「おおかみさんと羊の毛皮を着た狼」 (Ookami-san to Hitsuji no Kegawa wo Kita Ookami)
“The Wolf and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

To all those viewers who felt Ryoushi was too wimpy of a male lead back in episode one, rest assured that you should be pleased with his character development here. He mans up when it matters, which means protecting Ryouko at all costs. Leading up to the rescue operation quickly devised by Liszt, I almost thought this episode was going to be a bit of a wash drama-wise once Onigashima’s delinquents tried to “take down” Tarou with a swarm of beautiful girls, and “violate” Otsuu by changing her out of the maid uniform that she proudly wears. Those scenes sure came off fairly idiotic and made me question if all of this was purely for Hitsujikai’s sheer entertainment. Well it turns out it was, except he was banking on humiliating Ryoushi in front of Ryouko as the main event. There wasn’t much of a scare from the situations the other Otogi Bank members were caught in, but even if there were, Tarou and Majo made some pretty quick work of the kidnappers. Liszt on the other hand saved Alice and Mimi, and was even accidentally called “Rikkun” because of it, prompting the obligatory eyebrow raise as to exactly what kind of relationship these Kiriki cousins have.

Things took a more serious turn with the storming of Onigashima High School, where Ryoushi, Saburou, and Ringo spearheaded the charge. While the three of them probably could have gotten pretty far on their own (particularly with Saburou), the inclusion of Momoko and her underlings (with Tonda brothers and all) got me pumped about seeing another delinquent ass-kicking like we did in episode five. And that we did, as Otogi Bank wasn’t too far behind to answer the fight that Hitsujikai picked with them. During all the scuffles, the automatic shutters gave the Tonda brothers a moment to shine, whereas Mimi helping Otohime opened the door to their eventual reconciliation. It was pretty smooth how they slipped in the latter after the story of the tortoise and the hare didn’t end so well between the two girls. In addition, Saburou turned out to be the boy who Ryouko rescued back in episode six like some people wisely picked up on already.

In Nekomiya’s case, I wouldn’t have figured that he’d be one to spend all this time getting stronger to make up for leaving Ryouko behind given the fairy tale character he’s modeled after; however, learning that was his reason for helping Ryoushi instantly dropped all suspicions surrounding his character. Not only that, the advice he gave Ryoushi about remaining calm in a fight proved to be the difference maker when he squared off against Shirou alone. Still, I loved seeing that never-say-die look in Ryoushi’s eyes when he was getting pummeled and his rage-filled emotions consumed him. He was definitely a lot more menacing in that pissed off state of mind, even though he was much cooler when he regained his composure. Admittedly, Liszt’s decision to just walk away from all of this shortly after left a lot to be desired (i.e. a Shirou beatdown), but I did like his threat about returning the favor in the future without any adults involvement.

All that was left in terms of a fairy tale-like ending was Ryoushi hitting it off with Ryouko for his efforts. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite get to that stage, though it’s probably safe to say that Ryouko’s just fighting the urge to completely confide in Ryoushi at this point. She did seek out advice from Ringo on how to reward him in some way, so that was a sign of her trying to show how grateful she is. Well there’s that, and all the uncontrollable blushing from merely staring at his back. It’s a shame their moment walking Elizabeth and Francois together was ruined by a bunch of grade schoolers, but the real disappointment (of sorts) is how Ryouko didn’t hold back on hitting Ryoushi for going back to his uncool ways. So close! In any case, the next episode is the finale, which shouldn’t come as any surprise since there was confirmation that this would be 12 episodes long for some time now. In terms of Ryoushi and Ryouko’s relationship, they may have not kissed nor become an official couple, but it definitely feels like they’ve come a fair way over the course of the season.

* P.S. Liszt is an iPad user!




  1. Made for some awesome episodes. It’s just sad that it’s already ending. Hopefully they’ll come out with a second seasons since it’s full of win.

    I would’ve been all for the second half of that fight, too bad Liszt had to come in and break it up.

  2. ah that was kinda anti-climactic I was expecting a more thorough beat down between Ryoushi and Shirou and the “predicaments” the girls were in were also anti-climactic considering the way they built up the whole event in the previous episode…

  3. Hopefully there’s season two. They even had that big scene with Shirou saying; “I’ll wait until their bonds get closer, then it’ll be even sweeter to rip them apart”. They HAVE to have a season 2…. have to!

  4. well tat was an big anti climax..or maybe the sheep was meant to be beaten by the wolf after all…though i doubt it could be settle in just 1 episode…

    guess tat all we can do is hope for is a new season..

  5. first off … Majo-san is easily the best character ever lol (fart grenade pants)
    nextly, i found it the same as the last time they attacked the highschool, just move the gates from spliting Ookami-san from Ryoushi and move em to the front gate ….. and put mr.Cat in Ookami’s spot and its the same attack sequence, with someone breaking it up at the end

    Ryoushi’s fight seemed a bit off, with Hitsujikai’s super high skill level for this anime with his attacks almost reminding me of a DBZ fight minus the hair growing powerups. And id still like to know how he cuts Ryoushi’s sling and not cut Ryoushi in the same way.

    Still there should be more then 1 more episode, though im doubtful for a second season cause the main Ryoushi/Ookami thing seems like its gonna be concluded in the next one, tho hes still a bum.

  6. Anticlimactic is a good word for this… I was fine with everyone but Ryouko getting rescued like it was a joke, but then when Ryoushi’s fight is finally getting good the President pulls the plug and it’s just done?! Lame. Shirou isn’t even scary anymore(if he ever was), since that attack was probably all he had, and Otogi Bank is only getting stronger, so after this he’s basically demoted to “mid-boss”. Sad to see Neko-san go, hope he still trains Ryoushi on occasion.

    With one episode left, it’s sad that it looks like we aren’t getting a Majo episode. Instead I really hope we get some real closure to RyoushixRyouko. He totally deserved that punch at the end though…

  7. What I really want to know is what really happened to Ryouko with Shirou that caused her to be so, I dunno, traumatized? At this point, it seems that only Ringo knows the truth so far. What could be so worse than assaulting her, as Shirou said that he would spare Ryoushi from knowing the truth after he lied?

    Maybe in the next episode it’ll be Ryouko telling Ryoushi everything of her past with Shirou, and then her crying, and the CHUU! A kiss! Since it is the last episode, I’m sure everyone wants to know what happened to our wolf. I’m just curious how they will wrap everything up in a 24 minute episode.

    1. See, what I got from Shirou telling Ryoushi he was lying was that Shirou hadn’t touched Ryouko yet, and that the worse truth was that even though Ryoushi was closest to Ryouko, Shirou was still sure that he was the one that was going to get Ryouko first, and there wasn’t anything Ryoushi could do to stop him. It was like he was telling Ryoushi that it was going to be even MORE horrible for Ryouko when he failed.

      For how honest and open Ryouko was before, I think Shirou’s betrayal and assault was enough to traumatize Ryouko like that.

  8. ttp://randomc.net/image/Ookami-san%20to%20Shichinin%20no%20Nakama-tachi/Ookami-san%20to%20Shichinin%20no%20Nakama-tachi%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2007.jpg
    I know Kawasumi Ayako (Otsu) played Yoshida in Shana, hence the school uniform, though do the other two uniforms also match roles that she has played in as well?

    An inconclusive final boss battle, to say the least. Though at least Ryoushi managed to register a hit on him, unlike that friggin pwnage Aizen from a certain Grim Reaper manga. Possibly hinting at a second series.

    “Likkun’s” pissed off eyes has got to be the highlight for today. You simply do not piss off people who are generally affable and nice. Hitsujikai will pay dearly for this. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I KNEW Nekomiya was that guy from episode 6! I loved how he tried to suppress his ~nya’s again too, lol.


    And Liszt is SCARY when he opens his eyes. I think he just declared war on Hitsujikai…

  10. Wow it was quite a win for Ryoushi with that hit on Shirou! Sadly, it was cut short and left me unsatisfied even with Liszt’s threat.
    Nekomiya turned out to be quite an awesome fighter and I’m glad he didn’t turn out to be one of the bad guy (a la Reiko). I would REALLY like Ryouko to stop hitting Ryoushi and actually freaking acknowledge him for always being by her side.

  11. I personally hate anime where good guys acting all goody two-shoe and let the bad guys go unhurt, if somebody mess with me I definitely made them wish they were never born. For instance that lying bitch who cause all this problem, I strip her nake take photos of it and send it to newspaper magazine and the web for the world to see. For that cocky bastard, first give him a beat down then I piss and shit on him, then stripe his pants down and taking picture of all this then posted with message saying this is the result of ppl dare to mess with us. My motto is an eye for an eye, fighting evil by being more evil.

    1. sounds like we have similar mottos. mine is more like “Return the pain back to them 3-fold”. I wouldn’t humiliate them, but I would make sure that they wouldn’t be capable of committing such acts ever again. it would not be a pretty picture.

    2. I think all forms of media still need to show what it means to “be the better person” so that younger generations pick on on that morale of the story.

      Can you imagine how innocent and naive kids would grow up if they’re constantly taught that an eye for an eye is the way of the world?

    3. The real lesson is to choose between getting up and fighting when knocked down or choosing to lie down and die. There is a difference between that and blind revenge

      An eye for an eye is only possible when you don’t mind any of your loved ones getting beat up/killed. Why? Did you think your opponent would not use exactly what you said?

      Take the middle east. Lots of eye for an eye there. Someone gets killed, their father/mother/brother/sister kills whoever they think did it, the just killed fella’s sons, daughters, father in laws, mother in laws, cousins, nieces, nephews goes for revenge. How easy is it now to stop it?

      Zaku Fan
  12. i wish there were more depth to these fights, like negating all those ridiculous super combos by simply calming down and landing a well placed falcon punch. but then again, this isn’t a shounen action series. I’m all in for season 2 if there is one

  13. I guess the whole point of them just leaving Shirou behind was basically saying ‘you’re not worth it’, basically ripping apart his pride by refusing to stoop to his level. He was the one who attacked first, and once Ryoshi countered and landed that hit, they walked away.

    They can match him in physical might, they can match him in planning (what with their counter-plans) and they can more than match him in pseudo-political power.

    But he’s not so sure he can match them, and Liszt snatched the chance to be sure away from him.

  14. The fighting scenes were pretty good this episode, I certainly didn’t feel like I was watching a slice-of-life story. This episode seemed more like the climax of the season, and judging from the preview of next episode the Otogi Bank vs the delinquents will not be resolved next episode either. So I guess that means a second season is already planned out?

    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught the iPad being used by Lizt. I’ve noticed that a lot of J.C.Staff series (or at least Index/Railgun and Ookami-san) use Apple-like devices. Their MP3s look like iPods, phones look like iPhones, laptops look like Macs, etc. Someone at J.C.Staff must really like Apple products.

  15. Shows why you shouldn’t just cut off fights until the stupid, insipid, boring villain has bits of his brain scattered across the floors and walls. “Hurrr I’ll wait until they have stronger bonds and then fuck their shit up durr”. You just don’t leave enemies alive like that. It always comes back to bite you.

  16. this episode had so much potential but everything was just so anti climatic. the fight with Ryoushi had a great start and the prez had to kill the fun >:( and when he went back to scared Ryoushi at the very end.

  17. I am torn regarding Shirou between “they should quit act tough and just call the police and send him to jail on multiple kidnappings and leading organised gang” and “they should have gone medieval on him Hinamizawa style, with nail-extracting as a starter, followed with toe-cutting and finishing in full-blown Watanagashi, then cut up the body with a big machete and bury – or burn – thanks Takano for the idea)

    1. I have to admit it would be fun to watch Ringo go Higurashi on Shirou! Maybe a little nail-pulling, a few hallucinations, some self-inflicted wounds… yeah, let Ringo’s darkness out and run for cover.

  18. Hmm… I want to see one last epic fight between Shirou and Ryoushi. Then I’ll be satisfied. And then they do a Love Love Tenkyoken move on Shirou XP. Jk… but it’ll still be awesome if they did a finishing blow together. I keep forgetting though, this was originally a light novel right? Is there any more material they could do for a second season, or is this the end :(?

    Sora no Kaze

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