many MANY stages that you will witness through NUMEROUS chapters. =D

  4. If Aizen is slowly turning into a digihomunculusobuttersuperfly(…) aka tune in for his next stage of evolution. Don’t worry, dear readers. It will all end well within the next couple of years.

  5. I’m actually happy Aizen is making futile attempts to get power-ups only to have Ichigo say like “Ah shut your bullshit you ain’t stronger than me” and get beaten more. And as everyone might have noticed, Ichigo was becoming less and less like a protagonist after the SS arc. And finally his kickass returns. I’m not happy that it’s another power inflation, but what’s going on right now alone is satisfying. At least, it was much better than the absolutely crappy part in the fake Karakura town with each and every character pulling cartloads of bullshit.

    1. Pretty much.

      I guess this is the “Aizen has snapped” moment but I’m not feeling it the proper way.

      Anyway, I’m still glad with the change because it was Aizen’s time to be slashed after trying a special power. Is Ichigo making the Hogyoku his bitch?

      Lectro Volpi
  6. Ok so I’m the only one to get how epic this is?
    Aizen just pulled out his form that is = to Ichigo’s new Hollow form, and Ichigo is still stronger?
    Can people stop bitching about this anime just for fun?
    Aizen’s god mod was just shut down.
    Then he was bitch slaped like a mother fucker.
    Thats what people have been hopeing for the last year.
    And, yet no one is happy? Stop bitching for the sake of bitching.
    This shit is getting good. Ichigo is about to slay Aizens ass.

    1. I love the change and the latest chapters, just like you.

      But people can feel the way they want. Whether they like it or not, that’s not your beef… Or maybe they are different people? beats me!

      Lectro Volpi
    2. I think why many people are not too happy about the recent turn of events is because they all know Aizen will not die any time soon. Hence all this ichigo kciking ass (which is cool in its own right) will not amount to anything much, cuz Aizen is not gonna be defeated for a long time. If it were any other disposable* villain ichigo was fighting with this powerup, i think everyone would be sh*tting themselves over ichigo’s badassness atm

      in short,ichigo is fighting the wrong villian for the complete “OH SNAP, PWNED!!11!!1” reaction

    3. People that actually do the real bitching actually CARED about this series. Facing the fact the chapters have been dragged on for too long and for me, this could be the main reason why so many fans are royally ticked.
      What could happen next:
      1- Aizen gets beaten and being revealed as nothing but a pawn (and yet up to now, everything you’ve read could have been more concise) and finally we can move on to whatever next challenge/big boss.
      2- Aizen dies and nothing else happen. End of Bleach.

  7. This crap is going on too long, too slowly. I mean what, since Ichigo returned to (Fake) Karakura (Chp.388) to the current chapter (Chp.419) took what? An hour or two of time in the manga? As opposed to the 31 chapters or some 9 MONTHS in real life!?!

    I have to go back and read through some 50 chapters just to remember what the hell is going on! It’s freggin pathetic.

  8. I’m not really looking foward to seeing this animated. The colors in the Bleach anime are often so washed out these scenes are bound to lose their intensity. I like them best in black and white.

    Ichigo’s stoicism is making me really bored with the fight. His lack of enthusiasm translates into my lack of enthusiasm.

    1. The anime went bad after the Bount fillers. I mean, come on, there was tons of blood spewing left and right during the SS arc, and now it…just outright sucks (Hiyamori wasn’t even sliced in half by Gin). A lot of things seem questionable: Gin being portrayed as “noble” after performing some of the most heinous acts in the past; Ichigo suddenly having unreadable reiatsu, and Aizen having HUGE reiatsu; etc. It’s just…messed up. I don’t think a fanfic would be this bad.

  9. Man, just when I was getting used to Aizen’s Mothman/fairy look, he evolves YET AGAIN into… something really hideous. Urgh… there has to be a limit to how many times he can change- if he gets any more power, he’s going to collapse into a twitching mutated puddle of goo…

    Angel Reaper
  10. ichigo’s attitude in this fight is nowhere near aizen’s god-like overly proud attitude before he got owned by ichigo… that’s the attitude of someone who really got stronger both in and out. inner strength was what ichigo apparently lacked then (or it’s killing intent) that his hollow mask went bye-bye on him when he was facing yammy. ichigo seems to know he can really defeat aizen (or the hogyouku if he knows aizen’s being taken over by it) either by the next attack or by simply beating him up. take note that ichigo only displayed a change in facial expressions lately when aizen’s “third eye” opened and then after aizen’s full transformation ichigo’s face was back to what it was when he appeared before aizen in his new form. the transformation didn’t seem to affect ichigo’s current attitude at all.

      1. and how is deicide not a proper english?

        You DO know that deicide is a REAL world, right? dei means holy/deity/god, cidius means killing/slaying. Deicide is bassically a murder of a god, god getting killed.

        The title refers to many things that have been going on:
        – Aizen trying to make king’s key and kill the king.
        – Isshin, Urahada and Yuruichi trying to kill Aizen(ala deity).
        – Ichimaru’s long term goal in life to kill aizen.
        – Ichimaru stabbing Aizen with his sword (which itself is allusion to Jesus Christ getting stabbed with lance of longinus)
        – Ichigo fighting against Aizen and Aizen’s fall from grace(heck even Aizen’s form reflect these themes, as Aizen in this chapter, transformed from the Seraph like creature into, quoting old testament, “a beast with seven heads”)

        I’d say Deicide is the BEST title that could have been used in this.

      2. Oh no, I was talking about Kubo’s choice of title in general. Like “Thank You For Protect Me” or similar stuff with wrong grammar. If it’s one word there’s no matter.

        I never noticed the titles were ‘Deicide’ and not ‘Decide’ until you pointed that out though. Then they do become quite interesting and meaningful.

  11. “Aizen is evolving! You can press B to cancel it or spam A to speed up the process!”

    ….is the feeling I’m getting. It’s definitely nice to see Aizen getting his ass kicked though. This is gonna be one epic battle, especially when Aizen pulls out his bankai.

    Kit Kat
    1. Ichi’s so powerful that his sword is stuck in perma-shikai. That huge fang weapon he normally wields is the shikai form.

      Unless you mean he’s not powered down in forever in which case I apologise for misreading your post and totally agree.

      Sol Fury
  12. Ichigo the invincible character, never die Zangetsu.
    Final Getsuga Tenshou all to defeat, the manga story end to cancel Hogyouku.
    Urahara loser.
    Ichigo the earth substitute shinigami. Isshin to give knowlegde.
    When returned Ryuken?

    1. Very, very truth. Final Getsuga Tenshou all to defeat, is he the best main character.
      Funny scene: Karin ass kick Isshin. LOL
      I deplore, that Ichimaru Gin died. 🙁
      Matsumoto childhood friend, very cry after.
      Ichigo not give up, Zangetsu stronger in the anime series.

  13. aizen is just pissing me off!he keeps ranting about how god damn godly he is that ichigo isn’t gonna hurt him bla bla bla!i mean yeah he’s strong but damn he is getting pretty annoying!AND HE KEEPS TRANSFORMING!!first the human aizen, then the demi-god aizen, now the damn god!!if he freaking transforms again we better find something or stronger than god..will chuck norris work?

  14. Some people were saying something like “because so many people are complaining about the title of the chapters? after all, the chapter itself will not change anything if you have the same title or not. ” I found the argument interesting and decided to officially comment on the post here, though it also left my opinion in the comments there. Obviously all this is because we are 21 weeks with “Deicide” as titles of chapters of Bleach, and even I sometimes have complained here of why the author of the manga does not change.

    Manga is a very different kind of comics and manga follow through bound volumes, such as those launched by the JUMP and monitor them weekly as accompanying the Japanese are totally different experiences. For weeks, there is limited pages to savor and enjoy, requires more attention and have the whole story look forward to next week’s chapter. It’s like following a series like 24 or Lost (now completed), you’re stuck in this universe. Also in the example in the case series, we have 44 minutes to follow the story as a manga, a reader can go from 20 to 10 minutes (seriously, Bleach chapter has already lasted not even 2 minutes). It is being minishirts them to Mother Nature, after all, as you know, they are thrown out there in almanacs huge, with hundreds of pages and other blocão a manga reading. Anyway, what I’m getting.

    Names in manga chapters are important in my opinion, because they give the reader the main idea of the weekly chapter, as it is short, not always clear what was the intention of the author reading those pages 16/17 weekly. In a bound, you can see the structure and focus of the volume, this is quite clear, however a weekly chapter, the chapter is responsible for it. In the end, it is clear that the events or the story does not change just because the chapter has no name or is repeating itself, but for some, like me, the essence of the chapter weekly, is in name, in which the author idea that I caught that a few pages a week. This to understand the focus of the chapter should come with a normal reading? Certainly in other media types and even comic book yes, but in the manga, I find it interesting that this concern of some authors such as Naruto and One Piece, has for the names of the chapters. Bleach also has many legal title if you look at the timeline, and perhaps that is what people miss. Anyway, here is my point of view. You can disagree or agree of course.

    This week, Deicide was repeated, but gained a sort of subtitle, “Transcendent God Rock” to see the chapter itself, with other eyes. The idea of Tite this week was, and give continuity to the epic confrontation between the main protagonist of the series and the ultimate villain, was this question shows how far both evolved and “transcended” so to speak. Hollow Ichigo won the barrier / Shinigami that has always been an obstacle for him, Aizen became what he expected to be, the powers of both are light years ahead of any other character’s current series. This idea, passed on the title of the chapter weekly, which shows a view of history this week. Even where the characters will continue raising its power?

    Of course everything about Ichigo Aizen says that may be a misinterpretation of the villain and Kubo is doing this to surprise us later. Last week someone commented in the comments if the current in the arm Ichigo has some purpose not yet revealed, how to suppress their reiatsu, allowing this stage absurdity of power (and I liked this issue raised, very interesting). And apparently, even Aizen has control over his power, because by that suggests it was not what caused this new transformation, but the hougyoku did. Who guarantees so that Aizen will not continue to evolve.

    My only complaint in detail, the Tite made so much noise about the ability of Aizen’s sword, perfect on hypnosis that Ichigo could not see the release of Shikai, that only he could defeat the villain because of it and in the end, Aizen turned which almost every villain in this saga has become a hollow (not literally of course, I mean the way). We did not have him trying to free his sword to deceive Ichigo, not seen or at least his bankai. Of course he can still do all that, but are skills that do not seem half irrelevant due to its “transcendence”? I think he will resort to this when you play that Ichigo can not win with the skills of hougyoku, but it would be kind of ironic if I did.

    As for the moments of the chapter, I found the cool new feature of Aizen, much better than the butterfly. It was really a horrible and terrifying to be, the tentacles, the dark face, the teeth protruding like a skull and even integrated with the sword arm. No wonder that Tite Kubo is highly praised for his work when we look at the drawings, the author tells it well in this aspect. Ichigo already had a few tables in this chapter that Ichigo’s face reminded me a little of Urahara without that hat, because of the hair when it is animated and color gain, certainly not give that feeling, and that the alias should the Jump Kubo put a color page with the new look of Ichigo.

    Next week we’ll see Tensho getsuga in its final version. No wonder why size suspense. It has to be very well thought-out to surprise me, because if you leave just one light band (black or not) of Ichigo’s sword, but in giant size and hurt Aizen, I will find means badly made. I still think that Aizen will not admit defeat and will continue such hougyoku interfering with the villain until things get tricky pro Ichigo, because until now, the character seems a bit quiet, which is quite unusual for his personality (I do not know if like that). In the end, would not be surprised if the hougyoku interfere with the health of Aizen, like a poison, after all, it makes sense there is something that only brings benefits to the user. Everything done in excess is bad, and Aizen begins to force the power ball bizarre.

    Mr. T.A.C

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